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  1. This will be a long one, mainly for the ending trophies and the hard mode trophy for those who aren't great. Excited to get to it when it releases in the west.
  2. As far as I know the only way to make it pop is just to keep replaying songs until you get it. It's tedious but it's the only solution. Don't worry too much about difficulty since you'll have her unlocked as a partner on all the available tracks if you really have beaten the songs on all the difficulties.
  3. Incredibly simple plat and done all in one playthrough. I was originally worrying about the Reaper since the Flu Season exploit was patched but it turned out rather simple after letting it ambush me and using Thermoplyae. I'm going to try and get all the Thieves Den awards to make up for the easyness of the plat, I'm somewhat happy it isn't a 2/3 playthrough plat like Golden or the base game but I'm also a little sad too.
  4. It isn't so bad if you use the Stage Select function on Vincent's phone. It'll take a few hours sure but it's nothing awful.
  5. Dreading the El Dorado and Babel trophies when I come to them. I can barely manage to get to 120 steps on Altar, it's a real struggle for me.
  6. 1. Persona 3 FES/Portable 2. Persona 4 Golden 3. Halo 2 4. Halo 3 5. Halo Reach 6. Halo: Combat Evolved 7. Persona 5 8. Fallout New Vegas 9. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker 10. GTA San Andreas I'm a big fan of Persona and Halo, as you can see. 😋
  7. Catherine: Full Body Heart's Desire Premium Edition. Catherine looks like a title that's up my alley and the goodies that come with the premium edition look pretty good to me. Only a week till it releases. 😄
  8. I don't think anybody has put a comprehensive list of all lines available but there's a ton with 300 or more that'll keep you set on the right path. Here's a few of the better resources I found while doing it. Chrisbobomb's Guide, which is a simple and easy one to follow. Excel sheet great for tracking, I didn't use it when I started and kinda regret it, has a ton of lines but I don't think all of them count. KADFC's guide, which while being more technical than Chrisbobomb's, has more in-depth information on how to obtain the trophy.
  9. It seems like I was just on the cusp of getting it before I put the system down last night. Got it in only 2 more encounters. 😄 A tip for anyone else going for it, try to go into the TV on rainy days if you need multi-knockdown lines. The group of enemies (4 Rainbow Twins + 1 Raindrop Musha) with the best knockdown potential only spawns in Secret Lab B7-8 during rainy days. Would have saved me a lot of time.
  10. Thank you for the reference to the other threads, thankfully found a promising lead on where to get multi-knockdowns but have still yet to see where to reliably find the 4 Rainbow Twin + 1 Raindrop Musha combo. Yeah, it's really a pain about all the conflicting information about HRF. I'm almost certain lines don't carry over though, I'm sure I would be having a way easier time right now if that were the case.
  11. I've been at this trophy for probably 15 hours now and am at a loss for where to go to or what to do to earn more lines, I've looked at so many guides and followed them to the best of my ability but I'm stuck in a ditch right now. Does Rise's social link ability where she scans the enemy and tells you what it's weak to count towards the lines? I haven't unlocked this ability yet but I've seen a lot of guides put her lines for this ability down. It doesn't follow the usual pattern of seeing her portrait in the top left along with text, but I'm wondering if this is an exception to that rule? Where can I go to easily farm multi-knockdown lines? I've searched almost every dungeon looking for enemies in groups larger than 2 to do this with, but they always seem to either only come in groups of 2 enemies with the same weakness or all the enemies have the same weakness not allowing me to get the line for the multi-knockdown. Assistance on whereabouts I can go to get these lines easier would be very helpful. Any other general tips or help in regards to getting HRF would be much appreciated too. I feel like I'm goin' crazy trying to earn this trophy, it's the last one I need for the elusive platinum. 😢