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  1. I genuinely want to play this game and I have no clue why I feel this way.
  2. The Midnight Sanctuary
  3. My strategy is getting all the online trophies done as soon as possible, then focus on the PS3 games. I'll being Vita games on the side but I hope to have those done in the first 6 months. I'll start the games I am worried about before the ones I'm confident I can finish.
  4. Remembering All the Games I Played for KYC 11 I'll be talking about every game I played for Kill Your Completion 11. I'll be talking about the games in whatever order I feel like. If anybody was wondering if the trophy type tied to the image represented how much I liked a game, it doesn't. I always picked the trophy image I liked the most, as long as I earned the trophy. School Girl/Zombie Hunter ~ This is the only title I've gone back and played since the last time I talked about it. Despite not being of high quality, killing zom-zoms is always hectic fun and easy to get back into. I finished the story and it didn't get better. You use the power of friendship to defeat all the zom-zoms and their leader, in cutscenes. In actual gameplay, you just shoot everything with guns. I have obtained all the easy trophies and only have grind and SSS-Rank trophies left. Overall, the game is fun, story is terrible and turning the blood pink makes it look like strawberry yogurt. Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent ~ A fun little puzzle game. I'm not very good at puzzle games but I managed to get through this one alright. I was able to figure out most puzzles but a few I had to brute force. The trophy list sounds intimidating but it's not. The game doesn't change the puzzle solutions between playthroughs, so if you remember the solutions, you can speedrun the game effectively while cleaning up the trophies you missed. Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent was a short game when I was getting stuck on every other puzzle for 5 minutes. The game's writing is very funny and the story is entertaining. The controls are not great, but a point and click on console rarely has good controls. I still can't remember why I thought the game was about a paperclip factory. The Princess Guide ~ This game made me feel physically ill at first but it got better. The game doesn't do anything wrong but was nothing special. Every person in the game is cursed to bounce up and down a fast speed while they talk; that one thing bothered me and made me feel sick. The story has many good jokes and is at it's best when it's not taking itself seriously. Lapis X Labyrinth ~ A cute little game that feels very simplistic in a good way. You run through 2-D dungeons that feel procedurally generated, but they're not. There is some light platforming and plenty of enemies to kill. You have a party of up to 4 slightly customizable characters. They're basically just a class and you have access to about 10 at the start of the game. You can name them; the game features a random name button if you're terrible at names like I am. The random name button features both mundane and "creative" names. The gameplay feels like Smash Bros. despite not playing like Smash Bros. at all. You control one party member at a time while the others sit on your head. You can swap to the others at any time. The main draw of the gameplay is entering fever mode. You gain invincibility and everything you kill/destroy will bleed a ludicrous amount of gems. You always feel good when in fever mode. There is almost no story. The visuals are very cute and amazing to look at. Overall, there is not much to Lapis X Labyrinth but what is there is amazing. Nekopara Vol.2 ~ I was dreading this game but the beginning was great and the extra story was very good. Some parts of the game are terrible and can be skipped over without missing anything too important. Nekopara is a visual novel game with no choices. It was the easiest game of the entire event. The Midnight Sanctuary is in the same boat difficulty wise but Nekopara can be completed a lot faster by skipping everything. Little Dragons Café ~ While I was playing Nekopara, I wished I was playing a business management simulator about a shop that sold pastries. I was hoping Little Dragons Café would fill that desire and it didn't. The business element is very shallow. Little Dragons Café does nail exploration and a sense of adventure very well. Finding new things is very exciting and feels rewarding. The game has the same draw distance problem that Pokémon Sword & Shield have. I really like this game. Azure Reflections ~ The hardest game with the most enjoyable gameplay of KYC11 for me. Azure Reflections is sidescrolling bullet hell game and is very difficult on normal difficulty. The trophy list requires absolute mastery of the game to 100%. One day I'll comeback and 100% this title. It will take a training montage or two to defeat this beast of a game. Wargroove ~ This is my cup of tea. Wargroove is a neat little turn based strategy game. I didn't play a lot of Wargroove, but the little bit I played was amazing. The Long Dark ~ It plays like modern Fallout and Skyrim, without the dragons, myriad of glitchs and the constant action but the wolves are still unrealistically aggressive. The Long Dark is a hardcore survival game where you're constantly trying to not freeze to death. I was not optimistic going into this game but I had an enjoyable time. I had fun exploring abandoned locations. There was a lot of doing almost nothing sometimes. I feel the trophy list looks like it will take a very long time to complete. The Midnight Sanctuary ~ Best plot of any game I played in the event, maybe the best of all games I've ever played. I still can't describe the visual style and the character animations can be very bad sometimes. The Midnight Sanctuary is a visual novel that is very different most. It apparently didn't get the memo that all visual novels need to be presented like Steins;Gate and decided to be Metal Gear Solid instead. I absolutely love The Midnight Sanctuary. I'll probably buy a VR headset at some point and see what this game is like in VR. My completion stat was 67.27% when I started. It is now 69.88%. My completion rate went up and is even rather away from 39% now. I finished 3/10 games my list and I didn't get very far through the trophy lists of most the games I didn't finish. I believe the other games not on my list that I completed are the reason my completion improved. My total number of games went from 38 to 50. Completed games went from 19 to 27. My unearned trophies went from 451 to 484. After I complete 1-2 games that should be back where I started. My earned trophies went from 1,149 to 1,431. That's 282 new trophies; 122 are from games on my list. Most of the games on my list are the type I would like to focus on exclusively. It will be a very long time before I'm not busy and can give my list the attention it deserves. Anyway, this event was a lot of fun. I would like to thank @voodoo_eyes for hosting the event. I would also like to thank @DamagingRob. @MidnightDragon, @dizzyshadow, @Kevvik, @Arctic Cress, @SixyLove, @Fnee2000, @PerryToxteth, @MarkusT1992, @BlackSquirrell1 and @Psy-Tychist for taking part in the event along side me. The event would be nothing without you all taking the time to make it great.
  5. You Either Die a Hero or Die Needlessly Because Your Commander is Incompetent ~ Wargroove A dog would command a army better then I could. Wargroove is a very good game. Wargroove is a turn based strategy game. Your main objective is to either defeat the enemy commander or take the enemy base, while the enemy tries to do the same. There are other structures to capture along the way, that give you more gold per turn or allow you to recruit more units. You use gold to recruit units or heal. The units that cost the most gold, are usually very strong but every unit can get countered by another type. I saved my gold for a dragon just to have it get 1-shot by a ballista in a ghillie suit 6 squares away. Your units don't have names, back stories or the potential to sire children, so you don't feel bad when they die and restart the mission 27 times so they live. Your opponent has the same unit types (they look different but they the same statistically) so everything is fair. Your commander is also on the battlefield and they're very strong. They charge a special ability called a 'groove' by waiting around and taking part in battles. Grooves are active abilities that are pretty strong and every commander has a unique groove. If your commander dies, you lose the battle, so be careful. Wargroove has a lot of content to mess around with. You have a standard story mode, arcade mode, puzzle mode (I didn't unlock it), local multiplayer, online multiplayer (with a online trophy that requires a quick boost to get since nobody plays the online), a level creator, a creator that allows to create your own campaign and the option to download other people's custom levels and campaigns. Wargroove gives you plenty to do and the trophy requires you to master the game. I had a lot of fun playing Wargroove. I enjoy strategy games that have both sides playing by the same rules. I'm not very good at Wargroove and that's okay. It took me 3 tries to beat the first part of a arcade run this morning and I was having a blast. I got to see a few new unit types and learn how they work. The only part of the game I don't love is the plot. So far it has seemed very generic but I haven't gotten very far into yet, so it could get better.
  6. I'm okay with having the option for a maximum of 3 backup games. Would the backup games only apply for the letter they start with or can be used for any letter? I feel like I heard the idea for a no swap award from somebody earlier.
  7. Game of the Year 2019? ~ Wargroove I have been looking forward to this game for awhile. I was first introduced to this game after seeing a video on the Many A True Nerd YouTube channel simply titled, Wargroove - Game of the Year 2019. I thought the title was a bit odd since it was flipping January. I admire the amount of confidence required to do that. I have been told that Wargroove is just Advance Wars, and that's okay. Advance Wars is a beloved game from my childhood and I've been waiting for another entry for 10+ years; is what I would say if Advance Wars was a beloved game from my childhood. I've never played Advance Wars before but it looks like the kind of game I would enjoy. Wargroove was saved for last because I expected it to be the best of all the games on my KYC 11 list. Many fantastic games have gone before Wargroove, so it will have to really impress me to come out on top. Pointless rankings aside, I'm confident I'll at least have a good time playing Wargroove.
  8. Aww, I was looking forward to Touhou Double Focus. 😭 That's okay. Play what you really want to play. I'm sure you'll play Touhou Double Focus next time.
  9. Alright, I put together a new list. It's mostly the same as the old one. I added and removed a few games here and there; I have the specifics after the list. I'm not going to change my list at all and I mean it for reals this time. 198X (PS4) A Rose in the Twilight (Vita) Broforce (PS4) Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online (PS4) Double Dragon Neon (PS4) Everybody's Golf (PS4) Fallout 4 (PS4) Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (PS4) htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary (Vita) Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone (PS4) Infinifactory (PS4) Just Cause 3 (PS4) Jet Set Radio (Vita) King's Quest: The Complete Collection (PS4) L.A. Noire (PS4) Megadimension Neptunia VII (PS4) Ninja Pizza Girl (PS4) Oddworld New 'n Tasty (PS4) Persona 4 Golden (Vita) Persona 5 Royal (PS4) Psychonauts (PS4) Quest of Dungeons (PS4) Quantum Conundrum (PS3) Riddled Corpses EX (Vita) Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny (PS3) Spyro the Dragon (PS4) Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage (PS4) Spyro 3 : Year of the Dragon (PS4) Trinity Universe (PS3) Touhou Genso Rondo (PS4) Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity (PS4) Uncanny Valley (PS4) Valkyria Chronicles 4 (PS4) WILL: A Wonderful World (PS4) The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition (PS4) Xeodrifter (PS4) Yomawari: Night Alone (Vita) Yomawari: Midnight Shadows (Vita) Zone of the Enders HD Edition (PS3) Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner HD Edition (PS3) + Persona 3 FES but it doesn't really count since it doesn't have a trophy list. Games I Removed A Hat in Time ~ I'm saving it for another time. Q*bert: Rebooted ~ I do not want to play Q*bert, ever. Persona 5 ~ I decided to be less cheap and trade in Persona 5 for it's younger brother. Additions 198X ~ I wanted a number game on my list. I saw many others who had one and I wanted one too. Quest of Dungeons ~ I need a Q-game to replace Q*bert and this was the best one I was able to find. Quantum Conumdrom ~ I played the demo and I loved this quirky game. I almost gave this one the axe but it gets to stay because it has time trail trophies. Riddled Corpses EX ~ It was cheap and I wanted another Vita game to play in 2020. Will: A Wonderful World ~ W was the only letter I didn't have a game that started with that letter. I fixed that. Yomawari: Midnight Shadows ~ I was already playing the first, so why not do the other one too. Persona 5 Royal ~ It's just Persona 5 with more stuff. If I'm only going to play one, I'll play the better version. The English version hasn't been released or even has a solid date yet. I'm confident since it was released in Japan already, it will be released everywhere else sometime in 2020. If that doesn't happen, I can always play the Japanese version. A Rose in the Twilight ~ I needed a replacement for A Hat in Time. I picked A Rose in the Twilight because the name sounds like A Hat in Time. I was also calling A Rose in the Twilight, A Rose in Twilight. I still forget the 'the' . I think that's everything. Sorry if I forgot to mention a change or something. Was it a bit too much? I was able to stop myself from adding all of my backlog and the kitchen sink. I'll tag @iXanon and @ArtikSkarab to make sure they see this... And I'm done.
  10. Dopamine Overdose ~ Lapis x Labyrinth Form a party 😄😇😘😑, stack your party on your head and run through dungeons while hoarding all the treasure 💰. You only get five minutes 🕐 to hit enough purple gems 💎 to open the gate ⛩️ to the next floor. Take longer and the phantom 💀 shows up. The phantom has instant death 💀 cooties, so don't let them touch you. Everything else you can kill with whatever weapon you want. Massive sword 🗡️, magic ⛄, guns 🔫 so powerful they're illegal in all civilized countries, sharp sticks 🔪, police baton ⛏️, frying pan 🍵, it doesn't matter. Just keep killing until you enter fever mode 🤒. In fever mode, everything with or without a pulse will bleed an eruption 🌋 of gems 💎 so massive, it make Scrooge McDuck's pool of gold look like a glass of water. You get massive amounts of free stuff in fever mode. You eventually reach the boss floor 👔, kill the boss and get massive amounts of treasure 💰. Then you open disappointing loot boxes but you didn't pay $2.99 for the privilege of opening so it's okay. You return to base, eat some food 🍖 , equip your new weapons and armour, do it all again 100+ times for platinum . Lapis x Labyrinth is so flipping cute it should be illegal. It's a simple yet fantastic game.
  11. Earthworm Jim HD Echochrome Extreme Exorcism You are not going to want to play Valkyria Revolution. Part of the challenge is knowing how you will feel about certain games in 11 months and enduring the bad choices you make. I hope your list is full of games you would enjoy. I like your suggestion. Having the first game you play of a letter, gives you options and still requires to commit to a choice. It's not what I choose to do but it's okay to let others have that option. I don't like swaps, under most circumstances. If a multiplayer component of game stopped functioning and made 100% impossible, a swap wouldn't bother me. If I was running the event, I would use these rules for swaps & the like. You get 1 free no questions asked swap. Once you use it, it's gone forever. You may have unlimited swaps for games that get impossible to 100% trophy lists. You would be required to explain why it is impossible. You're not allowed to delete or add games once the event starts. I would also like to suggest having an award for not using any game swaps, if game swaps become a thing.
  12. I have completed Super Cloudbuilt. When I started, I honestly wasn't sure if I would be able to earn the platinum. I thought I would get stuck on at least one time trail challenge and never be able to finish. I thought the task would be worse then it actually turned out to be. Aside from a few, getting S-Rank in every level was a challenge. I reset many times and there were 100's of failed attempts. My 2 most used challenge types were supercharge and pathfinder. Pathfinder is basically either the easiest or hardest challenge depending on the level. Pathfinder counts to amount of boost you use and gives you your rank based on how little you use. Your moveset is very limited without boost; the way you play levels in this challenge is really different. Supercharge is the challenge that is the most fun. Your boost is always full when you're on the ground or a wall; your boost drains normally while in the air. Supercharge almost breaks the game in a good way but the S-Rank times are very strict for these challenges. The 5 hardest levels had me very worried. They're very difficult levels just to finish, speedrunning them was going to be difficult. I was kind of wrong about that. I feel like those levels were the most forgiving S-Rank time wise. They give you some extra time to place a checkpoint or two. Despite being a little forgiving, they still were very challenging. The majority of the challenge was finding a good route to take through the level and exploiting supercharge as much as possible. Doing the whole thing without screwing up while getting S-Rank still took many attempts, but it was fun. Finding small route optimizations that save 1 second was really rewarding and the gameplay in general is fun. I did a bit of verbal celebration after a successful S-Rank a few times. I'm still in shock about actually getting the platinum. You think you're never going to be able to do something, until you actually do it.
  13. Super Cloudbuilt I collected all the lives I need and I have 4 time trails left to complete. 😙
  14. The Midnight Sanctuary Super Cloudbuilt Trackmania Turbo Gravity Rush Remastered Valkyria Chronicles
  15. It's Just Decent Enough I Can't Call it Bad ~ School Girl/Zombie Hunter School Girl/Zombie Hunter is just your standard third-person shoot a ton of zombies game. The gameplay is a little awkward sometimes while being hectic fun. The story is a dumb zombie game story, that gets really boring sometimes. The game looks alright and the music is pretty generic. The game game runs well and the multiplayer runs pretty well with a tiny amount of typical multiplayer jank. The game supports 5 player online multiplayer. The online portion of the game doesn't have any exclusive trophies. The plot is about 5 schoolgirls being trapped in a school with a bunch of zom-zoms. This Japanese school has elite firearms training as a requirement to even take the entry exam, so everyone is well prepared for this event. The plot has been kind of boring so far and I don't really like any of the characters. I haven't finished the story yet but I don't see it getting much better. It has the potential to go off-the-wall crazy and that is the only direction I see the game going, that could salvage it. The gameplay is the best part of the game. You're given a simple objective and completing it is your priority. The objectives range from killing all the zombies, walking to a certain location without dying (I have a lot of trouble with those missions), defeat a boss or just survive until the timer reaches zero. Zombies in this game are supernatural. In addition to the slow moving zombie, you have ones that run, use guns, explode when they die, skip leg day, crawl on the ceiling and there are many more abominations you need to purge. Guns are great for killing abominations and you have options. Pistols (if you want to make the game harder), assault rifles, sub-machine guns, sniper rifles (❤️), shotguns (💛💚💙) and rocket propelled grenades (surprising not overpowered). You have infinite ammo, so go nuts. You're still required to reload. The shooting is a little awkward since your "aim better" button is ; just don't use that button, ever.. You can also run, dodge roll and melee attack. Those actions all use a stamina meter. Each character has a passive ability. One girl has a the ability display objective markers on every collectable in the level and the other 4 have abilities that I never noticed. Characters will gain experience and level up after a successful mission. Levels give you more health and stamina. One certain missions, the other characters will tag along and shoot zombies with you. Their AI is alright and they do their best to follow you. Sometimes they get stuck on something or trap you in the bathroom. I feel obligated to mention that this game has a button that has that will make a character (you or a party member) throw their clothes off, as a distraction, and only be in their underwear for the rest of the mission. I never thought I would ever have to talk about a game where stripping was a game mechanic, again. 😒 School Girl/Zombie can be a bit of dumb fun. It is not worth playing instead of any good game. The trophy list requires a good amount of effort. If you see it on sale for cheap, it may be worth a look.