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  1. I don't know what you were trying to test, but it seems that you misunderstood what I have said in my post. Coming in 2nd place (in solo, that is) guarantees you getting distance added to your tracking because you were the last person that got killed in that case. Thus: You saw the end of the game. Coming in 2nd place in Trio does not guarantee you that your tracking is updated because you aren't necessarily alive at that point. I'll give you an example: I was playing trio with some people and we won the game. However, I died earlier with no possibility of getting respawned (no respawner), so I did not get any distance added. In another game, I was the only person alive on my team and got the 2nd place alone. My teammates did not get any distance added, but I did.
  2. I don't know where you got the top 6 from, but that's not a general rule that applies. From all the rounds I have played so far, I can confirm that you need to see the end of the game while being alive for the distance to count. For example: Even if your team wins in trio, it won't count for you if you're dead. If you're only downed, however, it will still count. Basically: Be alive or downed when the game ends. The placement doesn't matter at all. If, for some reason, there are still 6 teams alive when the capture zone appears (and is then captured to end the game), everyone that is still alive will get the distance added to their tracking.
  3. Found a video on YT that shows all the avatars: The video creator says that it's apparently a bit glitched and you get the avatars twice because the PSN purchase is for both the PS4 and the PS5 versions of the game.
  4. While I personally enjoyed the game a lot, I am not sure if it's worth getting at this point. I started playing it in June and got the platinum in August - at that time, the game was already dead and it took me 10 - 20 minutes to find a match. It's a fun game and I wish that it would have gotten better advertising (like Fall Guys did) or that it was F2P to begin with, especially with how it handled the microtransactions.
  5. I really love this event, thank you so much for that, this topic means a lot to me (and of course to other people who are affected by this) As I said in the other event thread already, I unfortunately don't have much time for video games as of now, but I really want to contribute to this, if only a little. I will look for some games I may be able to finish for this event. Thank you so much.
  6. That's because you don't get crowns in this mode. Squad mode usually gives 20 crown fragments. Once you reach 60 crown fragments, they'll be combined into a crown. No worries, though, it still counts as a win even if you don't get a full crown.
  7. I currently don't really have time to play anything, but I wanted to earn at least a few trophies, so I played a bit of Tales of Arise today. Unfortunately, I only got one single trophy out of it, but kudos to everyone who is doing a lot for this And again, thanks for this cool little event!
  8. Yup, that last sentence is proof that you haven't played a Tales game before, you wouldn't even have needed to say it in your post, haha. The trophies in Arise are not as detailed as in some older games. An example from Tales of Zestiria: https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/3964-tales-of-zestiria/17-a-life-of-struggle But that's one of those things I love about Tales trophies, they're always good for a chuckle due to the amount of details in their descriptions.
  9. It's almost there, yay! I love the trophy icons, Hootle will definitely find its way into my trophy cabinet.
  10. There are two things I can think of: 1. As the poster above me said, there are community events here on the forums which can be found here: https://forum.psnprofiles.com/forum/3313-community-events-contests-we-plays/ Sometimes, people open events in which other PSNP users can participate. The goals usually vary from event to event (getting UR trophies or getting as many RPG platinums as possible, for example). The reason: Fun (some event leaders also give out prizes like awards or PSN cards sometimes), making your backlog smaller, getting a higher completion rate and so on. It's also a good possibility to get to know other members better. Obviously, it's not mandatory to participate - but if you're interested, you can look through the subforum and maybe find something you're interested in. 2. The official events by sony Sony also has community trophy events from time to time, the most current one was "The Summer of Play" this year. The community has to achieve a cumulative amount of trophies or platinums to unlock prizes. Once a goal is reached, everyone who participated receives themes or PSN avatars related to the Summer of Play via PSN notification.
  11. I finally finished watching all council debuts. Yes, I'm a bit behind, I know ;p I think they're all gorgeous in their own ways, but as I thought, Fauna is definitely my favorite of them since listening to her voice is so soothing. "You an call me mama, because I'm mother nature after all". ASMR definitely suits her, she could even sing me a lullaby and I'd love it, lol. Second fav is Kronii so far. Looking forward to what they're going to do in the future. I might like the 2nd Gen even more than the first one, but it'll be hard to replace Calli as my number one.
  12. Thank you so much for that, I haven't heard of them yet. I'm going to check them out for sure
  13. Been getting slowly into VTubers recently. I got there by seeing the great amount of beautiful fanarts around the internet for a good while, and while I'm usually not watching many streams or videos in general, I got too curious to pass on them completely. Calli is my favorite by far, but I also love watching compilations of JP VTubers speaking English since that's so hilarious, haha. Korone is especially cute. Also, from the newly announced Hololive EN Vtubers, Ceres Fauna has got me the most curious so far. Since I'm usually more into male characters, I also hope that Holostars EN will be a thing one day, that would be great.
  14. The boost pad method was what I was trying most of the time, but it never worked. So I asked a friend if we could meet at the bandstand so he could throw me towards the gardens. When thrown high enough (not as an ultimate throw!), I stopped using the ballform and got the glider out to get over to the gardens. You can't really see your stats, but you can use the contracts to get an idea of your progress.
  15. Earning Miles seems to be the only trophy that is glitched for me so far. I tried several methods and watched a bunch of videos, but nothing does work. Edit: Okay, I got Earning Miles now, but now I'm not getting the trophy for 100 KO finishes with ultimate throws. Hopefully it pops at some point. Edit 2:It popped at around 190 ultimate throw finishes.