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  1. It is quite daunting to think about. I personally think both will shut-down eventually because (atleast for proprietary systems like these they often do) It's aggravating but it makes sense since companies usually want to focus and push their new systems than supporting old ones, especially those that are generations behind. (looking at PS3 specifically)
  2. Whelp good thing I got the trophies while I still could. Now it will be forever a reminder of when Sony implemented the darn things. lol
  3. Thank goodness you have a PS3 Slim! (like me) I think it handles heat better than the OG model. Super Slim I would imagine would be the best at handling hot temperatures just because of the small form factor and it requiring less power and such. Just try to keep it in an area where the fans on the system can breathe and like how others mentioned maybe keep a fan directed on it while gaming. You should be good!
  4. tradition is important
  5. Naughty Bear
  6. "I'm so tiny and cute, how can I possibly manage to be menacing?"
  7. Is your avatar fromĀ Little Devil Girlfriend The Animation?

    1. dik_meplzdaddy


      Correct! It's Akuno-San! :D

    2. predator086siren


      great animeĀ 

  8. Simply a masterpiece in every sense of the word.
  9. Silent Hill Downpour
  10. Ahh that's cool. I really liked Squall, although Seifer was my favorite. Can't wait to play!