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  1. Running But I'm Not Fast Enough I've mainly been playing Rabi-Ribi and a bit of Witcher 3 while making a little bit of progress in a couple of other games. The Rabi-Ribi progress was mostly some minor stuff and a boss rush was completed. I have been working very hard on the speedrun but that has not materialized into a trophy yet. I have learned a lot of cool tricks and hidden game mechanics during my many failed attempts. Witcher 3 is like Final Fantasy 9; I spend more time challenging everyone to cards then playing the actual game. The actual game is pretty good so far. After the tutorial, most of the quests and enemies are too high level for me. It hasn't been too much of problem since I've been able to defeat enemies so high level they had a skull next to their life bar; it took twenty minutes of stabbing and all my equipment was broken by the end of it. I'd pick on enemies and do quests more appropriate to my level but I can't find any. That minor problem will probably buff itself out in time, hopefully. List
  2. Congratulations on finishing! Long Overdue Since my last update I have completed L.A. Noire; that was two months ago. I also completed Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty and that was only a week ago. I have also made progress towards Persona 4 Golden, Persona 5 Royal and Quantum Conundrum. L.A. Noire was a long time ago but I remember not liking it until a bit before the halfway point, then I really liked the game. The game is very slow to play and there is no option to skip anything. It made going back to 5 star cases a pain. Oddworld 'n' Tasty is a cinematic platformer where you solve puzzles, rescue idiots, and try not to get yourself or your allies (unless you're jerk or going for a certain trophy) killed. That last part happens a lot since 90% of hazards and enemies are instant-death; you almost forget you have a health bar while playing on easy and normal. The constant death is offset by well placed checkpoints and the ability to quickly save an load with the touch pad. Quick saving and loading is very useful for the speedrun since quick loading is faster then respawning at a checkpoint (the animation for respawning at a checkpoint takes a few seconds while quick loading has no animation). The Oddworld trophy list looked very intimidating but was a lot easier than I thought it would be. It was a 3 playthrough (the game is very short and take 8 hours if you are playing very slowly) affair for me and I didn't run into anything too difficult for me. A lot of the trophies I got without any effort. Rescuing everyone is really annoying without a guide since a lot of Mudokons are hidden in secret areas that are very hard to find. Fortunately, most stages have zero to few secret areas to keep track off. Saving everyone and completing the game in under 3 hours wasn't that bad either. Most levels I only had to play once or twice to get a good time and usually the second attempt was because I forgot to save someone or I was having trouble with a part and reset too early. My "good" runs had multiple deaths and were not very well optimized. List is in the full spoiler tag.
  3. My Hands are About to Break, So I'm Writing an Update I've been playing a lot of Persona 4 Golden and Rabi-Ribi this past week. I'm making good progress on both games but only one counts toward the event. In Rabi-Ribi, I did encounter a small roadblock when fighting the final post-game boss. The game (I was playing the Vita version) would tend crash during the fight during 80% percent of my attempts. I managed to figure out the game would only crashed during a particul attack the boss did, while I was attacking the boss during that move. I just didn't attack while she was preforming that move and the game didn't crash anymore. The fight was still relatively difficult after that but being able to actually play the fight was nice. I still have a very long way to go with Rabi-Ribi. I have post-post game quests and bosses, collecting all of the things, a speedrun, a 0% items run, 2 boss rushes and completing the game while not getting bit by a single spike. The last one is going to be very hard for me since I tend to fall into spikes at every possible oppurtunity. I also completed Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma. It's a bloody little game where you solve escape room puzzles, then make decisions that may or may not get everyone killed. It was okay. List
  4. Missed me. I got 127 last time.
  5. Stella Sucks I manged to finish one more game before the event ended. Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2 is the last game I managed to finish. Re;Birth 2 is a very faithful remake of Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2. It used the same combat system from Victory, added a new possible ending, swapped out some minor characters and added some "new" playable characters. There is also the addition of an infamous "mini-game" called Stella's Dungeon. It has all the fun selecting equipment from a menu, waiting around for hours at a time and hoping Stella doesn't die. The last dungeon takes Stella 25 real world hours to complete. This one feature and trophy took me a additional 5 days to get the plat. Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 is my least favorite main series Neptunia. Re;Birth2 hasn't changed my mind on that. The change in battle system doesn't effect the gameplay too much; with the exception of making the Delphinus fight harder. L.A. Noire - 100% Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy - 2% Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight - 100% 428: Shibuya Scramble Steins;Gate 0 - 10% Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 - 26%
  6. I'm signing up too. Sorry for being so late. 超次次元ゲイム ネプテューヌRe;Birth1+- 15% Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3: V Generation - 13% Our World is Ended - 9% Mary Skelter Nightmares - 17% √Letter: Last Answer - 0% Corpse Party: Blood Drive - 0% Zero Time Dilemma - 0% Little Dragons Café - 25% Rabi-Ribi - 13% Persona 5 Royal - 21% The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition - 0% Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy - 2% Valkyria Revolution - 14% Steins;Gate 0 - 10% Corpse Party: Blood Drive - 0% 428: Shibuya Scramble - 0% Azur Lane: Crosswave - 0% Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time - 0%
  7. I thought the W was silent and pronounced it Pog.
  8. Aurora Histoire is Being Chased by a Shiba Inu! It's time to reflect on all 10 games I played for KYC 13. 10 games was a lot but I had a hard time getting it down just 10. I'll order them from worst to best based on my highly subjective opinion. Most of the games were good, so it was hard to order them. Drive Girls It's okay. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with the game and it can be fun. Drive Girls was probably the least interesting game of the bunch. I did have some fun with Drive Girls. Kotodama: The Seven Mysteries of Fujisawa We don't talk about this one. Toyko Dark: Remembrance Tokyo Dark: Remembrance was a horor point and click that I didn't scare me very much. It was more of making choices and living with the consequences of your actions. Most choices are either good or bad. The bad choices are usually easier and doing good things requires a little more backtracking. I have to admit that the game makes some of the bad choices very tempting to do and they can be fun. I liked how there wasn't really a ending was all shine and rainbows for everyone. I'll never forget about the Nyan Nyan Pancakes; those pancakes where the best part of the game for me. Mirror's Edge Catalyst Depending on the mood I'm in, I may say that Mirror's Edge is my favorite game. Mirror's Edge Catalyst isn't as good for some reason. The combat is a lot better. I feel like the level design wasn't as good. There were a few really good levels and sections though. There are a lot more collectables then the first game and I don't like collectables unless they're done well or the game is a collectathon. I don't enjoy the new boost mechanic since it devolves into spamming the same button a lot. Our World Is Ended I really enjoyed the characters and am interested where the story will go. I only got to chapter 4 but I somehow have 12 hours of game time. Some of it I probably spent AFK but I'm not sure if the very long or I'm just slow. Yakuza: Dead Souls Dead Souls is a very fun game. It's a lot shooting zombies and shooting environmental obects so they explode; it's very fun. There is also a lot of side content and mini-games to play. Yakuza: Dead Souls is type of game I can spend an afternoon accomplishing nothing while still having fun. Both the main story and sub-stories have been entertaining. Ghost Parade Ghost Parade is really nice to look at. The 2D platforming was really fun but a little awkward sometimes. The combat is good and could be a good challenge, if you weren't given more healing potions then you could use in a life time. I forgot to mention last time that there is evidence of a potion brewing system in the game. There are notes potion recipes and ingredients but I never figured out how to use the ingredients. There is a potion brewing mini-game where you need to brew the potion a customer orders but it only required 5 of the recipes and I found around ten recipes. Mary Skelter Nightmares I really liked this RPG because it was very tactical and complicated (at leastcompared to the RPGs I usually play). I liked customizable the characters movesets and stats are. The story has been interesting so far. Rabi-Ribi I wasn't expecting Rabi-Ribi to be as good as it is. It is as close to perfection as a game can be. The gameplay is a blend of metroidvania and bullet hell; on paper it doesn't sound like it would work but it practice, it works surprisingly well. The gameplay is super addicting when I get into it. The boss fights can be very difficult but fair. The exploration is fun and rewarding. Rabi-Ribi has one of the more challenging and interesting trophy I've even seen. The soundtrack is constantly good. There hasn't been a single track I didn't like and been several I loved. Nippon Marathon There were a couple of games where I knew there exact location whould be before writing this. I knew Drive Girls was going to be on top and Nippon Marathon was going to be on the bottom. Nippon Marathon is more of a fever dream then a game, but It's the best fever dream I've ever had. Nippon Marathon is about running a race while avoiding obstacles. It's easier said then done since the obstacles range from simple hurdles to hit squad of Shiba Inu. The games physics are a bit janky but usually consistent. Nippon Marathon's story is a bit insane and fun to experience. The shopping cart bowling party mode is the best bowling game ever made. The level design is good; the levels are usually simple enough to platform through with ease but occasionally have a few more difficult sections. Simply playing Nippon Marathon is a lot of fun. Xenon Racer (bonus) Alright, the 1 noteworthy game I played that wasn't on my list was Xenon Racer. It's a drift heavy racing game. You race futuristic vehicles that gain boost by drifting. I found the vehicle handling reasonable good. I didn't like boosting on tracks since you're required to use it a lot if you want to win and it made the vehicles handle worse while using it, causing me to crash into walls a lot. The AI was a good challenge for me, even if I was on easy because I suck at racing games. The game a online mode but it's a ghost town. You don't need other players to get the online trophies since the game will fill the open slots with AI. There is a 2-player local mode trophy that requires a second controller. There are time trials but they were very easy overall for me. There were 2 race tracks that gave me trouble but all the others I completed on my first try. Overall, I had a lot of fun with Xenon racer.
  9. Our World Is Ended:Our World Is Ended Our World Is Ended is the textbook definition of a visual novel. There is a aircraft carriers worth of text to read and you press the X button a lot. There are also choices you can make that effect how the story plays out. The only deviation from the typical visual novel Our World is Ended takes is how you make your choices, sometimes. Your options will fly across the screen and/or pop up at random. The speed is fast enough that I felt tension while having enough time to read them all. Your options will disappear relatively quickly and be replaced by new options. There is also the choice of letting the all the options fly past and not making a choice. Well, choices appear sometimes. There are the static, take your time, choices too. It's about a 3:3 ratio between the two types of choices. The plot of Our World Is Ended is centered around '7 game devolpers'. The protagonist and player character Reiji is a part-timer that does pretty much anything anybody tells him to do. Owari is the boss who primarily works on programming and company management. Owari is also a major pervert. Iruka NO.2 is a weirdo who screams a lot and never takes off his sunglasses. Iruka is the writer of all the games. Natsumi is a anti-social artist. Asano is the team's sound designer. Asano is generally very anger, getting drunk any chance she gets, punching all the guys when they're being perverts and is tone-deaf. Yuno is Asano's air headed little sister; I don't know what her job is. Last is Tatiana, the middle school genius; she is a programmer. The plot so far is that when the development team was testing out their VR headset devices, they bugged out. The glitch trapped the whole development team (minus Tatiana since she wasn't there at the time) in a VR version of they're office and part of the surrounding area. It's mostly the same as the real world minus the slug tentacle monster that comes out at night. The team gets has that strange adventure for 2 days, they get back to the real world and they have only been gone for a hour or two. After that, nothing noteworthy happened until Owari figures out what caused the glitch to happen. I stopped playing at that point. I really liked reading... I mean playing Our World Is Ended. I really like most of the characters and the couple I'm huge fans of are not constantly being annoying. I've only 3 so far but there has already been a lot of content. So much that question that I question some of the scenes that have been included. That worst offender was when Reiji and Iruka order lunch at a restaurant; that's the whole scene, there is no deep character bonding moment or anything story progressing. I'm very excited to play more and can't wait to see where the story will go in the end.
  10. A new team has formed, Trophy Tea Time! Members: @Naomie_Len @BigImty @SyIaris @scemopagliaccioh @AuroraHistoire Team Representative: @AuroraHistoire Larger logo in the spoiler tag. Credit to @Naomie_Len for the logo.
  11. Yes, I have Dark Souls. L.A. Noire?
  12. Gross, I Got Blood on my Shoes ~ Mary Skelter: Nightmares I feel like have found another hidden gem. It may be a little early to declare that since I'm only on the third dungeon. Mary Skelter: Nightmares is a very deep turn based RPG. It's deep I don't know where to start. The plot from what I've been able to gather so far is that everyone is stuck in terrible nightmare jail where monsters, called Marchens, torture everyone. Our two protagonists, Jack and Alice, were sitting around when Red Riding Hood breaks Alice out of her cell. Jack also follows them. Red Riding Hood tells Alice that she's one of the few Blood Maidens in the Jail. Blood Maidens are the only people that can use special Anti-Marchen weapons and kill Marchens consistently. When Blood Maidens get enough Marchen blood on them, they enter Massacre mode, where the get temporarily stronger. Sadly Red Riding Hood forgot to mention the part where if a blood maiden gets upset, they'll enter Blood Skelter. Blood Skelter is very bad since Blood Maidens will go insane and kill anything that moves. Alice turns Blood Skelter 5 minutes after meeting Red Riding Hood, so Red Riding Hood was going to kill her since there is no cure to Blood Skelter. Jack tries calm Alice down but gets stabbed and bleeds all over Alice. Alice recovers from Blood Skelter since Jack's Blood has special anti-Blood Skelter properties. Red Riding Hood leads Alice and carries Jack to the Liberated District. The Liberated District is the one area of Jail where there are no Marchens and life is torture free. Alice and Jack are lowkey forced to join the Dawn. The Dawn is a organisation that is trying to escape the jail. They mainly give the Blood Maidens missions and provide support. Jack gets a special gun that allows him to shoot his blood since his blood prevents Blood Skelter. The gameplay portion of Mary Skelter: Nightmares first person dungeon exploration and turn based battles. The dungeon exploration is fun since there are puzzles to solve, traps to avoid and a map to fill out. I was consistently filling the map of each area as much a possible. All the areas are connected and the world is very big. The encounter rate feels low, so you're not consistently being interupted by random encounters. There are also strong boss monsters that lurk around called Nightmares, that occasionally chase you; nightmares are very scary. In battles, you control Jack and a party of 5 Blood Maidens. Jack plays differently from the others since he can't attack. Jack is the only one who can use items and he can use himself as a shield to block a attack or two; he usually gets knocked out after 1 hit but he will tank 2-3 hits sometimes. The most important thing Jack does is prevent and cure Blood Skelter with his blood gun. Jack has limited blood and will faint if you use too much; you can recover blood by letting Jack rest a turn. The Blood Maidens can attack with their weapons and use skills. Skills require SP and can be physical attacks, magical attacks, buffs, debuffs or healing. The more unique mechanics involve creating blood splatters by hitting an enemies weakness and overkilling enemies. If you blood splatter enough, the Blood Maidens will access Massacre mode. Massacre mode will increase stats and give you access to addition low SP cost skills. There is also the chance they'll enter Blood Skelter, which is even stronger and they may even attack multiple times a turn but you have no control over them; they'll also attack teamates and themselves. Outside of battle, there is a lot of character customization. Each characters has 5 possible character classes they can be. Each class has their active and passive skills as well unique stat distribution and weapon access. You're allowed to mix and match active skills from other classes, if you been that class before. Learning skills costs skill points. You gain 1 skill point everytime a character levels up. Anyway, I enjoy Mary Skelter: Nightmares a lot. I was feeling a little brave and decided to play at the highest difficulty. The game is brutal at that difficulty and boss fight take 30-60 minutes. Success depends on understanding and using all the game mechanics to give you every possible advantage to win. I love that. I'm constantly having a good time while playing. I'm also enjoying the story and most of the characters so far. I like the music so far but there isn't much track variety. The visuals look good by Vita standards. There is also a cool visual effect where when you make blood splatters in combat, there will be blood splatters where the battle took place in the dungeon. They also seem to be permanent, which amazes me.
  13. Drive Girls is Like Transformers but with Scantily Clad Anime Girls Drive Girls a basic hack 'n slash game where you can transform into a car. You mostly just fight bug creatures and drive around between groups of enemies. You can switch between two forms at any time. Human form is basic hack 'n slash gameplay with light and heavy attack combos as well as the ability to dodge. Car form turns the game into an arcade racing game a bit. Car form controls like a car but you can easily pull of sick drifts and boost. You can damage bugs in car mode by driving into them at speed (more speed = more damage). You have a Gear Meter that fills by landing hits with 6 levels, that gives you a damage and defense multiplier as it fills. There is also a EP (Energy Points) meter that fills by landing light attacks and hitting enemies while you're a car. EP is used as ammunition for your gun, boosts and can be spent to fill your Gear Meter. I didn't use the guns much since they're cumbersome to equip/unequip and you only gets about 2 shots with a full EP meter. The level design is very basic. It's most of the levels are linear roads with old trucks and mines litered between enemy groups. Mines are very annoying since they block the entire road and your only options to cross them safely are to boost over them or jump over them in human form. There are a few races in the game but they all use the same track, and that track isn't very interesting. The plot is that alien bug monsters invaded an island. The island was successfully evacuated without any casualties and without any civilians finding out about the bug. Whatever secret government organisation that was responsible for dealing with the bug problem, thought three people with some hi-tech energy weapons could handle it. Oh, and 1 of 3 is just support who doesn't actually fight bugs. That elite task force is called Drive Girls. Meanwhile, our main protagonist, Lancier, was running late to her ERT exams but by happenstance got there early. Them Lancier decided to help somebody who was lost and then was 20 minutes late for her ERT exam. The leader of Drive Girls happened to be in the area and gave Lancier a basic test that Lancier passed. Lancier thought the test was a make-up ERT exam but it was to join Drive Girls. Yeah, the beginning of plot that gather up. Drive Girls doesn't explain it's world too well. The whole being able to transform into a car is never explained. As far as I can tell, everyone can do it and it's not a special ability. Drive Girls has both a story mode and a online/local co-op mode. I've completed the story mode and have touched the online a bit. The online is playable by yourself. I had a pretty rough time with the single player, difficulty wise. My experience more postive then negative. I had fun but I can't recommend this to anyone.
  14. I'll sign up. Put me in the "looking for a team list " please.
  15. Zom Zom Panic 2: Part 1 ~ Yakuza: Dead Souls Alright, 3 days and15+ hours of game time later, I've accomplished relatively little. Yakuza: Dead Souls is like any another Yakuza game (probably, I haven't played the others) but with more Zombies and guns. In Yakuza: Dead Souls, you shoot a lot of zombies and play a lot of mini-games. There are too many mini-games to list but I'll list several anyway. There is Koi-Koi, golf, table tennis, blackjack, bowling, darts, UFO catcher, pachinko, shogi and more I can't remember. All the minigames have a good amount depth and most are very fun. The actual gameplay involves running around and shooting zombies. The game will pretty much aim for you as long as you're looking in the general direction of a zombie. You can also manual aim while holding ; you can't move but it's useful for hitting weak spots. You can kick to knock back zombies and dodge roll to evade attacks. The weapons available in the game are pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, rifles (assault and sniper), gatling guns, anti-materiel rifles and grenade launchers. All weapons require you to scrounge up ammo except pistols. There are environmental object you can pick up to beat zombies to death with, if you want to kill zombies slower. There is also a meter that fills up by shooting zombies called your heat snipe gauge. Once it's filled, you can snipe an object to make it explode and kill all zombies close by. The enemy variety is pretty good. You have basic zombies that are numerous in numbers and run directly at you. They're pretty easy to kill and only take 2-3 pistol shots to kill. Occasionally they may have a melee weapon or throw molotov cocktails. The molotov zombies are annoying but usually set their allies and themselves on fire. The more specialized and dangerous zombies are called mutants. They usually either specialize in attack power or agility; in addition to special abilities. They're not too difficult to defeat once you know what to do but they're fun to defeat. The story of the game is that zombies happen but the Self Defense Force is decent at containing the outbreak. They set up a bunch of walls and everything is mostly okay. Then some zombies get out a little and then the quarantine zone gets larger. That's all that really happened during the first 2 chapters. The characters you play as mostly mess about and kill zombies while not contributing much to the overall plot. The playable characters are Akiyama, Majima, Goda and Kiryu. They all play the same but get their own unique weapon. There is a leveling system that gives you more HP everytime you level up and you get 1-3 skill points to spend on new moves or passive abilities. Your level and abilities are shared across all the characters, so you don't have to level them up individually. Yakuza: Dead Souls is a very fun game. I've already spent hours messing about and accomplishing very little. The gameplay is very good and I enjoy the writing so far (both the serious and silly side). There is a lot of stuff to do and most of it is pretty good. The only problem I've found with the game is that it suffers from some major slowdown at times when there is a lot going on and explosions make it worse. There are times where the game would run at the speed of a flip book. Most of the time, the game is perfectly fine. The game is more than fun enough to look past the occasional performance issue.