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  1. 1st. ps4 because Bloodborne was not on PC 2nd ps3 because Demons souls after i ran out of ps4 souls games. 3rd vita because i found one cheap 4th ps5 (Black, digital, Demons souls Edition) because Demons souls. I intended to be day one on ps5, but white is never going to happen. Used to be exclusively PC, but haven t touched it since Bloodborne. Got a 300 game GOG account that i havent looked at for about 5 years now. I really like using a ds4 controller.
  2. Digital. Black. Demons souls edition. I hate having extra plastic crap cluttering up the house. I m pleased that they made 2 versions, so everyone gets what they want.
  3. lol. This is one of the tougher 100%s for sure. Big Money and Speedlunky are some of the most intense gaming i ve done. I deleted immediately after syncing my last trophy.
  4. It might grow on you lilpain. I only play it on Vita when i have no other gaming options. Its a perfect Vita game. Tried it on ps4 and hated it. Managed to get Speedlunky at christmas at the inlaws while everyone else was watching a christmas movie. My horror story is sprinting to the final door on speedlunky and getting killed by a scorpion hiding there. After a 4 month break i tried it again a week ago, and only big money left.
  5. Its easy enough to advance time by travelling to a far off area and back several times. Id do this a couple times first to see if it triggers. I d head to Trademeet every now and then as well. If you think it is glitched, you could make a save where you are, then reload a save from before you recruited him or just after and advance time until the guy turns up. Run the quest then reload the current save.
  6. Is there a counter in Stats?
  7. i did the game on my first runthrough with only a barbarian and a mage from bg1 and played through in story mode. Then when its time to start a hard mode run, you can create a party with the high level barbarian duped 5 times using Import character, and a mage. You can choose Summon Planetar at level 20 mage. You must export the characters before the final battle before you head to TOB as TOB characters wont export to BG2.
  8. Theres a ridiculously detailed guide here, the trophies line up with the steam achievements.
  9. Thanks for the guide, so reassuring to follow the beaten path. My fav xp grinding spot was trying to rest on the seer map. Cleric is OP. If i had to do HOF again i d have 2 clerics with paw of cheetah, 1 triple class to cast improved haste, group invis and shapechange golem, and 3 barbs with dual singing blades etc to be fodder.
  10. Very easy Plat. Can be all played on easy difficulty. Here s a mini guide to the Dakkon blade/ alignment/ level 12 class trophies. Spoilers. Yi
  11. Heres my quick strat for sarevok in LOB that may not work 1st time.
  12. Glad you made it work. Its an odd thing, given most BG summons are underwhelming.
  13. I ran a mage and barbarian 2 person party from the start of bg1(mage to spam wands of paralysis/monster summoning) and they were level 21? by the end of SOA where i exported them after getting the xp for killing the dragon in hell. TOB characters won t export to SOA. Can you reload and grab Edwin? Viconia is in the govt area and is also pretty useful. I d say 2 summoners and 4 smashers worked for me. Hope this helps
  14. I got the bg2 plat last night and i m all wiki'ed out, i m going to wait until theres a ID guide before i start. If you do one, thanks in advance. Time to meander through Planescape. For anyone struggling with with legacy of bhaal difficulty in SOA. SPOILER ALERT This is a Major spoiler that will wreck the challenge of LOB.