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  1. Am I missing something or is there no Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 trophy list to be found? I see 2 and 3 have trophy lists for PS4 but all I find for 1 is the Vita version.
  2. I do appreciate you taking to time to reply and trying to help, but that doesn't change the fact that technically and logically speaking it doesn't make sense that my phone would be the issue. Although I'm not 100% sure, I think I remember reading the developers have the option of recognizing Remote Play inputs specifically, which means they may have overlooked something in their configuration of reading Remote Play inputs. I would think it's unlikely that it could be the cause of this issue but I'd say it's more likely than my phone being the cause simply by matter of deduction, looking at how it works perfectly with all other games.
  3. No, but quite frankly that wouldn't make sense, since every other game works fine with it. No touchscreen issues either.
  4. I use Remote Play on mobile which usually gives 0 issues besides the occasional lag, but it seems Nocturne HD has some issues with the input. When I hold the analog stick down and let go it'll just keep going down until I change direction, then it'll keep going until another input. Same goes for the face buttons (around 50% of the time), so when I press X during battle it'll just act as if I never let go of X or am constantly pressing it. Lag/delay is not the issue here, it happens on LAN as well and this issue never occured with any other games. Is anyone here having the same issues or maybe know if a solution?
  5. In that case I'd save before doing this and then reload.
  6. I remember using this method in the original release, good tip. It's a bit misleading to title this "within minutes" though. Sure, you can do this within minutes if you've unlocked the planet (and didn't finish that sidequest) so this applies to maybe 50% of players at most.
  7. I just want to do one war story for a trophy because why not; which one is the shortest?
  8. Description: Raise the strange column. How do I unlock this? Is there a related ingame achievement that gives more detail? Any help would be welcome and much appreciated.
  9. I'm not usually one to post videos on here, but if you're like me and are having difficulties getting this trophy (I spent around an hour on it after checking multiple video guides, none of which worked for me) this video of where I actually unlocked the trophy will probably have the solution. The enemies need to be alive (obviously) and need to be killed by HEADSHOT, and it seems you need to be VERY close to them. And use a revolver, just to make sure.
  10. 1. Does progress carry over to the full game if you decide to purchase it? Doesn't mention this on the Lite version's store page. 2. Pretty sure the answer to this is 'no', but can you earn trophies in the Lite version?
  11. In no particular order: Bloodborne Final Fantasy VII Remake Nioh 2 Dying Light Rainbow Six Siege Death Stranding NieR Automata The Last Remnant Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Metal Gear Solid V
  12. I just did some Situations while playing the digital version which I downloaded through PS Now, while it was still installing so I could start the game but ONLY do situations while the rest was installing. While doing this I got the trophies for 5 pistol kills and 5 AR kills, so if you do the situations while the game is not fully installed you can earn them as well, so I think disc version is not required.
  13. Very useful, thanks. I also got a tip on how to see which Cores you had, but possible disposed of or used in fusion. Go to Soul Fusion > Select a Soul Core > Press SQUARE and select FILTERING > Select the top option (ITEM NAME) an you will see ones you had in your possession greyed out!
  14. I have to say I feel the second half of the game felt like a cakewalk to me I had around 10 tries on Yatsu-No-Kami and had a hard time with the Ice boss as well. Then I respecced my character (Onmyo/Switchglaive build) and beat every boss in the last 3 areas solo on my first attempt and just rushed through stages no problem. Maybe it's just because I played Nioh 1 for 300 hours and have some knowledge of how important stats and build balance are, which is not really expected on your first run through the game I feel.
  15. I just found this video: According to the description this might be a possible fix: Haven't tried it myself yet but I can try and confirm if it works later.