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  1. Now I can finally get answers on why the chicken crossed the road. Thank you for giving me some reason to carry on
  2. Was going to do Calamity and Infinity today and honestly the game just felt cheap, if it was a more polished game then I'd like the challenge but the clunkyness of the game and the clearly padded enemies that hit like a truck just makes for no fun gaming sessions. Ill just do each mode separately, will take longer but I rather it do that than give me a headache and I end up losing interest
  3. Stick it out! I did and eventually my luck turned when I caught two tokotokos within 3 minutes of each other, and then the rare items just started flowing for me lol but I agree, I dont mind grinding, but grinding just to grind is overplayed nowadays. JRPGs either suffer from this heavily, or they are way too easily and require minimal grinding or even minimal tactics. Its hard to find a good balance
  4. Wouldn't mind playing it again, just for the NG+ so this is nice to see. Same thing for No Man's Sky, perhaps it will be time to finally do the permanent trophy
  5. My opinion on this is that everyone is right, and everyone is wrong at the same time. And its just that, an opinion. Enjoyment and value are subjective. I understand that there's leaderboards on here and there's a competitive spirit to the trophy hunting experience, but at the end of the day, we all have different ways to enjoy yourself and play. I personally don't mind a few easy, chill platinums after playing some bigger games or if I'm burnt out on a grindy one then I'll play one as a way to bounce back from getting burnt out. I don't judge those who have 473948484 stacks of everything, and those who only have 100+ hour games. We all have different time constraints, responsibilities, interests, etc. If other people's gaming habits impact your enjoyment of your hobby, then maybe its time to reevaluate the reason why you enjoy gaming in the first place.
  6. I agree, this guide is much easier to follow for the Foul Things section. I used the steam guide up until that and it was great, but the steam guide still had some inconsistencies that I had to work around, this guide has been very easy to follow, will have the plat soon!
  7. Thanks! So quick question, for Usurper, am I supposed to collect all of those? Because 9 out of 10 times, if I divert my path to get the clue, it leads to a death/game over. So do we actually need the game to mark the clue as seen for it to count, or when the time comes we can just answer the question with the clues because we already know the answers?
  8. Anyone know of a good guide for the Foul Things story? Everything seems so randomized and the story is very long so one tiny mistake and you are back at square one.
  9. Did you make it to the screen that says: Spider. Leave. Victory! Thats when it popped for me. You encounter the spider, select: -squash twice -run! -battle(or fight) -roll Keep spamming the choice "leg" until the choice "legs?" Shows up. Select head at that point or else you chop your own leg off and die. Then I selected kick, it says spider is dead, then leave and victory! Pops up, trophy popped after that. It seems like maybe certain choices trigger the availability of the spiders, and everything else. I've only gotten the spider on several runs. It seems that whenever you make a choice and fail the game almost puts you down the same path like as if it's giving you an extra chance. But for the most part it feels like RNG, but varied enough to whenever I clear some areas I'm not constantly trudging through everything over again
  10. SSD is so fast even the trophies pop quicker Well this is nice to know, at least I can get another 'stack if I really want to. Although I've never really been a fan of the autop popping trophies like that, so idk. But regardless, NMS took some damn work to do so maybe this is my reward 😅. .. Now if only I had the ps5
  11. Ah thanks! I'll keep my eyes peeled for it on the NA side then
  12. I see the release of Nov 6th yet I dont see this game in the storefront. Was it pulled for some reason?
  13. Me right now trying to get the Scroll Of Truth. Been running around for like 2 hours and I've been trying to follow the guides to get the Golden glim so Swaine can use Light Fingers, and it never appears or it does right as the golden honky tonker dies. Everytime I steal its some other crap item. I loved this game up until this moment, and im about to cross into the 80 hour threshold and if this is how the grind for alchemy items is going to be then this is really going to sour my experience on this game.
  14. I've never heard of the term shipping forwarder before, whats that?
  15. It might have been me in the discord as well, I definitely was asking as I have played over 30 games and only have 9 wins 😅 i think once I start getting some element cards ill be on more fair playing field but it just seems like everything is 2s and 3s and then all of the sudden in ashwick there's 7s and I have no way to counter that without sacrificing half of my deck. As far as the item journal, I'm in the high 70s, and im trying to figure out what items correspond to the chest # and locations on the guide that Valor provided. The chest number doesn't really help me as there's no indicator where that chest is, so hopefully he clarifies that as well, not to mention we really take a look at those crafting requirements because some of them are insane, im at like 180 hours and the hunting journal took a lot out of me, im just on a slow burn with this one now...log in, get some morph levels, master a fish, play a game of fyued, craft some items, then log off. Gonna have to finish up fishing soon + catch. A bunch of Legendary fish so I can put that effort somewhere else