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  1. Yes, the whole game can be done in cooperative online if you want. The game isn't too hard and should take less than a day to complete. The only trophy that will give you a hard time is completing a case in Hard difficulty due there being lots of bombs to defuse and a relatively short countdown. For this though, use the PS+ cloud storage to save progress after every level, download and just pick up from where you left off if you die. This is a good method because the maps don't change for the saved file so you'll quickly familiarize yourself with the layout and it'll be easier to clear rooms in your replays. Another good exploit to save you ammo is to just melee the enemies through the wall. The game allows you to stand next to a door and melee enemies through the wall.
  2. Not a very big fan of the Uncharted series and I'm convinced nobody hates those games as much as I do. I'm left with a few missions on the current TR before I finish the game but, on the overall, I'm very impressed with this product. I thought the TR team did a great job with it: the tombs are a lot more challenging, a lot more scary (for me, anyway) - esp. in the expansion packs - than the earlier games in this trilogy, there's so much more exploration with very beautiful archeological sites than in earlier games in the trilogy, they've added infinitely more detail to Lara's capabilities, incl. horizontal climbing (making her more 3-D) to survive her environment better with outfits that give her an edge in it also etc. On the overall, it's a really impressive product for me. TBH, Underworld was the one game whose tombs I thought were scarier than earlier TR games until Shadow. Back to Uncharted. I only genuinely enjoyed the first Uncharted but l quit the series for good after the 3rd game - mostly because of sloppy writing (incl. terrible character development), writing littered with clichés (& terrible jokes), little exploration, awful controls that made gun fights in Hard mode such a pain. After I caught on to what they were doing with the storyline in the 3rd game, I vowed to myself never to spend any money on Uncharted games as it didn't seem worth it. The unoriginal development of the characters in the first 3 games also meant I had little emotional investment in them to care much for subsequent releases. The storyline in all the games is pretty much the same: it's always a get-rich-quick scheme that entails minor exploration and when they do find the treasure, it's some cursed object they have to do away with. Though I've played 3 games, this narrative structure is repeated in at least 5 games that I am aware of. After I finished the 3rd game and picked up on the overused plot structure, I read the plot for the other releases after that one and it was the same. The third game was the worst in development and it had so many story leaps. Drake doesn't do much growth in all of the 3 games I played and his environment - traversing, exploration, fights etc. - is similarly stagnant. They genuinely seemed like lazy products IMO. I haven't seen Uncharted 4 and any of the subsequent releases, but I made a vow to myself never to touch any Uncharted games after hours wasted on repetitive material in the first 3.
  3. Does completing a case on Hardcore difficulty unlock San Amaro's Finest trophy (meant for Hard Difficulty)? I went back to this game yesterday and I've been trying to platinum it. I seem to have more luck in advancing in the game playing Hardcore difficulty than Hard. I was left with 1 "node" until the final one yesterday when I realized I'm playing the wrong difficulty and was curious if it would even work before investing any more time and energy.
  4. I found it. Thanks. I suspect the link of the DLC purchase pointing to PSN store from inside the Game's menus is broken. The DLC is there on PSN store and I found it with a search. I just bought it. Thanks
  5. Thanks. I needed to confirm that. I will write them and wait to hear if they can resolve it.
  6. Hi Everyone, Is the Criminal Past DLC still available, i.e. still being sold? I am aiming for a 100% completion of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided achievements and was earlier attempting to make a purchase of 2 DLCs (System Right & A Criminal Past) to cover my outstanding trophies for this game. If I hovered over System Right, it showed me the cost and I bought the Expansion Pack, but hovering over A Criminal Past just says "Unknown". It's the same with one other option under "Jensen's Stories" , namely Desperate Measures. Is it a problem of regional availability (I'm neither from the US nor EU) or this is something I need to report to PSN? PS: I've really enjoyed this game so far, esp. the storyline 😝! I thought it also had really good character development and a compelling three dimensional environment. In my subsequent 2 full playthroughs to get the Foxiest of Hounds and Tablet Collector trophies, I was genuinely surprised by how it allowed for different playstyles and never made me feel like one was less exciting (or more effective) than the other. I went in guns blazing during the 1st playthrough (which was fun!), but complete stealth the entirety of the game was also an adrenaline rush. And there's such a myriad of options to reach objective locations surrounded by enemies, it was fun exploring those!
  7. Hi Everyone, I recently changed my username on PSN and my trophy list and stats. on PSN Profiles are not changing. I have tried deleting this account but despite successfully deleting it, I can (somehow) still access it and login. However, my stats and recent trophy acquisitions are pretty much still from the time before I changed my username. I attempted to create a new profile with the new username but the site is refusing to give me that option and says it can't find my (new) username in the database. Can anyone assist with this? I'd feel bummed not to be able to use this platform anymore b/c it's been really convenient in organizing sessions to clear online trophies for games that don't see much game-play online anymore.
  8. I approach trophy collection pretty differently in any game & in two phases: I usually play for fun the first time around - I try to immerse myself in the storyline (if it's compelling or not), the graphics, the general feel of the game, the action etc. In my first play-through, I really don't care much for trophies. In subsequent replays (the second phase) I play for achievements. I never used to do that - collect trophies I mean - but doing so opened my eyes to many reasons to collect them. And here are my reasons: it's a way of getting extended value for money; you get to explore every facet of a game. Believe it or not, some of these trophies are extremely challenging and put you through the wringer, giving you a chance to explore what developers experimented with to enhance the experience of the game and it's a very rewarding feeling (similar to completing a game) when you get the trophy. If you were to play the main campaign only, you wouldn't even know about them, you get to spend a longer time playing a game, which (for money purposes) can be a saver - somewhat. It tends to beat rifling through more than 10 games in a month and next month, you hardly remember what exactly the games you finished were all about. It gives me a time limit when to stop playing a game and move on, i.e. once I've hit 100% completion. However, to be fair, some games I enjoyed them so much I still replay them even after my 100% completion. Of course, this is not the same experience of any trophy collector - just mine - and I assume some people have their own motivations. I've seen players who also tend to really suck the joy out of the experience - they play the game simply for the trophies, not the experience (which is a waste of time): for example, before they even begin, they already have a manual on what trophy is available on the first level and are reading the manual as they're playing. I don't get this and it takes the fun out of things. I read a very bizarre interview by Hakoom (who is number 1 in the world with platinum trophies and has been surrounded by a lot of controversy around cheating claims) that platinum trophies - for him anyway - prove that you're "a man". What about women who game?? I don't really buy into the braggadocio, I just collect trophies for my own fun and to expand my experience of the game. Hakoom's profile is also strange, I genuinely do wonder if he has any fun at all because some of the platinum trophies are stacked, i.e. he plays one game more than once, e.g. 7 times, to stack 7 platinum trophies simply to keep his Guinness World Record. I can't do that. It would feel like a waste. Once I finish a game - I move on.
  9. Are you also going to do the dlc Ascendance?