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  1. Hm ok that makes sense. Maybe I should change my equipment to lessen my purple magic strength then because I'm either killing them, or the enemy is resistant to the knockdown I guess. Thanks for the tip!
  2. Anyone have trouble with upgrading the Prime skill for Purple Magic? It says knock down enemies, I've made sure that I use it on stronger enemies that won't die quick, and they go flying but my counter is not increasing?
  3. Honestly, just knowing that is super promising and makes me even more determined to eventually get back into the game. I am definitely looking forward to this, and it also makes me glad knowing that clearly people think it's a title worth putting that effort towards, so that's an awesome sign too!
  4. Is there a party setup that works better for this? I'm still early game, just beat the jungle golem and I'm not sure if it's just me being an idiot but I feel like my chains are dropping way too early or the enemy dies before I can build up a decent chain.
  5. Yeah I got passed that point and forgot about it. I'll try that out next opportunity I get and just lower the entire party HP.
  6. The guide states that a members HP needs to be around 25 to 30 percent, I've had several characters nearly dead and healed them on multiple occasions and the trophy hasn't popped. Could this be buggy or something? Anyone else have an issue?
  7. I had no issues with the fruit on the PS4 version. But I had a ton of crashes when skipping some cutscenes. I suggest making manual saves very often. I'm not sure if they have patched the game since the last time I played, but the PS5 version is far superior to thr PS4 version. Not to mention the graphical bugs and hiccups that would occur every so often, it just made it very frustrating to play.
  8. I'd have to check my in game counter as well for the time it took me to plat, but post game grind isn't too bad as long as you focus on doing those dailies and weeklies if you can to get some harder mats, and exchanging materials for the rare stuff. Co op isn't needed besides 1 trophy for the Likes, but I played a few months back and didn't have problems partnering up with people in game, it certainly makes the post game runs much quicker and at least more enjoyable, it can be pretty boring by yourself. Am I the only person who wished they leaned harder into that paint aesthetic that seems apparent? Like that brush stroke texture you see almost like a filter..I wish all the battle and particle effects were like watercolor strokes, or the game looked like a living canvas/painting in motion type of thing. As it is right now, it just looks muddy and like bad PS3 graphics
  9. This looks bad, but as much as I love a terrible game for laughs at really bothers me that it says Win X match successfully. Is there a way to win a match unsuccessfully? Or to lose a match unsuccessfully? Wouldn't that just be winning? It bothers me and now I can't unsee it.
  10. If you look at the game dev website, literally the first damn question in their FAQ section pertains to trophies
  11. Can anyone confirm if digivolving the party member gabumon to garurumon will satisfy the requirement for capturing him? I'm at part 4 where gabumon is supposed to appear in the shadow battle and I've fucking quit and reentered the shadow battle at least 60+ times and no luck lmao
  12. Oh ok so I can safely continue to invest my points in Moral so I can get the greymon evolution line and then when prompted at chapter 8 just select the harmony route?
  13. Yeah the recruiting is tied to your Karma, so higher Wrath has better chance of recruiting virus types, etc. That's why depending on your playthrough Karma it just absolutely isn't worth it to reset if a Mega has like 6% chance lol I drove myself nearly fucking insane getting some crappy digimons with low percentages but these playthroughs I'm gonna ignore affinity with other characters and just breeze through to complete it, get the digimon I need and I should be set
  14. Looks like you will be set if you do a Truth run, you'll get Fanglongmon and just keep your affinities high enough and you'll get kunemon mega and dracmon mega. So to understand, the route you choose is only available based off of how many Karma points you placed? So I can do 50% points in moral and 50% in harmony, and then both of those routes will be available to choose from at the chapter 8 cutoff? I initially thought whatever karma was the highest was the route you were stuck in, but I guess that really just gives you agumon evolutions. I'm going back and forth raising harmony and moral and they were both equal and then agumon evolved into tyrannomon which is gonna give me crappy dinorexmon, so hopefully I can select Harmony route, then beef up points in moral cause I rather have wargreymon unlocked
  15. Some Megas are, Aoi has 3 of them and 1 is tied to affinity, 1 is tied to truth ending and 1 is tied to Wrathful ending. Fanglongmon is tied to Truth ending and Omegamon is tied to Moral. The rest of the team has megas tied to affinity +70 or truthful route. I gotta do Harmony to get Kaito alternate mega fight for the trophy.