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  1. With the method you are using you don't need to worry. it will work without any issue and ensure that you always have one secure save. It's very time consuming though, right? I remember there was a pretty long cool-down time for the save points to be available again. Anyway for the later levels I used the same method you descirbed since I screwed up at one point during my first playthrough and wanted to avoid a third playthrough at all costs 😀 EDIT: Okay just saw that you already got the Platinum anyway. Congrats!
  2. This is really strange, though. I cannot confirm this statement. I used the latest digital version from the PS+ offer and followed exactly the method i described here and got the trophy in less then 50hours. If the method would have been patched out my console would have to run at least 150hours as mentioned here several times and that was definitely not the case. 😀
  3. Hi guys, since I was also done with all the other trophies and was facing the crazy outlook to have my PS4 idle for over 150 hours just to get this stupid trophy I was looking for a workaround to speed up the process. Luckily I came across a solution that allowed me to get the 1001 Nights trophy done in around 8 hours instead of 150. But make no mistake this is still a huge grind to get! 😀 However this will save your poor console from running for weeks without sense so I wanted to share the process with you. So here is what you have to do: Start a new game on a random map and make sure to activate the day/night mode. Speed up the game so the day takes its course and it becomes night. Now look at the horizon were the moon will set. Now you need to be precise! The goal is to load and reload from a very specific moment to let the game think a full day has passed. The game counter works like this: Every time the moon sets and the sun rises one day is added to your counter. This count is not reset if you reload! This means reloading a few seconds before the day ends and then waiting for a few seconds until the sun rises and the new day starts will increase your day/night counter without having to spend the full 9,5 minutes for the day/night cycle! So instead of 9.5 minutes/night you are down to 20seconds/night (because of the loading time and waiting a few secs for the sun to rise). Here is the exact moment you need to save: The moon needs to be just above the horizon, the sky is already switching from black to red and the moon is hardly visible anymore. Visual help for the perfect moment below: Once you have the map saved increase to 3x clock speed and turn the camera 180° to look at the sun. Once it has fully risen over the horizon you added +1 to you night count. Simply reload your save you made at (4) and repeat until you get the achievement! Taking into account you have already spend a couple of years for getting the other trophies this could take you a couple of hundred repeats. Like I said its still a huge pain so I recommend popping in a tv series and finishing this screwed up trophy in 2 sittings. Full disclosure: I found this solution on a different forum and did not come up by it myself. All credit to the original poster on the trueachievements.com forum. But since I haven't seen it posted here I was hoping this will help some of you guys getting this trophy done quicker.
  4. Took me around 15hours with the double xp event that is still ongoing as of today. If you focus completely on playing the Shipment 24/7 playlist it should be doable in ~10hours, though.