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  1. If it's handled the same way as old CoDs you need to finish Rank 55 as well. So basiclly reach Prestige 1 Level 1 and the trophy should pop.
  2. As far as I know you can't check how many avatars you are missing. I guess the only way to find out is to check the result screen at the end when you unlock a new one. There it states how many avatars out of 159 you have. The duelist challanges are unlocked by completing all duels for the character (normal and reverse). Which means a 100% completion for all campaign duels is needed for all avatars and challanges)
  3. No. You can use restart mission if you failed. Also the order doesn't matter.
  4. If you already did every single one I guess one is enough. But in general, all 4 should be required. Totally relate. Guess there is no other choice. In terms of difficulty: The first one is really annoying already. It could be the most annoying one of the 4. Since the NPCs are really strong with the low TTK in this game it can get really hard sometimes.
  5. Since a few people got the trophy now I guess the new 1.07 patch fixed it. There are no new missions yet so...guess it's time to go back to play all 4 operations...
  6. Makes sense. Thanks for the information! Also to @YesImAPwnda for the update. At least I don't have to bother with those annoying missions operations then. Since some bugs occured for me in every playthrough I'm happy I can skip them for now.
  7. Sometimes it only gets updated after a match or even after restarting the game. Usually only the daily ones are glitched for me. But after a restart it displays them correctly. Did you already try that? Otherwise i guess you need to wait for a patch.
  8. Still wonder why the reddit update thread states: 10/28/19 - Title Update We’ve done work on the backend to help with stability and prevent crashes across all platforms. If you experience a crash, please let us know Fix for a Special Ops Achievement that was not unlocking after completing all missions 3rd person footsteps are now silent while the Dead Silence Field Upgrade is active Hardpoint: Adjustments to the hill rotations and locations on Arklov Peak, Azhir Cave, Hackney Yard, Rammaza, and St. Petrograd Does this mean the operations are neccessary for the trophy? Is it fixed now? Still 0.0% completion in psn or here so either no one tried it or they still mean actual missions which are not available yet? Way to confusing. Despite the fact they release the game teasing all spec ops stuff is available at launch and then we don't get every mission yet.
  9. The 4 Spec ops operations are 4 player only. You can only search lobbies and not start private games with it as far as i saw. The only private games you can create are classic Spec Ops with Safeguard mission. More missions are to come with the classic 3 star rating according to the devs. Also surival you can play in private. Splitscreen i don't really now since i never use it.