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  1. how's this work if u got it digitally when it was offered for free as part of the play at home/stay at home initiative? oh i'm just talkin about the ps4 digital version i don't have a ps5
  2. how's this work if u got it digitally when it was offered for free as part of the play at home/stay at home initiative?
  3. agreed dpads for ds4 suck! break down playing fighters and platformers and dont ever work like they used too, not a problem if u use the joystick but people like me that prefer the dpad for some games will have issues. i still dont have a ps5
  4. do u know if the dlcs r on disc or if they gave a code for the ps4 version? i bought it on disc but have yet to open it since i missed it when it was on plus and best buy had low stock b4 it was sold out
  5. double dragon 4 and soul calibur 2 HD online
  6. game is just very grindy, should go for gold if u can otherwise silver and need to do it daily and weekly for a few best to do it from the start if ur starting the game along with single player been working on this since last year tho i played it a few times in the past, getting to level 100 is a chore impossible i did legit with flash (something i'm proud of) only thing that may stop me is the max battle tower i really wanna play this though, is it just as brutal as ctr? game is impossible to plat since march of last year unless u did the online trophies already
  7. cool i'd appreciate it and will get the game if u still can 100 percent it as well, is it true mafia 3 u cant platinum anymore either as they came out with the definitive edition and the other version is glitched or buggy?
  8. maybe u still can but truetrophies says its unobtainable for whatever reason i am hoping they r wrong, i guess u can check a trophy guide to make sure ultimate sith edition is on psnow if u were interested also force unleashed 2
  9. Anyone know if u can play vita or psp games on the ps3 if u got them thru ps plus when they were offered free? also, for any trophy hunters i think bloodrayne betrayal is unable to be 100%ed due to 1 trophy at least that's what it says on truetrophies
  10. Rocket Knight Sonic CD Sonic 4 Episode 1 Sonic 4 Episode II Bomberman Ultra Frogger Hyper Arcade Edition Castle of Illusion (got delisted once) Double Dragon Neon Ducktales Remastered (physical will go up in price and got delisted once) Sonic Adventure Sonic Adenture 2 Mega Man 9 Mega Man 10 Final Fight Double Impact Mega Man 8 Dirt 3 Also I know Max Payne 3 has dlc and maybe the rockstar pass and god of war ascension had a pass for 1 trophy to get the plat
  11. u may as well get the mass effect collection on ps4 later this year, will possibly have better frame rates per sec and bw compatible on ps5 and im sure the dlc will be on disc
  12. All good got the vendetta trophy after 1 or 2 attempts and upgrading my character! Just got the dlc trophies to worry about even tho i keep reading u can do it offline and its unaffected just happy can still plat it! thx for ur advice and yes it showed up and even let me kno and is easy to find on the map, gets annoying fighting multiple guys but guess thats what the game is made around
  13. i just see the main missions and survival and hunting challenges are u signed on ur ps4 right now? can i add u as a friend and talk on there? maybe u can help me i also killed 2 captains
  14. where do u see the vendetta missions tho? on the main map? im sure i did that mission i just see survival missions and the other ones
  15. anyone know after what mission the vendetta missions start comin up? doing main story missions, ratbag became captain know im doing some mission with the weird create from lord of the rings that calls the ring precious