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  1. Just lost my save at the last boss. After a no turning back point message i decide to backtrack and go for the 100% before doing the last part and to my surprise the next time i open the game,the save is gone. last cloud save i have is right after the fire temple so i guess i'll be waiting on the update to touch the game again..
  2. Nearly impossible to finish by yourself? Once you learn what to do, saga is pretty simple. I clear saga on day 6~7 without any troubles, even faster when i get lucky. There are plenty of guides out there already, just the first few tries are kinda harsh becouse we take long to complete things and try to prepare a lot.. saga is meant do be beaten quick or you wont have time to complete solo.
  3. The game is actually fun, looking forward to buy it if its still enjoyable after the 10 days.
  4. posted 2 on this other thread, idk if you have it. Biome 2 Cipher
  5. One of my last 2 ciphers from biome 2 is this one posted earlier. Heres a video showing how to quick grind for it since it always spawns close to the teleporter. Also my last one, the hand statue that was quite rare for me too.
  6. Nope, thats the only timed one. Everything else was on main and open side rooms.
  7. For biome 6, besides this one where you have to take left quick (or do the dash/melee cancel jump) all the other ciphers are easy to spot, just need luck to get the right rooms spawned. This one has a chance to spawn just before you reach the area where you seek the key. If you are unsure, check the rooms just once and skip it in a blink or your next runs.
  8. just biome 2 pops with 1 left (19/20) i got all the other biomes completed with 100%
  9. Is this one in a "building" on the first open desert area?
  10. Any more tips about ciphers on biome 2? Just one missing (18/20) for the plat. I feel like i overlook some area and keep "skipping" it.
  11. it is in the first variant, left bridge has it on the first wall. you can reach it with the dash/blade cancel animation also, im 100% sure that have one cypher there.
  12. There are several timed green rooms tho, im pretty sure atleast one of them has a cypher. I may have one recorded, will try to upload it once i get home.
  13. After long hrs trying to get log 9 it finally dropped. Now im having a hard time with ciphers on biome 2, everything else is 100%. Its incredible that i still have 3 missing there but dont see a new one for 20 runs.
  14. For Malok Paal's weapon you need to perfect dodge his dash 5x.
  15. Okie, got two of the 3. The requirement is still 50, but you have to achieve that without relics. The relics are bugged..