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  1. Agreed, it's rare I would ever say make all the trophies online, but the NHL series is the one series where I know I'm skilled enough to tackle any online trophies thrown my way! Maybe NHL 24 !
  2. Beating the Gretzky record is not so bad, like you said , you could probably get a ton of points every game , it's that the fact you have to retire. You do not choose when you retire, it happens in your 25th season. Hopefully, they get rid of all the cut scene/dialogue stuff in between games.....unlikely though. I've platted every one since 17, and I will still buy the game, since this is the only mp game I play with my friends, and I've always enjoyed HUT as well!
  3. Same garbage list!!! I'm grinding be a pro as we speak, only on the 16th season , yet I plat the game every year. I'd prefer all hut and chel trophies personally than these garbage be a pro trophies
  4. I bought thus a while ago, but I did just buy romancing saga 3 and saga frontier in the current sale that's ends today I believe
  5. Got it! make sure to look at the map carefully in the guide, they are not all circled. I missed a bell puzzle in the middle of the right side island. There is also another on the northern part of the same island as well not circled but I found that anyways! Good luck!
  6. Has anyone had any issues getting this trophy in the second dlc. I completed all the myth challenges and trophy did not pop. There are green checks next to them on the map and I def completed all 17. Is it possible it will pop after beating the dlc? Thanks! If I gotta run-through it again, so be it I guess.
  7. Got this today as well, didn't really follow a strategy, just replayed the first mission with demo contract while watching tv, but was around 25th on weekly leaderboards with about 350k points/currency when it popped, done over period if 2 and a half days, I could the the mrs. Was annoyed lol. I didn't really pay attention to the amnts I got each day, I just played and hoped for the best, but when I saw that I always hovered in the 10th to 30th position, I felt confident I'd get it.
  8. NHL 17, 18,19,20,21 lol
  9. Good luck! I've platted every nhl game since 17, it's my fave game series and the only sports game I play! I buy every year, whether I can get the plat or not.
  10. Ones/threes eliminator tourneys, anything chel related, anything hut related. Ones and threes are skill dependent. Chel is a grind but you need a grp of people to be on a team with , who are good enough to win a division title. Alot too the hut ones are surprisingly easy, but you will need to qualify for hut rivals, which is skill dependent! Good luck!!
  11. Tactics with trophies, we can only hope, my fave ps1 game easily!!!
  12. Playing the first period is def the way to go its what I've always done!
  13. I rarely buy games day 1, my backlog is too big and I know I won't play a game on day 1 anyways. The 1 exception is the yearly iterations of the NHL games, day 1 no matter what!
  14. Recently upgraded to a lg c1. Had a Samsung ks8000 prior which was also fantastic! But the c1 is fantastic!!!
  15. I got this trophy recently. It did not pop at first. I started upgrading the weapons by 1. I think after I upgraded 3 weapons, the trophy popped, maybe try that???