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  1. Now i played trough the dlc. It was ok. It really sucks, that the boat nearly stucks on everything. I need do do another run, cause i missied 3 harmonica, 4 traps, not beeing killed by the bat, hunter hideout and the good ending. I don't know why i didn't get the last one. Maybe i didn't set the traps?
  2. Yes, from the new Dlc "The unfinished Map"
  3. I think it was 30 Seconds.
  4. Full upgrade Room Special Attack to maximum, then it is really easy. And for the other challange, you need to remember where the enemys walk. Then this challange is also easy.
  5. Thanks man. Then i will finish it tomorrow.
  6. How can i farm xp quickly in the new Law dlc? I just replaying Chapter 5+6 and it gives 650 in ~20mins. Is there a faster way?
  7. Now you already get this Trophy. Was it hard? And where can i start it? Edit: It is at the thousand sunny with luffy in chapter 14. It is realy easy, i got 16 kills.
  8. For the J-Skill Trophy you need 50. I already have 60, but didn't get a trophy... Someone can help? Edit: Got it, after 63.^^
  9. 3ds: Professor Layton "3" Ps4: Concrete Genie, CoD MW (get Platinium yesterday, but playing online just for fun) NSW: Currently nothing, but on thursday Luigis Mansion 3 and possibly Ring Fit Adventure (the crtics on metacritic are awesome)
  10. A quick Question: When i play the game on new game + on hard with collectibles, can i afterwards in the chapter selection change to normal, for the five stars?
  11. Did you played online? I reached now level 10 an get immidiately the trophy while playing solo.
  12. Yes, it will be. I ordered it and it will (hopefully) arive today.
  13. I read that it be ca. 30 hours. If it's true, i don't know.
  14. 2000.
  15. When do you set it from reader to normal? When in the dlc then, i think, you need to go trough another playtrough. A hint for the dodge trophy: When he first thrown then go backwards und push circle. Then you only need to watch out to survive and at the point of the last collectible the trophy pops.