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  1. Does it work in both directions? I have the PS4 version on disc but never started it. If I have the plat on the PS5 version first can I transfer that save to the PS4 and autopop the platinum on the PS4?
  2. Dude if you can’t even get the trophy using this glitch then just play something else. Seriously what is the point of having someone else do it for you 🤦‍♂️
  3. Hey, im wondering if the 2 challenge mode trophies related to the DLC “Deathmatch Made in Heaven Pack” will be affected by the server shutdown? Do I have to be online to get those trophies or can they be done offline?
  4. No. All trophies except Infallible are disabled in private lobbies.
  5. Its a long shot but maybe they are fearing some backlash from the BLM movement for how they treated black people in the game.,Here is a review of the game from when it was released back in the day that sums up the whole mess: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2013/11/11/wot-i-think-goodbye-deponia/ But who knows...
  6. Yeah there seem to be some issues with the servers in the last days. I had troubles with getting connected to the servers and was disconnected a couple of times from the multplayer, zombies, and even coop campaign sessions.. As for empty lobbes: Make sure you play the current featured playlist as the lobbies for the game are pretty empty otherwise. There are always double xp events going on that have full lobbies, though. Currently thats the mode Gun Game. Here is a list valid until the end of 2021 of all upcoming double xp events:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XnSpbGVcoMdSiiIPtwjhjwT6qMFKd89-ksjstpqnc2Q/htmlview
  7. Level 100 and I immediately deleted the game from my hard drive after getting the platinum with this last trophy. Unfortunately this killed all my enjoyment from ever playing the game again. The grind to 100 is just so ridiculous and they need to fix this ASAP.
  8. Exactly! With this approach I want to make sure that I have a "clean" save file with the online challenges that I can always go back to if the game glitches out on me on any other trophy or challenge after the servers have been shut down. The only additional thing I did was to set up a second scrap crew to increase the daily delivery and get the challenge faster. If you decide to start the game this will be the first main mission after the prologue.
  9. OMG really??? Thanks for the update! This is now getting beyond ridiculous. I will updated my roadmap with this Information accordingly so others don't have to encounter this frustration when manually saving.
  10. Wow there is a remaster on the PS4 for this? This was one of my favorite games as a kid and I dumped hundreds of hours in the Commando and Desperado games. Really curious to know how they ported it to the console as I can hardly imagine not playing it with a mouse. The trophy list is whatever, basically just finish every level of the game.
  11. You are right, only these two challenges are affected. There are no other online-related trophies. So after you have those two you can relax and finish the game whenever 😅 However you might be on to something with the time to collect the 2.000 scrap. Probably you don't need to wait a full 24 hours to login again but only the time the scavenger team needs to get to reach the cap of 200. Which will be faster the more teams you have. So maybe the time to reach the 2.000 scrap can be shortend significantly by this. I need to test and will get back when I know more.
  12. Yeah sorry for the typo! Basically just make sure you always close the application completely. 😉 I just found out that there seems to be a daily cap of 200. So this means this challenge will need at least 10 days to complete the 2.000 scrap requirement for the Dividend challenge! So everybody who still wants to plat this get on it as soon as possible as the deadline is the 21st October to have a chance to get the platinum.
  13. Okay so I decided to go for this as well and just started a new game. It took me only 2 1/2 hours to get to the required point in the game to set up everything for those 2 online challenges. Basically you need to finish the prologue (Act 1), get to the fortress of Jeet and then collect 4 scrap parts to set up the scavenger team. From here on its only about waiting and checking the game once per day. However absolutely make sure you always save the game once you have received the daily scrap!!! Otherwise you will loose the progress of the day as the timer is reset as soon as you go online. This is something that you have to avoid at all cost because there is not much time left until the servers shut down! Not sure if there is a daily cap of the amount of scrap you receive on a daily basis so this might take up until a week or even longer. So my daily routine will look like this: Open the game and check the daily batch of scrap from the scavenger team Wait/Play until the next autosave occurs (Manually saving does not work and resets the daily amount of the scrap crew!) - thx @kilodawe Turn off the game completely and wait for another 24 hours (Just putting it to rest mode is not enough!) Repeat until the challenges "A Penny Saved" and "Dividend" are completed and make a backup of the save on my USB to be save of any upcoming glitch/bug in the future Honestly this must be one of the most stupid challenges/trophies I've ever seen in a game: A challenge which requires you not to play the game. Who thought this was a good idea? 😂
  14. Thanks for sharing the news! I always had it on my backlog to get the platinum for this game but after reading about all the potential game breaking bugs in the other thread here I'm not so sure I really want to invest 80 hours of my life into this.