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  1. I’m level 61 with 239/714 challenges done. I need to do the gaps on 2 levels, hard “get-there’s” and then level 100. I suspected there might be a grind since no one has got the plat yet.
  2. Banksy, you can get the 99.9 rating with mods on. I’m fairly confident that’s how I got it, as I’ve enabled mods to get most of the challenges done. Any challenges requiring no mods enabled state that fact in the description. for example I’ve done everything for the plat except complete the gaps on 2 levels, the hard “get-there’s” and level 100. As Toast said, for combos it’s just practice - use special moves, pick a “line” and keep repeating it until you land. the huge combo scores such as 10Million etc can be done on created parks. I remixed a park called 1000000 points (mine is named Remixed_1000000 points). It has a whole bunch of ramps lined up, so that you grind and hold triangle, balance swings are non-existent or negligible due to you “kissing the rail” so quickly, and provides a multiplier of x400 at the end. The reason I remixed it was so that there was a clean exit and a bowl at the start to gain 20-25,000 score. Also, for the multiplayer-related trophies, they can be done in split-screen if you have a second controller. On top of that, I did the 5M points in trick attack and the 2M points on combo mambo both in split screen AND with mods enabled. I personally find grab specials easier to boost scores, especially if you can find a half pipe to revert into doing 2-3 specials, then try manual, grind, flip trick etc to increase multiplier. Sorry for the excessive posts, I just feel I may be helpful for once!