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  1. Fix it?
  2. They mixed up the EU/NA designation on PSNP, so you will get the NA stack showing if you buy from a EU store. I m in NA and it shows EU stack completed. NO-ONE has the EU 100% yet 8 months after release. I doubt that the stack is bugged, as the NA(shows EU) stack was fine.
  3. Lol. I was a little worried about whether the trophies were bugged or hard when i started as well. You will have to do 'no hit' runs of all missions including the endboss of each mission. Boss patterns will need to be learned. Missions take 5 minutes max including bosses. There are only 2 'hard' bosses. Mission Select works for trophies. The reason(i think) of not a lot of 100% completions is that it is easy to miss dying at the beginning of missions, you blink 3 times, and with all thats going on if you miss it, you may get to the end of all 8 missions hitless and not get a trophy. There are no stats or indicators, so you have to play them all again until you find the one you messed up on. Regarding difficulty, its RNJ dependent. Some builds are better than others. Also i played on vertical arcade style, sidescrolling looked tough.
  4. 5/10 difficulty, could do it all in a couple hours with good Rng. Really great little game for 50c.
  5. Risk of Rain. Awesome game. Probably the best soundtrack in gaming.
  6. Thanks for the Ashen review, i ve been on the fence, and even bought the dlc for a couple bucks. Always on the lookout for a good soulslike, maybe steelrising once its had a few patchs.
  7. On Dark souls 1, for sure, i ve got Kalameets tail, i spent a couple days just playing with him. I got hooked so hard, i put 500 hours into that game on pc, then 2 plats on PS4, tried to see every secret on the wiki. that trident was a pita as well. Afterwards, on ds2 and 3 i didn t do a lot of wiki, so just played with what i found. Pure Bladestone wasnt too bad, i got it after 12 hrs, but still pretty annoying. The shock when you realise its turned up, i ve only had 1 other rng find that compares in a different game. I think i have the most time into the Mad Warrior set with Katana. NIce work on finding them all. I ve been working on getting all stacks of From games Des and after, it s hard to let go of these games.
  8. It works on 1.01 version ps4. If you do it correctly, it works every time.
  9. Timeframe isnt that long, most boosted trophies went quick, maybe 20hrs. MP was the best part imo and i have many fond memories. Advanced Missions were (good)madness. I finished it last year after popping 1 trophy in 2015, just keep an eye out for boosting groups for a couple trophies that need 8+ players.
  10. Blood Blood Blood.
  11. I think the speedrun is bugged on vita.
  12. 302 trophies 14 plats Eternal Castle(9) Hammerwatch(20) - Dont know why this doesnt get more love, great little twinstick shooter. Heroes of Hammerwatch(12) Unsighted(17) - A Hyper-like? Pretty good game. Nuclear Throne(44) Art of Rally(29) Neurovoider(36) - ok, but very repetitive. Rad(46) Death road to Canada(48) Planescape Torment(51) Icewind Dale(65) Hisho-same!same!same!(58) - My local arcade growing up was pretty much Toaplan and Gauntlet. Kyukyoko Tiger Heli(71) Sturmfront, Ubel edition(40) - Likely the most metal game of all time.
  13. I got a used ps3 slim for 80$ with 15 games from craigslist in Northern California 2 years ago. Ebay might be worth a look. I d sell you my one in November, i have only 2 or 3 more games then i m wrapping up the ps3 era.
  14. You only have to redo the single race or mode that 'glitches'. The problem is working out which one it is if you are not keeping notes. I was able to spot it the one time it happened, and it was confirmed by the note taking method in the guide. My partner and i just redid the race. Id also make a note if anything seems off in a race, so that is the first one to be redone. Its going to be dozens of hours of boosting saved by buying a second ps3 so not a bad idea if you can pick one up for cheap. I have one tip for anyone as well, do not shoot any pigeons until its time to check off that trophy.
  15. Never tried 2 player myself, but the wiki states skins will only unlock for host in coop. Lines up with what you are reporting. I m pretty sure i ve heard this complaint before.