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  1. So if I get that one trophy for completing an online race, is it possible to get the remaining trophies without internet? As far as the trophies are not glitched ofcourse.
  2. How come that these 2 DLC are not included in the season pass? I could not find it anywhere that these two are sold seperatly. Just a heads up!
  3. This game is on my radar since release but the trophy bugs kept me from it. Now I know about the bugged trophies but can someone tell me which trophies are multiplayer only? I saw a couple driver rating trophies but I’m not sure if they can be done solo. So if anyone can sum up the online and multiplayer trophies it will be appreciated.
  4. Hey man, most people don’t know. I’m working for the Colin McRae flat out DLC trophy. This is by far the HARDEST trophy for any racing game. Congrats on the trophy, the real MVP right here! Cheers my man!
  5. I’m the most proud of my Gran Turismo Sport platinum. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a close call, I like the game so much that I didn’t find the platinum hard but enjoyable.