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  1. I will join. I will probably play Blue Reflection because it is one of the few games on the recommend list I own.
  2. The Best Ending I Could Have Hoped For Most of the games were pretty good this time around. I went back played every game from the list in the last 2 days. I tried to give every game an hour but it turned into until I got bored for most of them. I picked the games with the help of a random number generator, so I'll go over them in whatever order the random number generator decides. Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise - Basically a Yakuza game with a Fist of the North Star skin slapped on top of it. The devs were not lazy and did a lot to make it different. I spent of my time playing the bartending mini-game. I am happy to say my hands have fully recovered from the damage it caused. Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time - Worst game of the bunch! I am lost and confused during the adventure sections. The beat 'em gameplay is a bit shit. I give myself a headache trying to figure out how to make progress. Stikbold! - This was the quirky twin stick shooter dodgeball game. It looks a pretty good party game to me. I was planning to play the mini-games on my second look but those require a second controller and I couldn't be bothered to get one of my old controllers working. I messed around with the bots instead and had a lot of fun. Vambrace: Cold Soul - I may of warmed up to this game a bit since I accidentally played this game for 3 hours. Nothing about the game has really gotten better or worse. The story got a little more interesting and it was hard to find a good spot to save and quit. I find this game chill and relaxing. No Straight Roads - The rhythm beat 'em up game. It had several minor problems but the fun outweighs them by a lot. I also have had a few of the songs stuck in my head for the past few days. Zero Escape: The Nonary Games - A combo pack game of 2 Zero Escape games, 999 and Virtue's Last Reward. I played Virtue's Last Reward because what I saw of 999 scarred me. I didn't like it very much and the puzzles were really difficult for me. During my second look and I got a little braver and played 999. The experience was mostly trying to escape a room on a sinking ship that was quickly filling up with water. I took so long solving the series of puzzles need to escape, I would have drowned. I got out eventually and had to face my digital root fears. I refuse to go back to this game anytime soon. Megadimension Neptunia VIIR - A remake of Megadimension Neptunia VIIR. The story is the same, the gameplay has been altered to the point where it is almost unrecognizable, added some VR events where you sit in a room while a character from the game talks about stuff and the graphics look slightly worse. I feel like it is on par with the original. World of Final Fantasy - A pretty relaxing turn based RPG. It is kind of like Pokemon but all Final Fantasy and stuff. Minoria - A very good metroidvania from the developers of the Momodora series (just found out there are 4 of those game 0_0). I felt like Minoria was good at everything while not being great at anything. Pretty fun time regardless. void tRrLM(); //Void Terrarium - Best game of the event, followed closely by No Straight Roads. Void Terrarium is a fun dungeon crawler roguelight. The story is super good and I cried so much. The soundtrack is one of my favorites from any game I have ever played. Alright, time to talk about every other game I played this month. I'll try to be brief but no promises. Dreams - Game creation software that is packaged like a game. I don't have the patience to create anything good with it so I mostly just play other people's games. Most of them are not very good but there are still plenty of good games in there. Good by like 1 dude making this in their free time standards. I have seen some games good enough to be sold if they were fleshed out a bit more. I have spent 1-2 hours playing a single game on a few occasions. I did get to level 30 in Dreams and it was 4 days of leaving the music creator open and tapping buttons with my feet while I played Yakuza: Dead Souls. Mom Hide My Game! - This is a point and click game about a boy trying to find his "portable game console with two screens that looks similar to a DS but not exactly so Nintendo doesn't sue". Everyday his mom hides the Mintendo FS for reasons and the kid has to find it without mom finding out. The kids mom is kinda a psychopath and will set up convoluted ways to hide the Mintendo FS that can lead to the boy get killed... Well, not killed but in the hospital. The game's fun comes from seeing what "wacky" ways mom can hide the Mintendo FS. The game is a port of a poorly translated phone game (I think the translation has been cleaned up a bit and there is not much text anyway unless you're asking Grandpa for a hint every level) and is $5 full price. Hide & Dance! - Same devs as Mom Hide My Game but this is a rhythm game for the same price. All my instincts told me this would be terrible but it is so much better than it has any right to be. There are 20 songs, 3 levels of difficulty and 6 playable characters. The songs are on the short side; they all sound like J-pop or EDM that would be in a Katamari Damacy game. The rhythm game plays well but they made the notes look like the circle button and red, so it is a little confusing at first. The game is on the hard side since if you miss 5 notes you fail. Also, you need to hide when mom peeks her head in so she doesn't see you dancing or it is a instant (and embarrassing) fail. Characters have multiple sick dance moves and hilarious ways of hiding themselves. I especially like the one where Grandpa sets up a murder seen and pretends to be the dead body; Mom just peeks her head and sees nothing to worry about. Yakuza 4 - I was originally going have Yakuza 5 in the list but I was being lazy and had not finished Yakuza 4 before the event started. I finished Yakuza 4 on the 4th day so look forward for Yakuza 5 next time. There is too much in Yakuza 4 to talk about and I don't want to start now. 10 Second Ninja X - This is a simple platformer where you try to kill all enemies in a level as fast as possible. All levels have a time limit of 10 seconds but your true goal is to get 3 stars and that requires you to play the level perfectly. There is also a quirky little story going on in the background that is a good laugh. ClusterTruck - This is a first-person 3D platformer. Each level has a bunch of trucks that are heading towards the goal at the end. Your goal is to use those trucks to get to the end of the level because touching anything that is not a truck is instant death. The levels get chaotic and you will be restarting a lot. The trucks have a bit of RNG in them so it can be a bit frustrating. There are powers you can unlock but a trophy requires you to beat the game without them so I haven't touched them. Xenon Valkyrie+ - Sucks. Minecraft - The biggest game of the last decade and the best selling game of all time. It is pretty good. Kandagawa Jet Girls - A Jetski racing game with water guns. The AI is so damn slow I could beat them using my feet to play the game, with no upgrades. That is not hyperbole, I actually did that; I had one failed attempt because I couldn't get out of reverse for 30 seconds at the start. The vehicle handing is pretty good and the races are fun. The character customization is absolutely insane, in a good way. There is online multiplayer but it have yet to try it. School Girl/Zombie Hunter - A previous KYC I play occasionally. It is a very mediocre zombie 3rd person shooter. Genshin Impact - It is free but getting 100% took playing an hour everyday for 3 months. I mostly just play with my friends now and do my dailies when I have nothing better to do. Inertial Drift - This in an arcade driving game where the gimmick is that you use the right stick to control your drifting. It is not the easiest game but it feels very rewarding once you get good enough to win. All the cars feel different to drive and require you to learn all their quirks if you don't want to crash and burn. Sadly, the soundtrack isn't eurobeat. Danganronpa 1.2 Reload - The same Danganronpa collection from last time. I guess for a update, I played through the first game and didn't really like it. My dislike mostly comes from hating almost all of the characters. I have started the second game and I like it more so far. There is a new cast of characters and I like most of them a lot more than the old ones. There were a couple I didn't like but they died, yay. They still kept the worst character, Monokuma, around for the sequel. The second is mostly the same as the first but everyone is on a island this time. There is a pet raising thing in the game now. All the mini-games in the class trials has been changed; some are better and some are worse. Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix - A very good rhythm game on Switch. Literally Future Tone but with less songs and T-shirts; I own half the DLC and the song list is 141 song while Future Tone had 200+. There some brand new songs that haven't been in a Miku game before tho, 10 at most. There is also a game mode that uses motion controls that is borderline unplayable. Monster Hunter Rise - You (and up to 4 people in online or local multiplayer) use a bunch of really big weapons to kill a really big monster. Then you use the body parts of that monster to make new weapons and armour. Then you use your gear to kill a stronger monster. You repeat that for at least 200 hours and you have a Monster Hunter game. Rise added dogs that you can ride and do sick drifts with. I didn't mention a few games but I'll call it here. See you all next time.
  3. My Feeling Are Lukewarm at Best - Vambrace: Cold Soul I have been playing Vambrace: Cold Soul for a few hour before bed for the past few day. The game has been okay so far. I could grow to like or hate the game if I played more of it. I had a hard time understanding the story at first but I feel like I have a firm enough grasp of it now. A cult erected a giant magic ice wall around the city that will kill anyone who touches it instantly. Also, everyone who dies turns into a ghost because of a curse. Things have been like that for a year and the last members of civil society are forced to live underground. During a scouting expedition to the surface, a team of scouts find a girl unconscious in the snow. They take her back and find out that she was able to pass through the giant ice wall with the help of a magic gauntlet she has. The girls name is Lyric and she is the protagonist you will be playing as for most of the game. Vambrace: Cold Soul is about going to the surface on expeditions to progress the plot. Your base is in the underground portion of the city and you mainly use this in between mission to heal up, recruit new party members, buy items and talk to the different factions. Occasionally parts of quests will take place underground. Expeditions are romps through 5 procedurally generated mini-dungeons called neighborhoods and one actual dungeon with a boss at the end. The neighborhoods are not too interesting and they are just a series of rooms with branching paths. Rooms are usually a fight, a bunch of chests, a camp or a random event. There are also a lot of traps that get annoying but they fail 9/10 times if you bring a character with high awareness. You also can't take too long in a neighborhood or rest at camps for too much since a ghost meter is also filling up. If it gets to a certain point, you'll be fighting nothing but ghost every 2 steps. I always check the map and find the shortest route to the exit and have no trouble. You can only carry so much stuff since everything has weight; you can technically go past the weight limit but you'll get so many debuffs. You have to manage your HP and Vigor on expeditions because if either reaches 0, a character will die. HP works like every other game while Vigor drains mainly while exploring. Fights in the game are not very interesting. Each party member 4 moves, an attack (a heal in one instance), a block and 2 attacks/skills that require energy to use. You gain a point of energy each turn. I think you can gain energy and avoid damage if you get hit while blocking but I don't really block much so I am not too sure. The party members you recruit have little to no personality. You'll mostly recruit them based on their stats and maybe their combat skills. I found it best to have one party member be really good at one thing since most rolls use the party member with the best appropriate stat (like the character with the highest awareness will be used to avoid traps). Lyric has plot armour but your other 3 party members can permanently die. It is not really a big deal since you can always recruit someone to replace them. I kinda like the game but I also feel like it is kind of boring. The combat is kind of boring and I haven't found much strategy to it. Your party members don't get any progression aside from being able to equip a relic. Lyric will get a perk point when you progress the story enough to improve max HP, max vigor or any of her other stats. Lyric has over 20 costumes to unlock too. Also, I haven't found a way to check buff/debuffs and status effects when you have them and I haven't found a tutorial page explaining all of them in detail. It is really annoying and it is hard to use the right item to cure them when you don't want you are trying to cure; you can also use an item up even if it it would have no effect. My last complaint is that the game will have a notification telling you saved every time you take 2 steps in the underground map. That's it pretty much. Time can only tell if I'll like this game or not because I feel pretty mixed at the moment.
  4. No Straight Roads Sparks Electric Joy On day 1, I only meant to play No Straight Roads for 10 minutes before bed and I played it for 3 hours. I also spent all my free time playing that day nothing but No Straight Roads. I might of spent the whole 3 playing this but Monster Hunter Rise came out and that is a match up that only Fallout and Valkyria Chronicles could win. The story is that there is a music label know as No Straight Roads that controls Vinyl city. Our protagonists Mayday and Zuke get rejected from NSR because they play Rock while NSR is all about EDM and nothing else. Mayday is ready to kick their butts immediately while it takes seeing NSR's poor management of the city before Zuke gets on board. Music = power in Vinyl city and NSR is having trouble keeping the lights on all the time. Mayday and Zuke fight back against NSR by beating up their artists and taking back the districts one by one. A game that is mostly about music makes the bold to be a 3D beat 'em up instead of being a rhythm game. Enemy's attacks follow the music but that is about it. The controls are pretty simple. You have a dodge roll and double jump to evade attacks. Melee attack combos are done with one button. There is also ranged attacks that require ammo but they are homing (literally require no aiming). Mayday and Zuke have different playstyles. Mayday is about strong hits and has a higher maximum ammo capacity. Zuke is about fast low damage long combos. You can switch between the two in combat but there is a small cooldown between switches. The game has co-op but I haven't tried it. There is also the parry mechanic that lets you shoot purple attacks back at your enemies. You attack the moment a purple attack hits you... Umm, I think that is the timing. There are a few cases where it feels a bit weird. Parrying is optional (but rewarded) on the lower difficulties and very few of a boss' attacks are purple. Parrying is my favorite mechanic in No Straight Roads and I wish there was more of it. No Straight Roads has 3 types of levels and a overworld hub to explore. The overworld hub is basically a level select screen with extra steps but it is very cool. There are a lot objects to look at with Mayday and Zuke; they both have their own unique text box about each object. You also have power cells to collect. Power cells are used on objects with no power to get collectables, more fans and stickers. The overworld gets a little bigger with each boss you defeat and you get closer to that giant evil looking NSR tower in the background. You can unlock a fast travel option but I prefered to not use it. You can also visit Mayday and Zuke's sewer base but it is just a nice looking menu. It is mostly used to put stickers (temporary buffs) on weapons, switch out special attacks and spend your fans on passive upgrades. There are options to look at collectables and there is a little arcade game to play too. The collectables are kind of cool since they provide back story to some of the character and little bits of information about the world. The worst type of levels are the approach stages before you fight a boss. They're basically long hallways with a bunch of copy pasted enemies, that you need to defeat most of before you can proceed. They is sometimes have a bit of light platforming too. Also, the games camera is completely uncontrollable anywhere that isn't the overworld hub. The game is mostly built around not being able to control the camera but the game is mostly built around it. There have been plenty of times I have been hit by things off screen. There is even a section where you have to run towards the camera and hope you don't get by obstacles off screen (during a boss). Anyway, the approach stages kinda suck but at least they only need to be played once. No Straight Roads is at its best during the boss fights. They are all very good multi-staged fights that take around 10 minutes to beat. The music during every fight is enjoyable and is what made me want to play No Straight Roads. The fights tend to be on the hard side but you can rety from the moment you died on normal but your rank will be a C automatically. At the end of each fight, you are given a rank based on how well you did. Rank is broken down by how quickly you beat the boss, how little damage you took, your highest combo and how many attacks you parried. I have got S ranks with 3/4 of the citera being good; getting a S rank is good since you will earn fans. All the boss fights can be replayed at your leisure and on higher difficulty levels. Hard and Crazy didn't feel much harder than normal in most cases but I noticed a few bosses getting new attacks and being able to be parried more often. There is parry difficulty (my dream come true) where parries become necessary to win boss fights. Last and hardest is perfect parry mode where you die in one hit; let's say I am putting a pin in No Straight Roads and will platinum it later. The boss fights could be improved by having a option to automatically skip the cutscenes since bosses have a lot of brief and not so brief cutscenes through the fight. Most of them can be skipped but having to wait a couple seconds to hit the skip button is annoying. The third type of level are the DK West rap battles. It is the closest this game about music gets to being a rhythm game. The levels look like Guitar Hero and play like the karaoke in Sleeping but you want to avoid everything. There a bit complicated since you have to play two boards at the same time; you control one with the left and the other with the right stick. Only one is required to beat the game and that one is easy. The other two are a lot harder but I was able to barely finish them on my first try. I really like the DK West battles because they give a lot of backstory to Zuke and are really fun to listen to. Mayday talks a lot while Zuke will only have a few lines during most scenes. I find really it funny the character with not much to say has such a developed back story. I also really liked the story. It is told very well while having some really funny moments. I liked No Straight Roads a lot and the few issues I have with the game didn't impact my enjoyment that much.
  5. I Have Dodged Millions of Bullets, A Rubber Ball Should Be Baby Stuff - Stikbold! Dodging a rubber ball was a little harder than I thought it would it would be. Stikbold!: A Dodgeball Adventure is a little more complicated than dodging a rubber ball. In this co-op (sadly local only) centered dodgeball themed twin stick shooter, you and a friend play as Bjorn and Jerome. Bjorn and Jerome are dodgeball champions with multiple gold trophies but only got second place last year to another team. After a quick warm up session, the other team gets kidnapped by The Devil. Bjorn decides to go on a wacky adventure to save them because he has a crush on the girl from the other team; while Jerome is there to support his friend. The co-op story has a whole 12 boards to play. Don't worry if you can't get a friend to play with you, the game will give an AI teammate that actually kind of helpful. The AI won't win the game for you but can take some of the pressure off your back. The gameplay is simple and easy to learn. The left stick moves and the right stick aims. R2 throws the ball (or anything else that can be thrown) and L2 is the dodge. There is a button for passing but I forgot what it is. Throwing has a bit of complexity with you needing to hold R2 and let go with the correct timing to throw the ball at full power. You can also curve the ball with the right stick after throwing. You can also dodge into a thrown ball to catch it too. The goal of most of the levels is too eliminate the other team of 2-3 players while not getting eliminated yourselves. To eliminate a player, they need to be hit twice within 10 seconds of the first hit or get hit with a lucky stinger shot. Lucky stinger shots are full powered curved shots at long range; they are hard to pull off and feel more luck than skill at the best of times. Normal levels are split into rounds; best 3 out of 5. You can revive your downed teammate on the lower difficulties of story by standing near them for a few seconds. There are also quite a few boss levels too. The controls are the same but you will be throwing a lot of balls at the boss until it dies. The boss levels are some of the harder levels and they are a bit unforgiving with you only having 1 life. I had a lot of fun playing Stikbold!. The gameplay is very fun. The story was quirky and entertaining. The trophy list is a decent challenge while being pretty quick if you are good at the game. You only need 1 console, 1 controller and 1 person to get all the trophies. 11 of the boards have 3 optional objectives and doing all 3 will get you a trophy. You don't have to do all three in one run but they won't count unless you finish the level. Most of the optional objectives are straight forward and not too hard with a few being a little annoying. Two playthroughs are required, one on baby or medium difficulty and one on All Star. There are no revives on All Star but I never noticed the game being harder than baby on All Star. There are some trophies in the local multiplayer mode that took a few tries.
  6. Sword Nun Adventures - Minoria From the creators of Momodora, Minoria is a metroidvania game where you play as a nun with a sword. The game itself is flawless (aside from a few tiny nitpicks) while doing nothing to make it that great. The story is about a group of witches trying to destroy the Sacred Office and religion in general. They were doing a very good job until the game starts and Sister Semilla starts killing almost everything that moves. Sister Anna Fran, Semilla's assistant, is also there but all she really does is talk. The story is more of a way to keep the gameplay going and is not very interesting. The few interesting bits of story that do crop up and never explored that much, if at all. The gameplay is fast paced and rewards aggressive play. Semilla's sword combo is lightning fast and powerful enough to kill basic enemies in a single combo. There are multiple weapons to collect that mostly change up Semilla's combo. Semilla's defensive options are a dodge roll and parry. The parry is activated by hitting the button when a enemy attack lands and Semilla will do a powerful counter attack that will hit everyone on screen (expect during boss fights). The dodge roll is a way to avoid damage with iframes and to move around the map quickly. You also have incense (spells) for healing and attacks. Each Incense has a set number of charges that get reset to full when you save at a save point. There are also passive incenses that have their own special effects. You can have up to 3 active incenses and 2 passive equipped but you can change your incenses at any time (even mid combat). The combat balance in Minoria is interesting. Semilla is quite strong but will die in 2-3 hits from pretty much everything. Your healing incense is your only way to heal between save points but I rarely ran out since save points are frequent. Boss fights are over really quickly since they don't have too much health. You parry doesn't counter attack during boss fights but will still negate the damage. Some attacks don't end well if you try to parry them so the roll useful in boss fights. The boss fights are about learning the attacks and how to not get hit but you usually have enough healing to brute force them to a point. You are rewarded for beating a boss flawlessly (without getting hit and taking no damage) with a powerful incense or a new weapon. You need to beat one boss flawlessly for a trophy but it can be done relatively painlessly on new game plus. Also, there is an experience system with levels but it only improves Semilla's stats. I never went out of my way to level up and didn't notice any substantial change in difficulty. The metroidvania elements of the game exist but are not very rewarding. Most backtracking involves having a certain key to open a door and nothing else. You learn a few new abilities during the game but they are mostly for movement. There is a bit of optional backtracking but all you get are silver coins, archives and the rare incense. Silver coins let you buy new incense from shops and you need to collect 20/40 for a trophy. You need to collect all the archives for another trophy. Incense while nice, most of them I never ended up using. I guess to wrap up trophies while I am kind of on the subject, the list is mostly completing the game twice and defeating an optional boss. A second playthrough isn't that bad since Minoria is a short-ish game (my first playthrough took 7 hours) and the new game plus is nice to you. Minoria is a very good game while not being very memorable at the same time. The story fell kind of flat while the gameplay is very good. It tries to make itself look difficult while not being very difficult once you know how to beat that enemy type. Minoria is a pretty game to look at. For better or worse, I never noticed the music.
  7. A New Void Has Opened in my Life - void tRLM();// Void Terrarium Void Terrarium is an amazing roguelite dungeon crawler with a very emotional story. The soundtrack is also extremely good. The story is about a robot, a girl and an AI. The robot has a name but it only comes up a few times. The girl's name is Toriko. The AI has a name too but I always called her Ms. Genocidal AI. Before the game starts, a deadly fungus wipes out most of mankind. The ones that didn't die a horrible fungus death, escaped underground with the help of a bunch of autonomous machine they made. Things were kind of okay until the AI incharge of the remaining humans got a bit upset at the humans for wanting more food and complaining. She ended up killing the remaining humans in a fit of rage. The game starts with an old junky robot rebooting after what one can assume is a very long period of inactivity. After walking right for a minute, the robot comes across a girl barely clinging to life. A quick walk down a hill reveals what is left of Ms. Genocidal AI in a scrap pile. The rest of the story is Robot and Ms. Genocidal AI taking care of Toriko and making sure she doesn't die. The gameplay loop of Void Terrarium is go to dungeon in hopes of getting resources, coming back after a success or failure and upgrading yourself for the next run. The dungeon crawling works well and is fun. It is simple going between procedurally generated hallways and rooms, killing quirky enemies, collecting loot, and moving to the next floor. Killing enemies gives you exp and when you get enough you level up; a level up gives you 5 more HP (some other stat upgrades too I think) and you can pick 1 of 2 ability cards (or none if you want). Abilities are passive or active. You can have up to 4 active abilities and they are mostly attacks. Passives are a lot more common and you can have has many as you want. They range from simple stat increases to stuff that can change your whole playstyle. You need to manage your energy in dungeons too. Energy goes down overtime while you play and active abilities have an energy cost too. When you are out of energy your HP will drain every time you do anything until you die. Energy can restored with certain items that are common. Speaking of items, there are a variety of items with various effects that can be used on yourself or thrown at enemies. You can also find weapons and armor to equip; they usually increase your damage/defense by a % and will counter a specific type of enemy. There is a third equipable called mods. Mods have a powerful buff but usually come with a bad debuff or drain your energy at a faster rate. You also need to collect food for Toriko on your adventures. Everything can have 3 levels of contamination; none/little, medium and high. Items with none are best most of the time, medium items are always worse, while high contamination items can be best or terrible depending on the item. When you die or finish the dungeon, you lose all the abilities you earned, go back to level 1 and all your items (aside from food, blueprints and special crafting materials) are broken down into 4 kinds of materials; organic, inorganic, electric and contamination. Materials can be used to craft decorations for Toriko's room and upgrades Robot. Crafting a decoration for the first time will give Robot a permanent stat increase. The upgrades are mostly Robot's inventory capacity and more food storage. You can also build items that influence the draw rates of certain abilities (basically influence the RNG), let you start with specific active abilities, let you draw more abilities on level up and even remove skills you don't like from the rotation. I didn't play around with the RNG manipulation mechanics that much and mostly focused on inventory and stat upgrades. Another part of the game is taking care of Toriko. It is easy for the most part. You just need to give her food, clean her room, keep her contamination level down and play with her sometimes. Food is somewhat rare but you only need two food items to bring Toriko from starving to full. Cleaning can be done at base for free or while in a dungeon for a lot of energy. I am not really sure how play works. Contamination comes from giving Toriko contaminated food but will go down if you give her uncontaminated food. I had to come back from some really good runs because Toriko got hungry but it is a lot better than having Toriko get sick. Toriko getting sick can happen from failing to take proper care of her. You will have to go out to collect resources special resources to treat the sickness. The game puts a lot of work into the sicknesses and won't go easy on Toriko on how graphic they can be. After I got six unique ones for a trophy, I was too traumatized to ever let Toriko get sick again. The game also alludes in a tutorial that Toriko can die; I am not brave enough to confirm this. I'll comment on the trophy list this time since I did finish it. It is mostly finishing the game and doing a few other things. The RNG doesn't make the list annoying since there is very little RNG in the trophies and the RNG that is in there is very kind. Feeding Toriko every food type is probably the worst one but it isn't too bad with the low amount of food types and a dungeon spawning maybe only have 3 different foods (4 in one case). Void Terrarium is the best game I have played in this event so far and going to be hard to top. It is definitely up there as one of my favorite games in general. The story is very good and one of the most emotional I have ever played. I was brought to a sobbing mess multiple times. It is actually incredible the story is so good with only 1 character who talks. Toriko can't talk and Robot's main form of communication is headpats. The gameplay is flawless. I picked this game up and didn't put it down for 5+ hours on multiple occasions. The visuals are very pretty and the music is amazing all the time.
  8. The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same - Megadimension Neptunia VIIR VIIR is a remake of Megadimension Neptunia VII. The story is the same. The gameplay has been drastically changed. The dungeons look slightly worse. VR events have been added but a VR headset is not required. The VR events I found very boring. You sit around in what is supposed to be your room while a character from the game talks to you. You occasionally get to make a yes or no choice by nodding your head (or moving the right stick up+down or left+right). You unlock new items to decorate the room with as you sit through optional VR events. There are some VR events that you must sit through to progress the main story but those tend to be very short while the optional ones feel a lot longer. I was so bored that I noticed the little details like the clock on the wall is synced to your console and everyone doesn't wear shoes in your room. The graphics in VIIR are mostly on par with the original. The only part that doesn't look as good are some the dungeons. The indoor dungeons look fine while the outdoor ones look a little crap. I think it has to do with a change in lighting. The dungeon exploration hasn't been altered that much but you get much needed run button. The combat system has been altered to the point where it is almost unrecognizable. A turn consists of moving around the battlefield, lining up the monsters in your hitbox and attacking. Your hitboxes can now have different coloured zones. You want to get the enemy preferably in a red zone to do the full amount of damage. Any other colour will have you dealing subpar damage. Every other thing in combat revolves around having a AP cost. Characters get AP points at the start of their turn (4-5 so far) and any AP they don't spend can be carried over to another turn up to a maximum (11 is max so far). Your actions each turn are divided into 7 skills; combo, defense, special, partner, item, form and formation. Combo skills are the most basic of attacks, can chained together and never have a SP cost. I really haven't found a reason to use the higher AP costing combo skills over the cheap ones since they do the same amount of damage in my experience. Using a defense skill is how you end your turn; there are a few that use 0 AP like Defend and No Guard. There are also SP charging defend skills, healing and counters. Counters are really fun to use. Special skills are the hard hitting attacks and healing/support. They all require SP in addition to AP; SP works the same way AP in this game. Partners skills are mostly switching between coupled party members and using coupling skills (I'll explain those later). Item skills are just using an item. The unique thing is that characters can learn to transform basic items into better versions. Every character can only use a item skill a set amount of times per battle. Form skills allow certain characters to transform for better stats. Formation (and coupling) skills are powerful skills that require every member involved to have the required AP and SP to perform the skill. A coupling skill requires the 2 members involved in that skill to be coupled together. Formation skills require 2-4 party members to be alive on the field. Formations skills of 2 member require member to be on opposite sides of the monster while formation skills of 3-4 players need to make a triangle/square around the monster. To learn new skills you need to buy them once you meet the prerequisites to purchase them (usually being at or above a certain level and sometimes knowing another skill). Skills normally cost between 1,000 - 3,000 credits. I am at the start of act 2 and 3,000 credits is about 10 minutes of grinding. Hopefully credits become more plentiful since the original had at least 15 playable characters. The crafting system has been changed to... It is different and I can't really explain it. Outfits and accessories have stats now. You can upgrade pretty much anything you can equip now. Reading the trophy list told me there is a new bounty system that I haven't even seen yet. The scout system has been changed a lot. Scouts are basically sent to a dungeon, you wait around for 5+ minutes and hope you get something good. Scouts now get 1 skill every level that basically determine what they can find (dungeons, new scouts, items, ect.). Also dungeons have a 2 scouts limit now. I wonder if Miss Monochrome is still a scout in this game. The story has been unchanged as far as I can tell so far. I haven't compared every line of text between the two versions but I haven't noticed a single difference. The part where Neptune heals everyone after a boss fight before another boss fight was left it despite being unnecessary, since you automatically heal up after every fight in this game. The first act is still Neptune, Neptune, Nepgear and Uzume having a fun romp around the post apocalyptic Zero Dimension. I am currently kind of mixed on my feeling on Megadimension Neptunia VIIR. I kind of like the added complexity but at the same time it adds a lot of menus and slows things down a bit. The VR events exist and I mostly ignore them. I was happy to see they kept in the Neplunker dungeons in. Then I played it and remembered of intentionally frustrating they were designed to be.
  9. I Have Better Games to Spend My Time On - Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time This is a game based off the Little Witch Academia anime; I have actually seen the anime and remember liking it. The game tells its own story and doesn't seem to require seeing the anime to understand it. The game gives skippable character introductions during the beginning sections so you can learn about the important characters. The story starts just before summer break starts. Main protagonist Akko gets rightfully punished for breaking a bunch of stuff (off-screen but knowing Akko, she definitely did it) and has to spend her whole summer organizing the library. One her first day, Akko and her friends, Lotte and Sucy, find a hidden chamber in the library with a giant clock and magic door. After some shenanigans, the three find out they are repeating the same day over, and over again and are the only ones who can remember it. Then Amanda, Constanze, Jasminka and Diana find the chamber too (and gain the ability to keep their memories from day to day) because Akko was acting weirder than usual and left the door wide open. The game is split into gameplay modes, adventure and beat' em. In adventure mode, you play can only play as Akko. Adventure mode is mostly wandering around Luna Nova Academy, talking to people and doing little fetch quests. You are on a timer for the whole day and certain events happen only at certain times. You get a red event marker on the map telling you were to go to progress the main story. Sub events are a little more cryptic with their markers but opening the sub event menu and reading the description usually gives a hint. Akko can also learn spells to use in adventure mode but you need to consume a spell specific potion everytime you want to use the spell. Akko's magic abilities border the line between nonexistent and abysmal, so the game literally invented a reason that Akko can use spells and made a gameplay mechanic around it. You can buy potions at the potion store that uses it own currency that you find fairly regularly. I found adventure mode very boring to play. It was a lot of running from point A to B with nothing of note happening along the way. The academy is very confusing to navigate and that mostly down to the map being a bit shit. Akko moves too slow for me, even when running. You do have the option of fast traveling between save points but I haven't activated most of them yet since I didn't have a potion for the spell used to activate them when I first stumbled upon them. The teleport feature is a spell and requires a potion everytime you want to use it. The beat' em up sections of the game are kind of a mess. The playable characters are Akko, Lotte, Sucy, Amanda Constanze, Jasminka and Diana. All the characters play similarly to each other. Square is your light attack but you can actually press square some more times to do a little combo. Triangle does an attack and circle is usually a character's ranged attack (unless you're Constanze, who only has ranged attacks). There is a double jump and air attacks moves. R1 is a dash and L1 is block or a dodge depending on the character. The gameplay boils down to spamming whatever attack works best until everything dies. You are also forced to bring two AI controlled companions with you in single player (there are local and online multiplayer modes too). The AI kinda knows how to play each character to their strengths and can win fights without your help. The beat' em up sections have some RPG elements to them as well. Characters gain experience points and level up: every level you get 4 points to assign to any of a character 5 stats, You also collect equipment for your characters. There is also a spell system in the game where you can learn spells that everyone can equip and use. Actually Akko has an exclusive skill so far that she doesn't even have MP to cast yet (there is a plot reason that Akko can use magic in the beat' em sections). Spells are either elemental attacks or support skills and they all have their own MP cost and independant cooldowns. You can equip up to 6 spells on one character and the AI will use them. My spells are mostly healing and support because they are the only kind of useful spells so far. I had some fun with Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time but not a lot. The beat' em up sections are too easy, boring, a bit jank and not very fun. Adventure sections are boring too but some of the dialogue has some charm occasionally. The game also made everyone 3D and stuff so it doesn't look as good as the anime; most of the animations are still good and energetic, especially Akko's eavesdropping animation. Their are also some cutscenes that look like the anime and they happen semi-regularly, so I am happy occasionally for 15-30 seconds.
  10. World of Final Fantasy is a Very Good Game I really want to take a nap right now. World of Final Fantasy is partly to blame for my terrible sleeping habits. I was able to accumulate about 16 hours of gameplay time in 2 days without sleeping with the game on. World of Final Fantasy is a turned based RPG. The protagonists are a pair of siblings named Lann and Reynn. They are the only ones (that are not evil) that can tame mirages (basically monsters). You can capture any non-boss Mirages and add them to your party. To be able capture a mirage, you must fulfill their capture condition; the condition could be get it their low hp, inflict a certain status ailment, ect. You have a party size of 6, including Lann and Reynn, but can only have up to 2 mirages of the same size. Mirages commonly come in 3 sizes, small, medium and large. Lann and Reynn can be either medium or large depending if they are in chibi form or not. The unique thing about this game is that your party members are stacked on top of eachother, in 2 stacks of 3 party members. Bassically, all their stats and abilities are combined into one very powerful party member, but only get 1 turn. You can unstack to have all the part members act individually but they will be a lot weaker. Enemies can stack too. Also, there are moves that can cause stacks to topple over; that is bad since you'll be forced to unstack and stunned for a bit. I haven't really been paying too much attention to the story. I know the overall goal is defeating a evil empire. So far the game has been a cycle of meeting a chibi version of a Final Fantasy character or two from one of the other games and then you do a dungeon. I was worried I wouldn't like this game since it is a turn based RPG and I am kind of sick playing of those. I really like it for the most part but have a few tiny nitpicks. The game has been on the easy side so far and boss fights usually turn into be using the attack command over and over again. Bosses tend to be very weak and only have 1 move that is kind of concerning that they only use 1-2 times during the fight. I am not grinding and rushing the story by the way. I don't feel like I am using amazing tactics either. I have a lot fun playing the game in general and I really want to play more soon. Also, World of Final Fantasy has proper anime cutscenes that look really good.
  11. I Was Expecting Worse - Zero Escape: Nonary Games I have some history with the Zero Escape series. I completed Zero Time Dilemma and my feelings on that game are a confusing mess. I have watched most of 999 (Nine Hours - Nine Persons - Nine Doors) in a stream about 6 months ago. I remember 999 being a miserable time with a gimmick of digital roots and there was a lot of math. Zero Escape: Nonary Games is a collection of 999 and Virtue's Last Reward. I am not brave enough to touch 999, so I played Virtue's Last Reward for 17 hours. That time is very inaccurate since I fell asleep a couple times. The plot of every Zero Escape Game is 9 people are kidnapped and are forced to solve puzzles. There is this guy called Zero that sets the whole thing up as a hobby I guess. The games tend to have branching paths with multiple endings. There is a very convenient flow chart feature that lets you skip to whatever parts of the story you have already seen easily. In Virtue's Last Reward, you play as Sigma. Sigma doesn't have voiced dialogue while everyone else does. They only noteworthy thing about Sigma is that he is the only who gets to make the important decisions. Every unwilling participant has a bracelet on their wrist that will kill them if they break any rules and will remove itself it the wearer's heart stops. The bracelet also has everyone's point totals. The goal of the game is to get 9 or more points to leave through the only exit that can only be opened once for 9 seconds. The nine unconsenting contestants are broken up into 3 teams. The bracelets can display 1 of 3 colours and either solo or pair. A pair of the same colour must stay together, while the solo players have a bit of choice. Every puzzle room has a coloured door and the bracelet colours of a pair and solo player must blend together to match the colour of the door. After the puzzle room, the pair and solo player have the opportunity to gain or lose points. The pair and solo player can either vote ally or betray. If both sides pick ally, they both get 2 points. If they both pick betray, both sides get zero points. If one side pick ally while the other picks betray, betray gets 3 points and ally loses 2 points. Also, if any players points got to 0 or below, they die. The puzzle rooms in Virtue's Last Reward have been kinda all over the place for me. I either solve them relatively quickly and efficiently or get stuck for hours. Most of the individual puzzles involve picking up a item and using it on something or solving a code. You have the option to combine items in some cases. You control a cursor with the analog stick and if feels okay for the most part with a few awkward moments. You also have a note taking feature but writing with the analog stick is a mess. You start in a room completely not knowing what to do then slowly piece things together. There are usually clues to solve the puzzles but there have been cases where the clues flew over my head and I brute forced my way forward. I did give up on one room entirely because I couldn't figure out the last part. Every puzzle room ends with finding the code to the safe that contains the key to the door out, but it is possible to get a different code if you solve the code giving puzzle differently. You'll get a prize of a gold file (silver if you're playing on easy) if you solve the puzzle in the alternate way. In 3/4 rooms I played I accidently got the alternate solution and cried because I just wanted I just wanted to leave. I don't know if the files are useful or anything yet. Also, the difference between hard and easy difficulty is that the character's dialogue have more hints, I think. I went into Virtue's Last Reward expecting to have a terrible time. I didn't have a great time and I spent most of the last 3 days avoiding the game as much as I could get away with. I did play it for a few hours this morning. I spent a hour or two on a dart puzzle and hours on a long story section. I was enjoying the story but eventually the game decided the ending of the route I was on was locked and I can't unlock it yet. I don't feel like I'll be playing this game again anytime soon. I don't have any major complaints about the game itself; the Zero Escape games are not my blend of tea is all.
  12. The Dragon Take a New Form - Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise This is a Fist of the North Star game made by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, the developer behind Binary Domain and the Yakuza series. Fist of the North Star is a manga and anime series that I have never seen but have heard of. Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise can be described as a Yakuza Game with a Fist of the North Star skin slapped on top of it. While it feels and looks like a Yakuza game, it plays around with new ideas and has a lot of unique features. You play as a martial artist named Kenshiro. Kenshiro knows a style of martial arts about hitting pressure points on the human body to heal others and make his enemies heads (and other body parts) explode. The story is about Kenshiro trying to find his fiancée, Yuria, after they got seperated. Kenshiro gets a lead that brings him to Eden, a paradise in the sandy post-nuclear apocalypse world of Fist of the North Star, with such luxuries as food, water, electricity, alcohol and a casino. The combat system is similar to Yakuza but with some major differences. This game is a 3D beat 'em up where you attack primarily with square and triangle. You press square to do light attacks and to chain combos. Triangle is primarily used to end a combo with a heavy attack; holding triangle will do a charge attack that will break a blocking enemies guard. If you hit a enemy with light and heavy attacks semi-frequently, a skull icon will fill up next to their health bar. When it is full, you can press circle to stun the enemy, then use a powerful and flashy finishing move that is instant death to any enemy (at least on normal difficulty) that is not a boss. You also have quick time events to do during those moves but hitting them only does extra damage (that I never needed) and the feature can be turned off. Early in the game you unlock a technique that allows you to skip the stun and the short QTE by pressing circle and then circle again with the correct timing. Your defensive options in comat are blocking with L1 and dodging with X. While fighting, you also build up "burst" that when full, can allow you to enter a burst state (at your own volition) where your dodge will turn into a jump and you'll be stronger all around. Also, entering burst in a enemies face will deal a massive amount of damage. While the game is primarily a beat 'em up, there are a quite a few RPG elements as well. You can equip various bit of equipment to improve your defense and may have passive benefits and/or detriments. You also gain experience points to level up. Leveling up mostly justs give you a skill point to use in one of the 4 skill tress; there are 5 types of skill point and I am unsure of how to earn most of them. Most skills unlock new moves or improve your stats. The city of Eden is comfy size with a good amount of things to do. There are a several shops to buy healing items and equipment at. There are a few activities to do like bartend, fight in the coliseum, manage the hostess club and a surgery rhythm game. I haven't unlocked all the activities yet but looking over the trophy list there are buggy races and an arcade with fully playable Sega games. In addition to Eden, there is a massive wasteland to explore in your customizable buggy. There isn't much to do out there aside from pick up crafting materials (there is a lot of crafting in the game that I haven't even started to get into) and visit a few towns. Your buggy needs gas to function and walking is not a option; fortunately there are many gas stations. Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise feels like a Yakuza game but different enough to be refreshing. I have played 5 Yakuza games in the past 6 months and I really like the series. Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise could of been a cheap reskin of Yakuza 0 and I would have had a good time but I am surprised how different the game feels. Even the mini-games they took from Yakuza (like the hostess club and batting center) have their own spin on things. The combat feels good to play and you are pretty much a unstoppable against random thugs on the street while boss fights feel balanced. I played the bartender mini-game for what felt hours but was probably actually an hour; it my favorite mini-game so far. There is so much content to talk about that I also didn't mention the substories. Substories are what the Yakuza games call side quests and they're famous for being some the best in all of gaming. From what I have played, the substories seem to be on par with the ones in the Yakuza series. I also din't really have any problems enjoying the story despite know next to nothing about Fist of the North Star. I liked this game a lot more than I thought I would. As far as I can tell, this game will take and long time to platinum, like pretty much all of the Yakuza games.
  13. I don't have a poll but I used a random number generation to decide on 90% of the games. All games are on PS4. Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise Zero Escape: The Nonary Games (I am dreading this one) World of Final Fantasy Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time Megadimension Neptunia VIIR viod tRrLM(); //Void Terrarium Minoria Stikbold! No Straight Roads Vambrace: Cold Soul
  14. I Don't Know What to Call This One - Recap + Some Extra Stuff I took the day to play every game I didn't finish for at least an hour to refresh my memory and give every game 1 last chance to impress me. I most cases, nothing of note happened and my opinion didn't change. Let's get the games in order of worst to best. Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story - This is the game (on my list) I probably played the most of during this event. It's not because the game is very good. I find the game strangely fun to play despite the school management side of the game being a huge joke (with no spreadsheets) and the dungeon exploration ARPG is alright at best. Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story also has a story that I completely forgot to mention last time. You play as the completely unseen principal and your role in the story is to rebuild a once prestigious school for fantasy heroes. The queen ruling the kingdom your school is located in, dies in the first chapter. Her five sisters are fighting over who will rule in her place while the queen's daughter is missing. I am not sure why I played this game so much. I'm not even counting the time I left the game on while I played Rabi-Ribi. Octodad: Dadliest Catch - I found this game boring. I was also a little sick while I played this game, so I wasn't in a great mood. The controls are a little terrible but the tasks you had to do where mostly built around them. Most of the tasks you do are dull and I never found the game very changeling. Octodad kind of redeems itself with its humor and I did laugh a few times. Azur Lane: Crosswave - The story was blah but the gameplay is kind of fun. There isn't much strategy outside of shoot the enemies as much as possible and try to not get hit too much. I have a fun time and it can get hectic, to the point of the game almost being a bullet hell. Steins;Gate: My Darling's Embrace - It felt like more Stiens;Gate to me and that's not a bad thing. 428: Shibuya Scramble - I liked this game but didn't play it for that long. I have nothing else to say about this visual novel. Deadlight Director's Cut - I forgot the name of this one a few days ago because it was so generic. I remembered the gameplay being very good and the lighting was very dark. I also skipped this game during my replay session because I only have 1 trophy left and it requires at least a few hours where you can't turn the game off. Deadlight is a cinematic platformer with really good controls. I remember there being a lot of instant kill traps but most of them are at the start of the second act. Corpse Party: Blood Drive - A horror game where you mostly walk around a creepy abandoned school until cutscenes happen and get chased by the occasional ghost. I think horror games are the scariest when the monsters are not on screen and the beginning of Corpse Party: Blood Drive has done a good job of keeping the monsters off screen so far. During the hour I played recently, I did have 1 ghost chase me around for 30 minutes because he was very persistent. I accepted he was going to follow me forever and did my best to work around him; it was really nice when he patiently waited for the cutscene to play out before trying to murder me. He eventually got very annoying and I got rid of him by hiding in a closet for a little while. The rest of my play session was just plot. Party Hard - You play as a guy who really hates parties because they kept him up on late nights 1 too many times. The objective of every level is to murder everyone while not getting caught. You have traps around the level to get lots at kills at once and a trusty knife. I was not expecting to like Party Hard as much I did since it didn't seem like my blend of tea; I only bought the game because it was very cheap during a sale. I might pick up the sequel sometime. Ronin - Ronin is an interesting game. It's like a 2D action-platformer but it's turn based. The strange combination makes the gameplay very unique and it's very fun. The game is very tough with you dying in 1 hit but it never gets very frustrating since the load times are fast, checkpoints are frequent and your deaths are usually your fault. Danganronpa: 1.2 Reload - While a game compilation of the first 2 games, I only played the first so far. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc is a very good game. I've only played through the first two chapters and I already like the game a lot. Every numbered chapter so far had a little murder mystery to solve and they're both very good. The game reminds me of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (I really like that game but haven't finished it) but more insane. Overall, most of this batch was good. There were a few mediocre ones and some I didn't get to play that much. The other games I played are very well know and I don't have much say about. Yakuza 0, Witcher 3 and Genshin Impact are all very good. I also played Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3 but I forgot I played it recently until I checked 5 minutes ago. There is also Rabi-Ribi. I played Rabi-Ribi last KYC and it has become my favorite game, ever. It is a least on the list of my favorite games. The last game I played this month is Hover. I bought this game because I heard it was like Jet Set Radio (another one of my favorite games). Hover is not like Jet Set Radio that much; it's more like Mirror's Edge or Super Cloudbuilt (both in the list of my favorite games). Hover is a mostly open world momentum based platformer where you can grind on rails (and grind on everything else), wall run, do tricks and spray graffiti on anything. The movement all feels amazing and limitless. There a degree of character customization with upgrades you earn and equip. Hover has 5 areas to explore; 2 open and well made, 1 is kinda okay and the other 2 are cramped while not being very fun. Everything else about Hover isn't as good as the movement. A lot of the game feels very unpolished. The story is all told in text boxes with no voice acting. You can't quickly retry a mission and have to mash through many text boxes again to restart it. Hover sometimes tries to be a stealth game but stealth is slow and boring; I try to rush past everything with mixed results. Most of the missions aren't very good. The races are mostly fine but feel a bit too long sometimes. There is tagging a few spots with graffiti; that mission type is rare but fine. There is one where you need to end a high trick combo near certain points and it feels very awkward. The worst one and most common by far is Gameball. Gameball is basically football but the goal is very small and on a wall. You can try to throw the ball into the goal but it's hard to aim and I miss most of the time. The best tactic is to jump up into the goal. The AI opponents are either annoying or too confused to bother you. There are some variations of Gameball and they all suck. Hover has a lot of messing about potential since the movement is so good and some of the lesser objectives are more fun. There is propaganda to graffiti over and signs you can break by smashing into them at high speeds. There are also 100+ hidden Gamegirls (they are called Gamegirls so Nintendo won't sue) to find and you need to find all of them for a trophy. Of course that the only trophy I don't have yet because I'm lazy and hate collectables. All the other trophies are easier by comparison if you know what to do. Hover is a game with incredible movement brought down by bad levels, a lack of polish and terrible missions. Hover has multiplayer but I never bothered with it.
  15. Waters More Shallow than my Personality - Azur Lane: Crosswave I know this title is based on a mobile game that I've never played. Azur Lane: Crosswave is a game where you float about over the water and shoot some ships for under 2 minutes. The story is about Kansen (girls that are basically ships) messing about and collecting cubes for 5 chapters until the villains show up in the final chapter. The gameplay is literally floating on water while shooting ships, planes and other Kansen. It's actually more fun than I'm making it sound. Every Kansen has 2 weapons. Weapons are either guns, torpedoes or planes depending on the Kansen. All weapons work on a cooldown (there is one type of gun that you just hold the button and it will keep firing but that's the exception) where you can store charges (ranging from 2-5 in my experience). Guns will automatically lock on to a target if you're looking in their general direction and usually don't miss. Torpedoes slowly move across the water and required you to aim and predict where your target will be but do massive damage. I have no idea what planes do because I only used them for 30 seconds and they sucked. You also have a slot for an anti-aircraft gun that will automatically shoot at any planes that get too close to you. All Kansen also have a slow charging lock-on missile barrage attack (aircraft carrier class Kansen have a different attack with planes that does the same thing). The missiles will lock on to every enemy you're looking at and deal a good amount of damage. All Kansen also have a skill that slowly charges; it's an attack, very good buff or defensive thing depending on the character. On your team you can have three Kansen in battle and select three others in support slots. There are 28 playable Kansen and 30+ support only Kansan; the Playable Kansan can also be support. Support characters provide buffs and other benefits depending on the character. In battles, you play as one Kansen while the AI controls the other two. The Ai will do a good job and Kansen are invincible while you're not controlling them. You can switch between your Kansen at anytime in battle. Azur Lane: Crosswave is also an RPG, so there is character leveling, weapon improvement and skill improvement. Fortunately, you don't need to level 60+ character's separately since everyone gains experience. The game will also tell you were to get materials needed to improve your weapons and skills if you played a mission where they're present. The trophy list is mostly simple with a lot of grinding at the end. The story mode took me 6-7 hours and it was never that hard. You need to get S rank on all story mode battles but the requirements are usually very easy to fulfill; win without anybody on your team dying and finish in under 2 minutes on every stage. The grinding at the end comes from having to "marry" every Kansen which requires you to play at least 10 battles with them and crafting 2 items. I haven't set aside the time to grind everything yet so I can't accurately tell you how bad it is. The battles are quick and item drop rates seem very high but you have 60+ Kansen to "marry" so it could take a while.