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  1. Yup. I am doing to reach the 100th post.
  2. The trophy list looks like an easy platinum. And Complete 15 levels without breaking can be tricky.
  3. The trophy list is going to be easy to obtain the platinum.
  4. The trophy list was the hardest one to obtained the 100% The 100% Difficulty is a 10/10 and it takes so long to 100%.
  5. I wish someone would do the Trophy Thoughts when the game had the trophy list.
  6. I don't know what that game is. And The trophy list seems to be easy or medium difficulty platinum.
  7. Although, I suck at racing games with powerups that also screws me over. Any plans for my trophy guide for Nickelodeon Kart Racers. I was doing The Best Around trophy since My most recommended one was Sandy for the Expert Mode.
  8. The trophy list did not have a platinum and It is going to be the easiest to obtain the 100%. And The game looks way better than Race with Ryan.
  9. This game had more trophies than just 51 trophies which means the game had 57 trophies. The game had the platinum. The trophy list looks like it's going to be a very easy platinum.
  10. I just wanna know about LBP. Which LBP game do you think the easiest to get the platinum trophy?
  11. Although, I'm personally not a Just Dance fan. The trophy list look similar as 2019 and 2018. It look like a easy Just Dance platinum, tbh.
  12. Lol. That's a good joke, btw.
  13. And Yes, The platinum was very easy. In my opinion, I prefer Nickelodeon Kart Racers since I already got the platinum.
  14. Is this a joke?
  15. Although, I hate Ryan's Toys Review. I just wanna know that the trophy list seems to be easy as always. I know this game was made for kids and The game itself was terrible. Even Worse than Orc Slayer.