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  1. I finished the old list a while ago so i will gladly take another free plat thank you Mediatonic
  2. Been playing it getting 1000 and winning on axe Master have been super rough
  3. Myfaction is an online mode and it feels like it's gonna be the hard part of the trophy list
  4. I mainly play on pc and when i boot into genshin i get all trophies i've already unlocked, But if you are linked to the same account it will auto-pop any achievement you get on mobile/pc, So no issues or worries!
  5. Yeah i had some bugs when playing it with my irl friend, But the game is still honestly super fun i was laughing the whole way through and the bugs (minus the ones that didn't let me keep going without restarting the game) made it even better tbh.
  6. Honestly i'm shocked to see people struggled with this- I s ranked hard and normal easily first try on both stacks i don't really get what's hard
  7. It takes forever to find a boss, First you gotta explore until you get put into a dungeon, and then keep exploring until you find the boss, and win
  8. This trophy is luck tbh, I keep getting paired with lol 99 no life's who don't have a job or friends
  9. All seem pretty damn easy We will have to see the ranking system to decide how hard To Greater Heights will be
  10. I played the beta (which you had to sign an NDA for) it was really really really boring And this trophy list seems ass
  11. I got the plat on P5S early due to buying the digital deluxe edition and it's super fun and a great easy plat. Def gonna go for Dirt5 and might even do both stacks
  12. Wonder if i can wait to choose after the ganyu and zhongli banner, I plan on rolling for them (dont have any of the 4 stars on their banners yet) If i get a c6 xingqiu by the end of it i'll most likely choose ningguang since i never had her or yun jin
  13. Been saving up this moment for a while now lmao, got 98 rolls saved up as a f2p going to hope i can get ganyu and zhongli without losing the 50/50
  14. Title. Do you earn the achievement for entering the city and beating the story mode now that's it's free? Or should i buy the dlc then do it as to not softlock my self away from trophies
  15. I lowkey enjoy playing this game with my friends i just see the trophies as a bonus, I've been focusing on my light levels for the time being so i can be able to experience more content, Currently sitting at 2080 doing the weekly challenges for engrams to rank up