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  1. For some reason, the extra stages didn't appear on the save I created for replaying the levels through the phone (that save was made after completing Rin's route once), but they appeared once I started a new game and made a save on the 2nd day. So apparently stage 10 seems to disappear from the phone once you get too far in...? They're needed for the trophy btw.
  2. I have a hard time getting used to the Remix mode. It probably just needs a bit of practice, but I prefer the Classic Mode for sure.
  3. I'm a bit confused about the conditions of the additional endings. I was going for the "old" endings first, mainly all good endings featuring Katherine, and when I gave the answers for the Bad Catherine ending, I got the new "best" Catherine ending instead. I googled a bit and the guide told me it's basically the new True Ending for Catherine and you'd need to be on the Chaos side (+ you need to reply to a certain mail during your playthrough). Since I was going for the Good side, it's apparently only important to have performed the certain action during the playthrough. However, now I'm wondering how I can get the Bad Catherine ending I was trying to do first. I'll try a few different answers for the last stage, maybe I get lucky.
  4. I'm currently playing Blue Reflection. Pretty game.
  5. #257 Judgment The Greatest Detective Obtained all other trophies. The minigames are what makes the platinum a bit more difficult than just average. Drone racing was rather difficult for me since I'm not really good at racing stuff and it took me a lot of practicing, especially for the time trials. Also, I like mahjong, but it was a bit of an overkill in this game. 3 mahjong places, ehhh. Lastly, Puyo Puyo can be hell, though with the provided videos found in the trophy thoughts thread, it became a lot easier for someone like me who isn't very experienced in Puyo Puyo. It was an enjoyable gaming experience (besides some tailing missions that went on for too long), but I'm glad it's done now.
  6. Using the Blackjack method is not as tedious as playing Paradise VR over and over. Was doing Paradise VR for the longest time until I couldn't bear one more playthrough. Playing Blackjack and selling the paints to Ebisu Pawn was a nice change of pace, so I'd absolutely recommend that over Paradise VR once you're done with its missions.
  7. I just completed Charles a few minutes ago. I had ??? on everything until I was able to draw the respective capsule. Took a few attempts to get everything, but I didn't need to do anything else.
  8. Like the person above me: Loving it so far.
  9. Atelier Sophie and the following Atelier games from the Mysterious Trilogy. They removed the time limit, so they're super relaxing and enjoyable. Once you got the grip of how the synthesis works, it's super easy as well. The older games were also great, but the time limit made them a bit more stressful to complete.
  10. From Limited Run Games. Still waiting for it to arrive, though.
  11. Nope Have you ever tried gambling?
  12. Kyoko Kirigiri from Danganronpa
  13. Lollipop Chainsaw: I Swear! I Did It By Mistake! Peeped under Juliet's skirt once. Juliet will try to keep you from looking under her skirt when going for that trophy.
  14. FF8 is my favorite Final Fantasy and one of my favorite games of all time. I've been so sad when they jumped from 7 to 9 and it looked like they skipped 8 completely. I'm just so happy to see this game with enhanced character models That just made my day.
  15. I mean, I'm glad when others are happy with new content. Personally, I can only speak for myself from the point of someone who has never been a fan of the game and only played it that much because a friend forced them to haha If it was a game I'd love, I might also be happy with more content. However, the games I mainly play rarely get DLCs anyway.