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  1. As the title say, don't buy it. Sadly there is a bug that stops every ~10seconds the game (it goes on the pause menu).
  2. I also had the same problem, if you change user and then change again to your main it goes away. Try this next time
  3. I'm looking for any VR MegaPack psn keys (eu)
  4. Did they fix it?
  5. Keep in mind that "Killing any NPC (deal the final blow) with Soulsucker, Poison Cloud, Death Cloud, or other environmental kills (death by falling, bonfire, poison or plague) will not trigger a change in Character Tendency." Also, i suggest you read this
  6. Really fast loading screen ( I've only played Astro, Demon's Souls, COD Cold War ), but the main improvement is the controller. Sadly everytime i play more than a hour i can smell burnt plastic. Some videos have showed that the memory reaches ~95°C (while playing Astro). That can't be good. Source:
  7. It never happened to me, but i only played for about 3 hours. ( i have the European|Digital Version, maybe this matters)
  8. It also happened to me the first time i played this. It felt like it was a way to load something. But luckily it's not happening anymore (I'm also playing offline now, if that matters)
  9. You are saying that the system is flawed but look at your profile... If you consider this a problem, but you still give money to these developers then you are part of the problem.
  10. Are you really sure about this? I just played 4 games where i got at least 30k points on each game and i still didn't get the trophy
  11. I see, thank you
  12. Hello guys, i've recently deleted my 0% Call of duty World at war game on my trophy list but as you can see it won't go away on i screwed?
  13. Wow you managed to plat so many hard games in no time, i'm impressed Super Meat Boy and if i could choose another one Titan souls
  14. Wait so if install all the dlcs i'll have problems finding a match? Is that way i can't seem to find anybody? I've been trying all day.. EDIT: After deleting all dlcs i got the trophy 20minutes later
  15. Hello guys, i was about to buy all the dlcs for this game but the versions of the first and second dlc are only for the [GER] version of the game (at least that's what i think it means)...if i buy them will i be able to play all the maps without any problems? Links: Screenshot: UPDATE: As DEYBAJ said once you buy these dlcs you will be able to download every possible version of it.