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  1. Can anyone confirm if the trophies are still glitched?
  2. Lol I definitely did this, did it for like 2 minutes and got like 12k+ in one go. And I agree, most of the time it tells you to complete races, not even to win them so either way it works. I also just realized you only really need the secret cars, I was going crazy trying to get every car and realized I had an inventory full of crap that didn't benefit me. The seasons have been a nice addition, but I still feel like gears are slow to come by. It is a big improvement from the original grind though. It at least gives me time to pop in and put of the game, do my objectives for that day, and play something else.
  3. I found a walkthrough/achievement guide that has worked WONDERS for me so far. It's a tough game with very little hand holding but this guide even includes Seeds for the regular adventure, as well as step by step on how to get certain in game achievements (many are tied to trophies so it's great). This will definitely help others who decide to talk the game get the plat, I'm not too far off myself, just some trophies for Mithril Run and the Spellcaster trophy in Dark Ritual that I just can't seem to get to pop for the life of me. Guide here
  4. So I found a method I haven't seen anywhere else to do it and it's pretty cheesy but hey it works. Get a track like College Campus Open Day, and race until you get to a section of the track where there are cones so you can drive around the environment. Simply a crap ton of 360s over and over again. I did maybe a minute worth of 360s and racked up like 7k inches in drift soo...yeah. I found most races I was short by a lot and found myself doing aimless drifts into walls just to rack up numbers and idk it wasn't fun. Then again, neither is spinning in a circle for over a minute but at least I can knock out the rewards and focus on the story mode. Hope it helps for anyone else who struggles with them.
  5. I've noticed the rewards are generous with coins but for the life of me I haven't been able to find a track where I can get the 3000+ inches drifting. Is there an easy track or a way to just spam long drifts? I hate to keep missing out on the 300xp because of it
  6. Funny I was mentioned for the GT6 platinum, but you have the GT5 plat which you see way less of!
  7. Updating for 2021..knew I wasn't gonna come close to last year! 2021 (So Far) : 55 - Most Common: Loot Hero DX (99.28%) | Most Rare: Exist Archive (3.09%) I should definitely make it to 225 soon, hopefully can hit 230 by the end of the year.
  8. Ah OK, silly me just went straight to NG+ so I didn't even see that. Thank you for clearing that up, just didn't want to mess up the answers thinking they were related, but I'll just chug through NG+ then to clean up the last few.
  9. I have not been able to find any information on whether the true ending requires different dialogue choices (left and right?) with the quaestors, or does it just come naturally with the 2nd playthrough? I picked the dialogue choices I felt were most accurate or ethical and ended up with leaning "right" so I was thinking of doing left this time, but would like some clarification if that is the actual trigger for the final battle.
  10. Just make sure that you check the Search menu option DURING battle, you can check it at intermission, but it will not trigger, it has to be during battle
  11. All the release date info I see shows this title as released on 11/5 but I only see mention of PC and Xbox, no PS4/PS5. Is there clarification on when this will be available?
  12. The trophy description is very misleading for this one. It's impossible to activate every Spirit command on one unit because they don't have access to every Spirit command, and some commands are strictly Self, Ally, or Enemy, making it impossible to use every command on a specific unit. You actually don't need to active any of them. When you are in a battle, you toggle on an empty tile you get some options such as Auto Mode, Tactical, Suspend, Etc. One of the options is Search. This allows you to easily locate units that have certain abilities, and in this case, Spirit Commands. You simply need to be in battle, use the Search, and during that battle have EVERY available Spirit Command at your disposal. It's much easier late game when your units are higher level, as some of them don't get their final command until the late 50s or early 60s. Plus, late-game missions allow you to sortie more units so the greater the variety, the higher the chances. You could always save the game, join a battle and specifically select certain units to make sure you fill it out. Then restart and play as normally once you get the trophy. This trophy is also the same for SRW T, X, and V, and actually a good majority of the trophies are the same so if you ever decide to go that route then you already know what to expect for most of the platinum.
  13. Ah a fellow Bound By Flame player lol There's some quality ones here, but I'd say the one I don't see often is Deus Ex Human Revolution...kind of inspiring me to pull that out of the Backlog of "untouched games"
  14. So I have them all unlocked and I've purchased all of the expensive ones as well and it doesn't seem to trigger the trophy
  15. Are there set missions that drop certain programs, or is it randomized? I'm still missing about 3 skill programs and I believe I'm nearing the end of the storyline, just wondering if they are random rewards or if you are noticing certain programs are static rewards for certain missions?