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  1. Now, I‘ve seen you got it after all. Would you care to share what was the problem and how you solved it? Thx😄
  2. Mostlly on my PS 5 now, but what Vulpine said, is exactly right for me as well. So if anyone likes to compare stats or occasionally help out with a multiplayer Trophy, you will be my hero too. Sounds like we should become PSN buddies too, Vulpine Anyone is welcome, just add you're coming from here. Nock_The_Bot
  3. Actually, just finishing (Plat if possible) some games I have already started or i am pllanning to play yet. Thesse include RE:Villllage, ME Andromeda (yes, now), It takes 2, maybe LiS True Colors, maybe Jurassic Worlld Evolution 2. So not as spectacular as most of you guys
  4. I can say for me it did not help at all. As with so many players, for me scout log 9 was the last i was missing. While I kept looking for it throughout grinding all the other collectibles, I really started hunting 9 specifically after the patch dropped. It took me about 150 speedrun attempts at biome 1 until I finally found it. When it popped it was way before the fabricator room, 3rd blue door to be specific. I had nothing else done, like having a parasite on me, or died in a specific way. It just happened to pop after said amount of tries, so is guess it really just comes down to RNG and nothing else. As I said, I needed 150 attempts so no, I dont think the patch did anything here, unless i was still unlucky...
  5. Congratulations… still working on it myself, so i can only imagine what this feels like right now 😏