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  1. The one i got glitched out was yinu, 1010 and tatiana
  2. Have you beaten the bosses in normal parry mode?
  3. Parry and Perfect Parry are their own modified difficulties... most attacks will be made parry-able, but perfect parry requires you to do them without getting hit once... and let me tell you... this will be a big feat to defeat.
  4. So upon loading my save... everything relating to the triangle button within the hub world was gone... doors and collectible fountains... this persisted even through doing boss battles and I had thought i'd softlocked any remaining collectibles out.... until I quit and reloaded my save. If any of you people run into this glitch, I hope you read this and be rest assured, I hope the solution works for you too. (Atleast I think some of the fountains offer collectibles?)
  5. Do you know if the trophy works on any of the 2nd spawning of these bosses?
  6. Is anyone around to help out with this particular trophy please? it's my last rediculous trophy I have to do left.