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  1. I hope the ps5 version gets a new list so I can platnium subnatuica again
  2. How hard is it for game developers to just make a trophy not bugged ffs
  3. I have 6/7 of them, I haven't beaten the final boss or beaten the game yet, So why can't i find the last one, I even got the 2 on the south west side
  4. This is by far the hardest trophy i have ever tried to go for, Just because the ai doesn't fucking miss
  5. I have done this trophy 5 times on 5 different saves and it just never pops
  6. Wait 14 days and contact support.
  7. No i got flagged for it right away just because the big leagues trophy
  8. Yeah. Hackers auto popped it for me. Which is a shame because my first plat is a fake.....
  9. Grindy trophys stopped me from alot of games. I hate being forced to sit down and play a game for hours and hours doing the same thing for a trophy, Makes me quit alot of games.
  10. I got nothing
  11. Honestly f2p kills this game.... Sure everyone gets an easy platinum. But smurfs are going to be everywhere.
  12. Contact support
  13. If 14 days sense you got what ever trophy required for the pack has passed the only way is support
  14. The game is really easy and fast (i bought it on switch) you can get all these trophys but all poses in not even 1hr