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  1. You sorta left out how Shiva uses Frost Familiars to make herself impervious to fire damage after a certain point. Specifically after about 25% or so of her health is depleted.
  2. I managed to do it! But believe me, my sphincter was clenched hard enough to crack diamond the whole time lol
  3. Yeah I'm currently in the Cenote about to attempt the chase sequence...If the grappling hook fails me here, I'm not touching this game for another four months
  4. Lol I got past the Trial of the Eagle only to die because the Grapple Axe decided to not work at the last second. These developers have single digit IQs
  5. Funny, I actually exhausted every conversation option, including that second convo with Whitman. And just now, after I've spoken to everyone for the last time, no trophy. Due to this trophy and the constant crashes and the save data corruption glitch, I can safely say that Crystal Dynamics are incompotent chimpanzees.
  6. I assume it's certainly possible. Just a lot harder than the other two titles. To give you an example of its unfairness, I'm currently stuck on Chapter 19, at a part where you get pinned by an ever-advancing swarm of endless enemies. I have also died immediately when I spawn after a death. All the talk about Brutal mode is spot-on: that the smoothbrained dipsh!ts at Bluepoint/ND did no testing whatsoever on this mode. It is devoid of any real challenge, only cheap deaths, and it basically turns the game into a purely RNG-reliant affair.
  7. I feel as though the reason why Quantic Dream games demand so much effort from you to get trophies despite having very little real gameplay is to entice you to reply them over and over and over again to appreciate them more. Unfortunately, because of your reasons (being forced to make choices you don't want to), this has the ironic effect of making it a chore more than anything and ultimately reduces player agency and enjoyment. David Cage, however, is very likely a narcissist who thinks he's God's gift to the interactive genre, so I doubt he would ever think about that as long as trophy hunters are slogging through his games.
  8. Lmao @ inFAMOUS 2 being easy on Hard Mode. That game wasn't designed for a hard difficulty. It was utterly bullshit with artificial difficulty on hard. The first game is way more fair and properly challenging on its Hard Mode on the sequel.