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  1. The dlc challenges used to be tough on Ultra Hard. I would consider keeping that save for a quick dlc runthrough later, but i dont think missing the dlc weapons are going to make much difference. I did ultra hard before the dlc and thought it was quite doable.
  2. rebuilding database may fix, Had a friend who had this issue in Ghost of Tsushima, no problems after.
  3. I started enjoying Twin Stick top down shooters with Hammerwatch. Fun, not too hard, and the puzzles are tough enough to make you think a little bit. The twin stick thing takes a little while. I ve played several more of these games since, and Hotline Miami was a Pita and never felt like a lot of fun to me. Won t be tryin HM2 thats for sure. Good news that only annoying trophy is A+ all levels, and the multipliers can be cheesed easily.
  4. lol. its possible to do that seed with the homologous rune, but it took me about an hour, its a tough puzzle. Its possible that seed is set for the first time you enter the distillery. Never saw it on 10 or so subsequent runs.
  5. Couple people reported that it didn t trigger in custom mode and worked on normal mode.
  6. Seemed to me that deathmarch was difficult for about 15mins. I knocked it back to easy once the trophy popped. I guess it depends how fast the proposed quick run is on deathmarch. I don t think it would add more than a couple hours playing on deathmarch vs normal, might have to reload a couple saves.
  7. Hammerwatch, Demons Tier, Nuclear Throne, Inksplosion, Neurovoider, HLD, atomicrops
  8. You can back up saves via USB for all ps4 games you play on PS5. I m intending to play a couple games soon on the PS4 version to take advantage of this. I mainly play ps4 games on it, and they load so much faster. Not disappointed with the console, just a faster better(UI excepted) version of the ps4 which is all i expected, grabbed it because my ps4 wasnt fixable. Returnal and Demons are the only true ps5 games i ve played, and they are a clear step up from ps4. I have a Digital, so it s hidden behind my screen, i go weeks without looking at it. Would prefer something with the form factor of the Slim ps4 for travel.
  9. Nothing is missable as far as i m aware. You can get back to the earlier biomes later.
  10. I wonder if it matters that im using a save file with the plat in Oct 2018. Don t think thats it, but i see the other 2 people to pop it both got the plat in 2021. I have no memory of the distillery, but i did play rise of the giant and its possible i did both requirements back when it came out.
  11. awesome, i was hoping someone would report a victory. The person on NA version to get 'return to sender' was not on 4bc. And the other person on the EU version with both has not achieved the perfect extraction yet. Did you have the barrel launcher unlocked when you entered the distillery from previous runs? Anything else ? Did you use the homologous rune or the barrel teleporter guy to get the key? Did you have a barrel Launcher in your inventory when you gained the key and left?
  12. Yep, i was a little optimistic after seeing the trophies showing up, but after a couple more hours, i think you are right. Wait for patch... I hate it.
  13. These are being popped in both EU and NA version. Serenade trophy has not, but the 2 distillery ones have. I tried for a couple hours and couldn t make anything happen.
  14. I had this happen to me, i must have decided to skip some of the main story missions and didn t pop storyline trophies. Just replay the appropriate mission and trophies will pop.
  15. Torment. Tides of Numenera. Find the trueachievements guide. 8 hours probably. Lords of the Fallen.