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  1. You can also track character's kills in the Battle Meter under the Information section in the menu, as long as you played cards with the guy in prison who gives you the upgrade.
  2. I got MGS4 and Fallout 3 along with my PS3, still some of my favorite games for the system.
  3. I see there is a free Lite version released last March, found it under Free to Play on the PS Store. Does anyone know if playing this version allows you to get trophies? Also, does it require PS+ to play, or does it only affect the online portion?
  4. This.
  5. I am wondering as well. I only played the main game of FFXV, but know this was added as a DLC. Is it now standalone?
  6. I don't necessarily agree with this. JRPG's are my favorite genre by far, but aside from Ys, Trails of Cold Steel and Persona 4 (you can include Freedom Wars, Soul Sacrifice and some other titles with that gameplay if you want), I feel most JRPG games on the Vita are pretty low effort and low quality. I was very hyped for quality JRPG titles and ports when I got my Vita but most releases are tedious low budget grindfests with some underage pink haired girls thrown in there because they know that will sell. So yes, there are many JRPG's on there, but I feel not that many good ones.
  7. This, to be honest. There are a few decent to great JRPG's on there like Persona 4 and Ys 7 & 8, lots of great indie games and it works wonders as a PS1 emulation machine. Killzone Mercenary is pretty good too but besides that I don't think there's too many great games for it, unless you like visual novels and low budget weeb RPG's. Not that there's anything wrong with those games, but they are for a small audience. Do not be fooled by the Vita defense force going around these boards, there's a good chance your Vita will be collecting dust within a month if you buy it even now.
  8. I've played quite a few matches in Master League (almost a full Premier League season), MyClub offline and online, random selection matches and even some exhibition matches but I haven't unlocked the Underdog trophy yet. The description for the trophy is: Defeated an opponent ★2 or stronger in Team Strength. In what mode do I get this trophy? And where do I see the star ranking/Team Strength of the team I'm playing?
  9. No way I can name 25 games, but I think these deserve mention: Bloodborne Dark Souls 3 Metal Gear Solid V NieR Automata
  10. The game only gets worse the longer you play IMO, especially because the second half of the story is awful and the combat gets tedious after a while due to a lack of depth. I wish I could've told you something positive.
  11. Try reinstalling the game and/or rebuilding the system's database in safe mode
  12. Whatever the case may be, it will not damage your PS4.
  13. PES is the best again since this year. Trust me.
  14. If it's not on this list, it's UMD only;