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  1. yeah it was an impulse buy for sure, but it was right after i finished code vein so I convinced myself I needed it lol. Not sure when I'm going to fit them in though, still got 2 titles left on my backlog challenge, and I was hoping to play BL3 and Ryza before the FFVII Remake and P5R
  2. That's how I felt with Code Vein. I ran into the fray with my sword and died instantly lol. Getting that plat has given me the liquid courage to take on Surge/ Surge 2 and the other Soulslike games, eventually getting me confident enough to take on the Souls series.
  3. I'm in the same boat as you, I got both of them and haven't touched them. Sigh
  4. Final Fantasy VIII Remaster : Infamous 2 : Infamous First Light : 34% Spyro 2 ; Spyro 3 : The Walking Dead : Detroit: Become Human : 0% Got rid of all the fluff, and hammered away some hardcore Spyro and Infamous time the last few days. After I finish up my a different backlog title (Gundam Breaker 3, maybe Dungeon Traveler's 2?) then i'll probably start Detroit or get back into the swing of Infamous first light. Kinda dislike Fetch's character so it makes it more of a dull experience to place, despite loving the colors and vibe from First Light.
  5. Some Spyro 3 progress and finished up Spyro 2. The trilogy will be done soon so I can work on Infamous. Nothing like backlog cleaning for the beginning of the year Game Sys. Last % Current % Comp. Date Final Fantasy VIII Remaster PS4 34% 100% 9/13/2019 Infamous 2 PS3 32% Infamous First Light PS4 34% Spyro 2 PS4 68% 100% 1/3/2020 Spyro 3 PS4 53% The Walking Dead VITA 74% 100% 10/30/2019 Detroit: Become Human PS4 0%
  6. That's a really good idea! I got the plat, but I'll have to go back and mop up the DLCs so I hope this will make it more trivial as far as difficulty goes
  7. Getting back on the ball, this progress on Spyro 2 is up until before the NYE shenanigans, forgot to update as I go. I'm hoping early this year will see the 2nd and 3rd game done, as well as Infamous 2, leaving me with First Light and Detrioit as my last 2. Game Sys. Start % Current % Comp. Date Final Fantasy VIII Remaster PS4 34% 100% 9/13/2019 Infamous 2 PS3 32% Infamous First Light PS4 34% Spyro 2 PS4 0% 68% Spyro 3 PS4 0% The Walking Dead VITA 74% 100% 10/30/2019 Detroit: Become Human PS4 0%
  8. I've had my own mental backlog list going I almost forgot that I was doing this challenge! Knocked out a few platinums I had progres in but they were much higher than what this challenge alloted. Happy for the progress, but I want to take care of this list as well. I had The Walking Dead platted a month ago but i forgot to update this post, and now I gotta keep a mental note, and take care of those spyro games or infamous next! School, the holidays and mentally preparing for the 2nd kid threw me for a loop so let's see if the beginning of 2020 can give me some platinum blessings. Game Sys. Start % Current % Comp. Date Final Fantasy VIII Remaster PS4 34% 100% 9/13/2019 Infamous 2 PS3 32% Infamous First Light PS4 34% Spyro 2 PS4 0% Spyro 3 PS4 0% The Walking Dead VITA 74% 100% 10/30/2019 Detroit: Become Human PS4 0%
  9. Yeah, NG+ is better because you can swap gear and personas more as you have access to alot more. Plus it's easier to pace yourself as you can control the tide of progress better by purposely equipping lower equipment, or stronger if you need to boost levels quickly
  10. I'm dying for P5R, it's literally another excuse to play P5 again, so it's just nice it has extra stuff. And if you did do go for the Rise lines, its best to do it on an elevated difficulty level, swap out characters very often and use different personas and stay at a comparable level with the enemies. If you are too strong, it wont trigger as many. There are other factors too, I just can't remember the, off the top of my head. P4G and P5 are games that you need to write this shit down lol
  11. It was a huge pain in the ass, pretty sure it took me like an extra playthrough and a half to finally get it, as I had to keep myself from overleveling so I didn't lock myself out of some dialogue lines. I was ecstatic that there was no comparable trophy in P5
  12. 100% Reviews: for Proteus : Ah, Proteus. I remember why I stopped playing you. For the first 30 minutes or so, it looks pretty, as the colorful pixels dance about while you walk around. Then you get tired of walking, and just want to sit down. But you cant, you must walk, and find out why things..are..this way? Pretty much you are just exploring while the seasons change. There is no task, at least one that I could name. It's very minimalistic, with no guidance and no way to orient yourself besides the stones in the center. Some trophies were buggy, as I swore I touched those fucking stones so many times. Besides that frustration, there is also trying to locate all of the plants, which vary in locations and seasons, with Winter being the shortest and the one that you have to finish quick. All headache and no plat, so play at your own risk, hunters. Difficulty : 2/10 Length : 1-5 hours depending on your patience, frustration, and the amount of fucks you have left to spare. Replayability : 1/10 Enjoyment : 3/10 for the first few minutes, then drops to a 2. Verdict : The worst of the walking simulators. A slow game devoid of any direction. Makes for a good relaxation piece, but after a few minutes you'll probably be more frustrated than you originally were. Machinarium (PS3): A simple, point and click puzzle game where you are an odd little robot. There is very little dialogue in this game, but the stylized environment is actually really nice looking and unique. Pretty much you are tasked with solving logical puzzles, with a hint should you need it. Some bad robots were pretty douchey and tossed you in a heap of junk, and kidnapped your woman (or whatever the robot identifies as, I'm not gonna get into the debate right now). You traverse the levels solving the puzzles, and there's even an in-game guide if you choose to use it. I suppose the game's way of punishing you for using the guide is forcing you to do some mundane minigame before having access. It's a bit of a charming experience that can be completed in like 2 hours, maybe even less if you follow a guide (not the in-game one) Difficulty : 1.5/10 Length : 1-3 hours, guide dependent Replayability : 2/10 Enjoyment : 5/10. Verdict : A cute, stylized platformer/point-and-click puzzle game that is a nice, easy 100% to add to your profile. No plat here, but instead you are rewarded with a refreshing little robo- adventure.
  13. *Just playing catch up on these at this point, so I'll probably be making the reviews a little shorter just to save time. Reviews : Himno (Vita): This was an short little platformer brought to us by the Ratalaika gods. 11 Golds and 1 Plat, and none of them are hard. The randomness of the levels at least keeps it interesting and unique each run through. The platforming can be a bit of a pain in the ass on the vita. I noticed that many of these Ratalaika games are better served on the console and not the handheld, but I feel like the smaller screen and portability makes quaint little indie games feel more personal. Or maybe the game just wasn't that great. Probably that one. Difficulty : 2/10 Length : Took an hour, but I played it at work so..go figure. Replayability : 1/10 Enjoyment : 2/10. Verdict : Decent little platforming title, the usual Rata quality. Could be better, but could also be way worse. The Walking Dead (Vita) : Played this on console, and forgot I had it on the Vita, so I decided to go back and mop up the remaining trophies. Sucks that other Telltale games didn't make it to the Vita, although sometimes there was stuttering and a bit of lag. I wasn't sure if that was in part to it just being an unoptimized port, or if it was the Vita itself. But on more than one occasion, the control unresponsiveness and lag got me killed, which was a bit more frustrating than I wanted for this game. Overall, it was solid and it was nice to have Clem and Lee tug at my heartstrings again. Difficulty : 1/10 Length : < 10 Hours Replayability : 1/10 Enjoyment : 6/10. Verdict : Another Vita game that is better experienced on the PS4/PS3, but highlights a missed opportunity for telltale games on the Vita. Great story and memorable characters, still one of the best Telltale games out there. Assassin's Creed 2 : So after restoring my PS3 to it's former glory, I decided to pay homage to it by platting the oldest obtainable platinum on my profile (GT5 is unavailable due to the server closures ). After relearning the controls and having to start from scratch, The game felt much easier than I recall it being when I first played. Maybe I just sucked at these types of games when I was younger, but I didn't find it too bad. The feathers were annoying, but I kept it oldschool and copied maps of the locations and X'ed them out as I found them. Some of the tombs were a challenge, as the parkour and controls have not aged gracefully, but with some patience I was finally done. The damn Fly Swatter achievement took multiple times to pop for me, as I was kicking the shit out of guards left and right and it just never popped. It finally did, and I was done with a platinum that spanned 8+ years. It felt pretty fucking good, not gonna lie. Difficulty : 3/10 Length : ~25 Hours Replayability : 2/10 Enjoyment : 6/10. Verdict : Wish I would've finished it when it came out. Might have rekindled my interest in the series. Still a solid AC game that built upon the good qualities of the first. Also relatively short platinum compared to the estimated times of the others, as well as no MP features make this a title you can still hop into to this day. Ezio is great and the worldbuilding is still pretty decent, even pretty at times (if you can get past the lower res graphics, that is) Adventure Time: Secret Of The Nameless Kingdom (Vita) : Jake and Finn are at it again, this time paying homage to old school Zelda titles. The humor and oddities of the Adventure Time universe are just top notch, and it usually makes for some ridiculous gameplay. I haven't experienced the PS3 title so I can't compare the two, but this was a solid Vita game that felt very Nintendo-like being able to play a Zelda-esque game on a handheld. A great game for Adventure time fans, with enough little dungeon puzzles and hero'ing to scratch that itch if you so desire. The most challenging part is probably doing this without any upgrades, but these types of games reward you for learning your enemies' behavior and attack patterns. Difficulty : 3/10 Length : 25 Hours (Less with a guide) Replayability : 3/10 Enjoyment : 8/10. Verdict : One of the better Adventure Time games, this style of play fits the AT world seamlessly. A must play for fans of the series, filled with humor and silliness. One of the longer plats for the games too, so bring a guide for any missables.
  14. The worst part about all these backlog games is booting up the old saves and then taking like 30 minutes to remember what the hell I was doing at the time I stopped playing
  15. Mopping up the New Type Difficulty trophies in Gundam Breaker 3, hopefully I can knock out the DLC too. If time permits, I'll try to squeeze in NFS Heat before the years end.