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  1. 2-3 hours on bronze.
  2. I had to do 32 to get this.
  3. LOL. I think that was a joke. I hope. With regards to gta4, theres a foolproof method to avoid the glitch outlined in the online guide. As well as that, i saw the glitch once, and it was easily recognised, and was caught by the guide method also. Just keep good notes, and make a side note if something seems odd to make that your first replay.
  4. This happened to me when i used the axatana AXE special attack to finish the 1st phase of a boss, and can happen with normal enemies too. In the final boss if you finish a phase with the special it softlocks the game by not spawning the next wave.
  5. You need to bind an 110 ki item to a character, then play with it to get a chance for a cursed drop. Cursed items are used for leveling past 110, and getting a perk at 120 ki. Also i got the 8 i found running story part 1 on gold, not on rivals
  6. heres the 5 runs it took me with it popping on the 5th. 932648 e st h 429940 t he s 470157 h es t 173141 h et s 720864 s ht e My 4th run was on the 6 combo theory, but i chose my 5th run because it fit both.
  7. Lol. I had that happen last night, cleaned out the bottom and top level pillars, nothing, did all the pillars on the way to the boss room, then down to the middle section and nothing. Had to clean out the entire outside area, and then just as im about to bump the token pillar, vim the miniboss jumped me although i killed him earlier. Ven Nocto wasn t in his hole, and 2 grisha in the starting area. Such an odd run. The Butcher is pretty much Godmode. I thought i d try one more run to see if something triggered, but nope.
  8. I couldn t get the precious seed to drop either on the ps4 version.
  9. In the final fight, Its only the 4th corrupted shell(the last one after the double) that counts. These, and the ones from the other thread have 4 different last bosses. I just did it, and once i did the one that was missing, bazingo. Example. Harros then Tiel +eridrim and soloman last. You have solomon checked off. do the other 3 last and trophy pop. BTW, nice work guys for figuring this out.
  10. I think its the stone that you choose at the starting area for which temple to visit. You then get one when you finish a temple to teleport to the next. Also i see when you remove the barrier around the nectar drink it sayes temporal stone removed. Is there a typo, Harros + eredrim appears twice?
  11. Heres what i think is happening here, as i have tried this several times. There are different layouts of instinct pillars. When you quit out there may be another layout which will make some pillars appear where they were not before, but it won t make existing pillars reset. I usually run around and check the other locations, and usually there are several new ones. Even on a 3rd try there are often one or 2 that appear.
  12. What are the 'Dark Shells'? Is Evil Baghead one? The final bosses are called corrupted seeds i think. Is this a bugged trophy? My new thought is you have to beat the game with all 6 of the original characters(they look dark lol). The upgraded(runic unlock) versions don t count. I should have that done by tonight. Guess we will find out.
  13. I wonder if that trophy will pop when you finish this OBF run for 7 seeds returned.
  14. Oh crap. I just had a thought. Brother Corvid is a NPC that is there with an interaction dot. I couldn t interact because i wasn t Harros(i assume). Anyone had a chat yet? Is this the path forward? See if he can chat with the OBF as you will be right there. What would happen if you interact with Harros, then return with eridrim on a future run? Update, got glimpse of cowardice from harros, and admiration from eridrim. Probably a dead end unless thestus is hiding in the Seat somewhere.
  15. 429940 Tiel (1st) Harros+eridrim solomon(last) The narthax boss key is next to brother corvid. Have you finished with all 6 charactors yet? I m wondering if you have to finish with all 6 dark skins. No idea for now.