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  1. I keep seeing this game pop up from time to time on my radar and I'm curious, is the multiplayer still feasible? If I pick it up I would do the MP as quick as I can to get it out of the way for fear of closures...i see there's just destroying enemies trophies is it more time consuming than what it appears to be?
  2. I keep seeing that the Prepare for next day option allows for stats to be increased, yet every time I have gone home I never see the option available, just bath and bed. Am I missing something? Edit: nvm, figured out I was checking in once all tasks were completed the first few times, did some hanging out after class without progressing forward and it started to show up.
  3. I'm terrible at rhythm games so I'd say P3/5 dancing games. If I had those I'd have all the Persona series trophy sets!
  4. Little Adventure On The Prairie, goes down as the worst game I've played that I went in to knowing it wasn't going to be that great, the platinum chase in me at the time was bad. Magus was another bad one, but it was more bad in a funny way because of the horrid design choices. The Last Rebellion was terrible. I still tell people that the thing I liked most about the game was the loading screens, because they featured concept art from the game creators as well as other guest artists' renditions. There was some potential for there to be a slightly decent game, but everything was convoluted and nothing fit properly together. Probably one of the worst main characters I've ever played as
  5. A realm reborn FF XIV I played it a bit at first on the PS3 what feels like ages ago, and it didnt feel like FF to me plus I was never an online mmo type of guy. Kicking myself in the behind now! Its grown tremendously and I envy those who stuck with it because I love FF so much...kudos to you for what I'm sure is a time consuming plat @Ilzaki
  6. Ah OK. Honestly it doesn't bother me since I didn't finish that list and didn't have the game anymore, so this works out in my favor. But I can see alot of people being annoyed by that especially if they already have the plat
  7. I'd love to see more enemies that get the boss treatment like Hell House and Eligor and Brain Pod. Ghost Ship is a perfect Candidate, as well as all of the creatures in the Gelnika could be like minibosses. Midgar Zolom would be a pretty badass fight too. The Ice queen or witch or whatever is is that you fight to get the Alexander materia would be nice...honestly just spit balling here but there's so many possibilities.
  8. The HH is susceptible to poison so Bio works great here. I was worried about this fight and ended up beating it my first try in Hard Mode and it wasn't as bad as everyone made it to be. I could've used other magic to target it when it brings up the shifting elements, but keep in mind the more materia you have stocked for offensive capabilities, the less materia you have for defensive and support, ATB boosting, etc. My strategy for all Hard Mode fights so far has been survival first. HP plus and MP plus, and a Magic Plus for Aerith. The closer to max out they are the better. Also you can substitute the First Strike with something else as the first strike only benefits you at the beginning of battle and doesn't pay off for encounters lasting more than like a minute or trash mobs. Also, the Buster Sword is great for damage, but if you are trying to dish out damage, use the Hardedge. If you want survivability, use the Twin Stinger with Reprieve and the cure mp cost cut abilities. Reprieve is your lifesaver, literally.
  9. Great attempt! I think the problem with my runs so far is I'm trying to like spot on emulate other people's and its just not fluidly working for me. I've tried the absorbing Shiva attacks strategy and it makes her trivial. Fat chobobo is just a damage sponge and the enemies he summons are annoying but other than that no big deal. Leviathan is just a battle of attrition and once he starts popping those waterspouts you just need to keep whittling away at him. I haven't been able to get to Ifrit even being summoned. I got close but the strategies in tried have flopped on me. I think what I like most about yours is its not perfect! You took a lot of hits, hell, your party almost got wiped, but you bounced back just in the knick of time. I've been debating dropping an HP plus off of each character to give them different materia to improve their utility but in the end i find that decreases their survivability. That's really what this fight seems to be about. However, when I drop the ice plus elemental combo, the Shiva fight just gives me way more headache than it should. I think the latter runs I've had i psych myself out a bit because I felt I was doing poorly on the Shiva fight but and it jaded me for the rest of the matches..but I keep forgetting that you restore in between matches! I've tried a strategy with popping an arcane ward, and just having the characters step in and out as their atbs fill and just continually nuke Bahamut with high level spells because they will proc x2, but then it forces you to ensure he's damaged enough to be able to rely on Pray the rest of the fight since you've drained alot of MP. Ironically, my initial run where I went in blind but only put elemental ice on my armor, was my best run so far. I think even though there are plenty of doable strategies, they just don't feel natural to me. Yours feels less like a strategy, and more like what came naturally to your playstyle. I think the next time I play I'm going to set up my Materia combinations with what I would normally use and just play as I normally would. I'll try again and see how it goes, and use this post for some inspiration, all the other ones are like min maxers, and Uber specific setups with this and that needs to be done at this moment and blah blah and its not working for me, ill use yours as a reference. Its just this, hard mode trophy and my plat screenshot of the biker minigame thing, gotta save best girl for last.
  10. I agree, the late night unable to math properly hit me many times on this game, as I'd get irritated going back to the menus and trying to propose or awaken to realize they haven't hit the threshold yet. For the amount of ships its an annoying grind but thankfully the skirmishes are very short and once you are well leveled you can breeze through it all. The marriage scenes were a bit generic and bland, like the whole affection system was just tacked on. But when you have boat waifus, I suppose you gotta love em all
  11. Just like when Rufus is able to see them, but Tseng is just casually talking on his phone as if there isn't a giant whirlwind of black ghost spirit things engulfing the building lol. I think they simply show themselves to individuals of their choosing, or only to those who have a key stake with Fate and Destiny. When Aerith was being attacked in the beginning, nobody else could see it, so perhaps they were doing so in a way to force Cloud to interact with her to keep things on course, since Sephiroth shows up just prior maybe they are being reactive to his presence and attempting to ensure things go the way they should as per the Original. Honestly, I like all of this. FF7 has been so important to me from my childhood, and even if they decide to change some things, I really enjoy this..being older, more mature and understanding, and being able to interact and discuss/debate these things about a game and experience we are all fans of. Some people are divided about the changes and potential future changes, but I'm just glad we are still talking Final Fantasy 7.
  12. Voted. I found it to be humorous, and it was like 3AM and my red bull wasn't kicking in for the long gaming session I was doing, but once I got up to that it was energetic, flamboyant and eccentric..woke me up quick! I loved it because it was different and it was fun. The original, and this one, covers a range of emotional ground, and can get pretty dark...moments like these are what give it a bit of humanity and make it feel more lifelike. My only hope is that the Gold Saucer keeps that excitement alive. The mini games in 7 were always quirky and a bit was a way to blow off steam from this crazy adventure you're on, and they hit it on the head perfectly. Wall Market is a place that is walled in..your troubles, outside life etc. None of it matters there, so it was nice that this segment reflected that, it was open expression, freedom and discovery, and it helps round Cloud out from this tough guy facade to the man he becomes at the end of the game. If you think its cringeworthy, shame on you for assuming the remake of one of the most critically acclaimed JRPGs was going to not keep any of its JRPG charm and wackiness lol. People will always find something to criticize, and I understand it, but to each their own. I think it was great, and although I miss being able to influence the outcome of the Corneo Selection, at least they made it repayable in a sense that you need to go back and get the other outfits, so it scratches a different inch of sorts.
  13. Honestly I'm glad for the DLC because it gives me a reason to hop back in at some point after I complete the main games on my to play list. I got a bit bored of the level grinding, but if I'm doing new quests and new content it will just happen in the background anyways. I also don't see the point in beating yourself up over the completion rate. Mine was low and I went back and mopped up trophies and I'm happy how much progress I've made..but I won't do it at the expense of a game I'm not enjoying in some way shape or form. I've played some and remebered why I stopped playing lol because it was pissing me off or I didn't enjoy it, but as much as I want to improve my completion rate, I'm not going to drive myself crazy over an unfinished game. There are too many good games to ignore for something you aren't enjoying
  14. I hope so, if anything I'll just leave a ticket with them just to help increase visibility of the issue. Work on the others before they get broken 😂 how long does DZ events usually take?
  15. I'm really bummed because I had this game on my radar for a bit, and I have avoided most Multiplayer games because of crap like this. I picked it up on the massive sale recently and it scratches that itch for something similar to Destiny, and even though i dont have the same flexibility to play online like i did pre- kids, it still is solid playing solo and I've been having a blast. I was getting ready to do the DZ trophies and to find this out really irked me. Hopefully enough people will be vocal that they do something about it. I guess I'll have to finish what I can in hopes of them fixing it