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  1. I found a pretty good outline of what to do and used it to get ~54 min. 1) Go to the nearest Red Icon and play that mission. Dominate that Captain and gain Intel on a Warchief. 2) Go and attack that Warchief, making sure to Dominate him and find out Intel about the next Warchief before killing him. Upload your save after each Warchief if you are happy with your performance! *Note: 4 of the pre-Warchief-arrival mini-missions are straight-forward (blow up stuff, make someone squeal, etc) but one is especially tricky: Kill 20 enemies without taking damage. A good tip is this: enter the green area, hit "left" to Summon followers, hit "down" to kill them. Repeat until you killed 20. 3) After completing this, not only will you have all 4 Warchiefs killed, but you may have also taken out some Captains along the way (a bunch tend to hang out around the Warchiefs even if they aren't explicitly listed as Bodyguards). I think it's important to try and Brand as many of these Captains as possible just to be safe. You should aim to have all of your Warchiefs killed around the 30 minute mark. 4) Now while you should be backing up your saves after each Warchief kill, definitely make sure it is backed up before you embark on the Captains, and I would say after every few good quick Captain Brands/Kills, you should back up again. 5) As stated above, it is important to Brand your 8 Captains first and then you can worry about the kills. The Captains are incredibly easy to take down in this DLC, especially if you are using the Ring (which I used with Combat Masters because they're SO annoying). Just to help you pace again, my time estimates were: ~30 min: All Warchiefs killed ~40 min: Finished Branding 8 Captains (maybe only 2 or 3 Captains killed by this point) ~55 min: Completed