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  1. I have been playing ranked a lot, and I have earned 2M until now, I think you just play and enjoy the ranked or whatever mode you like and you will get it eventually, I know the game will die after 2 year or less because I bet they’ll release Fighterz 2, then you grind what’s left, and I agree with @jrdemr you get a lot of zeni form the developers
  2. #9 The walking dead: the final season The final season I was wrong about this game being trash, the first 2 episodes was boring as fuxk, but the 3rd and 4th episodes were amazing in my opinion, I really recommend this game it’s better then season 2 and the new frontier, and now I have all of the walking dead games.
  3. LoL, I can’t believe some people don’t know that, if you choose scissors all the time, your chances of wining is almost 90%
  4. It’s not worth it tho
  5. Thank you for the reply, I like to get the limited time events costumes
  6. I play ranked a lot in This game and I wonder, let’s say I have 10M Zeni, and then spend 5M, will I get the 20M Zeni trophy when I reach15M
  7. I finished elite season 2 last night, and it was really better then I expected, season 3 is going to be amazing 

  8. #7 the walking dead: season 1 Not much to say everyone played this, I think this my favorite walking dead because I like the cast so much especially Kenny. I’m getting the platinum in the whole series, so season 2 is next.
  9. "Sorry" the flag will stay then
  10. Yeah I noticed that
  11. What you think about trophy list?
  12. Well the community isn’t always right, I don’t think you would have said the same thing if the flag was about to hurt your account
  13. Just got Sony to revert back my old psn name, I lost all of my data when I changed my psn name for the 3rd time, so be careful guys.


    im Ackerman_Ievi again

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    2. Ackerman_Ievi


      I have lost all of my save files, there’s only 2 games that have stayed, and when they reverted it back my lvl was 0, I had get a trophy and sync to get my psn lvl, back. I think you won’t have any problems if you change it for the first time, but if you change it for the 3rd time there’s a big chance you will lose a lot of stuff

    3. Stargazer2600


      To be fair there was a huge heads up that data loss could be a result and that changing your name was a huge risk

    4. Ackerman_Ievi


      Yes I knew, it wasn’t there fault, I just messaged them to revert it back, it took them about 2 days but it’s all good now, but I just wanted to warn people that the risk isn’t worth it

  14. I really wish PSNP would have an option to not see your old name, it’s really annoying being reminded of my poor name choices, hopefully they’ll add the feature to not view your old name