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  1. Theres a ridiculously detailed guide here, the trophies line up with the steam achievements.
  2. Thanks for the guide, so reassuring to follow the beaten path. My fav xp grinding spot was trying to rest on the seer map. Cleric is OP. If i had to do HOF again i d have 2 clerics with paw of cheetah, 1 triple class to cast improved haste, group invis and shapechange golem, and 3 barbs with dual singing blades etc to be fodder.
  3. Very easy Plat. Can be all played on easy difficulty. Here s a mini guide to the Dakkon blade/ alignment/ level 12 class trophies. Spoilers. Yi
  4. Heres my quick strat for sarevok in LOB that may not work 1st time.
  5. Glad you made it work. Its an odd thing, given most BG summons are underwhelming.
  6. I ran a mage and barbarian 2 person party from the start of bg1(mage to spam wands of paralysis/monster summoning) and they were level 21? by the end of SOA where i exported them after getting the xp for killing the dragon in hell. TOB characters won t export to SOA. Can you reload and grab Edwin? Viconia is in the govt area and is also pretty useful. I d say 2 summoners and 4 smashers worked for me. Hope this helps
  7. I got the bg2 plat last night and i m all wiki'ed out, i m going to wait until theres a ID guide before i start. If you do one, thanks in advance. Time to meander through Planescape. For anyone struggling with with legacy of bhaal difficulty in SOA. SPOILER ALERT This is a Major spoiler that will wreck the challenge of LOB.
  8. Nalia must be in the party when you enter the basement. i lost a hour trying to work that one out. And promise to help Jan at the end of his quest. Take yoshimo to spellhold. Thanks for the guides, the SOD one was invaluable.
  9. The wiki mentions that b skins are unlocked by the primary player in coop, so i assume trophies unlock as well, but i don t know for sure. The Hard Mode trophies are not achievable in local coop.
  10. Thanks, this will save me a lot of wiki time. I played this a lot, but its been so long none of the names are familiar.
  11. ROARRHH!!. I AM ULTRA MUTANT!! Ultra Mutant was soothing, much more engaging than Frifles challenge. Unstoppable is quite tough, i got lucky, and Hammerhead glitched and stayed with skeleton, so when i got my usual shit spawn in the Palace i was able to survive. It took me 1.5 hours to hit Ultra, it was a very slow nervous run. What a great game, but i m happy to move onto bubble bobble for a change of pace. What difficulty rating should this be given? I m thinking 9 or 10 for the Plat.
  12. Yeah, its a lesson that has to be learnt a couple times. I won t touch that combo anymore. It took me a while to work out the connection that stress and automatic explosives will kill you everytime, and like you said, its usually at the throne where you hit full auto for the first time in a run, and wonder where it all went wrong. Its kind of like explosive jackhammer if you have boiling veins. I wrote it as a poor joke to help make the connection. I read using lightning hammer underwater at oasis has the same end result of killing yourself blood hammer style.
  13. Hi, thanks for all the good info on this misleadingly titled thread, its the best info on nuclear throne ps4 plat i ve found. Just to skite, i unlocked good riddance last night after about 10 hrs of agony over a couple weeks. My brute force method worked first time after dying with Crown of guns 3 times at level 9 and needing a couple days off to get re motivated after my first screaming/controller slamming ragequit in about 30 years of part time gaming. Yv. Guitar in the Proto, grind to level 8 at 1-2 vault with Hatred to ease the way to 3-2, entered 3-2 vault at mid level nine. Retrieved the golden wrench so i didnt accidentally kill the guardian and hit ultra, first time i got the golden nuke. Gun Gun method apparently works, but a couple 1 hour sessions turned up nothing for me. I got Everything hurts on this weeks weekly as well. The oasis route is severe to start then a total breeze. 2nd time after reaching oasis(50 trys to reach twice) after 10 hours and giving up previously. Pick long arms. Worth a shot if struggling. Playing hardmode before may help as well. Thanks again for sharing info. I have a couple tips that are hard earned. Take with a grain of salt. Some of these are posted previously. 1. Stress and Gatling bazooka are a killah (for you) combo. Auto grenade shotgun also works. 2. You only need to drop something in the proto to save it. If you get the softlock you can maybe find a silver lining to make a future run easier. If you die to the guardian it will not save. 3. Energy sword is overated. Guitar, lighting hammer, golden wrench, shovel are my favorites. Super bazooka gets it done as well. 4. You only need to kill the throne to unlock a crown, and its possible to unlock post loop crowns on L0. 5. Hard mode is half baked, but but may be a easy way to unlock horror and rebels b skins with crown of hatred. 6. This is likely a multi year plat. Take your time. I put in 40 hours, unlocked 1 crown, died in 1-1 l1 every time, put it away as impossible, and 70 hours back after sekiro and i have unstoppable and rebels b skin as the last real challenges. 7. The struggle is real. This is a frustrating game. 8. Play the weeklies, it can unlock post loop crowns which can then be played L0 with other characters.