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  1. Did I hear dress code? ... Okay, my jogging suit is ready!
  2. I have some additions to my current list (Also thanks to @eigen-space!) Make Friends: Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist of Arland - You get endings depending on your affection to some of the characters Make Something: Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book - Well, being an alchemist includes making a lot of stuff! Survive: Yomawari: Night Alone - Need to collect items to survive
  3. Oh yeah, that's true, Yomawari for Survive could work! I love both series, Tales of and Final Fantasy, but I never really got into Zestiria or FF13 , too bad
  4. Thanks for checking! I already got something else planned for Ghost Story, but I definitely want to finish Yomawari at some point. I don't own Rorona for PS3 any more, but I could start the Vita Version for Making Friends. So that's going to the list. FF13 and Tales of Zestiria are two of my biggest gaming disappointments ever, so I am not sure whether I am ever going to finish them or rather not
  5. I am going to check if I'm able to find more games from my backlog that fit into some of the other categories. I feel bad having only 3 games while almost everyone else got 5+ planned
  6. Well, I just posted on this page and I'm also in Cabin #5, so...
  7. Great to see so many girls rocking this event! I'm female, but you can also see me as a dude, I don't care haha
  8. #219 Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax (JP) 電撃文庫 FIGHTING CLIMAX オールクリア! 電撃文庫 FIGHTING CLIMAXを完全クリアした。 「THANK YOU FOR PLAYING!!」 I am currently waiting for Detroit: Become Human, so I didn't really want to start a new game before Thursday. Instead, I decided to clean up a few games on my list and started with Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax. I bought this game a few years ago and was able to achieve the majority of the trophies, however, the Score Attack Mode was giving me hell and I was pretty much stuck with 280,000,000 points instead of the required 300,000,000. Back then, I decided to give up and was about to try it at a later point... and here we are, it's been over 3 years since then. I have to say that I don't play many fighting games, so I'm pretty much a beginner and need a lot of training to memorize combos. Thanks to Shana's Tomoka/Accelerator method mentioned in the guide on this site, I was able to get the 300,000,000 points (but it was pretty close). It's probably one of the easier fighting games, but it was a challenge for me. I'm so happy that I was able to get the platinum, I am relieved.
  9. Silent Hill 2 Cupcake or Lollipop?
  10. Layers of Fear
  11. I took the chance to buy a few Vita games from my wishlist in case they're going to increase the price for available physical releases.
  12. Who introduced you to the wonders of this fantastic hobby? It was my father when I was younger, actually. He probably always wanted to have a boy, so I pretty much grew up like I was one. I never had any "girl related" hobbies and mainly spent my free time playing soccer, handball or video games with him. Most of my friends in kindergarten or elementary school were boys who loved video games too so it began when I was pretty young. If you are in a relationship, has it influenced your gaming habbits? No, not at all. My boyfriend and I met due to our love to survival horror games, but we often like different genres. He isn't a fan of RPGs for example whereas RPGs are my favorite kind of games. It's not too bad since we can still talk about our hobbies and mainly share the same interests. However, there are times I started a game only because he suggested it to me. (Fun Fact: He hates to like a video game I recommended, I guess he is mad that he isn't the one who recommended it to me ) Do you play together and how is that? So, so. We play Call of Duty but I think that's pretty much the only game we can play together. Rarely there are co-op games we both are interested in, although most of the games we like are singleplayer only. It's fun to play together since we know each other so well and are aware of each other's habits in gaming. Thus we often don't even need to communicate while playing together (except for the obligatory "Look behind you!!" or "There's someone on the right" while playing CoD :P) Would you try to share the sense of amazement with your partner or would you rather have your hobby for yourself and your partner should have his/hers? I love to have a partner with the same interests and I am not sure how our relationship would have been if we had different hobbies. He's an amazing person though, so I'd probably love him nonetheless. We're together for over 8 years.. time flies, but I'm happy to be with him.
  13. I'll probably go for the Hitman Absolution plat next. That game has been in my backlog for a while and now that the online servers are going to be closed, I finally have my reason to play it.
  14. Lizards Being alone or being with friends?