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  1. There were some very cool Valkyrie Drive avatars too, but we never got them in the DE store
  2. Well, actually, out of all countries, Germany doesn't surprise me at all. We didn't get Valkyrie Drive or Criminal Girls 2, so I never thought there's a chance we are going to get Omega Labyrinth Z haha
  3. Well, see you next year (or in 2020): Final Fantasy XV has four new Episode DLCs planned into 2019 Tbh, I wouldn't be surprised if there'll be a "Complete Edition" in the end.
  4. If I had to guess, I'd say Maja-Lisa included the bear because it is from a Media Molecule game and she is an artist at Media Molecule... So there is probably a bit of advertising in that theme too It's a beautiful artwork nonetheless
  5. Final Fantasy X: I defeated the final boss twice and also watched the ending sequence until the end for the second time. Both times, I did not get the trophy "The Eternal Calm". Is there any way to make it pop? :( Don't want to waste my time on beating the boss over and over without getting anything. (PS4)

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    2. LuciaRosethorn


      Hmmmm, maybe try watching until the very end of the game? I have heard trophies are a bit glitchy on PS4 but only when signed in so if that doesn't work, try again but not signed in.

    3. Izul


      I watched it until the end (always ended up in the main menu), but I'll try it offline for now. Thanks :) 

    4. Izul


      It worked being offline, thanks a lot :kiss:

  6. Been waiting for that game for a while. Looking forward to playing it with some friends, I hope it's going to be fun
  7. There are probably some more, but that's the first one I've found:
  8. While I can see the reason why it's bothering you, I can't understand that you really paid for that. As a graphic artist myself, I would have done it for free for you.
  9. Since I'm still playing FFXIV (and because it's probably my most played game), I'm sharing my character too
  10. If you want to buy it for the triple play trophy only, don't waste your money on that. It's still luck-based and there's no guarantee that you'll get triplets with the help of the expansion. If you wanted to play City Living anyways, then it can be helpful to try getting triplets with the new trait for mansions. The method Mindary posted is the quickest without spending additional money, though.
  11. Honestly, I had lost every hope for a release haha. Glad it's finally going to arrive!
  12. The sponsorship is strong in this game.
  13. I bought the pack for Y'shtola and Shantotto. Probably going to switch between them It's possible there will be a second pack in the future, as this seems to be the "hero pack". Villains are missing.
  14. Just to be clear: I would like to see the White List because I think it's unfair that people get a flag without doing anything wrong. I wanted to point out that it's not okay to copy a post by another user. It reflects badly on you and unfortunately, on the other user who made the post first, because not everyone checks the dates to see who made the post originally. You could have rephrased it. Take that in mind
  15. Now that I am done with The Sims 4, I can say that "Triple Play" is the most painful trophy I got so far. It's not difficult, but highly luck-based. I am unlucky most of the time when it comes to RNG trophies but that one was just a pain. Took me over 4 days to get that trophy alone, I didn't even count the tries I needed. It's not as painful if you are a lucky person