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  1. So winning an MMA contest is absolutely the same as winning a pillow fight with your toddler sister since they are both martial arts contests is what your saying?
  2. Wait, did you look at your own trophies?! What ever floats your boat, really, but why tell others not to support this?
  3. Yeah, i gotta say I'm pretty hyped about this. Hope I wont be disappointed
  4. Oh, why is that?
  5. The game does a really good job about always telling you where to go (thats my opinion), there are really no possible mistakes besides going to the end to soon. But the point of no return is always in your own hands so there is nothing really missable if you follow the trophy guides.
  6. I also imagine you might be thinking these games are a lot less linear than they really are.
  7. Yes I agree with NathanielJohn. You really should be ok using the guide here. There really is not too big a deal about the trophies in this game, not more than other "normal" trophy lists i think.
  8. I will remember that
  9. Now, I‘ve seen you got it after all. Would you care to share what was the problem and how you solved it? Thx😄
  10. Mostlly on my PS 5 now, but what Vulpine said, is exactly right for me as well. So if anyone likes to compare stats or occasionally help out with a multiplayer Trophy, you will be my hero too. Sounds like we should become PSN buddies too, Vulpine Anyone is welcome, just add you're coming from here. Nock_The_Bot
  11. Actually, just finishing (Plat if possible) some games I have already started or i am pllanning to play yet. Thesse include RE:Villllage, ME Andromeda (yes, now), It takes 2, maybe LiS True Colors, maybe Jurassic Worlld Evolution 2. So not as spectacular as most of you guys
  12. I can say for me it did not help at all. As with so many players, for me scout log 9 was the last i was missing. While I kept looking for it throughout grinding all the other collectibles, I really started hunting 9 specifically after the patch dropped. It took me about 150 speedrun attempts at biome 1 until I finally found it. When it popped it was way before the fabricator room, 3rd blue door to be specific. I had nothing else done, like having a parasite on me, or died in a specific way. It just happened to pop after said amount of tries, so is guess it really just comes down to RNG and nothing else. As I said, I needed 150 attempts so no, I dont think the patch did anything here, unless i was still unlucky...
  13. Congratulations… still working on it myself, so i can only imagine what this feels like right now 😏