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  1. Ghost Of Tsushima didn't have any online portion either, but it was a well crafted game, it was well received by players and critics, and it ended up getting a MP feature, not to the level of GTA V, but something to keep the game going. I'm not saying exceptions rule out anything, but there's always a possibility that it's going to get milked. What also doesn't help Days Gone is that it fell into that zombie/undead genre that has just felt saturated for years. GTA..well..GTA is it's own entity at this point..people compare open world games to games like GTA, not vice versa, like how people compare games to Souls games and how they've developed their own orbit essentially. I haven't played days gone yet but I plan to at least give it a shot like other Sony exclusives. I know GTa having been an established franchise and having a robust MP might not be the best example but I couldn't think of much else at the moment. I believe that you vote with your wallet, whether it's at launch, or 2 years from now, that dev is still going to see that money..might not be as much, but I don't agree with the philosophy of I need you to pay this 69.99 right now or else there will never be a sequel. The devs should care for their product more, take the time to make it a work of art and a work of love, not just something for me to toss money at in hopes it creates their next big blockbuster. But it's irresponsible for all of that blame to be shifted on the consumer, expect us to shell out full value for products that aren't worth that much due to bugs, QA issues, etc etc. Maybe more demos need to be released, maybe devs need to keep gamers more in the loop at the QA processes are going on, or just simply be more transparent with us. IDK, but all I know is if I shelled out launch price for every single game I liked because I wanted a sequel I'd be broke real quick, so that is just silly to even suggest that from the consumer.
  2. this is an amazing point. Elder Scrolls Skyim is an example, although we know we are finally getting another release in the series. GTA V will have existed for 3 console generations, raked in probably a disgusting amount of money, and they keep the wheels spinning because its generating so much money for Rockstar, why stop now? Yet demand for GTA VI is there, and its growing, so this definitely shows that just because we want something and spend our money towards it, doesn't mean we will get it.
  3. I love Square Enix, primarily because I'm a big FF fan. I don't endlessly support them by tossing money at their games, but whenever there are new RPGs that they produce, I'm much more inclined to vote with my wallet. Especially as of late, as they have been porting, remastering and remaking games from their I grew up with and enjoyed or even some games I never took the opportunity to play. So I'm very excited for the SaGa Frontier remaster cause I never played it.. and Legend Of Mana remaster because that game is dear to me from my younger days. And I know I'm just one player, but my money hopefully with others will show SE that I want more of that, and that they continue to give more of that. So for new releases like Returnal, I think it's something different for Sony, so yeah I'll get it on launch or within the first few months to show support. Most likely ill give it a bit and see what players say. I'm not a big shooter person, but Outriders seemed interesting, and based off of player reactions, its a solid game. I didnt get it right on launch, but I picked it up a bit after. And some games, like the Order, I supported and they are nowhere to be seen but I would love it if they went back to it. I feel like too much light is being shone on this whole canned Days Gone 2..i think that Sony just is focusing on TLOU to keep capitalizing on the culture around it especially since they have the show in the works. Keep the hype, keep the name going, keep the interest going, etc. I havent played Days Gone yet so I cant comment, but everyone I know who played it has enjoyed it so theres interest for more, but maybe it just wasnt in the cards for them at the moment. At the end of the day we can only fault ourselves for not being informed buyers. So despite all the reviews, commentary etc, we vote with our wallets and just have to hope that the developer didnt take advantage of that faith we have and give us a shit product.
  4. Is there a better translated source for the Talk Battles?
  5. UPDATE: Progress for Ar Nosurge has been coming a bit slower than I anticipated, and it's not due to the game, it's just I've been enjoying Battle Chasers and Crystar more. I know Ar Nosurge isn't a tough plat so I'm not worried about it, I'll hop in and chip away here and there, but right now while I'm in the zone, I'll keep knocking out progress in Battle Chasers. I got up to the part where I switch to Ion and Earthes for the first time, and made sure to get the first missable trophy. I've been following this game exactly to a guide, since I would rather not play these old jankier games more times than I need to. Will keep you posted once I make a bigger dent in Nosurge. Battle Chasers doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it also doesn't bog you down. Utilizing skills and building up overcharge is really a simple system that you can vary between using basic attacks and abilities, in a way to really avoid using MP. Battling at first felt very slow, but now that I've landed some great weapons and rounded out my perks much more, I'm more confident in even attempting Legendary difficulty. I was able to knock it out on my most recent dungeon, and that was the first I'll see if I can keep that momentum going. The story isn't overly exciting, but that's okay. I actually enjoy the banter between the heroes more, with their "we are stuck on this shit island so let's do what we gotta do and go" mood, but then stepping up when things are not what they seem. Again, nothing new, but it works with the personalities of the heroes. I also like that things like hunts, fishing and bestiary are just self explanatory. Just toss the lure, move the analog stick and catch the fish. Accept a hunt..go there..kill it. Fight some waves in the arena, win, that's it. I can appreciate the brevity and simplicity. My only gripe is that the movement in the game feels very slow, so it makes dungeon traversing feel longer than it should. It also makes walking around feel like a chore on the map. Battle speed felt very slow at first but now that my characters have more strength it doesn't feel as bad. Crystar is an odd one. It's very emotion driven..literally. it feels quite linear, my biggest gripe really is the lack of enemy variety so far. Purgatory, Souls, Revenants, Crying, Guardians? Idk wtf is going on really but I will give it time to see if everything meshes together well. But I think the game itself is a unique story being told, or at least a unique way of the character empowering herself. I still haven't formed much of an opinion of it as it's still too early, but the game seems like it has some potential PROGRESS: Ar Nosurge: Ode To An Unborn Star - 7% Battle Chasers: Nightwar - 23% Crystar - 16%
  6. Square seems very interested in touching into the backlog so if this is successful then maybe more titles will come as well. I've invested in many of these remasters and remakes for that the end of the day we are voting with our wallets.
  7. I tried making up a list of ultra rares, but 9/10 times they were games I wasn't really too interested in so idk, I don't mind getting some, but theres like one, Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2, that is a game I would enjoy, so if ever do an Ultra Rare challenge, it wont be an extensive list
  8. I literally get anxiety just thinking about how that was set up, but that must've been insanely satisfying watching them all pop off one after another lol I think the most I've had were like 3 in one day. I mean I could always do the same for this one, ill have to get close to the platinum for the first few and see if I should do that cause that would be pretty cool to do one after the other, I just probably wont be able to do it in one day though
  9. those sound intense! I did try to find a few URs within the games I currently own, hoping to add them little by little to my A to Z 2.0 List. Since I plan on making Legend Of Mana my 200th and I'm already working on platinum 195 and up, I'll have to more than likely get to 199 and then make progress in some games and maybe have a little Mini Rain, a little Platinum Drizzle after 200 😂 @Mesopithecus I think PS Now is definitely the way to go cause I see them super expensive everywhere and I was gonna try to nab a physical copy on Ebay but it shot up to 80+ dollars for the NA version. Ar Tonelico on the other hand seems to stay at a reasonable price, might pick that up eventually to do as well if I enjoy this one by the end. Qs and X, Y Z are the hard ones. Js were hard for JRPGs, go figure lol there's some games but nothing that I would classify as a JRPG. Maybe down the road I'll do a broad RPG one, but we will see cause this list will take me a while
  10. It seems to be running fine, although the game is very dated so at times I'm not sure if its my connection or if the game is just extra janky. I havent put as much progress into this yet because I had a few games I was playing and I wanted to finish them up and make room for new games, so to speak, so I've just been chipping away little by little at A through C. When I get a bit more substantial progress I'll provide some better updates!
  11. @Drag-On-Detritus @grifteskymfning My copy came yesterday! Picked it up on Ebay for about 30 bucks so I think that was a reasonable win. Looking forward to playing it soon once I trim down my list of currently being played games
  12. I did consider it, but 1) I don't own it, and 2) I looked at some gameplay and IDK I didnt get enough interest from it to warrant grabbing it. Everything on my list so far I currently own or have access to via PS Now, I've already spent a fair deal on some games this year for some CE's or limited editions, and doing some house hunting lately so I'm trying to avoid more game purchases unless its like a must buy game I've been dying for years to have.
  13. Progress: A: Ar Nosurge - 6% B: Brigandine SWAP -> Battle Chasers: Nightwar - 1% C: Crystar - 5% Was bit bummed because I started off and when I played Brigandine I was really enjoying it, but then for whatever reason the game starting crashing on me and my saves were corrupted. This list is already gonna take some time, so I'm not gonna kill myself even more over it! If a game is giving me crashing issues and all that, then I'm not gonna push it, not worth the headaches when I'm doing this challenge to have some fun and finish some older games. Don't care for my completion % enough to stress over it. Not how I envisioned starting off my challenge, so to keep things rolling along smoothly (hopefully), I decided to swap it for a different B title, Battle Chasers: Nightwar. The game has a nice Kingdoms Of Amalur aesthetic to it as far as style and graphics, but has some JRPG vibes.
  14. Platinum #193 : Ruinverse


    My first Kemco game, so I keep my expectations tempered since I know they aren't grand RPG experiences. It was..okay. Will I try another title in the future? Probably, but only on sales of course, I think they are nice filler games or something to break up the monotony between some bigger ones. Not as ridiculous as neptunia games, but still riddled with tropes and cliches. Overall, not bad, but also nothing stood out. Didn't understand the obsession with certin characters being so grabby and touchy? Half of the party is getting harrassed on a daily basis lol kind of weird but idk

  15. Not sure if its occurred for anyone else, but I had the trophy physically pop for the Normal Ending, yet on my trophy list it doesn't show up at all. Could just be a syncing issue maybe