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  1. Honestly It's pretty easy i got it like 5 times
  2. Thanks didn't know you had to hit the key for them
  3. Did every other trophy easily in like 4 hours but this trophy is so aggravating
  4. I just got cat call from a random ability tower, Just keep trying and you will eventually get it
  5. Someone griefed the world the goat boat one is no longer possible in this world
  6. Boost it, Easiest way to get all overwatch trophies
  7. This list is some ass, Very easy because you can afk matches by joining at letting them beat you, But this will take a while
  8. The only disco minigame that really "sucks" is catfight club, Bullshit rng, And Ai's that mash faster than a jitter clicker. (Also ps all you guys saying disco or karaoke are just bad, They are great minigames with great music you guys just suck at the content material, Something isn't bad just because YOU can't do it)
  9. The campaign story is so mediocre, And the gameplay is even worse. I can't even force myself to slug myself through the boring story
  10. I hope the ps5 version gets a new list so I can platnium subnatuica again
  11. How hard is it for game developers to just make a trophy not bugged ffs
  12. I have 6/7 of them, I haven't beaten the final boss or beaten the game yet, So why can't i find the last one, I even got the 2 on the south west side
  13. This is by far the hardest trophy i have ever tried to go for, Just because the ai doesn't fucking miss
  14. I have done this trophy 5 times on 5 different saves and it just never pops
  15. Wait 14 days and contact support.