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  1. wow they're good. Didnt know that they have this in Iran
  2. Actually Iam a little disappointed....why the american revolution ?? TOO BORING Oh well not a big deal. Iam sure they will make it interesting. Thanx god no female main character
  3. how is it ?? anyone tried it yet ??
  4. me too...Now thats a DLC worth buying
  5. Time is the best coping you have. You will forget with time so dont worry. But I advise you to think about what went wrong and to evaluate yourself. If ít was your fault I strongly advice you to take the easy route and apologize, but if it's not your fault only then you can think about coping. 3,5 years is a long time, and relationsship without giving and taking is almost impossible to maintain. I dont know what happend but the best thing I advise you to do is to invite her again and talk it over. This is the best thing you can do. Since you dont give your/her's real name and other personal things, then its not really any harm in it, in the otherhand you may get good advices. You never know unless you share your problem with the others.
  6. This is a great idea. Hope Sly will look at it.
  7. hahahaha this is awesome Well to each their own I guess
  8. I strongly disagree with you on this one. Sly 3 is the best in the series IMO. The challenges are hard, you just need to be better at them and it has nothing to do with the control. Keep the good work
  9. NO well the PS have a special place in my heart, but not more than that. Trophies or not ps3 is the best consul I have tried even better than xbox360 (now that I bought one for 2 months ago) so Iam pretty satisfied with the ps3. xbox720 or ps4 will wait A LONG time.
  10. THANX GOD for that. Lets the protagonist be a female and Iam done with this series. And this is very unlickly thanx god for that. I agree It will be awfull if it was set on America. I still hope on an Asians history's direction (chinese or japanese will be awesome )
  11. So its like a Straegy game ?? Even so I still cant comprehend the addiction it cause. Maybe its just not my taste (I mean MMO not strategy games...I love strategy games).
  12. This is scary and sad shit. Probably the main reason was his weak heart, there is no way someone can die from only sitting 9-16 hours playing (Even if it seems brutal). He had a heart disease from the beginning, and thats what happend if you dont treat it with care. BUT come one 9 hours and no one noticed ????????? The owner of this netcafe should be sued IMO. This is B***S**** motionless man for 9 hours (without even breathing) and no one noticed ???? I dont know if this is sarcastic lol, but I never could understand what the enjoyable thing about MMORPG. Its just pointless story....bad graphic (compared with consuls)..........Never end...... for me its Boring as Hell.
  13. First I havent even finished half of the OP (Sorry Dreakon ) BUT SERIOUSLY...........Iam too pissed to go into the detail, to put it short: You are NOT a gamer if you DONT have atleast one consule at home. enough said (Portable devices ARE NOT CONSULES)
  14. I have to agree with you on this, but this is also your fault to have so many friends from a site dedicated to trophy collection Iam in the same boat as you sometime. As a trophy-hunter I have most in my friend-list are either trophy-hunter or trophy-collector (not all of them thou) Iam also a single player type pf person, but recently Iam hooked on multiplayer, and for the first time just playing for fun without thinking about trophies, its a good feeling When I ask people to join me and they refuse becasue they need to boost, or focus to get some trophies......I do understand them thou. So Iam not expecting too much. Now Iam not into trophies like I was before but even in the past when somebody ask me to help them with a trophy or just play for fun. I always join them and have some fun. Its a WHOLE pleasant feeling to play a game JUST for fun without thinking about anything else. Not to critisize this kind of fun associated with trophy-hunting. Absolutly not, but I just think taking this to a higher level of seriousness is a bit too much, and can turn into a "pleasant job" without you noticing it.