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  1. It worked! I got the trophy ! Thank you !
  2. I read somewhere that you have to collect all the items from the other missions for it to work, is that true ?
  3. I'm currently redoing the game in extra life mode, I'll see if the challenge works when I get there...
  4. Hello ! So here I am trying to platinum Doom Eternal (I'm playing on the PS5 version) but I have a problem since yesterday, the "Cool Challenge" in the Taras Nabad mission doesn't want to unlock, despite the fact that I freeze dozens of enemies in the level. Does anyone know how to do it?
  5. Devil May Cry 5 🤘
  6. Oh okay, well thanks bro
  7. Why am I still down i get 30 new trophies today i rank up and i'm still down i update my trophy list but still nothing wtf