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  1. Although the trophy description does say that it doesn't matter what choice you choose, but speaking from personal experience and one of the person i know, that my trophy didn't unlock when chose "spare", but did it on "kill him". And my friend's trophy unlock when he "spare" him, but didn't when he choose kill him. I might have exampled further in my comment above, so you won't get confused. Since i thought that he is having same issue as mine, so i kept my message short. Plus i also said in my message earlier that that's how it works for me. Sometimes, games can have glitching trophies. It's normal.
  2. Thanks i will keep that in mind.
  3. The treasure hunter will take time. I remember doing platinum twice for this game, since i liked it very much. First time, i didn't know which enemy drops what and how to farm money to buy materials for upgrades. So i spend a lot of time fighting all enemies and understanding, which one gives what item. So in my first playthrough that included platinum, i played 204 hours. (Yes, that's a lot) But in my second playthrough, i knew how to defeat all enemies, level up spots and item drops info etc, so i unlocked platinum in 150 hours. Remember that an item called "Platinum Ingot" is very useful, if you are looking to make fast money, but it is a very very rare drop and takes a lot of time killing the monsters that drop them. So, if you get lucky and get this item constantly, then i bet that you can unlock treasure hunter trophy very quickly. So, good luck.
  4. I guess everyone has different experience.
  5. Who can you? I would really like to know that if i happen to play this game again. I looked into menu thoroughly, but i couldn't find any "Track" command for crickets. I know that if you upgrade "Traveller's Attire" and equip it, then whenever you are near cemetery, your controller will start to vibrate. But then again, it's still little challenging to find them because you don't know how many cemeteries are there in a region.
  6. Well, you have to chose "Kill him" for lord shimura. The trophy won't pop, if you decide to spare him. That's how it works for me.
  7. Well, if anyone is looking for a good spot for unlocking this trophy after finishing game, then try this method.
  8. Firstly, i would like to say that i hope that these tip and tricks will come handy for you guys too. I personally collected all collectibles myself (except the crickets, for that i needed). And trust me, you can collect collectibles with a help of WIND. So here it is: Note (Tips & Trick): 1: Get "Traveller's Attire" outfit from any merchant and upgrade it till level 3. (you can also fully upgrade it, if you want) 2: Buy all exploration skills. (Will help you to find Inari, Charms, Health, Resolve and Vanity locations) 3: Conquer mongols territories and camp. (By doing so, the whole map will become visible and you can see all "UNDISCOVERED LOCATIONS" for Inari, Charms, Health, Resolve, Vanity and even Haiku.) Note for Sashimoto Banner, Artefacts & Records: You can "Track" banner, artefacts and records. When you select "Track" from the menu, see where the dotted line pointing towards. Fast travelling comes in handy here. When you see NO DOTTED LINE on map that means you are on the RIGHT SPOT. In order to know the exact location of banners, artefacts and records, simply open and then close menu to see, where the wind is moving towards. Keep opening and then quickly closing the menu, if you CAN'T SEE the wind. Remember, that wind will ALWAYS POINT TOWARDS COLLECTIBLES, when you track them from the menu. Use Guide for: Crickets are the only exception because you cannot track them. Still, remember that crickets are always located in cemeteries. Anyway, here is video too for better understanding. I hope it helps.
  9. Well i use Level 1 for this trophy. I think it is quite easy to do with Cheetah. Here is a guide too.
  10. I know that the game is pretty straight forward and the level up grinding is fairly easy in comparison to old school final fantasy games, but nevertheless, i wanted to share some tips on easy and fast level up. 1: In chapter 3 (early game) Below is a video that shows the area, where you can level up your characters as well as materias quickly. For me, this spot is best for early game materias level up for example, for fire, lightning, cure etc. So give it shot, if you are interested. 2: In chapter 16 (after completing the game) After completing the game, access chapter 16 through chapter selection. Just keep playing Shinra Combat Simulator first match "three-person team vs. mayor is best" on easy mode and you will reach level 50 in under an hour. Or just play other matches, if you want too. Anyway, if anyone has other tips, then do share here.
  11. If you are looking for to play Final Fantasy 13 where you can do easy character level up grinding, but at the same time also earn some valuable items for weapons/accessories upgrades and money, then do check these guide. Final Fantasy XIII Easy Chapter 5 Level Up & Items Guide (Over 4.600 Exp In 30 Mins) Final Fantasy XIII Easy Chapter 8 Level Up Guide (6.400 Exp In 20 Mins) Final Fantasy XIII Easy Chapter 9 Level Up & Items Guide (6.400 Exp In 20 Mins) Final Fantasy XIII Easy Chapter 10 Level Up Guide (Over 19.000 Exp In 30 Mins) Final Fantasy XIII Easy Chapter 11 Level Up & Items Guide (Over 22.000 Exp In 4 Mins) Final Fantasy XIII Easy Chapter 12 Level Up Guide (Over 65.00 Exp In 30 Mins) (Master's Seal Trophy)
  12. I know it might be bit late to reply, but there are three different places where you can level up easily and fast. I hope that it will be helpful. So, 1: First place is early in game (Kingdom of Corona), just keep moving between two save points (from Rapunzel tower till the forest) and you will earn more than 2.000 exp, which is a lot for your characters in early game. 2: Second place is in mid game in (Monstropolis), there is an in-game spot where you have to fill laugh bar and even after filling it up, the heartless will keep on coming unless you press "triangle" for scream reaction command. So instead of doing that, just keep fighting heartless as long as you want. 3: Third place is after completing game in (San Fransokyo), there is a portal that gives you 500 Munny and 30.000 exp per minute. So keep playing it to level up fast and also to unlock "Leveled Out" trophy.