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  1. So since we're in summer. I figured I'd reflect on my Platinum journey so far this year. Decided to take a break from trophy hunting for a while but as of August I feel I've made some nice steady progress in my Platinums earned this year. I've earned 8 so far this year and they are the games below.


    1. The Evil Within 2 - Earned 9th February 2019 - I love this game so much and it's honestly one of my favourite horror titles of the generation. Felt like a crossover between Resident Evil 4 & Silent Hill. Excited for Tango's new game; Ghostwire: Tokyo. 


    2. Spyro: Year of the Dragon - Earned 7th March 2019 - A Nostalgia trip for me and definitely a good jump back into the games of my childhood. I platinumed this game a little later than the other 2 because I decided to take a little break from Spyro over the christmas period. It's a great game; not as good as Spyro 2 for me but still great. Easy platinum and a must play.


    3. Resident Evil 2 (2019) - Earned 11th May 2019 - What can I honestly say about this game that hasn't been said already? This game is one of my top 5 games of the year so far. Everything is nailed perfectly in this game from Atmosphere, Horror, Action, Difficulty and more. The new sections were fun and while I was nitpicky when it came to continuity between a normal playthrough and the 2nd Run (Side B ) sections that's only a very minor detail that didn't ruin my enjoyment in the slightest. Loved this game and it's a must play for any horror or Resi fan. Although you may find Hunk hard.


    4. Lara Croft Go - Earned 14th May 2019 - This is one of the hundreds of games I have had in my backlog for a while now so finally decided to play it. The game is an easy platinum and plays similarly to Hitman Go however unlike Hitman; this game had many more features similar to the Tomb Raider franchise such as Climbing along edges or solving puzzles. While the game is good; I'll be honest in saying I preferred Hitman Go: Definitive Edition as while it was simple; I feel it had a lot more charm to it. I'd still recommend picking up Lara Croft Go though since it is fun and is relatively cheap.


    5. Days Gone - Earned 16th May 2019 - Another one of my top 5 games of 2019 so far; Days Gone was a thrill ride from start to finish. I really loved the character of Deacon and the many ways in which he'd give his own little commentary on the world around him. The motorbike handling was great, The enemies were enemies you could actually fear (Due to insane damage) and the amount of things to do in the world was just stunning. The song Hell or High Water from the game is one of my new favourite songs and I'll always support games that Sam Witwer is in. This game is superb...apart from the Weapon Wheel (Fuck that thing).


    6. Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight - Earned 18th May 2019 - Hopefully the first of many Persona games to come in terms of my platinums; I bought this game for 2 simple reasons. I adore Persona 5 and I like Rhythm games. This game did not disappoint me in the slightest. It exceeded every single one of my expectations and while I'm a little bit sad it didn't feature a story like Persona 4 Dancing All Night has; I still enjoyed the game nonetheless. It's a relatively easy platinum even if it requires a little bit of repeating the songs but a fun experience. 


    7. Stranger Things 3: The Game - Earned 8th July 2019 - Possibly my proudest Platinum trophy of the year so far. Despite this game being pretty easy to platinum; I'm proud of this one since I was among the first 5 people to Platinum the game which in a world full of gamers is pretty impressive (Something I've never been haha) and I even wrote the trophy guide on this very site which made me happy since I can now finally feel like I've contributed towards a community that has helped me with advice in games in the past and has been a getaway for me in my personal issues. This game is an isometrical beat em up and is fun with a retro charm (Not as good as Scott Pilgrim though) and follows the 3rd season of the show pretty closely.


    8. Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight - Earned 2nd August 2019 - And finally the Platinum Trophy I earned literally about an hour ago. Like P5 Dancing; I bought this game based on how much I loved Persona 5 and my enjoyment of Rhythm games. I came out of this title enjoying it probably just a tiny bit more than the Persona 5 Dancing game. It introduced me to the cast of Persona 3 (Which I started recently on my PS3 via PS2 classics) and I came to love the characters who were the precursors for the future protagonists of the series (Yu & Joker). Great Music all around with personal highlights being Want To Be Close, Time & Memories of You. Great voice cast aswell with many voice actors I love including Yuri Lowenthal, Michelle Ruff, Vic Mignogna, Liam O'Brien, Tara Platt, etc... I also loved all the references to Persona 4 & 5 aswell. 


    So overall those are my 8 Platinums earned so far this year. I'm hoping it will increase later in the year given the slate of games I have in my backlog joined up with the games I'm planning to pick up later in the year. (Man of Medan, MediEvil, Concrete Genie, Ghostbusters, Travis Strikes Again, Death Stranding, Star Wars, Doom, Etc...) So until next time. See you guys on the flip side.

    1. NTGSruler


      Congratz on the platinum run so far this year!

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      Amazing run! 💯