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  1. Is there a NG+ or do you just need to change the difficulty and run through the stages again? I started on Hard specifically cause I was hoping for a stack but knowing I have to do 3 playthroughs then I might lower it.
  2. The other two SD gundam games are pretty grindy so I'm expecting this one to be as well, looking forward to this!
  3. I found that quite odd as well. Maybe Braves was broken and they thought it's just easier to make a whole new one 🤣🤣
  4. I just found it odd that there were some trophy achievers outside of of psnprofiles at this point only 1 trophy besides the platinum have beenunobtainable, but barely anyone on here has them so I wasn't sure if it was maybe hacking or just a crap game. I don't mind trying out some lesser known games especially if I can get myself a 1st Plat achievers 🤣 If I do, I'll give an assessment and update my thoughts on it.
  5. Saw this on a bit of a sale and now I'm curious if it's just somewhat obscure and few people know about it, if its a bad game, or just a combination of both. For the *very few* who have played, I'm curious what their take is on it?
  6. Funny thing is I did the same after I asked 🤣 it's like games wait for you to give up before they are like here, let me guide you
  7. Does anyone know what time the new plus will drop?
  8. I can't decide between the theme park Simulator or that GOTY peppa pig
  9. Ah great, that means I'll have to do a quick run to the circus tent area cause I missed the Flamingo. Thankfully the game is pretty short
  10. I'm at the end and just loaded up to finish the 2nd ending, and I definitely can't find the Flamingo to do the tarot puzzle so if that's the case then..yeah..there are missables lol - You get an item from one of the Demon's. If you don't sell it you won't get the Art Dealer trophy - if you never go to your mirror to change your appearance you could miss the trophy for changing to a new mask - there are some Ghosts (basically floating heads) and some areas that might require some light puzzle work, they could be deemed missable. - last Ghost I found was in the Limbo area, which also gets you the Hex Mortis trophy, if you don't show the item to the lady she won't give you the ultimate weapon, which is another trophy. And based off of my own dumb self, the flamingo trophy looks missable too!
  11. I've lost about 7ish hours due to the saves just bugging on me and randomly setting my progress back. The most recent instance happened earlier today, I was already post game and getting ready to farm materials when I booted up my save and realized I was set back to stage 16. I was pretty pissed cause I know it saved, every damn time you go back to the main menu it basically tells you it's going to save the game. Booted up again tonight and so far no issues, but will back up my save before turning the console off this time, only the 100 crafting left and I'm trying to be done with this nonsense.
  12. Found this on GameFaqs when looking up some info about the game and I can confirm, entering the provided code does indeed add the character to roster and subsequently, pop the trophy. "Straight from the publisher's Discord, - to unlock Zephiriel you have to unlock Sachel and replay map 15 without Sachel or Jachim in your party(not in fight) - to unlock Jachim you have to unlock Sachel and replay map 21 without Sachel or Zephiriel in your party(not in fight) - to unlock beast on map 00 (it should show up as one of enemies on right side of map) you have to replay map 00 after finishing map 24 - there should be dialogue before and after this fight I can't trigger the fourth unlockable character though. Contrary to what I said, the code to unlock Sachel early is still applicable: SA5X2CHA10EL" Link to page is below. Rise eterna gamefaqs board I only started the game and saved right before the first battle, went to main menu and tried it and it definitely works, not sure how much of an impact it will make and if there are similar codes for other hidden characters...although it seems like it's kinda easy how to unlock them anyways...I guess having then earlier speeds the game along? Hope it helps anyone else starting off.
  13. Hey is anyone able to confirm if all the landmarks need to be present at once or if building them and removing them afterwards still counts?
  14. I see DQ XI much more, its not too often i see Dragon quest heroes. I hear they are pretty grindy
  15. I'm missing one accessory for the corresponding trophy and I'm a bit confused on what it actually is. I currently have the skill ring, which, based on its description, doubles the amount of XP earned. According to a website, there is also an Experience Ring. I'm assuming this increases the amount of SP earned? I feel like the descriptions are a bit backwards, but that's not the issue here lol I can't find the damn thing! Has anyone found this item? It's either in rift 8 or 9, and I've went through so many times I'm losing my mind. Just this item and a handful of Jster tokens and I've gotten everything, so really hope someone can help!