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  1. Something is wrong with this trophy. On PS5, pressing the PS button, when the game is on, a special menu appears. You can turn on the anniversary mode immediately. Interestingly, he takes me to the 1986 New Zealand Rally. Apart from Monte Carlo 1984 and 1985, I was able to finish each subsequent rally. The New Zealand Rally, despite being completed, is still not unlocked, because it has to be done by the previous one. Anyway, I have completed all 12 rallies except these three. And I didn't get the trophy. Unfortunately, I cannot finish this Monte Carlo 1984 rally. Everyone else I did, whether it was an anniversary or a career. I hope they will change something in some update.
  2. Anyone know when an update to the console version is planned? I know that on steam the maximum fame level has been changed to 21. Achievement icon and description has been corrected there. The PS game also already has a peak level of 21. And I got it. However, the trophy is still at level 50, which can no longer be obtained.
  3. It could be useful to fix. There is no balance in this mode. There are two problems. One is the third most difficult route. And the second - a reward (your own team in a career) available only to those who manage to complete the entire mode. It is unfair to close parts of the game for less experienced players. I have tried many times myself and this one Monte Carlo rally is a problem. Terrible physics, no ghosts, no sector-specific timescales.
  4. It's a shame this 50th Anniversary Mode is so poorly designed. As the third race, they gave such a difficult route. As a result, some players will not even see most of this mode. The physics in the game are hopeless. Audi flies out into space when it comes into contact with anything. Time is not shown on individual episodes, so it is not even known where we are going wrong. There should be an option to select these rallies in any order. It doesn't matter if the raids in the career mode work for the trophy. In career, 12 different ones will not appear. There are the first three of the 50th Anniversary Mode and 8 others. Including the unfortunate Monte Carlo 1984. As a result, completing this tedious rally is a must for this trophy.
  5. I have a problem with this trophy. Mote Carlo 1984 is unnecessarily difficult and blocks me in 50th anniversary mode. In a career, all events are ALWAYS the same. For example, Acropolis Rally 1973 Alpine A110 will always be the first rally at JWRC. I checked all categories: JWRC, WRC3 and WRC2 (they have the same historical rally sets) and WRC. Not once have I come across the Acropolis Rally 1983, New Zealand Rally 1986, Rally Sweden 2011 and Rally Catalonia 2018. For this reason, I cannot complete the required number of 12 rallies.
  6. If anyone needs, I post a new video about all collectibles in the System Redux version. Timeline and description are in Polish, but google translate can be used if needed.
  7. Hi. I started a PS3 game today. I have not played this console before. Only on PSVita. However, I wanted to get trophies online, and I'm more comfortable on PS3. Co-op Mode and Battle Mode are unavailable. Only on the PS3 version. It works normally on PSVita. I need to unlock these modes somehow, is there a problem with the servers in this version?
  8. I was able to get the Patient Zero and Sunday trip trophies in one pass. Throughout the game, I did not collect any wood at all. I taught all crew members to collect electronic equipment. I had a total of 4 members (3 starting + 1 which came to the 9th day). I only improved the fridge once, the battery once, the weather station twice and the maximum storage for electronic equipment. All members were doing equipment courses. As soon as they returned, they rested and ate every few courses. I was careful about the dangerous weather conditions. After the aforementioned improvements, I was repairing parts of the ship. First the one for 90 pieces, then 70 and finally 50, which was on the 16th day. Automatically, after fixing the last element, I got the Sunday trip trophy. After that, each crew member only had the option to get ready for flight. After selecting the rocket icon for one character, I got the Patient Zero trophy. So you can get both of these trophies at once. Either it's a coincidence or luck. Because of the game several times the characters felt bad due to exhaustion from a long trip to the electronic parts. But they rested immediately. I thought that it is worth sharing this situation that happened to me in the game.
  9. I obtained gold using the described method. Auto braking can of course be turned off, but even when it is activated, you can win with the described settings. And this makes things much easier, because we only need to stick to the optimal path.
  10. Time Attack is the hardest thing in this game for amateurs like me. I found some helpful tips. Maybe they'll be useful to someone. - Gear max for acceleration - Auto braking off (on some tracks, however, is useful) - You can leave the route when the tracks are open. There is a time penalty, but if we drive a larger distance off the track they may not give it to us. In the case of the timme attack Kawasaki special it helped me a lot. Use rewind to check where in the game the route will not add penalty. You can save precious seconds. In Macau Honda time attack, you can't leave the track and shorten the route. But I recommend such settings: - SUSPENSION - FRONT and REAR +10 - GEAR - FINAL RATIO +10 - CONTROLS CALIBRATION - BRAKE: AGGRESSIVE and GAS: FAST - Auto braking ON is very helpful in this case. In Time Attack modes with DLC, the most important is choosing the right bike. You have to test which one works best to upgrade it as much as possible. Sometimes the strongest is not the best.
  11. I have a similar problem. Time Attack in special is impossible for me. I use rewind many times, I changed gears, off auto brakes. I tried to get gold at Kawasaki GPZ900R and Ninja ZX10RR at Donington Park Circuit and I only have bronze. I don't know what else to do, but using rewind I've already reached my maximum potential. I am surprised that such a large% of players have earned platinum.
  12. How unlock this trophy? I throw one Roman with another player many times and still dont pop... It worked. The trophy description is wrong. As if someone had problems: we go to Thule, from the port we go left. There is a group of Romans and explosive barrels. It's best to play at normal difficulty. We throw a Roman so that the barrels explode and several enemies fall down. We will repeat it several times and it should work.
  13. I tried this way at various levels of difficulty. And unfortunately I can't get those 8000 points. This one camp probably has broken scores, because it is strangely very difficult compared to the others.
  14. I had a similar problem. I left myself one jump at the end. I played online and only received Be The Very Best after doing it. I got the Trophy Full Send and The Brightest Stars only after passing the nearest Speed Trap. It's probably easy to find glitch online.
  15. In my game in the season contract in World Series: I always took first place - effect: no reputation points at the end of the season I took 1 position less than the contract required - effect: contract end after two weekends, no reputation points I ordered exactly or one higher position than required by the contract - effect: end of the contract after 1 week (!?), No reputation points I only have 4,000 ptk in the World Series. I don't want to slowly get into weekend contracts ... And I think they'll never fix it.