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  1. Pure Psychological Torture ~ Quest of Dungeons Honestly, the game itself is alright. Quest of Dungeons is a very simple Roguelike Dungeon Crawler. You pick a character and explore a procedurally generated dungeon until you either die or defeat the final boss and collect the magical lantern. There are a total of 5 playable characters. They all have their own skills and 'unique' playstyles but you'll probably play as Assassin 90% of the time since they have a ranged basic attack that kills every enemy in 1-2 hits. You'll play the others at least once since you get a trophy for every character you beat the game with. The Warrior is the tanky melee attacking type; pretty much a worse version of the Assassin. As the Wizard, you spam the fireball spell and hope you win. Playing as the Shamam is casting the fear spell on every enemy and slowly beating them to death while they're paralyzed with fear. There is also the NecroDancer who I assume is from a lovely game that I haven't played myself but heard wonderful things about called Crypt of the NecroDancer. Playing as the NecroDancer doesn't turn the game into a rhythm game or anything and she basically plays a worse version of the Shaman and Wizard with slower movement speed. She is so bad that I had to abuse a glitch I discovered on my own to beat the game; I'll leave the glitch details in the spoiler tag. The game has a strange difficulty curve. After the first floor, if you're taking your time and leveling up regularly, standard enemies don't pose any challenge. The worst they can do is cause the bleeding status effect, set you on fire or freeze you: bleeding and fire will make you lose about 60% of your health over 10-20 turns and freezing will make you lose several turns. 90% of the enemy types are melee only, so ranged characters have a huge advantage. Bosses in this game tend to 1 shot you, even if you're in perfect heath and had all your vaccinations. Fortunately, all of the bosses (excluding the final boss) are melee only and you can exploit stairways between floors and warp portals to beat them without getting hit, if you're playing a ranged character. The final boss is tough and has ended many a run for me. All difficulties from easy to H E double hockey sticks feel mostly the same. Enemies are a little tougher on higher difficulties, I think. The trophy list is pretty good, with one exception. The majority is simple no nonsense stuff like beating the game with every character, beating the game on every difficulty, beating the game in under 30 minutes, completing 50 quests, slaying 20 bosses, and following a complex and cryptic set of instructions to unlock a hidden game of Snake, then scoring 1000 points in snake. Sadly, there is one sadistic trophy that turns an alright game into a absolute nightmare of pain and suffering. PICKING UP HALF A MILLION GOLD. It sounds simply and a little grindy but that's the understatement of the century. Only gold you find on the ground or the pockets of dead monsters count. At best, you'll pick up piles of 100 and a boss will drop between 1000-2000; those are the miracle numbers. Gold drops scale depending on what floor of a dungeon you're on; you need to be on floor 7 before the drops get good. A 7 floor dungeon run got me 10,000 gold per run while 10 floor dungeon run got me 30,000 gold per run; 10 floors is the maximum by the by. A ten floor run took me a little 2 hours on average; I mostly skipped floors 1 and 2 because they're not worth exploring for gold since the amount is so low but every other floor I would explore fully. This one trophy took as much playtime every other trophy combined, multiplied by 3. Quest of Dungeons is fine game in it's own right but it gets boring quickly, especially for a Roguelike. There is almost zero variety outside playing as a different character. I was getting sick of the game at the start of the whole 500,000 gold grind. Going through the whole ordeal was an emotional roller coaster of bordom and a lot sadness. There where breif bits of excitement when I found equipment that boosted gold gain or when the game lagged momentarily. I hoped the lag meant the trophy was about to pop; I was wrong 338 out of the 339 it happened. I also got brief moments of excitement whenever a notification popped up on screen. Anyway, every brief moment of excitement was always followed with disappointment and sadness. It didn't help that I always felt like I was close and I would get it in one more run. It took about 3 days, 4 days of long boring gameplay. At the end of it, I was excited because it was over. Was wasting 4 days of my life for gold trophy for a mediocre game almost zero people care about worth it? Yes. Since this is my last update, I should probably do something special. I honestly don't know what I'm supposed to do. I'll talk briefly about all the games. Dex was fun but the Vita version ran horribly. Scribblenauts Mega Pack was good. Scribblenauts was on my gaming bucket list, so I'm glad I played it. 198X had good gameplay but the story was not my blend of tea. You already know about Quest of Dungeons unless you skipped to the end. King's Quest was a fantastic game with an a-pun-dance of puns. Dex (Vita) - Scribblenauts Mega Pack (PS4) - 198X (PS4) - Quest of Dungeons (PS4) - King's Quest: The Complete Collection (PS4) - 💯
  2. Now I Play the Waiting Game Alright, I got all the trophies in Psychonauts except 2. One can only be obtained on December 25th and the other is the platinum trophy. I could time travel to obtain the last two trophies but my time machine's batteries are dead and I don't have spares on hand. Also, bending the laws of time and space to earn a couple of trophies feels a bit cheap. I'll patiently wait for December 25th. Psychonauts is a funny little collectathon 3D platformer with a lot of dark humor. Psychonauts is pretty light on the platforming and is more about puzzle solving (aside from the first few levels and last level of the game). The games does everything it tries to do pretty well but the writing is definitely the best part. Every joke landed and I was laughing throughout the whole game. Trophy wise, the game isn't too bad. You'll have to collect all of the things but that's what you do in a collectathon normally.
  3. Nah. Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight?
  4. MMO Tea Time Alright, I completed Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online first for this event. I did complete the game over a week ago but didn't write an update until now because I didn't have any liquid courage on hand. I solved that problem for a little while, hopefully. I'm done with the businessy part of the update. The rest of the paragraphs are just me talking about a game you probably don't care about. I usually say the game is some level of good, complain about everything I don't like, talk about some dumb thing I did in the game, sprinkle in a few unfunny jokes and call it day. You have my permission to skip the rest. For this update and all the future ones. Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online is a game where the main characters from the Neptunia series play a MMO together. It's a case of game-ception where you play the game that the characters are playing. Anyway, you control everyone's in game self that looks exactly like them (well Blanc did give her character slightly bigger breasts, supposedly) but in different clothes. The story of the game inside the game is about collecting 4 sacred treasures to awake 4 goddesses from their slumber to fight the Demon King or something. Well the story gets derailed in the middle because a little brat was jelly of your guilds raditude. She buys a cheat tool from a shady character to win but the cheat tool gets a mind of it's own and almost destroys the game. The cheat tool was created by a former game developer who blames 4 Goddesses Online as the reason for her own MMO dying, completely. That story is more interesting then the story of the game within the game. You don't really play Neptunia games for the plot; you play them to hear funny jokes that are slightly related to games and to have the characters talk about random stuff. There is plenty of that in there too. Vert has a series of cutscenes where she shares her encyclopaedic knowledge of tea. I would say I learned stuff about leaf water but I don't remember anything. The knowledge would be useless to me anyway since I have cat's tongue so I can't enjoy hot drinks. So the gameplay is kind of Dark Souls but it's for babies. It's a action RPG where you dodge, attack, use skills/magic, block and dodge. You have a party of 4 characters; 3 are controlled AI that is only good at healing and making you look good by compassion. Whatever character you decide to control will have to carry the the party to victory. I controlled Uni for 96% of my playthrough since bringing guns to a medieval fantasy seemed like a wonderful idea. I raised Uni's attack as high as possible and used equipment that gave her higher attack in exchange for lowering her defense. Uni's defense was 0 and I could still take a hit or three from end game bosses. The game's difficulty comes from the bosses being damage sponges. The game tries it's best to look like a MMO without being a MMO. There is a little activity long in one of the bottom coners and the dungeons feel a bit like an MMO. There is online play but it's exclusive to select quests and nobody was online to play with. The trophy list was simple to complete. There are no really difficult trophies in the game. That worst ones are grinding every character to level 50-60 so they learn all their skills and the one for completing every quest. It took about an hour to level everyone to the point where they learned all their skills. Clearing all the quests is a chore though. Most of them are going to a dungeon to kill X amount of a species of monster or killing a boss. Killing bosses gets kind of dull since a lot of the bosses are palette swaps of previous bosses with more HP, especially once you get to the post game. Since I played this game for the #BondWithMe category, I will explain why the game counts, again. Neptune & Nepgear are sisters. Noire & Uni are sisters. Blanc, Rom and Ram are sisters (Rom & Ram are also twins). Vert is still doesn't get a little sister but she will fill her head with delusions of any slightly viable candidate being her little sister (at least temporarily). All of the above characters are fully playable and you have the option to swap between any of them any time during battle (like Dragon Age or Final Fantasy VIi Re;Birth1). You may be wondering what I hid in the spoiler tag. Is it Harry Potter spoilers? Is it a funny YouTube video? Is it the ending of The Last of Us 2? It's nothing too exciting, just the list of most the games I'll probably play at some point for this event. It's in a spoiler so it takes slightly less time to scroll past my updates. Sometimes the spoiler tags don't work for reasons and that's okay. I'll probably never bother to fix it but the one in my next update (that will arrive randomly and will be late to some degree) will probably work. The list will always be in the last spoiler tag. I promise to never do anything underhanded with the spoiler tag or put Harry Potter spoilers in there. It would be very hard for me to put Harry Potter spoilers in since I haven't seen the movies or read the books. Oh, I did change the names of the categories slightly. I have no practical reason for it, I just felt like it. The games that are finished are marked in green. I hope you understand how the spoiler tag works, because I'm not taking two paragraphs to explain them again. Having to write 2 paragraphs explaining the spoiler tag negates the purpose of the spoiler tag.
  5. I'm signing up. I put together a short list of mostly visual novels (I think) with a few other genres for variety. L.A. Noire Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight 428: Shibuya Scramble Steins;Gate 0 Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2
  6. Aww, thanks for the complement. I wasn't able to find any resources online that helped with finding the secret areas. All the secret areas are hidden inside the walls and all I did to find them was brush up against every floor, wall and ceiling. I left a few tips for finding them. You are never required to take damage to access one. They are almost always hidden in thicker parts of the environment. If you have to fall down a small empty corridor, there is usually on hidden in one of the walls. That trick is used a lot, especially in the later levels. Any "arena" area where you're forced to fight a wave or two of enemies, never contain a secret area. The last stage does not have a secret area. There is no way track how many you have found but most contain health, armour and ammo capacity upgrades that are tracked by level. A few only have health and armour pickups but I don't rember any secret areas past the 4th stage that don't contain an upgrade. I was able to find all the secret areas in 2-3 complete runs of all the stages but one. The 4th stage had a very hard one to find. It's on the right side of a small-ish wall, immediately left of the smallest pool of acid in the level. The area is located on the path to the lever that opens the level's exit.
  7. Uni Styles on Everyone I completed Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online recently. My personal experience with the game was a bit Unique. After trying every character out at the start of the game, I decided to use only play Uni because her dodging animations where stylish backflips. Uni was the party's DPS and I min-maxed her attack status as much as possible. I even sacrificed her entire defense stat to boost her attack; it wasn't a huge issue since she is a mid-long range attacker and I was able to dodge most attacks. Despite Uni's defense literally being 0, she could still take a few hits. The rest of the party was controlled entirely by the game's AI. The AI tries it's hardest but it's not very good. Vert's role was to heal and buff the party; the AI was decent at those two things. I raised Rom's HP and Defense to the point where she was borderline invincible. My original intention was to use her if Uni got K.Oed but the game does the whole Persona thing, where your teamates are allowed to get K.Oed 20 times in the same fight and everything is alright but if you get K.Oed once, you lose. Rom wasn't a effective tank either, since the enemy AI would usually target Uni or someone else. The last member of the quartet was Nepgear. She was a mage who did magical attacks. I don't remember why I picked over everyone else. Maybe I felt bad for her because she was bullied a lot during Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory. My strategy was really good in practice as far as I could tell. Uni did 95% of the work and was able to kill end-game bossed in a few minutes. Those results were probably only possible because I was controlling her. Vert's healing and buffs where useful too. Rom and Nepgear were there for emotional support mostly. Rom never did anything interesting but Nepgear did try to be the tank. Results were mixed. At worst, she went down in 2 attacks. At best, she was able to survive by standing next to the boss because the boss' attacks kept shooting over her head. I had fun playing Cyberdimension Neptunia. I laughed when my AI party members ran around in tiny circles or kept teleporting off ledges. Game list in spoiler tag.
  8. Personally, I found the difficulty to be slightly challenging. The beginning of the game is the hardest part since all your weapons suck and the game likes to place spikes everywhere in the first 3 stages. The spikes don't instantly kill you but they do decent damage and are tricky to avoid sometimes. The third stage is 90% spikes and I think most people drop the game around that point; I don't really blame them because it's quite annoying. The fourth stage is a bit tricky but the stages after are not noteworthy. Heroic mode makes enemies and obstacles deal double damage (the spikes are back with vengeance). The game gets a little harder and I died a few more times then on my normal playthrough.
  9. I don't mind if more categories get added. I also had some questions about game swapping and the points system in general. First, are points allowed to go into the negatives? Second, if a game is swapped, is one allowed to swap back to their original choice? Third, if a game is swapped then swapped back to the original, that act would lose the participant 4 points (assuming the free swap period is up and all free swaps were used)? Fourth, could you add another way to lose points, preferably with a steep 39 point penalty attached?
  10. Hi, I know you didn't ask for my opinions or anything but I'm currently playing through Persona 3 FES for the first time. Maybe you want to hear my opinion, yes? I'm not very far into Persona 3 FEZ but I'm enjoying the game. I really like the combat system but dislike how if only "you" die in battle, you get a game over. I've gotten really unlucky a few times so far and lost a decent amount of progress because of that mechanic. I'm not particularly fond of any of the characters so far but I don't dislike anyone either. I really like how the game is kind of like Pokémon where you capture different Personas to use in battle. They don't evolve, I think, but you fuse two or three together to get a new stronger one. I think are about 170 to collect and I want to register all of them in the compendium, Persona's version of the Pokédex, I think.
  11. I don't remember The Long Dark having a cooking mini-game but I remember there being a lot of effort going into the process of cooking food. I remember having to make a fire, adding enough fuel so my food had time to cook, having to wait until the food was done and you couldn't just leave it there or else it would burn or something. I would say The Long Dark qualifies for a ultra rare challenge. Mass Effect 3 doesn't really qualify fo #CRAFTWITHME since you either buy all your equipment or find it. Mass Effect Andromeda would count for #CRAFTWITHME since there is a trophy requiring one to craft a weapon or armour with 3 augments. You could swap the too around since Mass Effect 3 has multiplayer trophies too (but they can all be done in singleplayer if the mobile app or the website game is used too). You could also swap categories with The Witcher 3, since Mass Effect 3 has skill trees and The Witcher 3's Armed and Dangerous trophy requires craft a few weapons and armour pieces to complete. Steins;Gate counts for #READWITHME. Mass Effect 2 is a bit of a stretch. It is definitely not a fighting game or beat-em-up but there are some game mechanics related to those types of games. You can punch enemies but it's not a viable tactic on insanity difficulty. Depending on the class you pick, you can fire balls of pure energy from your hands. You can also combo powers together, for explosive results. It would be easier to make this augment for Mass Effect 3 since there are proper melee combos and all the gameplay mechanics are expanded upon. If Mass Effect 2 doesn't qualify, you could put it in #LEARNWITHME since there are skill trees and there is a trophy related to maxing it out. The Witcher 3 looked like a beat-em-up from the gameplay I've seen, so you could swap those 2 around. I would count Mass Effect for #TRAVELWITHME since you explore many planets with large open maps.
  12. Coming Back From Bullet Hell I've completed Touhou Genso Rondo, Zone of the Enders: The Second Runner and 198X since my last update. I'm pretty excited about how well I'm doing since I've completed the game I was worried the most about. I only have 16 games left to complete. Most of them are long RPGs, so it will take me a little while. Touhou Genso Rondo was the one game I was extremely worried about because it had the potential to kill the whole run. Touhou games tend be bullet hell games to at least some degree and I'm not very good at them. Genso Rondo is a bullet hell fighting game; for the record, I'm not particularly good at fighting games either. The controls for Genso Rondo are rather simple with no complex button combinations. The fights consist of both players firing barrages of colorful bullets at each other while trying to dodge as many as possible. There is the option of melee attacking too. Spell Cards are also part of the battles. Either player can use one if they spend a bomb and their special meter. You enter a special mode where the user gets to launch really flashy and difficult to dodge attacks without taking any damage while the other player does their best to not get hit. Spell Cards last until time runs out or the defending player reduces the attackers HP to zero; the attacker doesn't take any actual damage during Spell Cards but the defending player does. Another cool mechanic is that once a player's HP hits zero, the screen gets cleared of all bullets and they're still in the fight until they get hit by 1 attack. The story is... there really isn't one. There is a story mode but each character gets they're own unique story, where they fight every other character in the roster for various reasons. They're all entertaining. You are required to play them all for trophies. You're also required to beat 7 characters in a row with every character (excluding DLC characters) in arcade mode, beat 10 characters in a row in boss rush with every character and win 10 multiplayer matches (local or online or a blend of the two). All the characters are fairly balanced compared to each other and the controls are universal. Utsuho is clearly the strongest character in the game but playing against her isn't too difficult if you keep your distance. Everyone else is pretty much on par with each other; with their own individual strengths and weaknesses. Story mode and Arcade mode where not very difficult for me. Boss Rush mode was very difficult though. Boss Rush is basically just surviving a character's spell card for 20 seconds or reducing their HP to zero. It doesn't very difficult but surviving Spell Cards requires you're bullet hell skills to be at their best. Surviving one a match is very difficult; you recover 20% of your HP between matches and will recover a bomb every 3 matches. Bombs are great because they basically make you invincible for a few seconds. You will recover additional HP if you defeat your opponent instead of just surviving the 20 seconds; you recover an additional 5% at most. Attacking makes it harder to see and caused me to just get hit more so it wasn't worth trying with most characters. Most of the character roster has the potential to end your run if you're not careful. I pretty much learned every character's attacks & patterns, and it still took a bit of luck for me to "beat" ten characters in a row. Moving on to Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner. I really enjoyed the first game and the second one was mostly the same as the first. It's a bit more linear I feel. The missions where you had to not cause property damage where still a thing in a very small capacity and were not as terrible as before. Two playthroughs are required to complete the trophy list. It took me three playthroughs because I'm bad at finding collectables. It didn't really bother me because the game is very short; 5 hours with cutscenes and 2 hours without. 198X gets the medal for being the shortest game of the update. I took a little over an hour to finish the game if I include watching the credits. In 198X, you play brief games inspired by arcade games from the 80s and listen to a teenager monologue about their uninteresting life between games. The trophy list will pad out the games length by a lot. You are required to beat every game without getting hit or with only one life. It took me about three and a half hours to get enough to get good enough to get all the trophies. I did take a break to eat a nice breakfast. The full list of my accomplishments and my future accomplishments is in the spoiler tag. Hopefully my own hubris doesn't screw me over in the future. I'm not out of wood yet as far as difficult games are concerned, so I shouldn't be celebrating like I've already won just yet.
  13. Do You Remember Arcades (Before the Games Turned into Elaborate Gambling for Children)? ~ 198X I completed 198X. The game was a enjoyable experience overall but the story is terrible. The story is just a angsty teen monologing about their mundane problems. Nothing interesting happens in the story. 198X is 5 short games inspired by arcade games that probably came out during the 80s. They're solid games that don't have very much depth to them. The beat 'em up is definitely the worst one. You spam the same button until you win. The side-scrolling space shooter is good and decently challenging. I like how you're able to take 2 hits before you die. There is the OutRun clone that is fun. The best game was the game where you're a ninja that automatically runs really fast to the right and while slashing enemies. It felt like a rhythm game to me. The last game is a strange RPG maze exploration game. You use whatever attack your enemy is weak against and heal when your HP is low until you win. It also gets bonus points for feeling like a game from a terrible gaming related creepypasta. Trophy wise, 198X is challenging but fair. On paper, the trophies look difficult because most of them involve clearing a particular game on 1 life or without getting hit. The games are ten minutes at most, so you don't lose a lot of progress if you mess up. None of the games are unfairly difficult but require memorizing most of the level layouts. The trophy requiring you to kill all the enemies on one life in the side-scrolling space shooter was the most challenging for me. Fortunately, you're allowed to miss a few enemies and still earn the trophy. Dex (Vita) - Scribblenauts Mega Pack (PS4) - 198X (PS4) - Quest of Dungeons (PS4) King's Quest: The Complete Collection (PS4) - 💯
  14. I know Little Dragons Café would count as a ultra challenge #COOKWITHME. There is a rhythm mini-game every time you cook; surprisingly, you don't cook very often in Little Dragons Café. You spend the majority of the game adventuring and collecting ingredients. Valkyria Cronicles 4 would work for a ultra challenge #BONDWITHME. Both Kai and Kai are related; Curtis and Eileen are also related. You could also use Valkyria Cronicles Remastered since Oscar and Emile are brothers but that relationship is very hard to spot. Most of the Neptunia games would give you a ultra challenge #BONDWITHME. The only ones that wouldn't count are Hyperdimension Neptunia, Hyperdimension Neptunia PP, Super Neptunia RPG and Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart. You don't need to know the series very well to enjoy any of the games. Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory is one of the better games in the series & it's only 10 USD digitally. Megatagmention Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies & Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online are probably the most easy trophy lists. Will: A Wonderful World is a visual novel where you place as at least 1 brother sister duo. The game requires a lot more player input then most visual novels and the story gets really dark. That's me. 😅
  15. @Rune_Crys I don't mind having the start date being pushed up to May 24. @Kristycism Persona 5 Royal is NA Region.