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  1. I don't know when the patch will be out, as it was delayed a few times for Vita. If I'm unlucky it will be too close to the event day. I actually don't know if it's needed to download the patch to play it, but I think my Vita always downloaded them automatically.
  2. I probably won't be able to participate at all due to not having as much time as I had hoped for I had prepared Musynx just to have a game for this, but I heard there will be a patch that adds some more songs which seem to be needed for the platinum as well, so I am not sure if I can make it.
  3. #246: My Hero One's Justice #1 Hero Obtain every trophy. Plus Ultra! I love My Hero Academia and that was one of the most fun fighting games I've ever played. I usually don't enjoy fighting games that much, so that means a lot ...
  4. Had a standard PS4, but decided to buy a PS4 Pro when my living room became an airport. Got the bundle with RDR2 and still haven't played that game.
  5. So I really found a trophy screenshot that I like: Final Fantasy 8 is my favorite game of the Final Fantasy series, but I gave up every hope for a re-release on PS4 after SE skipped it and jumped straight from 7 to 9. However, that screenshot from World of Final Fantasy shows my favorite place of the whole FF franchise: The Balamb Garden (or at least a similar copy to it). That's the closest I'll ever get to FF8 on PS4.
  6. I can say for sure it's not this one. However, looking at my screenshots, lots of my platinum screenshots are victims of the black loading screen. I'm going to check my gallery later and hope that there a at least a few beautiful shots. Some in this thread are really great.
  7. I'm currently in love with My Hero Academia and can't wait for the new season. Was thinking about buying the game, My Hero One's Justice, is it any good? :kiss:

  8. #245 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Platinum Awarded when all other trophies have been unlocked Welp, that took a while. Having 2x EXP on the weekend was very helpful for levelling all weapons for Prestigious Award, but it was still a huge grind. It's a must to level some mystery box weapons, but the game refused to give me the ones I needed, so RNG made it even longer than it had to be, grrrr. The zombie mode isn't that bad though, it's pretty much the same as every zombie mode before, except for the fact that you never needed to level so many weapons to max level. MP isn't even worth a mention since everything came naturally while playing. Specialist HQ wasn't hard, but boring. Not a good replacement for a SP campaign, although it was interesting to get some background stories of the specialists. Now to the part that took the longest: Blackout. I'm honest, I really didn't want a Battle Royale mode in Call of Duty, but when they decided to implement it in Black Ops 4, I decided to give it a chance. And hey, I had fun with some friends. Getting wins in a good squad was fine, but unlocking some characters felt like hell, I'm especially talking about Reznov. Finding his item and a sniper/rocket launcher at the same time, then killing someone over 200 meters away AND getting a good placement.. phew. If I was able to manage one thing, I wasn't able to manage something else, so it took a while until everything came together. Unlocking him felt so relieving. When they unlocked the specialists for every player, I was only missing battery since I've never been able to find her item in supplies. I would have been happy with a higher spawn rate for her item, though All in all, it took me around 200 hours, but I probably wasn't really efficient while playing it. So I think it's possible to be done faster than that.
  9. I think I had the same problem with that shard and needed Google to get an answer. I think I either typed "You" (spawns a random developer) or simply "Developer" to get that shard done.
  10. Haha, thanks a lot! These were my first signatures in months, so I'm a bit out of practice. But I still enjoy it a lot whenever I find the time
  11. Super rusty with sig making since I don't do it often these days, but I recently made signatures for me and a friend.
  12. The people who complain that something is too hard are usually other people than the ones who say that something is too easy. I don't think anyone asked for the trophy to be a freebie, though. I, for example, only wanted an increased spawn rate for the war machine since it never (or rarely) showed up on supplies after an update in mid November. The spawn rate of the war machine was one of the biggest complaints during the last few weeks. I don't think unlocking every specialist for everyone was the best solution for that, oh well... They probably did it for better skin sales because of people who only play Blackout but couldn't be arsed to do the unlock missions.
  13. I mean, I understand that frustration. Spent so many hours to get the war machine, but I was never able to find it. I got the trophy today, but I can't even be happy about it after all the time I was going for the specialists (especially for the stupid Battery). I feel unsatisfied to get the trophy like that.
  14. Update: I started a Blackout game as Battery and unlocked Specialist Super Fan right at the start of the game. Punch in the face to everyone who grinded for that trophy.
  15. You now unlock the new outfits for the specialists via their unlock missions. The trophy won't pop, though. Battery is (or rather was) my last specialist because I couldn't find the war machine in supply drops. So I guess I'm either locked out of the trophy forever or the requirement for the trophy is now to unlock all new special outfits, "The Numbers", for every specialist.