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  1. #31. WOLFENSTEIN: THE OLD BLOOD The Old Blood Master this game was so much fun for me, at first I was skipping cutscenes and said I hated it but as the story progressed I started to take interest in the story. the challenges at the end were fun, I really enjoyed them because you can’t go crazy on the, like the story mode, they’ll knock u done easily, and u need to get many headshots and kills in a row to get more points, there were times I got unlucky in a long mission and only needed 200 Lol. at the end I really liked it that’s what made me start the new order after this, it’s a fun game for the weekend because takes around 15 to 20 hours, I highly recommend it. Fun: 7.5/10 Difficulty: 3.5/10 ( because the of the challenges) time: around 20 hours
  2. #30 OVERWATCH + 100% Overwatch Platinum Trophy fun: 8/10 difficulty: 7/10
  3. I agree, if they added the super sagas I would have bought it without even thinking, but if that’s the case I’ll wait for it to go on sale, unless the add the super sagas as Dlc’s
  4. #28 Easy 14 hour platinum, a fun game for sure
  5. I really liked this game, the biggest surprise was when Daniel got the fuck out of the car once we were about to escape to Mexico, but it turns out it’s the best ending Imo
  6. I’ll get it once it’s like 20$, Honestly I’m not hyped at all, I’ve watched the anime twice, I would have bought it if it included Super in it because Z is kinda old now.
  7. #27. MXGP3 MXGP3 HERO This game is short and sweet tho career mode gave me some trouble because I’m new to the genre and I didn’t know what I needed to do for some trophies its a fun, easy platinum, I recommend this game! fun: 7/10 time: 15 hours difficulty: 3/10 Sorry for being lazy I’m trying to catch up with me new platinums Lol.
  8. Just got overcooked 1 100% and I’m the 14th fastest achiever

    thanks to my sister for the help lol

  9. Congrats bro, you are a god at cod for sure ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ
  10. I mean the first part isn’t an issue but nick and laird cutscene is disgusting and boring, the first Martha cutscenes is really boring as well, and there’s a cutscene I forgot which one, I went bring water quickly they automatically turned on my camera meaning my run got screwed, the game always fucks with me since April it has been
  11. Honestly if they just add the option to skip cutscenes it would be much better, because it gets really boring as you keep trying
  12. I did a full nightmare run and I only died at the beginning but then I finished the game easily without dying, I think the game isn’t that bad but because we know we will restart it from the beginning we start panicking and mess it up
  13. Wish me luck guys I will try to make the platinum my 2000 trophy, and honestly the problem with me that my heart keeps racing none stop from start to finish because insane run is INSANE
  14. Good luck with this masterpiece, I hope you enjoy it