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  1. Recently found out in an interview that the map was one of the last things they did for the game and they hired just one decent guy for it. They had to rush through the release and they couldn't make it better. They'll definitely improve it in Ragnarok given they know about the fans' feedback for it.
  2. Just played with my eyes closed.... No really it helps sometimes though, but the main thing is to keep grinding for better army.
  3. Yup the things one has to do for some kyanite! The first time the dragon leviathan charged I left my prawn suit and swam with the glider and died! This game seemed like a great adventure. Oh my the forest is always on the top 20 sales of PSN each month since last almost two years. Have added it to my list now. Thanks for sharing. It was bland, boring and empty on launch. How much of a change does it have now?
  4. I had no idea about this game until it was given away for PlayStation Play at home initiative( Many thanks to them!). Really enjoyed the variation in the the ocean world. It was a great thrill to explore the depths of the ocean and almost receiving an heart attack on the first encounter with the leviathan! The things which you can build gradually as you explore more and more is greatly balanced and feels truly rewarding when you upgrade your seamoth to 900m depth. I loved the resource gathering and exploration in the world hence I am looking for some 'unsung' games that offers something similar, an amazing mixture of rewarding and explorative gameplay topped with some cool story. I was hoping give another shot to No Man's Sky after playing at launch. Would love to hear your recommendation of some similar games. Thank you!
  5. Word of advice, it's not worth the plat, too much time will be wasted on crashes. Yup I know your pain. I just gave up on the platinum, this was the first game ever which I intended to plat but didn't and I've got some 'stupidly' difficult CoD trophies. No game that disrespects your time deserves a platinum.
  6. Yup it's difficult in the no kill run, the annoyance from the long loading screen on top of it makes it further more challenging to have patience. But overcoming them was doable and I didn't mind much of it unlike the ridiculous crashes and freezes. I generally try to plat story based games, and it did have a unique and interesting story to tell which I enjoyed. But man the platinum does shit on the experience. People shouldn't go for the plat on this.
  7. Yes man, thanks for understanding the pain. I think the crashes and freezes are the real culprit here. Luck those who did not face many glitches. Yes this needs to be checked by someone. It might help as the SSD will really speed up the loading, unless the core algorithm for loading assets suck. It's can be hard in one sense that the PS4 can't keep it running, but it's definitely annoying. For instance I had missed a side mission to save a person and got locked out of the collectable area. Got it back only because of the attacking through door glitch.
  8. After being stuck at 98% in Life is strange 1, now this... I just hate how the technical department or maybe the trophy admins are so incompetent. Been trying to plat this game since it was free on PS plus, but it has such a ridiculous trophy list which becomes annoying and impossible to achieve with the constant crashes. Now with just a few weapons to find a district turned hostile as mistakenly levelled up. They had a amazing game here but the crashes and unnecessarily complicated trophies really kills the enjoyment , and their reputation. Miles Morales runs buttery smooth on the PS4 and this crashes every time I cross some enemies or a district. I am too frustrated to continue wasting my time on this, oh and loading time wth are they loading... I don't even wanna try Life is Strange 2 Update: After this post I tried to get the remaining weapons from the non-hostile districts but it crashed twice. And this time around I wasn't even skipping the districts! Never have I deleted a game so fast. Shitty games are tolerable but a good game that is left broken by the devs is beyond forgiveness for me. I don't know much harm would the crashes might have done to the PS4.
  9. I am having the same problem! More than inhuman appeared but as tchyon rift mission and after completing it , still won't get counted as complete in the Avengers mission chain! It's a decent game but these kinds of glitches really annoys me to have spend full price money on it. Never falling for Greg Miller/Kindafunny pre-release hype!
  10. So the game is free on PSplus for OCtober 2020 but still it's difficult to find players in ranked speedlist. The casual mode works fine as it always has player. What might be the problem? Is it because of my region (India- South Asia) ? Kindly provide a solution. Thanks!
  11. After getting tires of looter shooters games as service, this game has taken great risk and delivered on most of it. So I wanna support this game so the superhero fans can have their own version of Destiny. It's difficult to find players online so if you too are a fan of Avengers and don't mind the grind kindly send me request as this game is not yet updated on create gaming session. Hope to kick some bots together
  12. Each one of us has overcome greater odds to be born mate
  13. If anyone want to use it the infinite ammo glitch still works! Got meself a crassbau fromda myztri bax nd i was sippin teas and head shootin zaambees by the top armory shelf.
  14. Absolutely, that's why video games are so awesome, it gives a snapshot of life itself! The only difference is that in life everything is X1000 at least, both the failures and the reward .