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  1. you can come and do all mine again if you like. no way am i spending 2/3 hours on that again
  2. still glitched, can comfirm. did them all with same character in the same session and nothing. no help or reply from ubi support either
  3. Alrigtht thanks. It's annoying because it's what I pay for, to update my profile as frequently as I like...
  4. Strange how its only when updating other for your case. How long has it been a problem?
  5. Hello all, I am a premium member on this website but for the last 4-5 days i keep getting the message above whenver i try to update mine, or anyone elses profile. Does anyone know how long the "temporary ban" actually is? Thanks in advance
  6. Ive been a fan of the far cry series forever, when 5 was announced a squeled. ive tried to play it so many times but the ai are just everywhere hunting me down. does this ever die down, or what tips would you give me to love this game i really want to love