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  1. Just got this trophy and my platinum, 54k I ended up with, previous attempts were either 39k or 44k. Didn't really do much different. I did equip the dumb fire missiles to my a wing so i could get those raiders out of the way quickly because they were doing a lot of damage to my ships and making the game end too quickly, like @Evilzone-DE I had about 9mins left on the clock when the trophy popped and about 8mins left when the game ended so that's what I'd suggest to aim for, keep the game going long enough and focus on starfighter kills.
  2. Thank you I'll give that a go, I just hit my 250 trophy so it's a long road to 1k It's my last trophy besides the 50k laser damage.
  3. Is there any way to track kill total? I couldn't find one ingame.
  4. My players to the single player! 😂 They wrecked any chance of Multilayer taking off.
  5. There's DLC lol? I'm so done with this game after the platinum. Please don't make more trophies.
  6. Is this game normally not available or something? I found it on the PlayStation Store recently just by googling it, was the first result for Marvel Ultimate Alliance PSN. I couldn't find the first one which I thought was a bit odd at the time but I was able to purchase it, haven't played it yet but it's on my list as I have fond memories of this game from my younger days!
  7. Don't forget, not everyone on PSN is a trophy hunter. Dave from down the pub might be missing his weekly darts match as we are still restricted for pubs in the UK and comes home from a hard days work, opens up his playstation and finds darts on the app store! A great night for Dave. For us, not so much! - I'd bet this is by a very small 1 person dev team just getting started like how programmers all start with a Hello World app!
  8. Is that the one with the 3 objectives to defend? Took me a few goes, then I went aggressive after the enemies and my buddies shot them down once disabled by me! But glad you got through.
  9. The Battlefront games are actually pretty good, now... But I long for the days of a Jedi Outcast or Republic Commando sequel being possible.
  10. I managed to get the trophies for Ace, but oddly enough, after I turned my PS4 off and went to make a cup of tea and came back for some Multiplayer a few hours later, noticed all my medals were gone as well, clearly a bug and I'm not looking forward to going back and having to do all the medals trophy and right at the end it bugs out and reset me again, might wait a while before I look at doing the platinum on this one.
  11. Also, just noticed when I booted the game up again that I've lost all my medals too for single player so make a regular backup of your save (I've not tested if that works)!
  12. I've got a feeling Motive won't be adding anything to this game post launch, I think it was a quick asset flip from Battlefront 2 (you can see a lot of the same content / sounds), but as it was I enjoyed it too!
  13. I got the 4 for finishing it on Ace. The Galaxy's Finest (Story Mode) The Galaxy's Finest (Pilot) The Galaxy's Finest (Veteran) The Galaxy's Finest (Ace)
  14. Just finished it on ace, my TV hasn't been smashed and the story was OK, shame the game was so much of an asset flip but it was fun.
  15. I've not even tried the mp yet. 🙃