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  1. nope
  2. The trophies don't auto pop on the ps4 version if you got the platinum on the ps5 version.
  3. Fun game. plat can be done in between 4 and 5 hours.
  4. That mission disappeared for me and hasn't come back since I did it for the story, know any workaround to get it back? now I have to keep restarting the game over and over again in the hope a normal hive spawns....
  5. I think the next one is gonna be "Space 2"
  6. The guide will not be transferred over to PSNP.
  7. I started the game like 2 weeks before the XP grind got longer, but i think it's only a little big longer, not much.
  8. now the big thing, would both be flagable or just the ps4 version? 🤔
  9. Yeah, i get that, but if content is from a site it doesn't mean it has to be everywhere.
  10. Why?
  11. Thought I would bump this post now that it's coming to ps plus.
  12. that was been a issue for a few months
  13. I've had the issue for like 2 months now, it usually goes away every few months.
  14. Can also confirm "big tease" we tried getting it like 20+ times during out boosting session and it didn't pop for anyone
  15. nope hasnt for a long time 60