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  1. So the game is free on PSplus for OCtober 2020 but still it's difficult to find players in ranked speedlist. The casual mode works fine as it always has player. What might be the problem? Is it because of my region (India- South Asia) ? Kindly provide a solution. Thanks!
  2. After getting tires of looter shooters games as service, this game has taken great risk and delivered on most of it. So I wanna support this game so the superhero fans can have their own version of Destiny. It's difficult to find players online so if you too are a fan of Avengers and don't mind the grind kindly send me request as this game is not yet updated on create gaming session. Hope to kick some bots together
  3. Each one of us has overcome greater odds to be born mate
  4. If anyone want to use it the infinite ammo glitch still works! Got meself a crassbau fromda myztri bax nd i was sippin teas and head shootin zaambees by the top armory shelf.
  5. Absolutely, that's why video games are so awesome, it gives a snapshot of life itself! The only difference is that in life everything is X1000 at least, both the failures and the reward .
  6. Congrats man, I've taken a long break from this level. Am not able give this proper time atm, hope to back on it soon!
  7. I was quite nervous to go for the platinum in this game, seeing the time it would take and the many missable trophies. But having got the platinum now I can say it's quite easy if you keep the following few things in mind. 1. Death March: Start your first playthorugh on it right-away. It's difficult only for the first 4 hours or so, or until you reach level 10. It'll save you a second playthrough. 2. White Orchard: Complete everything here(side-quests,question marks) before proceeding further as they are few in number but give a lot of experience for quick leveling which is a great time-saver on Death March 3.Looting: Loot whenever and whatever you can. Sell swords and non-usables for gold and keep stocking food and alcohol. 4. Gourment ability: It's literary a life saver as it generates health for 20 mins on consuming food. Thus no worries for health on Death March if you are looting food items(including water) 5. Meditation: Shockingly many don't know that it automatically restores all bombs, potions/decoctions if you have alcohol in your inventory. Even I found out by the middle of the game when struggling with potions. 6.Gwent: The seemingly most annoying of all. But's its very easy you just have to play it whenever you get it's dialogue option. Whatever the mission or other option maybe choose to play Gwent first. And follow the guide to know the few characters with whom you have to interact outside the quest for playing gwent. And you can change gwent difficulty to easy form the gameplay options! Great way to finish with this fast if you don't like it(which would be shocking as it's an awesome mini-game). 7. Quests: Always complete every side-quest,contracts treasure hunts etc which is below or at max one level above your character level then proceed with the main quest. 8. Missable trophies: 'Isle of mists' main quest is the point of no return for many trophies(except assassin of king one). Just refer the missable trophy list guide for certain contracts and side-quest outcomes to be sure. 9. Manual Saves: Always try to make a new manual save before going into a new main quest. 10. Boat fast travel and crossbow: Shocking! I know! The game hardly gives this tip during load-screens. You can access worldmap and fast travel to any port when you are on the boat. And while you are on it ruddering it if there are some enemies just tap R1 and it will auto hit the enemy. A glitch warning: There's a gwent tournament mission, which should be completed fully so that you can access certain side quests(deadly plot) else it won't be accessible until you finish the tournament. Good luck to those who are going to take the journey. I hope this will make the journey comfortable
  8. Just plainumed GOTY edition using the guides. Hardly found out any difference. Death March is a pain only for the initial 3-4 hours or until you reach level 10+
  9. Well done ! I am stuck in area 6:( It's taking a lot of time to clear....but won't give up on it!
  10. Thanks to your post I tried it. And it's working amazingly. What a great attention to detail! People might have problems with the story but no one can argue with their top quality gameplay, graphics, level design etc...
  11. Hi, The last of Us is one of my favorite game and I was hyped for the sequel like everyone else. Unfortunately some miserable people tried to "ruin" the devs hard work and the fan's anticipations. Luckily even after getting it "spoiled" beforehand I am greatly enjoying this game. Even if your are on the edge regarding it's story I think it's gameplay is gonna win you over. Besides that the voice-acting,animation,environment,music is also unparalled with any other game this generation. And if you enjoyed the first one's game play then there good news that it has greatly refined the gameplay from it's predecessor. It continues to be miles ahead of the gameplay of Uncharted series and is one of the best in 3rd person action-horror game. I am posting a series of my play through with exploration if you are still on the fence for buying this game because of the spoilers or otherwise. Having a great time with it, hope you too take on this journey soon.
  12. Oh nooo...then no platinum for me I guess
  13. It's a deceptively difficult and grindy game. Put up a guide/tips video for it, hope you get the platinum soon! 1. Focus on the Anvil's right leg. 2.Tap just before it comes to rest position as shown in video. 3. Try to memorize the counts of each round. 4. Keep saving after each divine weapon 5. Always play one level after forging the divine item else the trophy glitches.
  14. Yes, still on it slowly. Don't play multiplayer games unless it's trophy hunting, have to say WW2 single player campaign is great. Give it try if you haven't with headphones on! And it's better to play boosting session with players from the forum. Never had a problem with players from around here even for COD:Ghosts.