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  1. Very useful, thanks. I also got a tip on how to see which Cores you had, but possible disposed of or used in fusion. Go to Soul Fusion > Select a Soul Core > Press SQUARE and select FILTERING > Select the top option (ITEM NAME) an you will see ones you had in your possession greyed out!
  2. I have to say I feel the second half of the game felt like a cakewalk to me I had around 10 tries on Yatsu-No-Kami and had a hard time with the Ice boss as well. Then I respecced my character (Onmyo/Switchglaive build) and beat every boss in the last 3 areas solo on my first attempt and just rushed through stages no problem. Maybe it's just because I played Nioh 1 for 300 hours and have some knowledge of how important stats and build balance are, which is not really expected on your first run through the game I feel.
  3. I just found this video: According to the description this might be a possible fix: Haven't tried it myself yet but I can try and confirm if it works later.
  4. This is a game where you'll probably want to skip a lot of cutscenes, especially the ones you see every time you enter and leave the Gates of Hell (item shop) and on secondary runs. Instead of pressing OPTIONS and then select SKIP you can press R2 + OPTIONS to instantly skip!
  5. I beat the game on hard today and the final battle with the Bogeys was much, much easier than on PS3. As long as you keep rolling during the entire fight, and I mean never stop rolling either sidewards or forwards/backwards depending on the position of the Bogeys you will always dodge their laser, I never got hit once by it just because I kept spamming X to roll so it always dodged in time.
  6. I unlocked it just a few minutes ago, I had it upgraded to 4 lock on. I got maybe 2 more upgrades after that, not sure what they did but I definetly couldn't lock on to 8. Playing on Casual I just locked on to 4 enemies, they died in 1 hit and I got the trophy no problem.
  7. Thanks for the tip, I got my last 10 patronage points doing this!
  8. You could check out CeX, they are in various countries across the world but I don't think they ship internationally so the availability depends on where you live. They give 2 years warranty as well.
  9. Can the Timing is Everything trophy (executing over 100 Critical Triggers) be earned when the triggers for both offensive and defensive are set to AUTOMATIC instead of MANUAL? I'm reading conflicting information online. Thanks. EDIT: I can confirm it must be set to MANUAL to get the trophy!
  10. You can also track character's kills in the Battle Meter under the Information section in the menu, as long as you played cards with the guy in prison who gives you the upgrade.
  11. I got MGS4 and Fallout 3 along with my PS3, still some of my favorite games for the system.
  12. I see there is a free Lite version released last March, found it under Free to Play on the PS Store. Does anyone know if playing this version allows you to get trophies? Also, does it require PS+ to play, or does it only affect the online portion?
  13. This.
  14. I am wondering as well. I only played the main game of FFXV, but know this was added as a DLC. Is it now standalone?
  15. I don't necessarily agree with this. JRPG's are my favorite genre by far, but aside from Ys, Trails of Cold Steel and Persona 4 (you can include Freedom Wars, Soul Sacrifice and some other titles with that gameplay if you want), I feel most JRPG games on the Vita are pretty low effort and low quality. I was very hyped for quality JRPG titles and ports when I got my Vita but most releases are tedious low budget grindfests with some underage pink haired girls thrown in there because they know that will sell. So yes, there are many JRPG's on there, but I feel not that many good ones.