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  1. I guess I missed 'that' site in my search. Thank you for the information on not being able to replay the story levels at my convenience. I was worried about Infinifactory because it seems to be ignored my the trophy hunting community. I'm probably going to being playing the game legit, until I get stuck and frustrated. I do worry. That is why I'm still alive. The part of you that is right. You can pull this off. You just got believe in yourself. If you can't believe in yourself, believe in the version of yourself that believes in you. I currently possess 2 Ultra Rare Platinums. If I finish my list, I'll have 3. Maybe 4 if Trinity Universe (NA) falls Bellow 5%. It's currently 5.08%, so there is some hope but Trinity Universe is a kind of obscure game, so it is unlikely. On the other side of the spectrum, the highest platinum was 53.71%. I guess they made the Spyro remake easier or 5 year old me was really bad at video games. Most of my list is under 15%, with a few between 20%-25% and 3 others (2 being more Spyro) that go beyond. I only looked at the platinums, not 100% games.
  2. I would be very confused if my PS3 game included 2 PS1 discs. It would be awesome if they included genuine PS1 discs. All PS3 models can play PS1 discs and CDs, so it work just fine. Shame we live in the timeline where we just get a digital download code. 😓 It is really hard to find the MSX games if you don't know were they are. You are given no directions on how to find them and the manual doesn't even list the controls for them. I honestly thought the game box was lying to me until I happened to stumble across them. I also had trouble trying to find the terrible MGS comics on the disc, but I believe they were hidden for a good reason.
  3. I get the feeling there is a infamously difficult trophy in Persona 4 Golden. I'll just deal with it rather than swap. @Kristycism I honestly thought Quantum Theory was impossible until I saw it on your list and looked back into it. I'm still going to pass on it because boosting multiplayer isn't my thing. When forming my list, I put down a bunch of games I really want to play in 2020 (+ Q*Bert) that also fit the criterion for the challenge. I did pay a little attention to length and difficulty. A few days ago, I gathered the completion times from guides and other resources to make sure my list was possible to finish in time. I even added some time to games because I'm not very good at video games. My results showed that I have enough time to play the whole list twice (Persona 3 FES included + a few new games I haven't revealed yet). There are a few games I'm missing a completion times. Jet Set Radio Infinifactory Ninja Pizza Girl If anybody knows how long the 100% (in gameplay hours) for these titles, I would appreciate it if you shared your knowledge with me. I have 2 swaps and two new additions planned for my list. I will reveal those closer to the start of the event. I don't want to create extra unnecessary work for ArtikSkarab if I decide to change my mind. Edit log: Crossed out Infinifactory and Jet Set Radio because I have received some information about the time.
  4. For the event, what is an acceptable amount of auto-pop? Is a game okay if only some of the list auto-pops? If one trophy auto-pops, is that all ready too much auto-pop? Also, are games that have the potential to be auto-popped (you have played another version of the game and the game has the ability to auto-pop trophies), not allowed to be on someones list period? Is it okay to have a game with the potential of auto-pop as long as you don't actually auto-pop it? Games like Mass Effect 2 and Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd, that make the trophy easier if you play the pervious game/s in the series but don't feature any auto-pop, are okay?
  5. Is my lust for trophies greater than my fear of anything scary? 😅 Well, I do like the trophy images. Seven deadly golds would be nice. I'll give it a try if the price is reasonable for a game I'll play once, get scared and never play again. VR support would be cool for the people that like that. I would probably just get motion sickness before I die of fright. ⚰️
  6. Your Vita list looks the same as any other list that used Share Data. Your PS4 list looked fine too. I'm not 100% sure which version you had a flag on, so I looked over both.
  7. Are you really go to just give up that easily? If you remember how you did the trophies, explain how you got them. If you can't remember, do some research to figure out how it would be possible to earn those timestamps legitimately.
  8. This seems possible. You are locked out of 10 (maybe a few more) missons to get medals for but you still have 110 missions. The PSNP Grand Theft Auto V trophy guide does mention that skipping missons won't unlock their trophy, though, the writer doesn't seem 100% certain about it. The mission skip the foundation of GTA V Any% category for speedruns. I don't personally follow that category because classic% and 100% are more interesting to watch. @KerpetenAli1972 Please don't get too stressed out by all of this. Fortunately, you don't have anything else to lose if this doesn't go your way. You have a decent chance of getting out of this alright . Remember, even if your decided to be guilty of cheating, PSNP can't take the fun experience of 100% trophy speedrunning away from you.
  9. They're just being bitter because they're handhelds didn't make fat stacks like the Nintendo's handhelds.
  10. The best thing Sony ever did with the Vita was make Gravity Rush. I also like the console itself. Sony didn't make the Vita great, the massive amount of Japanese games and quality indie titles made it great.
  11. @johnboy75129 Your time is not impossibly fast at all. Hundreds of people have God of War times faster then yours. The flag was probably a mistake or you did something else wrong. I can't tell you if anything is out of the ordinary because I know almost nothing about God of War.
  12. Currently, I don't see Sony releasing a new handheld console in the near future. Later down the road, maybe they will try the whole handheld console thing again. The proprietary memory cards are the worst thing about the Vita. Sony want all the money and we have to suffer. I hope some other company makes Vita memory cards in the future. Using Micro SD would have been better. A lot of the major players in the game industry never learn anything from their mistakes. If the do learn a lesson, it's usually temporary. I think the PS5 is trying be as powerful as possible and not do much else. Trying to copy Nintendo... is risky but does work, sometimes. That would be nice but the game industry does not try to preserve games and usually doesn't do a great job when they do try. The emulation community can do a better job and can get any game (because they don't have to follow the law). Also, PSP games don't have trophies.
  13. I'm no fun so I don't drink or do any hard drugs (or soft drugs). I'm a bad at getting the proper amount of sleep sometimes. I remember playing Gravity Rush while very tired but nothing very interesting happened. I played through Megadimension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies and Metal Gear Solid 4 while I was sick. It was a little painful but nothing worth mentioning happened.
  14. I dropped my favorite cheap pen behind a bookcase today. I'm taking the loss very well. I don't have any other pens that feel the same and can write in black. I tried to rescue it for an hour before I gave up. My replacement writes in purple.

    1. NERVergoproxy


      I love the Pilot Gel G-2 07 and 10 pens. I been using them for years.

      It always pains me when I accidentally drop 1 and it messesup the ballpoint.

  15. Dogs are cheaper labor than humans. It kind of explains the 3 trillion dollar budget. Edit: I dropped my cheap pen behind a bookcase. Maybe I should call Paw Patrol to rescue my pen. I wonder how much it would cost them? Edit 2: I don't have children and I don't watch the show myself. I am somewhat interested after reading this 'experience'.