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  1. > Ranked matchs trophies means you have to play online mode (PSPlus required ofc) BUT you can practically ensure that the rest of the players are bots by lowering the MTU of your PS4 connection to 750-800. This helps a lot, you can win the trophies "The "Me" in Team", "Not a Scratchy" and "One-Hit Wonder" with almost no effort. For the trophy "Rock 'n' Roll" it's better to wait until both teams have summoned, so the bots will not focus the cores and you can destroy it all by yourself. > Get the Lv. 10 character title of each one playing the Basic Trial, Core Batlle mode, with Y'shtola/Shantotto when you can. at the highest difficult possible. Take in mind you only will earn titles for characters you own, so take the opportunity to get the titles of the characters that are free in the actual rotation (check @DFF_NT_JP to know the actual rotation changes and stuff). You can lvl up more characters putting they as support characters, but you only gain the title when you actually play with they. > Use always the same summon until you get the 100 ranked battles won with they so when you win 300 ranked battles you can get 3 additional titles. > Buy icons. Different icons, not upgraded versions. Like, a lot. Money titles are acumulative so spend all you can. I think I don't leave anything more important to know... oh yes, you can carry all your progression to the full version, but you have to meet the condition of the trophy at least once for it to pop-up. For example, if you have the trophy "In the Nick of Time" in Free Edition, to get the same trophy at the full game, you have to win one ranked match interrupting five enemy attacks just once, and then you'll gain the trophy. The same goes to the A++ trophies. If you gain A++ with a character more than three times in Free Edition, you only have to reach A++ with that character once to get the trophy, even if the Free Edition don't have these trophies. Well, happy grinding ~ ✌️😅
  2. The trophy will pop-up when you win a ranked match. Also, if you have, for example, the One-Hit Wonder trophy, you'll need to win a ranked match defeating at least one enemy with a single attack. You don't have to fullfill the requests of the trophies again, but you need to do it one time to the trophy pop-up.
  3. Yes, the progression seems to be carried to the full version, sorry for my bad english if it was misunderstood x_x I did it when got the 10 victories to testing. Unlocked the same trophy winning a ranked, and next deleted the full version save to continue in the free. Now I got the 300 victories few days ago but didn't try it again.
  4. Nope, sorry. But free version carries to the full version. At least it worked for me with the 10 victories trophy; I hope it works the same with the rest...