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  1. Any word on whether it will be the first chapter, or all 3 chapters of the raid dropping on oct 30?
  2. It took me 8h:32m on Easy+, i probably needed that long to get used to the controls again before i try out legends after finishing another 2 LOU2 runthroughs(think i might be done with NG+ repeats for a while).
  3. Nuclear Throne has coop in easy mode.
  4. Hi all. i m about to fire up gta5 after a several year hiatus to start working on the plat. I noticed i have 'To Live and DIe in Los Santos' for finishing the game, but not Govt Gimps which is labeled as unmissable. Will replaying the mission give me a chance to pop it? Is there a requirement i missed? Hoping i don t have to replay the whole game again. Any advice would be welcome. thanks
  5. Just finished last night. Got to say that Surge1, Surge2, LOTF and Hellpoint are all fantastic games if you are a souls fan. Surge 2 is the most polished. Sustenance for the hollowed until Elden Ring drops.
  6. quit the game to empty your fury meter.
  7. Did you meet the guy who missed the land shark? If not you could head out the land shark launch site on the beach and see if he is there at the beach shack.
  8. As others have posted, theres really only a couple glitchs to worry about, 190/191, and the container in Pinkeyes territory. Basically don t die in the 10 seconds after you tick off a site, or challenge, use different autosaves and back up to usb a once day after checking stats. I made a hard save upload as well before i attempted to enter Pinkeyes area and went straight to the Container and it was luckily fine. I m not stressing it too much, just focusing on the 190/191 once a day, if a new glitch gets me i m not backtracking 30hours of boring game but i can handle repeating one 2 hour daily session.
  9. there are 36 camps to repopulate. You could look at a online map and match the required camps to the ones you have already repopulated and see how it matches up?
  10. I try and exit the stronghold and then re-enter to make sure i have the save, as you will lose it if you just view it then turn off. And i noticed also that some challenges reset if you die before reaching a stronghold, or save point again to save your progress. I had to redo an annoying car combat challenge because of this. Thats all i ve got. Hopefully this will start working again for you.
  11. Thats what i do, close application, and power off ps4 to double make sure its not running in background. Hours later turn on, watch scrap crew rewards display in lower left screen, exit stronghold, wait for save symbols in upper right corner to finish, then back in to do redundant second autosave. Then Close Application and Power down again. Not a bad idea to get all 4 crews going, as i can see 1000 scrap a day for another month will be useful for a number of trophies. I think you will find that once you pop the 500 scrap challenge, that you have to start anew with the 2000 scrap challenge (AKA Dividend). Probably next time you accumulate scrap it will show. Also if you don t exit the stronghold and get an autosave you will lose it from the dividend counter. Lol at the guy who missed the Land Shark.
  12. thanks, just needed to walk up that tower to the north and then jeet and i had a little chat.
  13. hi, if someone could help me out. I decided to jump back in as i had kinda planned to plat it sometime. I m in Jeets stronghold, i have all 4 scrapcrew parts, and there is no ghostly hand trolly to interact with. The maps sayes 4/4 scrapcrew parts collected, and return to stronghold. Any ideas?
  14. Check your junkmail, i got the preorder offer from Sony at 7.04 pm PST. No demons souls special edition so far, so i ll hold off until it arrives in black.