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  1. My ps now subscription renews in February, wondering if I should renew or not.........
  2. None of my friends have a ps5 so i could not play with my usual squad, so I joined a random public club. I didn't even play a chel game, I just logged into chel daily and eventually got the trophy lol. Hut champs trophy can be easy or grindy depending on skill. Same with the elimator tournament trophies, mostly skill dependent. I'm pretty skilled at the nhl games and have platted every one since 16, and in my opinion, the worst trophies are the be a pro ones! Hope that helps!
  3. Fell seal arbiters mark is going to be my pickup, looks like a great final fantasy tactics clone!
  4. As a huge trophy hunter and massive nhl fan,from my experience the only tough trophy that might require above average skill is to qualify for a season of hut champs. I could be wrong, maybe someone can correct me, I don't play hut as much as I used too, and mostly play chel, when not trophy grinding
  5. Working on the nhl 21 plat now, just grinding be a pro. , on my 16th season, about 2100 points. But this is the exact same list……very disappointed. Also, no cross play, I’m the only guy on my chel squad with a ps5, so I’m kinda turned off by that as well🙁
  6. I agree with the last post, it's really not too bad, the 2 points I'd like to share is too take your time once the first 3 columns are placed,and if you do get a bunch of the grey puyos dumped on you, don't panic, and again take your time!!! I just got this done last night, it really is not too bad.....I'm my opinion!!!
  7. Wreckfest on ps5 and fallout 76
  8. Depends, the be a pro will be grindy, online is not too bad if you are skilled enough , I've been playing nhl games for as long as I can remember so I'd like to think I'm pretty good,so I never have issues with mp trophies. I generally play chel on Friday nights only with friends and grinf be a pro on my lunch hour during work, but always make sure to plat the nhl games before the next iteration releases, hope that helps!!
  9. I noticed this on page 3 of this thread, and noone seemed to respond to it, has anyone actually tried this? I might try this weekend, I checked his trophy list and he does have trophy.....
  10. I'm no longer in the crew, sorry everybody! I think the name of the crew was Teriyaki Boyz, there were only 4 or 5 members when I left so there would be lots of open spots maybe send a a request in game to join??
  11. Done......for any1 else, I'll prob have the plat within an hour or so, take advantage while you can!
  12. Invites sent to lbrowsky, Furquan, zManfryz. Happy trophy hunting!
  13. I got invited to a random club and I was able to hit lvl 50 last night. I somehow became a recruiter. Leave your ids and I will send out invites. PS: Once I plat the game, I'm deleting from my hard drive!
  14. I'm the leader of my crew but seem to be the only one doing anything. Level 31 crew since November 1. Any active players want to join, but i would much rather join another crew that is higher level. I'm averaging a few hundred thousand rep daily I can contribute!!
  15. Has to be a team synergy. Barrage, distributor, etc. I think I used whatever one my man Mario lemieux has lol