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  1. Got to be one of my favourite games. That one 'hint' trophy is pure turd, but the game is just really fun once you work out how trico works.
  2. Only proud of 1 plat, NFT. (And also getting 100% Spelunky & DDMR on Vita. ) Also have to agree that Rayman Legends is a proud Plat. Only 36 days to go.....
  3. I ricocheted off this pretty hard when i first played, but it was fine when i decided to plat several years late. Like a lot of games for me, i gotta be in the right mood.
  4. 1. Nuclear Throne 2. Spelunky 3. Dark Souls 1
  5. lol
  6. thanks, i ll give it a shot.
  7. Lol. Sometimes dreams do come true.
  8. I m going on the hope that they will keep servers up as its a 'Playstation Hit' with a large player base, although given they only just retired Origins it could be several more years with luck. I m shooting for an early March Plat, with 2 silvers a day taking only a couple minutes a day. I don t have the patience for more than that. If you start today, thats 27 weeks with silvers and about 23 weeks with 2 weekly silvers as well. Mad Max woke me up to the reality that id better start knocking out the multiplayer on older games asap.
  9. I noticed the overwrite happening and may be wrong with the mechanic so take this with a 2lb bag of salt as its from memory, but the way the glitch works in my mind is that you get an PD/G autosave in part 1. From there you should be able to load it over again and be in Permadeath/grounded. Its locked in. Scum save if you really want to be safe. Now you quit to main menu and load an encounter. As soon as you can see Ellie crouching at the supermarket, go to options. Change to whatever modifiers. Now click return to main menu. Glitch time. Instead of taking you to the main menu, it should give you the option to choose an encounter again. Press Back, and then you should have the option to continue with your permadeath/ grounded run (modifiers enabled now) in the menu. If you click Return to Main menu again at any point other than the time after enabling modifiers, it will overwrite your permadeath/grounded run with the encounter. You can obviously return to menu when you are finished with your session in a non combat situation to get the autosave. I scum saved after each nightly session in case i effed this up again after checking the save was good. Have to do this glitch each session.
  10. You are completely screwed. Get ready to spend the next 500 hours platting all the soulsborne and soulslike games.
  11. sekiro guru..(youtube)
  12. I hate to be the bearer of bad news. Ng+ storyline is unchanged from ng.
  13. I had a similar situation, and the scavenger location was hidden under a Friar Mission icon in the dump. Also the church may not have popped.
  14. Any word on whether it will be the first chapter, or all 3 chapters of the raid dropping on oct 30?
  15. It took me 8h:32m on Easy+, i probably needed that long to get used to the controls again before i try out legends after finishing another 2 LOU2 runthroughs(think i might be done with NG+ repeats for a while).