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  1. I see, thank you
  2. Hello guys, i've recently deleted my 0% Call of duty World at war game on my trophy list but as you can see it won't go away on i screwed?
  3. Wow you managed to plat so many hard games in no time, i'm impressed Super Meat Boy and if i could choose another one Titan souls
  4. Wait so if install all the dlcs i'll have problems finding a match? Is that way i can't seem to find anybody? I've been trying all day.. EDIT: After deleting all dlcs i got the trophy 20minutes later
  5. Hello guys, i was about to buy all the dlcs for this game but the versions of the first and second dlc are only for the [GER] version of the game (at least that's what i think it means)...if i buy them will i be able to play all the maps without any problems? Links: Screenshot: UPDATE: As DEYBAJ said once you buy these dlcs you will be able to download every possible version of it.
  6. Dead Rising I would love to play it and try to get the platinum myself but 7 Day Survivor requires too much effort....
  7. This happened on every store, only uk is not affected
  8. I bought the code for Disaster report 4, everything went fine. I went first without any problems.
  9. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Someday i'll do it myself
  10. Are the multiplayer trophies hard to get? Will they take forever to get? (asking people who already played GW1/GW2)
  11. I read from other users that i can finish the game (offline) and then do the trick without resetting the memory this correct? It's a long game
  12. Hello guys i've just done the trick. If i were to turn off the console now will i lose everything or is the trick permanent? I still have to play the game..