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  1. Yall Earthbound is legit my favorite game. If you have a chance to emulate it, DO IT. I held a physical copy in my hands once and I wept 😂 I thought the new SNES classic or whatever had it as one of the games?? Mother 3 is also so good! I cried a lot lolol
  2. Hey everyone, I'm Alison! I've really been into trophy hunting lately so I thought this would be a good place to rant about it lol. I finally went plat on my first game (Far Cry Primal), and I'm excited to grind for more. Uhhhhh not sure what else I'm supposed to add to this but I guess either way yall seem pretty cool so I'm looking forward to hanging out on the forum 😎 Games I've been into recently: - Red Dead 2 - Horizon Zero Dawn - Overwatch - Spider-man - Kingdom Hearts (got that fancy edition with all the games when 3 came out) - Ass Creed Origins