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  1. Thank you for pointing it out. I finished the main story right now, so I'll make sure to back up my save before playing the Canaan scenario.
  2. Was just wondering about that I did the JP Stack last year and decided to do the NA stack now. I remember that I got "Woah! Look out above you" before TACOS on the JP version, but now I was wondering why I got TACOS but not "Woah! Look out above you". Seems that some of the gimmicks were activated by the KI then.
  3. I want my shiny Akechi avatar, so I need to catch up a bit
  4. When I've read that the Band Hero servers are now offline and that I have missed my chance to get the online done (Yes, it's my own fault, I know), I wanted to be safe and tried to do the RB2 online with my husband. I was afraid that I might miss my chance to get the online done on here as well (since I want to clean up some older games from my profile), but luckily it still works. We lost connection to each other a few times, but it worked out in the end... so basically, as of February 2020 the servers are bad, but still online.
  5. I feel I'm also a bit unlucky. I'm currently on my second playthrough and have chosen to play on Intense since the start of it(first playthrough was on normal). No drop yet. Hopefully I'll see a drop like this sooner or later when I'm going to do the equipment farming, but I wouldn't be surprised if that one will be my final trophy.
  6. Thank you so much for this, it helped a lot. At first, I was about to give up because I had to restart several times without ever having luck. When I suddenly got lucky and got some good items right at the start, the tower became a breeze. I still have to get the Tonberry treasure and get to floor 80, but everything went smoothly thanks to this
  7. So I'm the owner of a yellow Switch Lite now and I really love it. Didn't really need another console for the TV, so I'm happy about the handheld-only version. I was already looking forward to the new Pokémon games, especially Shield since I fell in love with the Galarian Ponyta at first sight. Just can't get enough of this fluffybutt There are still other games I have missed on the Switch so far, but I'm also waiting for the port of Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE now.
  8. Yeah, I love this game, but I can't go through it all again right now without getting distracted by other things, that's why I need a break. Will be different once I have played something different in between. I'm still not a fan of the Remix levels, but to each their own.
  9. Phew, getting all golds on every difficulty is so tedious. Only Remix Hard left, but I can't motivate myself to go through all the levels again. Seems like I need a little break and come back to it later before I lose my motivation completely.
  10. That's You and Knowledge is Power are both below 2%. There's nothing difficult about these games. The biggest reason for their rarity is that you need 6 devices (smartphones, tablets...) to get all the trophies, alternatively you can run an Android Emulator on your pc (if your hardware is strong enough). However, these games are super fun if you play them with up to 5 friends, so it's highly recommended do play them like that.
  11. For some reason, the extra stages didn't appear on the save I created for replaying the levels through the phone (that save was made after completing Rin's route once), but they appeared once I started a new game and made a save on the 2nd day. So apparently stage 10 seems to disappear from the phone once you get too far in...? They're needed for the trophy btw.
  12. I have a hard time getting used to the Remix mode. It probably just needs a bit of practice, but I prefer the Classic Mode for sure.
  13. I'm a bit confused about the conditions of the additional endings. I was going for the "old" endings first, mainly all good endings featuring Katherine, and when I gave the answers for the Bad Catherine ending, I got the new "best" Catherine ending instead. I googled a bit and the guide told me it's basically the new True Ending for Catherine and you'd need to be on the Chaos side (+ you need to reply to a certain mail during your playthrough). Since I was going for the Good side, it's apparently only important to have performed the certain action during the playthrough. However, now I'm wondering how I can get the Bad Catherine ending I was trying to do first. I'll try a few different answers for the last stage, maybe I get lucky.
  14. I'm currently playing Blue Reflection. Pretty game.