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  1. Ok, so this one took longer than I expected, but it is done! - 100% Complete - 3.21% Rarity Really enjoyed this one. DLC was also completed like always. Here's my short review, which once again you can find in the main post: Well, I completed LittleBigPlanet. Have to say, it was quite enjoyable. I think the online difficulty is very much overrated. I did all the online trophies within 2 or 3 days. Really, all it comes down to is how many places you ask for help. I asked many places, so my profile and levels got the required hearts very quickly. The places I personally would recommend going are: PSNProfiles forums, PlayStationTrophies, Discord Servers (Multiple if you can), and last but not least, Reddit. If you ask in all these places, it's very likely you'll get your hearts quickly and easily. If you're going for a 100% profile, please note that there is only one remaining method as to getting the Pirates DLC pack (It's been delisted from PSN). The last place (as of April 21st, 2020), is BestBuy US. You will need a US copy of the game as well. That isn't what this review is about though, it's about the gameplay. Once you've finished your online trophies, the next hard step is to ace (complete without dying) every. single. story. level. Now at first glance this may seem like a very large challenge. But in reality, it actually isn't all that bad. There's only a few levels that are actually large challenges (namely The Bunker), and the rest can all be completed with not too many deaths. As for the actual gameplay, it's very enjoyable. The platforming is solid, and the level creating tools are excellent as well. For the story levels, some intros to levels and various sequences are very long and annoying, especially if you've died previous times. A good example of this would be the level "The Mines". A good portion of the level has you riding in several minecarts, each of which can take a very long time, which makes it especially annoying if you die (which will likely be at the end of the level). Well, aside from the really tough levels, 90% of the stages are nice and well-designed. Most of the time they have variety, and you'll enjoy the game. Overall, great game. If I had to rate it, I'd probably go 8-9/10.
  2. Yeah, I’m well aware. I don’t really mind extremely long games as long as they’re a genre I like. Usually I can put on a TV Show or something to watch while I play them. Yep, the two glitched trophies are a real pain. It’s one of the reasons I haven’t started the game. It seems like most of the time when they release a dlc pack there’s some glitched trophies along with it.
  3. Yes, it’s my favorite genre. I’m actually waiting for the DLC to cool down a bit with Cities: Skylines so that I can start it on my profile. Tropico 6 is excellent in my opinion. There’s people who say it’s not worth the price, but I really don’t agree with them. The additions of multiple islands and bridges is really interesting, and makes for a more varied experience. They also added a lot of buildings. There’s this one mission though, called the referendum, that is incredibly difficult, even on easy mode (at least it was for me and a lot of other people, maybe you’ll have a different experience). They should’ve either not added it, or made it the final mission. Be prepared to spend many hours on that. I thought about the whole dlc thing as well. The thing is, they actually have already released a dlc pack I think called “The great llama of Wall Street”, and that dlc didn’t add any trophies. I still think they have some more trophies up their sleeves, but I’m not that worried. If you do decide to start it, I made a trophy guide for it you can use.
  4. Nice. Will be interested in seeing how Surviving Mars goes, I actually own that game, but never played it. Also, I was looking at your profile, is there a reason why you haven’t completed Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove?
  5. So, how do we claim new project platinums just for future reference? I wanted to do a city builder Project Platinum, which I don't think anyone has done.
  6. Acing the last few levels in LittleBigPlanet (PS3) and then I'll have the platinum and the 100%. After that, I'll complete some games to bridge the gap between The Sims 3: Pets (Aiming for that platinum to be my 1000th trophy. I'll probably just clean up games on my profile at that point.
  7. https://lbp.me/u/EdgeOfPortal/levels?p=1&l=12 Hey, need hearts on my profile and the level, if you could. Thanks.
  8. Alright, Tropico 5 DLC took longer than I would've liked but it's done. Wasn't that bad really. Could be grindy at times though, but I guess that should be expected. Now, I think I'd like to do one of my last online PS3 games, LittleBigPlanet (I already have the delisted DLC). So the next update should be right after I finish LBP, and then I'll go back to finishing some of my other titles on my profile.
  9. Looks right to me. Very good month, 9.52% increase. I really wanted to finish Tropico 5 in time, but unfortunately I wasn't able to. Oh well. I'm going to go finish it's last trophy, then decide if I want to start LittleBigPlanet or finish Assassin's Creed III Liberation.
  10. Yeah pretty easy and fun game. Can get hard at some points, but otherwise easy.
  11. You ever played Snake? It's like that except its entirely 3D and you use a bus. You pick up and drop off passengers while using various power ups (especially in multiplayer, though I don't know if that's included in the PS4 version). It can sound boring, but it's actually really fun.
  12. I played this on PC a little while ago. Really fun game, will be picking up.
  13. Great! Challenge has been giving me a lot of motivation. March was a much better month for me, got my completion up quite a bit. That's just the start of quarantine though, wait until you see my end-of-april stats. Anyway, I completed 2 games so far, but I only have a few more trophies to do in Tropico 5, so that'll be done by the monthly update as well, giving me a total of 3 completed games. April should be much more though.
  14. Ok, Tropico 5 main game is platinumed! - Tropico 5 Platinum Trophy - 2.34% Rarity Really happy to have done this one actually. Right on schedule with my previous update (platinum by Friday night). Should have my DLC done by Sunday night and will have moved to another game. Here's the review, which again you'll also find in the main post: Alright, with that I've done both Tropico games available on PlayStation consoles. Hopefully they release another one at some point. This one has been on my profile for a while now, which brings me to one of my only annoyances. Before going on to the last mission, you really have to prepare for it on previous levels, otherwise you'll have a very difficult time with it. You'll have to deal with large invasions, so military has to be pre-built on a different mission. The other goals are also useful to have done. That's really my only large complaint with it, and the reason I kept it on my profile for so long. See, I failed to properly prepare for a future mission on an earlier mission, and I just needed a long break before starting the campaign again. Other than that, I really enjoyed it. Simulation (Mostly city builders) is very much one of my favorite genres, so this fits right in. It's also a slight bit more unique compared to other games. Good addition to my profile.