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  1. Atelier Sophie and the following Atelier games from the Mysterious Trilogy. They removed the time limit, so they're super relaxing and enjoyable. Once you got the grip of how the synthesis works, it's super easy as well. The older games were also great, but the time limit made them a bit more stressful to complete.
  2. From Limited Run Games. Still waiting for it to arrive, though.
  3. Nope Have you ever tried gambling?
  4. Kyoko Kirigiri from Danganronpa
  5. Lollipop Chainsaw: I Swear! I Did It By Mistake! Peeped under Juliet's skirt once. Juliet will try to keep you from looking under her skirt when going for that trophy.
  6. FF8 is my favorite Final Fantasy and one of my favorite games of all time. I've been so sad when they jumped from 7 to 9 and it looked like they skipped 8 completely. I'm just so happy to see this game with enhanced character models That just made my day.
  7. I mean, I'm glad when others are happy with new content. Personally, I can only speak for myself from the point of someone who has never been a fan of the game and only played it that much because a friend forced them to haha If it was a game I'd love, I might also be happy with more content. However, the games I mainly play rarely get DLCs anyway.
  8. Yes. Well, my favorite character at that time at least Have you ever been to Japan?
  9. I wonder, why is saying that someone's not happy about something always labelled as whining by others? When did this become a thing? Can't we have different opinions without getting attacked? Ah well, it's the internet after all Well, since I guess people were also talking to me: Yes, I'm one of the people who aren't too happy about the new DLC for this game. Yes, it's free (for now), that is why I decided to play it. I'm not even a completionist (and don't really collect trophies anymore) and that game was sitting on my account on a low percentage for years. As I already said, I'm just not a fan of BL2 and I rarely play DLCs anyway. I felt so relieved when I got the 100% in it, especially since it's one of the few games for which I completed the DLCs (if not the only lol). Thus, I re-downloaded the game for this DLC. I only stated that I never thought I'd be coming back to this game. It was surprising to see something new after so many years. Don't always try to see the bad thing in people.
  10. I feel you I came back cleaning up that game 2 months ago and thought I was done with it after getting 100% in it (not a fan of it either). Now I'm lucky that it wasn't that long ago, but I never thought there'd be a new reason to come back for it. At least it was free.
  11. That sounds like an idea that could be a nice addition when properly executed. First, I want to say that I'm not against it completely, but I wouldn't want them shown on the top bar. I'd rather prefer a 'bigger' ribbon system that could get a box of its own along milestones, rarest trophies and the trophy cabinet (or alternatively a page like statistics or the trophy log, but since I assume people want it to be seen, that's probably not an option). I think you could show more than just the rarity of your platinum trophies and it would be great to implement other features coming along with this site. For example, we have genres and developers shown on the trophy page of a game as well as a box that shows all games of a franchise, so why not also giving ribbons like "Completed x RPG games", "Completed x franchises". Just a general idea to show what a ribbon system could offer.
  12. Order shouldn't matter since you could always go back to a ladder you have missed in order to unlock that trophy. If you really examined all ladders (don't forget to save after every dialogue, that's also very important), there must be another issue. Also, about the last ladder in Trials and Tribulations: Did you examine it while using the metal detector? Otherwise it doesn't count.
  13. I can say for sure it doesn't, I had to learn that the hard way, unfortunately.
  14. I've been a huge fan of Everybody's Golf and I still play some matches from time to time. Usually, I have some trouble with VR games due to motion sickness, but I think Everybody's Golf could work, definitely going to try it out. I think it's different to the normal EG on PS4, so I'm not sure about the "Event" trophies here. Could be connected to getting condors, or maybe not? Well I did the condors once, I'd do them again. Otherwise, it looks doable and like a lot of fun again.
  15. I want to get some more RPG plats this year, but since I'm currently short on time, it seems like an unreachable goal right now. 10 RPG platinums in 2019 would be great, I'm currently at 3/10