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  1. Ohhhhh, didn't see it, thank you very much! 😁
  2. Hey guyz, I was wondering if there is any chance on PS 4 to insatll only the Stellaris base game again, cuz I simply can't make it work (maybe it's easy and I am too dumb to understand). I also purchased the first and second season pass and downloaded the game from the library. Now everything appears to be installed, and it's freaking overwhelming, so I wanna retry the base game only... any help? Can I uninstall the dlc someplace else?
  3. Well, maybe you are right with your assumption but why not close your mouth (metaphorically) instead of being overly annoying and a know-it-all-sheldon 😋
  4. Hey guys, lately, I have been wondering if GTA 6 could still be releasing on current/old gen consoles (PS 4)? Sony's CEO has stated that almost 100 Mio. consoles have been sold and PS 4 will be supported at least till 2022 with new games and content. I do know it's very wishful thinking on my side but if GTA 6 is gonna be a single player experience only (with GTA Online being a standalone version on PS 5), maybe with some graphical downgrades and a map similar to the size of Los Santos it could very well end up on PS 4 too. IMO, many gamers will still be gaming on PS 4 the next few of years (given the cheer number of consoles sold), so... I am crossing my fingers. What do you guys think? Is Rockstar going to miss out on the current/old gen market? BTW, sorry for any mistakes... English is simply not my mouther tongue. Happy gaming everyone☺️
  5. When is this game supposed to release? Not yet available on the PSN Store and I couldn't find any info online about an upcoming PS4 release... anyone?
  6. It's been some time since I have read about it, but it seems the game is kinda tough and multiple playthroughs are needed to get all the trophies. To meet all alien lifeforms and find the most hazardous planet is somewhat based on pure luck, since the game will radomly generate a new galaxy/universe (not sure about the size) every single playthrough and you have to survive landing on that planet as well - against all odds. But if you check the rarity on PSN all trophies have been obtained eventually, so if there is a bug involved it's probably not a gambreaking bug, making the plat unobtainable. Found this back in the days... maybe explains some of the ultra rare trophies.
  7. are there any multiplayer/coop features in this game?
  8. When will this game be released, unable to find any date on the internet. Can somebody tell?
  9. I started Elite Dangerous... nothing more to say... this will be my lifetime platinum, if I ever get it... other than that, GTA V- so far- is my rarest platinum
  10. Well, I crafted and built everything, even had a checklist in excel to be sure, but trophy didn't pop... I'll try built everything on one island, without destroying any item or structure again, but right now, this game is just annoying... so buggy! good game... way too many bugs...
  11. I am very much interested in the game as well, and the confirmed peaceful-documentary-style sounds great to me... smooth gaming... I like☺️ Happy Gaming everyone! 😁
  12. Thx, will try the deep water variant then 🙂
  13. I have been sleeping (sleeping bag) on my raft ever since I managed to built a big one (4x5). It's been far more than 10 days by now... started discovering islands at day 19 and it's 34 days in-game by now... but for some reason the trophy doesn't pop. Do I need to sleep/save in deep water only, or does shallow water count as well? Ain't I allowed to go on islands to discover and built camp fires etc.? I didn't build any shelter nor did I save on land (left my sleeping bag back there on the raft)... any help or advise would be appreciated! Thanks a lot in advance! ☺️
  14. Thank you for advise... L2 of course... 🙃
  15. >>I took crabs and seagulls with me too. The seagulls might not be needed, but i didn't want to take the risk<< How can you take them with you? I cannot pick them up except the crabs... snakes and boars I can only skin... little advise?