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  1. I have some easy's and some games that have taken me 200+ hours, some that have tested my patience and skill, and others that were just chill to play, I play what I want to play, when I want to play it, whether it's a hard game or something I can just mindlessly play to get away from the grinding fatigue of another day. Not every day I have the patience and motivation to play a "hard platinum" although that's very subjective. I can look at my own trophy list and say I'm happy with what I've played, and that's all that really matters. Sure, Steam has a lot of random games there and maybe it makes finding that one game you are looking for hard, and maybe people want to avoid that happening here on PS..but a lot of these games people are complaining about might have easy platinums and be 15 minute completions, but if that silly little game speaks to some kid who is learning how to play and sparks that passion for gaming like it did for me when I was younger, then I'm all for it. Can't expect some 4 year old to be platting Star Ocean or FF XIV, so to me I see the EZPZ games as accessibility for a younger generation of kids learning how to play. So what someone gets a 6-stack of a game, it's all about letting people have fun the way they want to. Except little adventure on the prairie, fuck that game.
  2. Some recent ones I picked up, unfortunately they arent that great Legend Of Mana : At least this one looks good, love the contrast of the pixel art and the watercolor-like art in the background Fate Extella Link : Meh, "award" looking ones are ok, but dont really like the look of the very generic protagonists Death end re;Quest : Interesting plat icon for a rather average at best game. I guess you can't go wrong with an icon filled with anime chicks. Hope the sequel is better. are the losers of my recent additions lol Necromunda: Hired Gun : I mean, maybe not that bad, but it also doesnt speak to me. I think its just the orange, maybe im not an orange guy Wreckfest : I mean this one is self explanatory. A platinum trophy that is a trophy, but it makes sense for racing I suppose And the award for least favorite one I recently acquired goes to... SaGa Frontier Remastered : AMAZING GAME, so the plat icon was just so lazy. Actually, all the trophies look like this just different fact, all of the SaGa games are like this, so at least they get an award for consistency.
  3. Gonna suck it up and finish Exist Archive, still have Earthlock picked up so I'll play it regardless in the near future, but finishing a bunch of games that I had close to plat gave me a bit of motivation to keep going so we will see. If and when I do, the review probably wont be that great 😂
  4. Letter "F" Finished! Fate/EXTELLA Link Completed : 7/18/2021 Rainman's Ratings & Review How JP is this RPG? : 6.5/10 Story/Plot : 5/10 Gameplay: 4/10 Music : 5/10 Time To Platinum : 35 Hours How JP is this RPG? : 6.5/10 DW-esque musou games are nothing new, but Fate/Extella has a varied lineup of characters inspired by real life and fictional/mythical figures from history so you can be King Arthur. But King Arthur is Artoria, and is a girl, so yes, it can be confusing at first but I like how they are just representations of the legacy or heroics of the characters they represent, so whether they are male/female etc doesn't actually matter, they are still pretty well designed. They still seem to fit many tropes, and I can't really comment much on the character's personalities and intentions as I don't know much about them since, surprised, this is a sequel and I didn't play the first. Also, I was just recently made aware that not only is there a sequel, there is apparently a Fate series including other games, an anime, etc. So I have only experienced a small drop in the bucket. Either way, from my playthrough I've seen the typical dancer/magic enchantress girls that definitely have some furry vibes going on, Drake who is a busty vixen Pirate, Medusa is a cyberpunk-visor-wearing temptress who always talks about eating me, Gilles definitely has a tentacle fetish, Lancelot and the other "Berserkers" are just brute strength dummies who cant communicate because of an enchantment, which to me seems like it makes them seem like they had a lobotomy. All of this is taking place on the moon but the warriors being summon are digital incarnations of said heroes? So yeah, it's pretty out there. Add in a Bonding system because why not, and you get an RPG that is definitely quite JP. Story/Plot : 5/10 You are the last Master on the Moon. As a Master, you are able to bond with Servants (reaaalllllyyyy terrible choice of terms here) when need be to fight in these digital holy wars for the Holy Chalice, which gives said person power to shape the area as they see fit. So, being the last Master, you are pivotal to stopping the Holy Chalice from falling into the wrong hands and messing shit up on the moon. Your ragtag group of servants will grow with time as you fight more servants who are under a mind control spell (or virus, I cant remember, I was just hear to slaughter bad guys), called Oraclization, by the avatar of Charles the Great who is the big baddie. The guy literally has a cross like embedded in his chest. Anyways, he is trying to control the region known as SE.RA.PH using this mind control technique. The story dribbles out in the scenarios but I feel like it just felt very convoluted and scattered at times. Almost like the story was added last, it just wasn't very memorable. Perhaps playing the previous game I can grow a bigger appreciation for this one, but at least was a decent musou game. Gameplay: 4/10 I gave this a 4 not because its bad, but just because the loop is set from the onset and you are pretty much doing the same thing over and over again. The lack of variety and monotony is what gives it such a low score. Do Story Mode, clear X missions within each mission and clear the scenario, clear all scenarios, see Ending. Get access to alternate ending, clear those scenarios and get the final ending. Do EXTRA mode, which is just rehashed story scenarios and additional created EX scenarios, once again clear the missions for the respective scenario, do it for all of them and get the final ending. But that's not all, max out bond levels with each Servant, which is done by fulfilling a random task they ask of you each mission. Acquire Caster Codes which are done through story missions, EXTRA missions, and bond levels, just another thing to collect. All of this fills out a compendium of story events, cutscenes, BGM, caster codes, skills, etc. The saving grace is that the grind for the platinum is considerably less than most musou games, but the lack of varied content still is glaringly apparent. But, at the same time, I feel like musou games suffer from this the most, where it becomes rinse and repeat, so I'm not really surprised. At least the bonding episodes and the format of the game sort of gives some VN vibes, but the bonding just adds ANOTHER layer of grinding. Basically, I felt like a lot of the content is just there to inflate pay time. The actual story is somewhat short, why is the additional mode, EXTRA mode, almost twice as long as the main campaign? If it was at least all newer content fine, but with 80% of it being story missions just rehashed with higher difficulty, it left a lot to be desired. Music : 5/10 Nothing to scoff at, but typical musou fanfare, lots of upbeat and energizing melodies, but overall none of the tracks really stood out to me or felt like they gave the game any sort of additional depth. Verdict: Story is ok, Gameplay is fine at first, but unless you are a fan you may not find the gameplay loop as satisfying. Fans of musou or DW style games will know what to expect since Fate/Extella isnt trying to reinvent the wheel...which I think given its eccentric cast of characters it could have done more in terms of innovation and features. __________ PROGRESS: Ar Nosurge: Ode To An Unborn Star - 100% Battle Chasers: Nightwar - 100% Crystar - 100% Death end re;Quest - 100% Earthlock - 0% Fate/Extella Link - 100% Granblue Fantasy Versus - 2% Hack//G.U Last Recode - 0% I Am Setsuna - 0% J (Time And Eternity) - 0% Katana Kami - 0% Langrisser I & II - 0% Megadimension Neptunia VII - 0% Nights Of Azure - 0% Onechanbara Z2 Chaos - 0% Pier Solar And The Great Architects - 0% Omega Quintet - 0% Romancing SaGa 3 - 0% Shining Resonance Refrain - 0% The Caligula Effect: Overdose - 0% Utawarerumono: Prelude To The Fallen - 0% Valkyria Chronicles Remastered - 0% Wild Arms 3 - 0% Xuan Yuan Sword VII - 0% YIIK A Postmodern RPG - 0% Zone Of The Enders: Mars 2nd Runner - 0%
  5. Most likely it's a game thing, especially if it's a new game that just came out. I'd say if you notice that, try reinstalling the game, sometimes doing a sync helps. But its most likely the game and not the console.
  6. Trophies should pop regardless of you being online or offline. If the PS5 didn't pop any trophies while offline, I can guarantee you this thread would be exponentially larger than it is right now. Only issues I've had as far as trophies is the icon popping and image capturing, but the game not registering the trophy as achieved. Usually a manual sync or just leaving it it will correct itself, but I've had zero issues with timestamps.
  7. Letter "D" Destroyed! Death end re;Quest Completed : 7/15/2021 Rainman's Ratings & Review How JP is this RPG? : 7.5/10 Story/Plot : 5.5/10 Gameplay: 3/10 Music : 5.5/10 Time To Platinum : 40 Hours Similar to Crystar, Death end re;Quest is another JRPG that has a plot with good potential, but the shortcomings in other areas are hard to ignore. How JP is this RPG? : 7.5/10 Main character Arata is a game developer, who goes out of his way to remind you, the player, that he is one and all of his skills, qualities and heroics seem to be based of the "because I'm a developer" cheesy tagline. The story itself maybe is a play on the notion of creating worlds and experiences thus, developers are sorts of gods in this realm, but when the virtual world and physical world begin to mesh together (think Metaverse and real world in Persona colliding), he believes that his developer skills can save BOTH. And they do of course, because it's video game logic, just like how sending oil drillers onto an asteroid or meteor or whatever made sense for Armageddon. Virtual world ends up spilling out into the real world, real world people are kidnapped and made into NPCs that of course all coincidentally join your journey, and in the end it's all because an AI of sorts became sentient, attached to a character and then things went even weirder? Still really can't wrap my head around some of it, so that definitely means its very JP of an RPG. Also, extra JP points for odd spelling and punctuation that doesn't seem to make sense, unless its like some meta meaning that requires more thought than I want to put into it. Story/Plot : 5.5/10 Kind of briefly touched upon the story in the earlier blurb, and while I'm always down for some virtual world stuff, I feel like the best part about the whole thing was the writing and descriptions. Let me be clear though, I'm talking about the writing as it pertains to the game world and happenings, not necessarily the character's themselves. I thought the writing was actually pretty good, I found it to be way better than Crystar. The character dialogue however, was pretty tropey and generic, main girl loses her memories as to how or why she's in the game, busty girl clearly sexually attracted to the main girl but always stops short of shooting her shot, younger but spunky girl who always gets into a problem due to carelessness, merchant girl who is a swindler and never. stops. swindling, no matter the stakes at hand, ominous elf mage girl, and headstrong but aloof warrior girl. You can find these types of characters in almost any JRPG, just close your eyes and point and you'll find them someway or another. It's used and abused, not even trying to make it unique, but that's not the real problem here. Gameplay: 3/10 This is the problem right here. Combat has this gimmick of enemies that are attacked can bounce off off the fighting areas outer wall, kind of like Billiards, and collide into other enemies. Sure, it can damage other enemies but other than being comical the first few times, it just didn't feel like it made much of an impact (no pun intended) to really change the tides of combat or be a technique you needed to master; it just felt like it was tacked on. The battle field is riddled with bugs than can affect your characters negatively or even heal them, but if your character gets infected too much they get into a glitchy state where their power increases and yes...their clothes come off because everyone knows that is crucial to strength increases. Aerodynamics, right? The glitch state is clearly just fanservice, just skimpy coverings on the girls privates, and it's not even useful much considering it activates at 80%? and if you get to 100 you are KO'd, and it goes down every turn. Outside of combat isn't any better: level design is pretty bland and uninspired, character designs are ok at best, gameplay feels very uneven when switching to the "real" world. When you come to an impasse in a dungeon, you switch to Arata in the real world and have to find clues that will unlock some door in the virtual world. It's basically a map with locations, and it's all in a VN format with choices that can lead to Game Overs. You can save right before making like 99% of the choices which renders it moot. I guess the VN part is a nice breather from the monotony of the rest of the game. Music : 5.5/10 Another Crystar like score, the OST was ok but nothing really stood out as Oh Shit or hit you in the feels. Just pretty average, but I guess it could be worse. Verdict: All around meh. The concept of virtual worlds have so much potential especially given that we in the real world are on the cusp of seeing these meta worlds and VR worlds start impacting our daily lives, but as far as the game goes it just wasn't enough to get past the weaknesses of the core gameplay. I really hope the sequel adds a lot of substance, because I think there's potential, it just needs some rough polishing. __________ PROGRESS: Ar Nosurge: Ode To An Unborn Star - 100% Battle Chasers: Nightwar - 100% Crystar - 100% Death end re;Quest - 100% Earthlock - 0% Fate/Extella Link - 90% Granblue Fantasy Versus - 2% Hack//G.U Last Recode - 0% I Am Setsuna - 0% J (Time And Eternity) - 0% Katana Kami - 0% Langrisser I & II - 0% Megadimension Neptunia VII - 0% Nights Of Azure - 0% Onechanbara Z2 Chaos - 0% Pier Solar And The Great Architects - 0% Omega Quintet - 0% Romancing SaGa 3 - 0% Shining Resonance Refrain - 0% The Caligula Effect: Overdose - 0% Utawarerumono: Prelude To The Fallen - 0% Valkyria Chronicles Remastered - 0% Wild Arms 3 - 0% Xuan Yuan Sword VII - 0% YIIK A Postmodern RPG - 0% Zone Of The Enders: Mars 2nd Runner - 0%
  8. I might have to take you up on Earthlock cause...Exist Archive is not that great whatsoever 😂 Really should've done my homework more on some of these before putting them on the list 1 Swap from corrupted save file 1 Swap for Letter F Potentially swap E? And I'm only up to completing Letter D lmao well, there's no shame is stopping playing something you aren't enjoying, and I want to enjoy this challenge as well as clear out the backlog, but enjoyment will always trump the backlog, so I'm ok with it. That being said I did try out Granblue Fantasy Versus and I love the art style and played it very briefly but it seems good so hopefully I don't regret Letter G as well. Progress has been very slow, just got a house and somewhat settled in just trying to get back to the structure and stability. I held out long for Legend Of Man Remaster to be my 200th platinum, so I had none for like 2 months but built up a backlog of games ready to platinum, with Letter F Fate/Extella being one of them to pop very soon.
  9. As far as reloading for Seed outcome, is it best to plant and then save before passing days or save right before picking them?
  10. I gave up trying, did a few quests, and decided to check on the produce and ended up getting one of course! I saw that Malboros drop them but it must be rare because I fought a bunch the other day and none dropped
  11. Most of the items are easy to obtain and I know the source for the Wood needed, but for the life of me I don't have a flat seed. Trent can give them but it feels like I'm cursed with RNG right now, anyone know any other reliable sources to find this?
  12. I think I should still be good? Ive only done 2 quests for the Pearl/Elazul line (the cave and the tower)
  13. Yes Marble Stream became Marvelous Stream, and there's a few others I've noticed so far. Only mastered techniques for knives, 1H Sword and 2H Sword so far so cnt say for the other weapons. Are there any other missable entries besides this Alex individual who from what I read is also in Geo? I made sure to go back and get Deathbringer 2 which I think his level makes him seem like a hard fight (he was 60 I was 32) and still whooped his ass. Been struggling to find a Flat Seed for the Pee Wee quest but other than that I've making decent progress here and there.
  14. Thanks! Yeah I got paranoid when he left and I didn't remember off the top of my head and the same for the other quest, not far enough yet haven't triggered it
  15. Does anyone recall if Lil Cactus leaves before you can record an event, if you miss out on that record?