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  1. Hi guys! I played Injustice 2 (bought the Physical PS4 Legendary Edition) in 2018, a little bit in 2019 and a little more in 2020. I'm now on PS5 and I do not have my PS4 save anymore. So I just want to ask if my basic progression, such as my credits, characters levels, online records and equipaments carry to another console when I start the game on PS5 without any save. I do not care about campaign progression and I believe this one does not carry at all. Has someone moved from PS4 to PS5 on Injustice 2 without saves? What happened? Thanks in advance
  2. Great place to grind the barrels, thank you for showing! I actually included another one on the guide that has less barrels but is faster to return to the beacon. I might include this one as well. Thanks again!
  3. This is really weird... Never saw this happening to anyone that got all endings. Try doing the "Harmonized Force" and "Power of Cleasing" endings again, because they can be a little buggy right now. Before these two, you may consider doing Power of Vile Blood again just to make sure both of the mentioned endings are not being repeated.
  4. Trophy Guide submitted and awaiting review! I will have to adjust some things for sure, but I think the guide may be available next week Hope you guys are having fun with Thymesia!
  5. Yes, you can You have to start a New Game in order to get this trophy since it is really hard to defeat the boss at first try. The only downside is that for each attempt that you fail to get this trophy, you will have to start a New Game and go through the tutorial again (does not take more than 5 minutes, but still boring).
  6. My plan is to finish writting everything today. The game is short but has a LOT of information regarding ingredient drops and collectibles. What can I do to help anyone that will start Thymesia right now is: - Play through the tutorial slowly. Try to grab every collectible (sort of green items on the floor/walls): there are 6 of them that I know of, but search every house that you can enter. - Play the rest of the game at your own pace. Nothing except some tutorial collectibles is missable. If you think you did not get all collectibles in the tutorial, dont worry. Some of the collectibles (at least 3 that I know of) can be collected later when you return to the area in a different mission.
  7. I took about 10 hours to do everything, but grinded for one ingredient for more than 6 hours due to the lack of information about where to get it. Once I discovered the exact enemy that I needed to farm, it took 30 minutes or so. The expected time to plat Thymesia is between 12 - 15 hours. EDIT: I think what I said was not very clear, sorry about that, English is not my main language. 10 hours for everything + 6 hours grinding and collecting some info about the game.
  8. As of now, there are no way to grab some of the collectibles from the Tutorial Level, meaning that 2 trophies (Memory Weaver and The Great Collector) are HIGHLY MISSABLE. For the tutorial boss trophy, just start a New Game and keep trying to beat him. You will have to start a New Game for each attempt. I'm currently writing a trophy guide for this game, been trying to finish it as soon as possible! EDIT: Only the two trophies mentioned above are missable. The rest is fine and you can do all endings without worrying about a backup save.
  9. Had this issue with Ghost of Tsushima (PS4 version) and RE7 (also PS4 version), both times when trying to save the game. It appears games that use the PS interface to present their saves can possibly glitch and freeze for some time. Happened twice with me. As mentioned, it only lasts 30 seconds or so, but the first time was really scary.
  10. The best method is to backup your save at the start of each chapter. Let the chapter start, wait for the "save icon" and then exit the game and put your save on the cloud or USB. Chapters 2 and 3 are quite hard, but 1, 4, and 5 are easier if you finished the game one or two times already. Died 10+ times on Chapter 2 and 3. Got through 4 and 5 on second attempt. You can also pause the game and follow a speedrun. Some glitches are really difficulty to do, but you can learn a skip or two. Good luck to everyone trying to get Hard to the Core!
  11. This glitch happened to me today on PS5 version. Trophy popped after I closed the game and started it again. Before that, I killed a Mythical Beast just to make sure, but I do not think this helped much for it to pop. The reason that gliched was very clear to me: I did the "Legendary or Burst" (that consist on defeating all 4 Wraiths and collecting a Helmet + Armor) before even talking to Athena once, resulting on her talking about this quest before any other dialogue. Anyway, my tip is: if you are going for the platinum, try not to pick up any itens or complete any God's quests before freeing them. Specially with Athena's quests. If the glitch happens, go through all "custscene" dialogues with all 4 Gods, them close the game and restart it. It should pop