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  1. Too bad we don't have PS Now in Vegemite Land, another thing I gotta buy before the closure.
  2. I agree, it just feels unnecessary to have another list for most games, like why couldn't they just be combined? They're literally the same game but with slight enhancements. Even some games that were on PS3 had the same list as PS4 when that version came came out, games like Terraria and Badlands. I was expecting most next gen games to have combined lists with their last gen counterparts, but no. A friend of mine reported that with Fortnite all the trophies you earned on the PS4 version all auto pop on the PS5 version. WHY NOT JUST COMBINE THE LIST?? Free double plat for anyone who did it once I guess.
  3. The only game I can quite think of off the top of my head is: Genshin Impact. My friends were playing it saying it's an RPG and it has multiplayer so I decided to give it a go. I played it for like ten minutes, I wanted to kill that stupid flying third person speaking loli so bad. I couldn't stand this game at all, a bit too weeb for me. And I couldn't get onboard with the effort the trophy list required of me, thankfully I deleted the trophy data before I earned any.
  4. Looks kinda garbage, I liked the simplicity of 10s of numbers leveling and the level percentage, now we just got BIG numbers and ugly symbols.. They could have did a lot better with this change.
  5. Hmm, I've got a few I guess: Dead Rising: I played a bit of Dead Rising 2 on PS3 as a kid and it was pretty cool and I saw this in the sales a couple of years back in a bundle so I bought it, I think I played it a bit, moved on to play something else and eventually came back, I then fell in love with the game. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: I had never played this before I played it on PS4, heard good things from people though so I got it. Again, similar to Dead Rising I played it only a little, got annoyed with chasing a guy through tight alleyways on a motorbike and crashing in a mission, left it for a fair bit, came back, loved it. Honestly, great game. Kingdom Come: Deliverance: Played it recently, it's sorta like a bethesda style RPG but based in 1403 Bohemia. I honestly loved this game a lot. I love RPG's and history so yeah, can't wait for the sequel. Dark Souls Remastered: I just finished up this game recently, my first ever Souls type game, this game is an absolute masterpiece! The gameplay and story are just so great! The PVP sucks ass but the PVE is great. You'll die, a lot, but for every death you learn something new. If you are up for a challenge and repetitive death then seriously. Play. This. Game. Mount & Blade: Warband: Not too many people realize this game got a console port, I reckon it's a solid port. There's no mod support but it's still a great game. It's an acquired taste though, very slow paced... I wish I played it more. Horizon Chase Turbo: I know, weird game along side the rest. It came out free PS+, and gave it a go. I went for the plat and realized it's actually a pretty cool game. I don't really like racing games, probably because when I was a kid I HATED losing, but this little arcade racer type game is pretty cool.
  6. I could never ever make a new PSN account, I could never leave behind my digital purchases and I'm proud (for the most part) of the trophies I've earned. I will never be able to be a completionist mostly due to playing the odd CoD here and there and just games I don't own and don't want to own. I refuse to hide any of my trophies. I'm kind of on-off with trophy hunting, but I usually play and platinum games I am genuinely interested in, It makes me feel accomplished.
  7. Half a year later and I believe I've found the cause of the issue, I recently noticed that if I look at the read side of the disc and point the label side of it towards a lightbulb I can see through the disc because of a little nick on the label, I believe this damage has caused certain data to become unreadable, I have yet to buy a new disc to test this though but I will try to update this thread if I ever get around to it.
  8. The Sims 3, I've got to get around to this, classic, you should work on The Sims 3 Pets as well.
  9. Gotta say though, it sure is satisfying to delete the game after platinuming it.
  10. Why is this dispute still open?
  11. When I did this I just beat Kongo in a duel with a religious victory
  12. 1. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion 2. Saints Row 2 (It definitely won't happen but I wish it would) 3. Red Dead Redemption
  13. Damn it, I redeemed the theme like a week ago and had no idea I had discount codes hidden in the email as well, just bought a few things a couple of days ago :((
  14. Red Dead Redemption 2, honestly just go for it.
  15. You're gonna have to look into that yourself, I wasn't really around early ps3 days.
  16. Trophys weren't introduced until some time 2008, alot of games were released before the introduction of trophys and ALOT of developers didn't care about updating their games to have trophy support. Sony only made it nessasary for developers to have trophys in their games, like, 2009 onwards. Big sad.
  17. Yeah it's a real shame so many classic games lack trophy support. I feel like I can't even play Oblivion, Saints Row 2 and Lego Batman without my precious trophys. Real shame.
  18. Nvm, I figured it out.
  19. The game crashes every time it tries to save, there is absolutely no way I'm going to be able to complete the level in one day...
  20. Guess we'll be getting more easy platinums. 😉
  21. So, has anyone figured out a way to at least decrease the amount of "Slow motion" and freezing issues? I've had enough of restarting my ps3 over and over again just to be met with the exact same issue. At the start of chapter 4 every single time I get close to the jewelry store I go into slow motion and then freeze (One time I was able to watch the cutscene but then was met with an infinite loading screen). I've tried restarting the chapter but there was no difference. Should I just delete all game data and start again? I'm fairly interested in the game but these issues are making the experience unbearable.
  22. 1. Dead Rising 3 (Because we got 1,2 and 4 but not 3) 2. Fable series 3. Rust
  23. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. That must of been tedious.