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  1. I would say not-likely. Astro’s Playroom is specifically made to showcase the controller. The Playroom on PS4 was made to showcase the PS4’s camera. That tech demo obviously required a camera. This, though, showcases the controller’s new features, and obviously a controller is included with the system. I don’t think it will need more peripherals. Max it could possibly require is a second controller if it’s co-op but I haven’t seen anything about it being multiplayer.
  2. Nice collection! I want to encourage you to give Mirror’s Edge a second shot though, it’s excellent.
  3. https://camera-adaptor.support.playstation.com/en ^ for Europeans. Both sites have some technical problems, euro site has captcha loops, us site sometimes won’t accept the serial number. Just keep trying, it’ll work eventually.
  4. PS blog announced that Black Ops III + Zombie Chronicles and Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy are being added to the collection.
  5. A more modern version of the PS3 pop, nice! Seems like the trophy videos would take up a lot of space though.
  6. Yep! Accessed store through my NA PS3 just yesterday.
  7. Sign me up! I have a PS Now sub, and I make full use of the games there, so some of these come from there. Started: Not Started and/or Not Owned (This list will be added to if I find more games I'm interested in.): That's all (at least unless I stumble upon more games I want to play). I got into trophy hunting pretty late, and as a result the list is... quite large. I don't think I can manage the full list in time, but we'll find out. Looking forward to participating. Unless I miscounted, that should be 81 games.
  8. Personally, I don’t know that much about those two trophy hunters, but one of them was rank 5 so I’ll take your word for them being well-known. Across both my accounts, I’ve earned roughly 35 platinum trophies, and while that’s a lot less than some other people here have, I’m proud of those, and I still have the exact same amount of passion for trophy hunting as I always did. I think the main thing that kept me interested was that I have always, always made an effort to stay away from ‘Mayo’ type games and the like. I don’t think I would enjoy it near as much if I bought these games specifically for the platinum trophies and stat increase. I’ve bought games with the full intention of going for the trophies for sure, but that was never the only reason. Because of that, I’m just as interested as I’ve always been.
  9. Honestly, I don’t have that much I’m overly proud of. I’m quite proud of my Mirror’s Edge 100% however. 90 stars was a huge pain.
  10. Trophy guide says it’ll glitch if you’re under version 1.03. What version are you on?
  11. So, I did the first game a little while ago 100%, and am considering doing LittleBigPlanet 2. I had the Pirates of the Caribbean DLC before the delisting in that game's case, so it wasn't a problem. For LittleBigPlanet 2 however, I don't have the DLC. Is it possible to use the asian Muppets pack with a US account and/or game? I noticed that version of it was still available for purchase.
  12. Found on Tropico 6 store page: > When playing on PS5, this game may exhibit or unexpected behavior and some features available on PS4 may be absent. To play this game on PS5, your system may need to be updated to the latest system software. See PlayStation.com/bc for more details.
  13. Very late sign-up, I know, but I'm going to join in. Starting myself with 10 games. Alien: Isolation (PS3) - 0% Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (PS3) - 2% Assassin's Creed: Unity (PS4) - 11% Assassin's Creed III: Liberation (PSV) - 5% Prey (PS4) - 2% Resistance: Burning Skies (PSV) - 9% Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! (PS4) - 6% The Sims 3 (PS3) - 8% Spiderman: Miles Morales (PS5-Yet To Be Released) - 0% Demon's Souls (PS5-Yet To Be Released) - 0% Looking forward to participating! Will add more games when I finish these.
  14. As for server closures, definitely Bodycount. A server closure hasn’t been announced, but it was a poorly reviewed game that didn’t sell well, and is a PS3 game. I did it last October and I was surprised the servers were still up. MP isn’t hard to boost and coop is actually kind of fun.
  15. Tomb Raider (PS3)