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  1. The Dragon Take a New Form - Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise This is a Fist of the North Star game made by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, the developer behind Binary Domain and the Yakuza series. Fist of the North Star is a manga and anime series that I have never seen but have heard of. Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise can be described as a Yakuza Game with a Fist of the North Star skin slapped on top of it. While it feels and looks like a Yakuza game, it plays around with new ideas and has a lot of unique features. You play as a martial artist named Kenshiro. Kenshiro knows a style of martial arts about hitting pressure points on the human body to heal others and make his enemies heads (and other body parts) explode. The story is about Kenshiro trying to find his fiancée, Yuria, after they got seperated. Kenshiro gets a lead that brings him to Eden, a paradise in the sandy post-nuclear apocalypse world of Fist of the North Star, with such luxuries as food, water, electricity, alcohol and a casino. The combat system is similar to Yakuza but with some major differences. This game is a 3D beat 'em up where you attack primarily with square and triangle. You press square to do light attacks and to chain combos. Triangle is primarily used to end a combo with a heavy attack; holding triangle will do a charge attack that will break a blocking enemies guard. If you hit a enemy with light and heavy attacks semi-frequently, a skull icon will fill up next to their health bar. When it is full, you can press circle to stun the enemy, then use a powerful and flashy finishing move that is instant death to any enemy (at least on normal difficulty) that is not a boss. You also have quick time events to do during those moves but hitting them only does extra damage (that I never needed) and the feature can be turned off. Early in the game you unlock a technique that allows you to skip the stun and the short QTE by pressing circle and then circle again with the correct timing. Your defensive options in comat are blocking with L1 and dodging with X. While fighting, you also build up "burst" that when full, can allow you to enter a burst state (at your own volition) where your dodge will turn into a jump and you'll be stronger all around. Also, entering burst in a enemies face will deal a massive amount of damage. While the game is primarily a beat 'em up, there are a quite a few RPG elements as well. You can equip various bit of equipment to improve your defense and may have passive benefits and/or detriments. You also gain experience points to level up. Leveling up mostly justs give you a skill point to use in one of the 4 skill tress; there are 5 types of skill point and I am unsure of how to earn most of them. Most skills unlock new moves or improve your stats. The city of Eden is comfy size with a good amount of things to do. There are a several shops to buy healing items and equipment at. There are a few activities to do like bartend, fight in the coliseum, manage the hostess club and a surgery rhythm game. I haven't unlocked all the activities yet but looking over the trophy list there are buggy races and an arcade with fully playable Sega games. In addition to Eden, there is a massive wasteland to explore in your customizable buggy. There isn't much to do out there aside from pick up crafting materials (there is a lot of crafting in the game that I haven't even started to get into) and visit a few towns. Your buggy needs gas to function and walking is not a option; fortunately there are many gas stations. Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise feels like a Yakuza game but different enough to be refreshing. I have played 5 Yakuza games in the past 6 months and I really like the series. Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise could of been a cheap reskin of Yakuza 0 and I would have had a good time but I am surprised how different the game feels. Even the mini-games they took from Yakuza (like the hostess club and batting center) have their own spin on things. The combat feels good to play and you are pretty much a unstoppable against random thugs on the street while boss fights feel balanced. I played the bartender mini-game for what felt hours but was probably actually an hour; it my favorite mini-game so far. There is so much content to talk about that I also didn't mention the substories. Substories are what the Yakuza games call side quests and they're famous for being some the best in all of gaming. From what I have played, the substories seem to be on par with the ones in the Yakuza series. I also din't really have any problems enjoying the story despite know next to nothing about Fist of the North Star. I liked this game a lot more than I thought I would. As far as I can tell, this game will take and long time to platinum, like pretty much all of the Yakuza games.
  2. I don't have a poll but I used a random number generation to decide on 90% of the games. All games are on PS4. Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise Zero Escape: The Nonary Games (I am dreading this one) World of Final Fantasy Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time Megadimension Neptunia VIIR viod tRrLM(); //Void Terrarium Minoria Stikbold! No Straight Roads Vambrace: Cold Soul
  3. I Don't Know What to Call This One - Recap + Some Extra Stuff I took the day to play every game I didn't finish for at least an hour to refresh my memory and give every game 1 last chance to impress me. I most cases, nothing of note happened and my opinion didn't change. Let's get the games in order of worst to best. Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story - This is the game (on my list) I probably played the most of during this event. It's not because the game is very good. I find the game strangely fun to play despite the school management side of the game being a huge joke (with no spreadsheets) and the dungeon exploration ARPG is alright at best. Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story also has a story that I completely forgot to mention last time. You play as the completely unseen principal and your role in the story is to rebuild a once prestigious school for fantasy heroes. The queen ruling the kingdom your school is located in, dies in the first chapter. Her five sisters are fighting over who will rule in her place while the queen's daughter is missing. I am not sure why I played this game so much. I'm not even counting the time I left the game on while I played Rabi-Ribi. Octodad: Dadliest Catch - I found this game boring. I was also a little sick while I played this game, so I wasn't in a great mood. The controls are a little terrible but the tasks you had to do where mostly built around them. Most of the tasks you do are dull and I never found the game very changeling. Octodad kind of redeems itself with its humor and I did laugh a few times. Azur Lane: Crosswave - The story was blah but the gameplay is kind of fun. There isn't much strategy outside of shoot the enemies as much as possible and try to not get hit too much. I have a fun time and it can get hectic, to the point of the game almost being a bullet hell. Steins;Gate: My Darling's Embrace - It felt like more Stiens;Gate to me and that's not a bad thing. 428: Shibuya Scramble - I liked this game but didn't play it for that long. I have nothing else to say about this visual novel. Deadlight Director's Cut - I forgot the name of this one a few days ago because it was so generic. I remembered the gameplay being very good and the lighting was very dark. I also skipped this game during my replay session because I only have 1 trophy left and it requires at least a few hours where you can't turn the game off. Deadlight is a cinematic platformer with really good controls. I remember there being a lot of instant kill traps but most of them are at the start of the second act. Corpse Party: Blood Drive - A horror game where you mostly walk around a creepy abandoned school until cutscenes happen and get chased by the occasional ghost. I think horror games are the scariest when the monsters are not on screen and the beginning of Corpse Party: Blood Drive has done a good job of keeping the monsters off screen so far. During the hour I played recently, I did have 1 ghost chase me around for 30 minutes because he was very persistent. I accepted he was going to follow me forever and did my best to work around him; it was really nice when he patiently waited for the cutscene to play out before trying to murder me. He eventually got very annoying and I got rid of him by hiding in a closet for a little while. The rest of my play session was just plot. Party Hard - You play as a guy who really hates parties because they kept him up on late nights 1 too many times. The objective of every level is to murder everyone while not getting caught. You have traps around the level to get lots at kills at once and a trusty knife. I was not expecting to like Party Hard as much I did since it didn't seem like my blend of tea; I only bought the game because it was very cheap during a sale. I might pick up the sequel sometime. Ronin - Ronin is an interesting game. It's like a 2D action-platformer but it's turn based. The strange combination makes the gameplay very unique and it's very fun. The game is very tough with you dying in 1 hit but it never gets very frustrating since the load times are fast, checkpoints are frequent and your deaths are usually your fault. Danganronpa: 1.2 Reload - While a game compilation of the first 2 games, I only played the first so far. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc is a very good game. I've only played through the first two chapters and I already like the game a lot. Every numbered chapter so far had a little murder mystery to solve and they're both very good. The game reminds me of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (I really like that game but haven't finished it) but more insane. Overall, most of this batch was good. There were a few mediocre ones and some I didn't get to play that much. The other games I played are very well know and I don't have much say about. Yakuza 0, Witcher 3 and Genshin Impact are all very good. I also played Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3 but I forgot I played it recently until I checked 5 minutes ago. There is also Rabi-Ribi. I played Rabi-Ribi last KYC and it has become my favorite game, ever. It is a least on the list of my favorite games. The last game I played this month is Hover. I bought this game because I heard it was like Jet Set Radio (another one of my favorite games). Hover is not like Jet Set Radio that much; it's more like Mirror's Edge or Super Cloudbuilt (both in the list of my favorite games). Hover is a mostly open world momentum based platformer where you can grind on rails (and grind on everything else), wall run, do tricks and spray graffiti on anything. The movement all feels amazing and limitless. There a degree of character customization with upgrades you earn and equip. Hover has 5 areas to explore; 2 open and well made, 1 is kinda okay and the other 2 are cramped while not being very fun. Everything else about Hover isn't as good as the movement. A lot of the game feels very unpolished. The story is all told in text boxes with no voice acting. You can't quickly retry a mission and have to mash through many text boxes again to restart it. Hover sometimes tries to be a stealth game but stealth is slow and boring; I try to rush past everything with mixed results. Most of the missions aren't very good. The races are mostly fine but feel a bit too long sometimes. There is tagging a few spots with graffiti; that mission type is rare but fine. There is one where you need to end a high trick combo near certain points and it feels very awkward. The worst one and most common by far is Gameball. Gameball is basically football but the goal is very small and on a wall. You can try to throw the ball into the goal but it's hard to aim and I miss most of the time. The best tactic is to jump up into the goal. The AI opponents are either annoying or too confused to bother you. There are some variations of Gameball and they all suck. Hover has a lot of messing about potential since the movement is so good and some of the lesser objectives are more fun. There is propaganda to graffiti over and signs you can break by smashing into them at high speeds. There are also 100+ hidden Gamegirls (they are called Gamegirls so Nintendo won't sue) to find and you need to find all of them for a trophy. Of course that the only trophy I don't have yet because I'm lazy and hate collectables. All the other trophies are easier by comparison if you know what to do. Hover is a game with incredible movement brought down by bad levels, a lack of polish and terrible missions. Hover has multiplayer but I never bothered with it.
  4. Waters More Shallow than my Personality - Azur Lane: Crosswave I know this title is based on a mobile game that I've never played. Azur Lane: Crosswave is a game where you float about over the water and shoot some ships for under 2 minutes. The story is about Kansen (girls that are basically ships) messing about and collecting cubes for 5 chapters until the villains show up in the final chapter. The gameplay is literally floating on water while shooting ships, planes and other Kansen. It's actually more fun than I'm making it sound. Every Kansen has 2 weapons. Weapons are either guns, torpedoes or planes depending on the Kansen. All weapons work on a cooldown (there is one type of gun that you just hold the button and it will keep firing but that's the exception) where you can store charges (ranging from 2-5 in my experience). Guns will automatically lock on to a target if you're looking in their general direction and usually don't miss. Torpedoes slowly move across the water and required you to aim and predict where your target will be but do massive damage. I have no idea what planes do because I only used them for 30 seconds and they sucked. You also have a slot for an anti-aircraft gun that will automatically shoot at any planes that get too close to you. All Kansen also have a slow charging lock-on missile barrage attack (aircraft carrier class Kansen have a different attack with planes that does the same thing). The missiles will lock on to every enemy you're looking at and deal a good amount of damage. All Kansen also have a skill that slowly charges; it's an attack, very good buff or defensive thing depending on the character. On your team you can have three Kansen in battle and select three others in support slots. There are 28 playable Kansen and 30+ support only Kansan; the Playable Kansan can also be support. Support characters provide buffs and other benefits depending on the character. In battles, you play as one Kansen while the AI controls the other two. The Ai will do a good job and Kansen are invincible while you're not controlling them. You can switch between your Kansen at anytime in battle. Azur Lane: Crosswave is also an RPG, so there is character leveling, weapon improvement and skill improvement. Fortunately, you don't need to level 60+ character's separately since everyone gains experience. The game will also tell you were to get materials needed to improve your weapons and skills if you played a mission where they're present. The trophy list is mostly simple with a lot of grinding at the end. The story mode took me 6-7 hours and it was never that hard. You need to get S rank on all story mode battles but the requirements are usually very easy to fulfill; win without anybody on your team dying and finish in under 2 minutes on every stage. The grinding at the end comes from having to "marry" every Kansen which requires you to play at least 10 battles with them and crafting 2 items. I haven't set aside the time to grind everything yet so I can't accurately tell you how bad it is. The battles are quick and item drop rates seem very high but you have 60+ Kansen to "marry" so it could take a while.
  5. A Great Excuse to Play More Rabi-Ribi - Valthirian Arc: Hero School Valthirian Arc: Hero School inhabits the strange middle ground between good and bad games. It's not bad but you rather be playing any other game. The game is split between two modes. There is school "management" that isn't very good. The school will pretty much mange itself and there isn't anyway to go bankrupt or lose anything. All there is to do is build new rooms and facilities in predefined plots. Facilities either give you a certain amount of gold or fame every week, or allow you to unlock new character classes and/or give your students passive stat bonuses during quests. You can click on room with a ! to have a random event happen (usually a lost wallet). You usually get a tiny amount of fame or gold if you choose the correct option. The random event pool is so small (2 shared and 1 room specific) that you will see the same events a thousand times. The game is also mediocre at best action-RPG that you play during quests. Well, some quests are just send your students off, wait for 10 in-game weeks and hope they were successful. The gameplay is mostly walking around terribly uninteresting environments and pressing X a lot to kill enemies. It's a lot like Dragon Age but worse. You have a party of four students; play as 1 whole the AI will control the other 3. Student's have 1 ability (2 if they're max leveled) to use during combat. The fights feel terrible since you barely have a way to tell if you are hitting the enemy and the fights don't last more than 5 seconds, even bosses. The most fun aspect of Valthirian Arc: Hero School is the graduation system. Every 6 months, there is a graduation ceremony and at least 1 student needs to graduate. All that a student needs to do to graduate is be level 10 or higher. Students gain EXP very slowly by leaving the game open while on the school screen. The only good benefits is that all students will gain EXP and you can play Rabi-Ribi while the game does plays itself a little more than usual. The more effective way to gain EXP is quests but only 4 students will benefit and most quests can only be done once. Every student starts as a level 1 apprentice and at level 10 you can change they're class to a knight (tank), mage (dps with magic) or scout (dps) and you can change character class a second time to a more specialized version of the previous class. A class change set's their level back to zero but they can level up again for better stats and new passives. A students level cap starts at ten but you'll get new students will get higher level caps when you level up the rank of your school with fame. Graduating a student is the best way to earn fame and you gain a fame bonus if they're at their max level. There are also a fame bonus for graduating students of specific a class every six month period. Most of my fun has been from trying to level as many characters as possible, as fast as possible. Mostly to get them out of my school so I can have room for better students. The game looks like it could be run on a smart phone. The soundtrack is okay at best but very repetitive. This is the only game I've muted in months because the music was so repetitive. The trophy list so far has been stuff I've done naturally and story. As far I can tell, the rest of the list is more of the same but some of the trophies might be glitched or something similar. The endings also have to be done in a certain order if you want to complete the list in one playthrough. The game seems pretty short (20-30) by RPG standards.
  6. Microsoft Powerpoint with a Story - 428: Shibuya Scramble 428: Shibuya Scramble is like a visual novel but with photos of real people and a little bit of FMV. There are 5 playable characters (at least, I didn't get very far so there may be more) with their own storylines. The gameplay is making choices but the main gimmick of 428: Shibuya Scramble is that the choices made by other characters will sometimes affect the other characters. The game is make up of chapters, called time blocks, where you need to make sure all the character make it the end of the chapter without anybody getting a bad ending. Bad endings are more of a minor inconvenience since they're usually quick, carry no penalty, you get a hint on how to avoid the bad ending and are necessary for trophies. Bad endings are sometimes unavoidable since a decision made by a character you haven't played yet that chapter will give you a bad ending. You're forced to change characters frequently to progress with bad endings and when the game shameless locks the storyline until you play another character's story until you find some red text and select it (sometimes hidden in a tips prompt). A character's storyline each chapter lasts about 15 minutes. The overarching plot is about about a kidnapping of a girl that took place yesterday. One of your character's is a member of the police (I don't remember their rank) who seems more concerned with getting the approval of his girlfriends father to get married than solving the case. Another is the father of the kidnapped girl that has his own stuff to do and not much time to worry about his daughter. There is also a former gang member that was picking up trash (that's not slang for anything, he was literally cleaning the streets) and got involved by pure chance and with good intentions. The other two characters have nothing to do with the kidnapping plot (so far) and have their own plots. There is a freelance writer who has to finish 7 articles for a magazine so his "friend" doesn't kill himself. Last, there is a girl stuck in a generic cat mascot costume because the zipper broke. She is also working for a scam artist because she needed a lot of money fast to buy a necklace. I like 428: Shibuya Scramble. I find most of the characters interesting and the story is also very interesting. I like the "art style" of bunch of photos of people with text over them for some reason. They usually don't stay on the same photo for too long and usually throw in a zooms and effects to keep it interesting. I'd would have played the game more but I've been busy with things and other games lately.
  7. Setting Your Enemies on Fire is a Very Effective Tactic I got 100% in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Witcher 3 is a very good game. Both DLCs are even better than the base game, in my opinion. Witcher 3 is also a very long game with long DLC, so it took me long time. Hopefully, the games get shorter from this point on. Witcher 3 wasn't a very hard trophy list. The hardest difficulty wasn't too hard because of the quen sign mostly. Quen is a magic ability that takes a second to cast but will shield you from at least 1 hit (in very rare cases it doesn't help). You can also upgrade it to have an alternate cast mode where it can heal you. I invested my skill points into signs and nothing else because they're all good. Igni is especially powerful since you can set most enemies on fire with it and they will burn for massive damage, rendered completely harmless while they burn in most cases. A much less effective way to defeat your enemies is using the crossbow, because it's terrible for anything that's not shooting flying enemies out of the air. It makes the getting 50 headshot kills with a crossbow trophy a pain with extra pain. The damage of the crossbow is terrible to the point where is takes 7-10 hits to kill the lowest level enemies (on the hardest difficulty). To make things worse, most of my other attacks (or a slightly menacing glance) would 1 shot the enemies by the point of the game I was going for crossbow kills. So I would have kill enemies using only the crossbow and hope the less hit is a headshot. The game doesn't give you any indication your even doing it right. Fortunately, the other crossbow related trophies are easy. Every other trophy is more painless too. I am also adding Danganronpa 1.2 Reload (currently at 8%) and Steins;Gate: My Darling's Embrace (currently at 17%) to the list. I would probably just go off list and play them anyway. List
  8. Don't Party, You Will Live Longer - Party Hard Party Hard is kind of like Hitman but if it was made on a 16-Bit console, the whole level is on one screen and you're objective is too murder everyone, not just one person. The story of Party Hard is that you are some guy who just wanted to get some sleep but the party next door was being too loud. Then you murder everyone at the party next door and move on to a whole murder spree of parties all over the United States. The objective of all 10 levels is simple, murder all the party guests; there are 30-70 guests each level. You have a knife that will kill guests in one hit but is not very discreet. There are various traps (exploding objects, poisoned punch, horses, ect.) that you can activate around each level. Traps usually get multiple kills and don't get you in trouble but can get you killed by them if you are not careful. You can also carry sleeping and dead bodies; dead bodies can also be hidden in trash cans and the like. If a dead body gets discovered, the party guest that sees it will attempt to phone up the police. As long as you were not seen stabbing or standing too close to the body at the time of discovery, the lovely police officer will bag the body/ies and leave the party. If you got caught, the police officer will attempt to arrest you. You can either evade capture until they give up or kill them with a trap (the knife won't work). The other people that can capture you are bouncers that will beat you up sight but they can be killed with the knife if you sneak up on them. There are a few other special more rare "guests" that can capture/kill you but they're a surprise. The gameplay experience of Party Hard is both a chaotic mess where bodies are dropping faster than the beat and a slow stealthy experience of picking off isolated party guests without getting caught. Party Hard is a very fun game but also a little unforgiving. If you mess up since you need to start from the very start of a level. Fortunately, levels are only five to ten minutes long. Party Hard is also a little buggy. The game will freeze momentarily if too many people die at once and one time the person who was going to call the police on me had a little trouble dialing the phone, so I murdered everyone while they figured that out. The Party Hard trophy list is decent with one trophy I haven't seen anything like before. Most of the list is standard do (insert action here) (insert number here) of times and kill (number) of people a certain way. There is also get through a level without a found body and completing a level in 3 minutes but those are pretty easy if you know what you're doing. The one of failing a level with one person alive is creative. The one really unique trophy is "Clubber", which is earned from playing the game 100 times. Playing the game 100 times translates to starting the game from the PS4 dashboard and booting up a level. Clubber gets points for creativity but that was 2 hours of my life I'm not getting back.
  9. Anybody Know the Number of a Good Window Repair Service - Ronin Ronin is a side-scrolling game with some stealth and lots of turned based sword murder. The story is about some mysterious highly skilled assassin murdering 5 people that have wronged them in past for some reason that I don't know and the game doesn't tell you about, I think. Ronin's levels are either about hacking all the computers in a level to figure out where your target is or murdering that target. You also have to optional objectives of not killing any civilians, killing all enemies and not raising the alarm. The first two are self explanatory but the alarm is worth explaining. If an enemy or civilian sees you, a dead body or hears the sound of breaking glass they will take 9 seconds to call security and raise the alarm. Enemies will usually try to kill you if they have line of sight but sometimes they'll try to raise the alarm anyway when 5+ other guards are already trying to shoot you. Finishing a level with fulfilling all 3 optional objectives will let you gain a skill point that you can spend on a new useful skill (like sword throwing and stealth ceiling kills). The gameplay is split into two modes. A stealth mode where you can move freely. You can jump by using the right stick and use a grappling hook by pushing the right stick while in the air. Time will also pause when doing anything with the right stick. In the stealth phase you can stay hidden by sticking to the shadows. The game isn't built around having you stay in stealth the whole time so the most you'll do in stealth is platform from fight to fight, maybe get a couple cheap stealth kills and pick what window you want to jump through to start a fight. Fights are turned based affairs. You get a turn to jump, grapple or attack. Your only weapon is a sword so you'll have to be close to attack, in most cases. You can also stun an enemy for a couple turns by jumping into them. Stunning and killing enemies will generate AP that you can spend to use special abilities (decoy, shadow strike, sword throw, ect.) but if you spend a turn without stunning or killing you'll lose a point of AP. Also if you save up enough AP, you'll activate limit break that lets you move twice in 1 turn, for a single turn. During the enemies turn, they'll try to shoot/slash at you if they have line of sight. If you get hit once, you die. Fortunately, you can see where the enemy will attack (indicated by red lines) during your turn and avoid it, hopefully. There are 3 enemy types. The pistol users that will shoot 1 bullet every turn. The automatic weapon user that shoot a line of bullets for 2 turns that limit your movement. The former 2 enemy types will reload their weapons occasionally. There is also the rare samurai that will slash across the screen to attack, parry your sword throw attack, kill you if you jump into them and take 2 consecutive-ish hits to kills. Ronin is a very fun game that can be very difficult at times. The load times are pretty quick and checkpoints are well placed, so death isn't a frustration. The difficulty feels fair most of the time and most of the time my deaths felt fair. There was one fight that took me 3 hours to beat but that was a fringe case. I also felt very good when I finally beat it, despite that one fight being ridiculous. The trophy list is a few easy feats of skill, story trophies and a new game plus run. The new game plus run is the hardest trophy since new game plus is basically Ronin's hard mode. The most important changes to new game plus is that you start with every skill unlocked, setting off an alarm will basically be a death, and enemies with automatic weapons will adjust their aim while firing towards you. Ronin is a short game with 15 short levels and I took 5 hours to complete the game on my first playthrough. My NG+ run took around 8, mostly because of that one fight. I backed up my save in case my save file got corrupted after that fight because it was that hard.
  10. Cut Content? - Steins;Gate: My Darling's Embrace If you played Steins;Gate before, this game is just more of the same but without an overarching story; at least from what I can tell from playing the game for 5 hours. It seems like the game is a bunch of shorter, not connected stories. I like it. It feels like scenes deleted from Steins;Gate that would not have fit well the pace and tone of that game. If you haven't played Steins;Gate before, it is a visual novel where you have a flip-phone! Also, a time machine that doesn't give you nosebleeds but the flip-phone is more important and exciting. The flip-phone is mostly used for responding to E-mails, activating the time machine, make story changing decisions and other phone things. I don't have much more to say about Steins;Gate: My Darling's Embrace. It feels exactly like Steins;Gate with a couple of smalls bells and whistles too minor to mention. Also, the skip function is the fastests I've seen in recent memory. Oh, I almost forgot to talk about the trophy list I haven't completed. It's get all the endings and see all of the content as far as I can tell.
  11. I Need Coffee - Octodad: Dadliest Catch In Octodad: Dadliest Catch, you play as an octopus in a suit with a human wife and two human children. Nobody knows you're an octopus and the goal of the game is to make sure nobody finds out. You're supposed to do whatever task the game asks you to do without smacking anybody in the face too much or getting seen doing anything socially unacceptable. You're allowed to mess up a quite a bit but if mess up too much, you will start over at the last checkpoint. The catch is that the controls are a bit terrible. You have two legs and an arm to work with. You can control the arm and legs with left stick; you hold or to select a leg to move. You also move the right stick up and down to raise and lower your arm. You press X to pick up objects. The controls and movement work but are not very precise. Your limbs tend to flail around and get stuck on objects. I got myself stuck in a door for 5 minutes once; I was trying to clip through it but got stuck. The levels are built around the controls, mostly. The trophy list is mostly just collecting ties and mostly performing random feats of "skill". I played the Vita version of Octodad, the trophy list is smaller and has some exclusive trophies but is worth 15 more points with a couple silvers and a gold. I had issues with 2 trophies and a couple of ties. I feel like I got lucky with a few potentially difficult ones though. The trophy where you need to pull all the weeds without stepping on any flowers was difficult because of the controls and the dancing trophy was hard too because of the controls. Fortunately, you can reload from the last checkpoint anytime if you mess up. Octodad: Dadliest Catch was okay. My experience was more positive than negative but I found the game a bit dull.
  12. Why is the Blood Pink - Danganronpa 1.2 Reload Danganronpa 1.2 Reload is one of those games that's multiple games in one. It's Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair in one game with one trophy list. I've only played several hours of Trigger Happy Havoc and haven't touched the second game. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc is a very good game. The plot is 15 high school students are prisoners in a high school they're not allowed to leave. Some unknown character is keeping them there for reasons I'm not far enough to know or understand. There is an annoying bear mascot thing that enforces the rules and encourages the students to kill each other but he doesn't seem like the true mastermind to me. Oh, the students are allowed to leave if they murder somebody and get away with it. All the students get a few hours to be detectives and try to figure who the killer is before there is a trial. The trial is basically held to figure out who the killer is before everyone votes. If the killer is found guilty, they're executed. If anybody else is found guilty, the killer gets to leave the school and everyone else is executed. Oh, whoever is behind the whole game knows who did it because they're are cameras everywhere and breaking them is against the rules; any rule violation is punished by death. The gameplay reminds me of Ace Attorney with a bit of Persona. Before someone gets murdered, have some time to hang out with the other students. You're allowed to choose who you spend your time with in a few limited time slots. Choose wisely since characters will die and you'll no longer be able to hang out with them. You gain new skills to help in trials by hanging out with people. Once somebody gets murdered, you walk around the school looking for clues until you find them all. Then you go to the trial and things get a little hard to explain. Other students will say things related to the case, mostly, and sometimes the text will be a different color. It might be a contradiction that you need to shoot with a gun, with the correct "evidence bullet" to prove the contradiction. It makes more sense when you play the game. There were a few other mini-games in the trail, like hangman and a rhythm game. Trials are a fun time even if I don't understand what is happening. I really enjoy Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. The story is very engaging. The gameplay is good too. I spent 7 hours playing the game and I didn't notice. The blood in this game is pink for reasons unbeknownst to me. I don't object, I just find it strange.
  13. All Your Cards Belong to Me Good news everyone! I collected every available card in The Witcher 3 base game, so I don't have to play the card game anymore. The card game is fun but having to challenge everyone in sight to earn all the cards was a bit annoying. I noticed on my quest for all the cards, that most no-name-NPC blacksmiths and innkeepers had unique dialogue. It's a nice little touch that most people probably wouldn't see or notice. I'll have to play the card game again and collect another set of cards but there is a quest marker to every NPC I need to challenge, so it will be a little nicer. It will be nice to get back to whatever else one does in The Witcher 3 besides play cards. I was bored one evening recently and finished Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 3: V Generation. It's a remake of Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory with a bit of new content and some combat changes. The changes are that your characters' SP is capped at 1000, you'll generate SP when landing you hit and EXE Drive attacks use up a character's SP instead of having its own bar, shared by everyone. Also, you don't unlock a character's EXE Drive attack by level up, you unlock it after using skills 100 times. I didn't know that until I was 90% through the game. Have the game mechanic I used to base my entire strategy around was unavailable to me for most of my playthrough didn't cause me much trouble but made the game feel different. The trophy list was pretty much the same as Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory but with Stella's Dungeon; so worse because of Stella. The 100 million credit trophy was a lot harder than in the original because the old method doesn't exist in this game. Instead, you fight the same coliseum battle to earn a blade that sells for half a million credits about 100 times (it sounds bad but each fight takes under 30 seconds and you're also leveling your characters to 99 at the same time), then you buy and sell outfits (it has to be outfits since they sell for 50% of their original value, while other items only sell for 10%-20%) to earn the rest. I also had trouble with the completing 100 guild quests trophies but that was mostly my fault. I didn't notice the trophy pop, so I spent 3 hours completing extra quests for a trophy I already got. List in Spoiler
  14. It's a Little Dark - Deadlight Directors Cut Deadlight is a cinematic platformer zombie game. You play as Randall, a very athletic survivor with very little personality, who gets the occasional traumatic flashback. The plot is that Randall gets separated from his friends because of a zombie attack (they're called shadows in the game but they're basically zombies). They all agree in the moment to meet up at the military safe zone across the city. The whole game is Randall's adventure getting to the military safe zone. The gameplay consists of platforming, some puzzle solving and a bit of shooting. Randall is very acrobatic and has a wide range of platforming abilities. They're all very responsive and feel natural to pull off. There is a stamina bar that's used up when hanging from ledges and the like but it drains fairly slowly; I never found stamina an issue when platforming. Stamina is used when melee attacking and it doesn't last long at all. Melee is unreliable at best, so I always tried to avoid doing it. Your other combat options are guns, a revolver and shotgun. The cool thing about guns in this game is that pressing L1 will only load 1 bullet/shell but if you rapidly tap L1, you can reload very fast. The guns themselves are very accurate and will kill a zombie if you shoot them in the head. The art style of Deadlight is very dark. Your character and the zombies are almost completely black, making hard to see zombies and even the character you're controlling sometimes. For about 75% of the game the art style didn't cause any vision issues but there was particular section where I had a lot of trouble. The environment was too dark to see, lost track of my character fairly easily and usually fell into some instant death trap. Oh yes, there ate a lot of hazards that will instantly kill you in Deadlight; most are fair but there are some nasty ones that give you a second to react. In addition to the story mode there is a survival mode. In survival mode, you're thrown into a level and have to scavenge weapons and ammo to survive while endless massive waves of zombies try to kill you. Survival mode has 2 new weapons, an assault rifle and molotov cocktails. The assault rifle is the only weapon that's good enough to keep you alive against the massive hordes but doesn't have a lot of ammo (I never found any supple points for assault rifle ammo). Molotov cocktails are very good at getting a massive number of kills but if you accidentally set yourself on fire (it very easy to accidentally set yourself on fire), you're dark, crispy and dead. I found survival mode very difficult to play the legitimate way and only lasted 6 minutes on my best run. Unfortunately, survival mode has two trophies tied to it; surviving for 13 minutes and 43 seconds, and getting 200 kills. There is one spot where you're mostly safe and you can farm kills, so those two trophies become plausible. Speaking of trophies, the list is fairly straight forward and simple with one major exception. The majority of the trophies are story, stuff you'll probably do naturally, and collectables. The collectables are done well; most are easy to find and there were a handful I missed because they were in tricky spots. There is a level select feature and all the levels are short so it's easy to go back and collect them. The game will even tell you how many collectables you're missing and what level they're in. The only trophy that is a true challenge is completing nightmare mode (it's the only one I haven't done yet). The thing that makes nightmare hard is that you can't save your game and there are only 2 checkpoints; one of them is at the start of act 2 and the other is at the start of act 3. Deadlight is only 3-5 hours long, so it could be worse, right? Deadlight is a very fun romp with good platforming. The story is a little blah and sometimes it's too dark to see what you're doing. Everything else is well done. I appreciate the challenge the trophy list has.
  15. Watch Your Step - Corpse Party: Blood Drive (there will be spoilers for the Corpse Party series) Corpse Party: Blood Drive is a sequel to Corpse Party, Corpse Party: Book of Shadows and the strange birthday "spin-off but not", allegedly. It's kind of important to at least play the first one since the game continues the story and doesn't take much time to explain what happened. The plot of Corpse Party ( Corpse Party spoilers ahead) is that 7 high school, a middle schooler and their teacher preform a black magic "friendship" ritual that goes horrible wrong and sends them to a horrible murder school dimension. If you get the best ending, only half of them die, the murder school dimension gets mostly destroyed and everyone else makes it back with varying degrees of emotional trauma. The only important plot that happens in Book of Shadows (spoilers) is that Ayumi finds a magic book, called The Book of Shadows, tries a spell to revive her dead friends but fails miserably. She almost dies but is saved from death at last second by her sister. The plot of Blood Drives picks up 2 months later when Ayumi gets out of the hospital. This Aiko girl more or less demands Ayumi to go back to the murder school, known as Heavenly Host, to grab the Book of Shadows. Ayumi agrees to go back since she wants to try reviving her dead friends again. The gameplay consists of visual novel sections and 3D exploration sections. The visual novel sections are nothing too special. The character art looks fine and is expressive enough. Sometimes the 3D character models from the exploration sections act out he scenes in the background. The visual novels sections are very common, especially in the first 3 chapters and tends to interrupt the exploration frequently. The 3D exploration consists of walking careful around Heavenly Host until something spooky and deadly shows up. Hazards are everywhere in the school. There is broken wood and glass that deals a little damage when you walk on it. There is piano wire too that will deal a lot of damage but you can remove it. Fleshy bits of... school flesh are everywhere too and you also don't want to step on those; tentacles could grab you or an enemy could spawn. Oh, there is also enemies that will chase you around and deal damage of they catch you. Your only defense is to hide in a closet or have a talisman on you. Talismans are consumable items that used upon getting hit; they'll either defeat the attacker or absorb a hit depending on the enemy. You must manage your health so you don't die. You can heal up by saving at save points or using bandages. In addition to managing your health, you must also manage your darkening. Darkening is a sanity mechanic; it increases from taking damage from some enemies and interacting with objects multiple times (it takes 50 object interactions before you die). The only effect a high darkening will have on the game is that the screen will get all staticy. The static effect was so subtle the first time I encountered it, that I thought I was imagining it but it gets super obvious when you're close to death. You can clear darkening by interacting with certain statues. There is a third resource you need to manage, if you want. It's your flashlight/torch/phone. It's basically your only light source and it will run out of battery. The game is bright enough (with no help from my Vita's brightness settings) that you can see but having the flashlight makes it a lot nicer. You get about 10 minutes of light with 1 set of batteries. You can angle the flashing with the right stick and turn it off with L to save battery, There is also a cheat to give yourself unlimited battery, press the select button once (I discovered the cheat by mistake). There is no consequence to using the cheat but it won't revive your flashlight if you're out of battery. So far, I like Corpse Party: Blood Drive. I enjoy the story and want to finish it. I enjoy the exploration gameplay a lot. I find the setting very spooky; I was the most scared walking the halls with nothing happening. I also have a few negatives to bring up. The chibi-ish style of the 3D models makes the enemies less scary. Their tactics have been a little too simple for me so far. As far I can tell, they stand in one spot and run after you if the spot you. They will chase you from 1 end of the school to the other and never give up unless you hide in a closet or use a talisman. They also seem to be very observant and will run at you screaming from off screen before you even spot them in my experience. The game's load times feel a few seconds too long and are frequent. The game needs to load every time you go through a door or opening your menu. The times are long enough to through the flow of a chase off (enemies can and will chase you through doors) and the only way to accurately see your health is by opening the menu. Also, the frame rate stutters a bit when enemies appear and you trip on holes in the floor. The frame rate stutter also made the game feel a bit more creepy. The music is a bit forgettable and I actually thought the game was silent until I made an effort to listen to it. Your character's footsteps also don't make sound; it's not a deal breaker but it does bother me. The trophy list so far has been good. The trophies range from getting all the ending for each chapter, dying under specific conditions, a no-hit chapter run, a zero darkening chapter run, beating a whole chapter without using your flashlight and some collectables (most of them you don't have to pay attention for). Collecting every name tag from every dead body looks to be the most painful trophy of the list. I found a lot of them already and I'm only on the forth chapter. The bodies are never that hidden and the game keeps very good track of the name tags you already picked up. I really like Corpse Party: Blood Drive. The story is good enough to keep me interested and the gameplay is fun, spooky and mostly enjoyable. I really want to play some more as soon as I can.