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  1. FFVIII , loved it back in the day. Haven’t got around to the remaster yet.
  2. Finally someone I agree with.
  3. So in point 4 of your list you wanna expand on the seraphites. In point 5 you wanna remove the part of the game we’re you learn the most about the seraphites. Makes sense to me. in my honest opinion I think most of you that didn’t like the story simply didn’t get it. Or you’re just hating cause that’s cool now. to the guy that said Abby was the hero and Ellie the villain. I see kinda where you’re coming from but also feel that you kinda missed it as well. I think the whole point was that there is no villain here.
  4. So you played a game that features a guy wielding a 800 lb sword with one hand , another guy that has a Gatling gun for an arm as well as talking dog/wolf with fire on his tail and then complain that it’s too anime? For real?
  5. You wanna take one of the best games ever and split it up into 4 or so full length games , expanding on the world and experiences? You wanna make a few story changes so we’re somewhat in suspense? Take my damn money! on another note , why does every single game have a post about how bad or disappointing that game was. Really starting to think this is a site full of hardcore gamers that hate games.
  6. Yeah the map sucked and level design was pretty confusing because of it. Not enough so that the game was bad or unplayable. Just kinda annoying. my only real complaint with this game was the combat system. I know this souls like system is the popular thing to do right now but because of it I never had that feeling playing that I was a badass Jedi. For me it just seems like the combat didn’t match the content. Like unleashed and unleashed 2 you could feel how powerful he was by plowing through hundreds of stormtroopers at a time. anyway just my opinion , something that just kinda bugged me when I was playing it.
  7. KH3 - Yozora
  8. Final Fantasy VIII , was one of my personal favs. Haven’t got around to it yet
  9. Once you clear the key blade graveyard it’s ok to turn off your pro codes and finish the game, giving you access to the battle gates. You can then farm for def up and str up , then go back and finish the game again. The difficulty spike heading into Armored Xehanort is intense with all codes on.
  10. I’m sure you found the answer already but Incase anybody else runs into this. You have to charge up the electric thingy to overload and destroy that thing blocking the vent. My game wouldn’t let me charge it either. Quit to main menu. Reload and it let me do it.
  11. I quit buying far cry and AC because of online trophies in 2 and brotherhood. Have since gone back. Crysis was dropped after glitches in 2. Quit COD's because every game has pain in the ass co op trophies. theres also a pretty long list of games I skipped because of online or coop trophies when I knew the servers would be dead at launch. just wondering if I'm the only one.
  12. Was a huge transformers fan, wanted to use a transformer name only hardcore fans knew. Been using some version of elitaone for close to 18 years.