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  1. The disgusting copy of woody woodpecker, of course. But when I decided change the amulet was much more easy.
  2. Its easy no mistakes on normal A+, 1 mistake in any category (parries, live, time or uses of super) make you do an A rank. Two fails give to you A-.
  3. Finally I bought it and can confirm that trophy pop-up for both players. Only one trophy try, defect a boss.
  4. If someone bought the game and he could tell me if trophies pop-up playing co-op for both players (two differents psn accounts) I will be so grateful
  5. Yeah, you are a really trophy hunter and the trophy of complete the game 4 times, one each character is terrifying annoying. If i would do a trophy guide for this game, my recommendation would use two controllers (to accounts of course) in all story quest. 1st player for the plat and 2nd controller for all game with elessa (allways her) in the 3rd last roads.
  6. Actually my point is other. In ps4 are two type of premium content, regular or linked to account. Regular content is a game or dlc, for example. Linked content is currency for a game like fifa. In ps4, are two type account that can link to your ps4 system, main and secundary. If you put main account the normal premium content can be use for any account in that ps4 (no matter that are sec/main). The linked account content is for exclusive use of his owner. When my question is if buddy pass is regular digital content or linked to account. For Example, i have two account jimbi87 and Jacky. I used buddy pass in jimbi87, Can jacky play the game and invite his friends to play? I will hope that now is more easy to understand. Ty
  7. Hello I bought the gamedisc version of the game, and have a code for psn to buddy pass and extra outfits. I need now how runs that buddy pass exactly before use it. Anybody that have this game, can proof if you can play and invite a play with other different account? Obviously the account where buddy pass was used, must be principal account in your ps4. I will be so much gracefully.