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  1. Yeah it feels like it's broken until it isn't....just keep grinding it
  2. Just a quick tip. I got to the end of the game and had Souvenir "13 - Mask of the Southern God" left to find. Had to grind Barahut for a good 3 hours. Was just running though the 3rd stage over and over until it spawned. 6-8 mins per run. No pick-ups or fighting. Got a bit boring but it eventually popped. Just stick with it.
  3. For anyone else, this method works well. Just rush to this central hub, take the right door. Keep tyring until it spawns....took me 6 tries.
  4. I just had this same bug...
  5. Confirmed, all my trophies have unlocked....PHEW
  6. You just gotta stick it out with this one. Wait to right at the end of the game when you're very comfortable with the controls and give yourself 20-30 goes to get it down. Here's my attempt, got a bit ugly at one point but it's recoverable if you stay patient. Good luck!
  7. There's another thread in the forum that identifies that the further you can get into the game the better rewards in bond development mode. If you struggle with Shmpus a bit here's a few things that can help. Replaying the same level's with the same ships and dying in the same spots will get you very little rewards in the Bond mode replays Make sure you play each BGM in the arcade mode, this will help get you the best rewards if you're always dying in the same spots Make sure you play each BGM with both ships, also help with rewards. if you can make it to the Stage 2 Boss, those replays can get you 6-7k pre replay. Stage 3 replays will get even more. Only the first credit counts, any continues don't count and are not tracked in bond development. Hope that helps.
  8. I did what you suggested and yes I caught a glimpse. It's just on the far left in the trees right after you get across the bridge.
  9. Ok for anyone else. In the "Other settings" make sure "Multiplier Count Display" is set to "Arcade" and not "Always ON." I must have set this at the start and forgotten. Obviously it's not triggered if its just on in the first place.
  10. Should be the easiest, but I cannot get this to pop. Add credits > hold a,b,c > start > select character > press a,b,c> go Where is the multiplier revealed on the screen? I don't even know if it's working TBH
  11. Is that just to 100% or the other levels past that? Some go to 125% for example