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  1. I think the next one is gonna be "Space 2"
  2. The guide will not be transferred over to PSNP.
  3. I started the game like 2 weeks before the XP grind got longer, but i think it's only a little big longer, not much.
  4. now the big thing, would both be flagable or just the ps4 version? 🤔
  5. Yeah, i get that, but if content is from a site it doesn't mean it has to be everywhere.
  6. Why?
  7. Thought I would bump this post now that it's coming to ps plus.
  8. that was been a issue for a few months
  9. I've had the issue for like 2 months now, it usually goes away every few months.
  10. Can also confirm "big tease" we tried getting it like 20+ times during out boosting session and it didn't pop for anyone
  11. nope hasnt for a long time 60
  12. Hey, Does anyone else have the hive "let the games begin" not on the map? I know I completed it for a mission chain a few days ago, but after that, it disappeared. I've tried restarting the game and changing characters.
  13. You will need to get all of them again. some enemies are not misable and respawn, if you go back to them you can still get them. But if you start a 2nd challenge mode you will need to get all of the enemies again. I recommend following powerpyx's video for that then.
  14. the guide got posted on January 31th 2020, he decided to not continue on psnp and post it somewhere else: it got posted back then in this post: hope the guide can still help some people out