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  1. When do you set it from reader to normal? When in the dlc then, i think, you need to go trough another playtrough. A hint for the dodge trophy: When he first thrown then go backwards und push circle. Then you only need to watch out to survive and at the point of the last collectible the trophy pops.
  2. Ok, i can now confirm, that you need to start a new game, watch the intro. Then head back to the main menu und select the dlc. The dodge expert trophy is anoying. These hitbox...
  3. How can i change difficult? On ranger hardcore is nearly impossible to go trough, without medkit. When i start a new game, i can play this chapter right at the beginning? Why the developers didn't make a difficult selection at the beginning from this dlc...
  4. You can't change the difficulty, right? My last (and only) save is ranger hardcore. I wanted to play on normal first.
  5. Nice, first i play the dlc without pay attention on the trophies. Can someone tell me, how long the dlc is?
  6. Dragon Quest Builders 2, loved the first one.
  7. Penta, get the rocket item, shoot him and keep infront. At the end of the round keep your USF and you should do it with ease.
  8. Yes, i also finally did it. Can now confirm, that you need to beat Oxides Time AGAINST his Ghost, that one yt comment was bullshit. My five difficulty tracks are: 5. Tiny Temple (really hard not to hit somerhing across two laps with the USF) 4. Oxide Station (same, hard not to hit something in last sector) 3. Dragons Mine (learn the air brake! In the spiral section is this the key) 2. Sewer Speedway ( fu**ing, bs *****, *piep* shortcut.^^) 1. Crash Cove (wasn't my first track and i found this track really hard. You need to find the perfect drifting line)
  9. And you can confirm it? I read an youtube comment, that someone get the trophy with only beating Oxides time whilst racing against tropy. Maybe i will test it by myself. I have 1 Star at Cortex Castle. When i got the trophy at the end is it true.^^
  10. I read that you unlock the trophy when you beat Oxide without beating his ghost, is that true? For example i beat Oxides time while i was racing against Tropy in Cortex Castle. I don't need beat Oxides Ghost, only his time?
  11. Oh ok, thx. I will test Coco later. Poor Penguin. :(^^
  12. Which Character/cart do you use? I am at the track from Ripper Roo 8 Seconds behind Oxide with Cortex...:( Edit: I've beated Oxide now on five tracks. Penta the Penguin is quite good.
  13. Dragon Age Origins. I have this game in my trophy list for ages, but only played the first 30 minutes.
  14. Congratulation. I hope the next dlc will be a better one.
  15. I got this trophy exactly that way. The special with the "Whirlwind" and after a minute the trophy pops. Maybe it is a lil' buggy?