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  1. Je joue 10 matchs et le trophée ne saute pas .... Buggy ...? Ok, pop after 12 games, okay lol
  2. I have the Platinum, yes, mastery trophy it's possible but so hard.
  3. Sorry for my English (i'm french), but on PSTHC, i've got a Soluce ( In French, Google trad ? ) https://www.psthc.fr/viewtopic.php?f=5393&t=49399&start=20 View and translate with google or other the message posted by Qw3nTiin. Follow her way, it worked for everyone who tried
  4. I got it in training mode (3-2), thanks
  5. With soda? So try the hamburger and hot dog levels again by doing all the possible combinations with soda and condiments?
  6. Hello, I finished the DLC in co-op, finished the 3 worlds and the 3 Kevin, but the trophy does not fall, for those who had it, in what level did you have it and serving what? Because, honestly I do not see at all what dish I could have forgotten to serve, knowing that I redone some levels solo, those where it is the second controller to normally serve and nothing ...!