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  1. I platted it on ps4slim. Sure it had some slow downs here and there but didn’t feel like unplayable at all. But I would suggest you to try it with 1 month ea play. It’s not a long plat anyways and I don’t think it’s worth to buy it when you can play it with ea play.
  2. Do the gambit seal Dredgen. It’s the easiest.
  3. I won’t even bother with 20 wins I don’t even enjoy this game, but I just did it to increase the % of infallible so some people can be mad lol, keep getting the trophy bois!
  4. Yeap go get it bois and girls. Get that % up. For real do it fast before they patch it.
  5. I can understand if you are on ps5 but if you plat this on ps4 especially the base model you are a saint.
  6. I can't believe MS actually requires gold to party chat with people. Thats literally paywall to be able to talk with your friends. But yea pro consumer company....
  7. After playing all 3 games in reboot i can easily say easiest plat is the Shadow and its also the weakest game. Im close to getting Rise plat as well but the score attacks are so boring i gave a break. Shadow plat is insanely simple, just play on hardest, collect everything and do some combat trophies and you get the plat.
  8. wow this looks actually worse than Resistance.
  9. damn 501 games account probably even more. rip.
  10. eh this is kinda scummy and basically abuse. Probably gonna make it harder for others to get it done.
  11. When this game launched back then it wasn't on ps4 and i bought the base game on steam I remember doing some weird stuff for achivements in that game like diving to a well in geothermal valley and i think there was an achivement for extreme survivor difficulty as well. Then i checked and there are 143 achivements on steam and 125 trophies on ps4 version. Well 125 trophies is already a long grind for 100% but i wonder why they chopped those 18 trophies/achivements?
  12. Alright, thanks for the answers, i wasn't aware of the trophy limit on ps4.
  13. I doubt its RE8 related since RE8 still not confirmed for ps4 the beta asks for ps4 or 5. Maybe they confirm it on stream but i doubt.
  14. Bait?
  15. Ah, i think that village might be too rough for my ps4slim. So far the game was pretty smooth but i was seeing some frame drops in the village, i guess i gotta be careful in populated areas. Good luck on your DO run as well.
  16. I started with Deadly Obsession died couple times in the flood section at the start made it to the village so far its alright, but this is like 10% of the game. I quoted you because i wanted to ask something, so i made it to the first village a cutscene started and at the end of the cutscene the game crashed. So i had to do 10 minute section again which was fine i guess but does this game crash a lot or something? I usually never get games crash on my ps4.
  17. Its not the games its the price for the console in my region its a bit messed up because of the taxes. But yea i would be just fine with playing my backlog of ps4 games with better frame rate.
  18. I finished Rise of the Tomb Raider this week on extreme survivor with that only campfires save thing. It really wasn't that bad tbh. Should i do the same on this one as well, is the difficulty smilar?
  19. Well i guess this sucks if you want a certain game to stay as your ''fastest plat''. I can live with that but i can see it becoming problem for some people. Other than that good stuff. This will be probably my first ps5 plat if i can get one.
  20. If your ps3 games are mostly physical 250gb ssd should be enough for you. Its not like ps4 where every AAA game is like at least 60gb lol.
  21. People are still getting Repaid in Blood 2nd of January. So maybe this trophy works as p2p and you dont need servers? Thats how Batman Arkham Origins mp works btw.
  22. I played this on slim, i remember some fan noise during the populated city sections but when you are in the open world doing the quests its was pretty silent. Only 3 games that made my ps4slim go to jet mode, Hellblade it was jet engine entire time i had to wear a headset to actually hear dialogue/monologue and Until Dawn was same, also had FF15 going jet mode a lot but that was not frequent as the other 2 i mentioned.
  23. Yes.