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  1. Dandara has free DLC
  2. The best and fastest way of getting Priceless is by doing the extra mission Quick & Immovable that costs 2500 FM to play and rewards 2000 EXP. You can spend 27,500 FM to get a Lv1 character to Lv 18, which will reward you 18,000 FM, so overall, you would’ve just spent 9,500 FM to get all those levels. It’s an easy battle, just have to defeat the opponent once, with the loading you would be getting 2k exp in 1 to 2 minutes, much faster than grinding survivals. By doing stories, demonstrations and easy survivals you would have a good amount of FM to spent grinding the extra mission. Unfortunately this extra mission with the 2000 EXP reward is not always up, and I don’t know the frequency that it appears. But if you got the Arcade Edition and don’t care about the season 5 characters DO NOT BUY THEM, it’s not worth it, you would only get 25K FM by getting them to 25 because it’s not even worth the trouble to get past this level for the FM reward. So you can use the 100K FM to play extra missions getting 4 characters to level 18 spending a little extra with 110K and getting 72K FM in return. If I had found this out sooner, I would have cut my grind in half. This was my stats to get the trophy: - All Stories - All demonstrations - About 15 Trials - All Easy survivals - More than half Normal survivals - 2 Hard Survivals - 1 Extreme Survival - 1 Lv 30 character with 300+ wins while going for Gold Rank The rest was doing the extra mission In the end, the average level of my characters was 22, but if you don’t have Season 5 characters you would have to be about Lv 25 average.
  3. I never rage quit a game, mostly I just take breaks. But if there is a game that makes me want to, it's SFV and trying to get gold league.
  4. I think it's better I stick to KAGEKIYO, my first time playing it and I did better than MEMESHIKUTE even having less notes. The most difficulty I have with the game is alternating notes, so Memeshikute becomes so much harder to me.
  5. Yeah, it seems like it's gonna be hell. I can't even clear Memeshikute on extreme and that's the easiest one for the trophy, Can you remember how long did it take for you to be able to play extreme levels better? @SlimSanta94 I can't even imagine doing it without practicing dozen of hours.
  6. If you play KAGEKIYO this way, do you have to FC on both controls or only the main one? This plat is gonna be unbearably hard, I'm having trouble just getting rank 50 online.
  7. It's fixed, I just did 100% recently.
  8. Wishful Thinking
  9. Did you play on coop or against other players? I'm almost finished with all the trophies and the mega rocket will probably be my last one too, but I play for hours and the mode never appears.
  10. How it's the game on a controller? I played on steam the first one to 100%, but I can't even imagine playing without kb+m, especially controlling the camera.
  11. Not a trophy but the achievement that broke me was Low scorer from Spelunky. It was one of the first games I've had bought on steam, so it was a long time ago that I tackled this challenge, but seeing my time played of 130 hours I'm pretty sure 80 hours of that was spent trying to get this achievement. I've bought the game on PS4 ready to try the challenge again and see how I do after all this time, but unfortunately the trophy doesn't exist on the PlayStation version. I guess I'll only be able to try when I get Spelunky 2.
  12. How is the game? It's still alive enough to get the plat without problems? And are there any bugged or glitched trophies?
  13. Finally got the plat!!! Thanks for the support! To me girl boy was as hard as zombie boy but impossible boy was harder than both, it took me 12 hours to get it. Final death count of 8063, I died alot practicing dark Cotton Alley.
  14. I'm really happy the game has a plat. It's been a long time since I last played the game, but if I remember correctly there was a ton of missable content related to the events.
  15. Just got zombie boy, only two trophies left, with 5628 deaths at the moment. But I'm really scared of Cotton Alley, I feel like I just got all other trophies because of The kid and without him the difficulty will spike alot.
  16. A little off topic, but how hard is this trophy? I'm beginning my online journey and have been grinding levels and money, how prepared do I have to be when I try this trophy? Or is more a matter of knowing what to do and having agood team?
  17. 1) 2) 3)
  18. I'm sure this is enough, I sent to support a similar video where I didn't finish the animation because someone was coming and they unlocked for me.
  19. Fruit chute for me, I love all the race levels but I just hate this one. This level really feels weird compared to the rest, I don't hate it but I don't like when there's only 4 people left and we gotta play this level before the final.
  20. I kinda want to ask support to unlock Big Tease for me, but I'm afraid of asking because I did the infallible exploit and I don't even have the 7 wins trophy 😬
  21. It's definitely bugged, I just did again and it didn't pop.
  22. Is Big Tease bugged only on squad mode? I did it solo on the main show but I didn't get the trophy
  23. Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Beat the game on nightmare difficulty and beat the game on ng+ any difficulty.
  24. The 3.5 million zen is live!! And the glitch works on it too, I just popped the trophy. Thank you @LucasDiasC for the glitch information and @Zenpai for telling about the new reward.
  25. Stardew valley, easily one of the best indie games I have played this year. I 100% on steam, and sometimes I think of buying on PS4 to platinum but the minigame trophy is really challenging.