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  1. Wasn't too bad of a grind the actual single player part is a bigger grind like extra objectives and animal library but i wanna ask something, how bad does this run on a ps3? Stable 30 or 15-20? Because if its a slide show i won't bother on ps3 since i already did it on ps4.
  2. Most of the Unreal Engine 4 games turn ps4 into full jet mode. Except one, FF7R. I was in awe how that game run so silent on my ps4. Didn't try this game tho, just my overall experience with UE4 games on ps4.
  3. This literally looks like Black Desert BR and i believe that was actually a thing for a while in that game.
  4. I only played this on PC at release. So i didn't have any technical problems like slow loading or frame rate issues. Yet i still left disappointed by the game. Its wasn't bad at all, its just the story feels so unoriginal. Even back then it felt uninspired. Also NY is kinda iconic setting for Max Payne game so having the most of the game out of there felt like you are playing some other third person shooter.
  5. Only toxic boosting session i had was during Rogue Company i believe. We were 2 boosting for 24h trophy then some other guy joined up and started sending messages like ''why are you dying? omg you are so bad etc.'' Dude was trying to be that toxic try hard with the least amount of kills he had. Anyways we gave him the boot because he was sending same type of messages to both of us then blocked the kiddo and we did our boosting together and super chill. I mean people get angry for not showing up etc but thats life, at least you don't end up getting annoying people in that scenario. I rather staying alone entirely if i it will lead to not wasting time with people like that.
  6. Although what i am wondering atm would i auto pop campaign trophies with the free weekend save i have atm when i buy the game. Kinda don't wanna run the campaign again on ps4 maybe on ps5 tho. Edit: Looks like it does auto pop if you buy it after playing free weekend i see lots of people getting bunch of story mission trophies activated at same time.
  7. You can't on PS but you can on Steam. Go figure.
  8. I remember pre ordering this trash on steam to get that sniper challenge. I felt like i was playing poor man's max payne. I remember it barely had any stealth.
  9. I mean i had it without 2sv for years nothing happens if you don't click to every link on your mail. You just gotta be a bit smart about it, but hey why risk it when you can use a good feature?
  10. Well at least your games are not gone, its probably someone from here, i guess you pissed off some little toxic kids.
  11. No 2 step verification? Rip.
  12. I platted it on ps4slim. Sure it had some slow downs here and there but didn’t feel like unplayable at all. But I would suggest you to try it with 1 month ea play. It’s not a long plat anyways and I don’t think it’s worth to buy it when you can play it with ea play.
  13. Do the gambit seal Dredgen. It’s the easiest.
  14. I won’t even bother with 20 wins I don’t even enjoy this game, but I just did it to increase the % of infallible so some people can be mad lol, keep getting the trophy bois!