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  1. I fully understand that there is a risk, but still everything was fine with me, today I won the trophy this way, at least 6-7 times I had this message and everything was fine. If it weren't for this method, I would probably still be at 20 million XP
  2. Hi, I am using a method with two versus match controllers. I activate the boost x10 and connect my profile to the phone with the ps pad app, then activate the auto clicker app and let the character jump on the orb in the Atlantis arena. Then I leave it for the whole night it has accumulated about 5-7 million. The game always crashes when the match(s) is over and I go to the main menu, but I found a method in which not to lose my HP. 1.When I finish the match (s) I go to the main menu and turn off the second profile. 2. With the controller I enter in my first profile, stopping maintaining it from my phone, when I do this I get a message from the game that the save file is corrupt and press "no" on the question that popped up. 3. Then I play a classic battle, I win 1 game, I leave the second one to lose and when I come out after it I have already memorized everything and I can safely close the game. I guess even without a phone and apps, this method would save your progress. But it will be very stressful for you to press the buttons all this time. Lastly, always save in the cloud before activating boost x10, so that if something happens you do not lose access cards. Success!
  3. After the game again taking from me a few millions XP twice, I finally found a method to keep you from losing your XP if the game crashes. If anyone needs help, I can share the method.
  4. This trophy drove me completely crazy. So I reached about 16 million XP without any problem. I took a few days off and now when I activate boost x5 for 50 games and leave the console and the controller to accumulate themselves then I lose what I have accumulated and the game is buggy. First: I reached 27 million and each match was about 3-5 hours, after I decided it was enough and went to the main menu, the game became, how to say - slow. It loaded in the menu for 15-20 seconds after each click, but when I looked at the Hero card everything was ok. I closed the game and the next time I opened it I lost almost everything I had accumulated and was brought back from 27 to 16 million. Second: yesterday I left her for about 10 hours again with an x5 boost and after the match the same crash happened and brought me back to 16 million. So, I don't think the problem is in the matches that are too long, because up to 16 million matches were also long and there was no problem. We played KOTH matches with a friend, he made nearly 100 wins and amassed 8 million, each match was no more than 1 minute and he lost again. I have some suspicions as to why I'm losing my XP: 1. Both times I lost it, I first did 2-3 quick matches to see if everything was ok, I went to my head to check if it would not score and then I started the long matches. 2. The first time the battery of the controller had dropped a little, and the second time I used remote play from the phone and again I lost touch with my console for a while, but the matches were not forcibly closed. Please if anyone has info on why this is happening to share, I have already lost a total of 15 million XP.
  5. 2018 - 7 (rarest Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back - 8.85%) 2019 - 27 (rarest Mortal Kombat X - 1.68%) 2020 - 25 (rarest Dirt Rally - 1.61%) 2021 - 27 (rarest FIFA 21 - 1.73%)
  6. There are four games for which I have given a full price and they are: - Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy - Crash Team Racing - Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time - Spyro Reignited Trilogy I bought them right away because I couldn't wait to go back years when I was a kid playing these amazing Ps1 games. For Crash 4 I can say that it is better even than the old classics and for me it is the best platformer. I do not regret any of the listed games! I buy the other games at at least 50% promotion. In the end, I will only say that I would give the full price maybe if they make a remaster of Dune 2000.
  7. It sounds quite annoying, but I will still try before EA stops some server. I hope that there will be good people who will respond to a session on the site πŸ™‚
  8. Is it still possible to make the game 100%? I've had Premium Edition for a long time and I'm thinking of finally starting it, but I've already burned out with an EA game with FIFA18, they fucked me up there and I can't finish the platinum. So how are things with this game right now? Otherwise, I also have PvsZ 2 from EA, but there I realized that DLC is now impossible for 100% SAD.
  9. This is a real joke about gaming in the 21st century. it's a joke with the trophy system. It's a joke to gamers. In general, this is the bottom. Sony obviously does NOT have ANY quality control department. PS store is cluttered with garbage like this, gaming has degenerated!
  10. Haha, I don't think they're going to travel half the planet to beat me up πŸ˜…
  11. I didn't know that their profiles don't participate in rankings, it's really better than rubbing their profile.
  12. Now I looked at the profiles of both cheaturs and they really don’t have rankings in their profiles. Thanks for the reply.
  13. Soooo just let the cheatars go wild with impunity. Then sites like this become meaningless if they are full of scammers.
  14. Hi, I noticed a few people cheating on Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time. The situation with them is that they have taken out the platinums of both the ps4 and ps5 versions in minutes, ie neither of the two platinums has been made legally. About a week ago I reported them, but the only result is that now these people are not in the list of the game Crash 4, but their profiles have not yet been removed. My question is why didn't they get banned? Now another such person has appeared in the game and I don't see any sense in reporting him, since there is no result.
  15. I have 82 games in my account, and only 3-4 games are under 10 hours for platinum. And honestly, I don't care about the stupid charts, they have long been meaningless. It's just a pity that many people are starting to lose their sanity with this pursuit of easy platinum. I am from Bulgaria, a small country with few gamers in it. Still, we had a community of about 100 trophy hunters, yes, but over time most of them started chasing only easy ratalaika platinum and the group broke up and disbanded. And the people who cheat are guilty, but Sony is also to blame.